Ten years ago, the WWF released Wrestlemania: The Album which featured the track “Speaking From The Heart” by Randy Savage, which could be considered a “rap” song. Now Savage has taken it a step further with his first full-length release “Be A Man.”

The CD features 14 tracks of Savage busting a rhyme on a variety of songs. Kicking off with “I’m Back”, in which Savage states that he is, in fact, back, the CD has love songs, dance songs, a tribute song, and a diss to Hulk Hogan. The scary thing is that “Be A Man” doesn’t suck.

Savage has said that he doesn’t take himself seriously as a rapper. Whether this is a vanity project, meant to be a joke, or something he did with some spare time on his hands, it is a fun CD, with some decent tracks on it.

Keep in mind that the wrestling business, when it forays into other media, often has horrible results. One just has to look at Wrestlemania: The Album which featured Bret Hart doing a love ballad to see that. Add on the films Ready to Rumble and No Holds Barred as well as the horrible Hulk Hogan and the Wrestling Boot Band CD among so many other disasters, this seemed like an ill-fated project. As of October 26 the CD has only sold 3,705 copies, so it would seem that this project would follow those other projects to bombsville.

But the fact remains that as a novelty CD, this is a fun disc and far superior to the above mentioned stuff. Listing to Savage rap lines about getting the crowd pumped up and critics and haters is amusing and fun. It is catchy and gets stuck in your head. Savage will never topple rap giants like Eminem and 50 Cent, but that was never the intention.

It’s just a Macho Thing, to quote Savage. “It is what it is… ohhhhh yeaaahhh”


1. Intro
2. I’m Back
3. RU Ready
4. Hit The Floor
5. Let’s Get It On
6. Remember me
7. Tear It Up
8. Macho Thang
9. Be A Man
10. Get Back
11. Feel The Madness
12. What It All About
13. Gonna Be Trouble
14. My Perfect Friend