The second run of his book tour is at an end, but Gary Michael Cappetta, the former ring announcer for WCW, is already thinking about his next project.

Cappetta, author of Bodyslams! Memoirs of a Wrestling Pitchman will present Bodyslams! And Beyond for its first public audience on March 23, 2002. The event, which will take place in Newport News, Virginia, will mix stories with a multimedia display about Cappetta’s time in wrestling. Of course, Cappetta will be the presenter.

“It will mix stories, pictures, a legendary wrestler joining me onstage and fan interaction,” Cappetta revealed.

The stage show is like nothing ever seen before, and Cappetta hopes that he will be able to take it on tour.

“Fans loved to talk about their memories,” Cappetta said about his recent book tour. And he hopes to take his own memories, mixed with fans’ memories, and present them in a large audience in a theater type setting.

The idea, which has been kept secret will consist of three parts. The first part will mix Cappetta’s stories with a large multimedia screen.

“If I am speaking about Ric Flair, clips and pictures of Ric Flair will show on the screen,” Cappetta said.

The second act will feature a yet to be named legendary wrestler joining Cappetta onstage. If the first showing is a success, the legend may vary from city to city. “I am already getting together these amazing videos to help introduce my stories and my legend.”

The third act will have the crowd interact with Cappetta and his onstage guest. They will be able to ask questions and share their own memories and stories of being fans.

Cappetta should have a lot of stories to tell. He has announced 2400 events in 328 cities and 7 countries. He has seen things fans only read about, including dozens of World title changes, many behind the curtain incidents and numerous legends develop from scratch.

Cappetta’s book has received great reviews in the two years it has been published, and Cappetta hopes his new endeavor will do the same.

Fans who have read the book know that Cappetta holds no punches. He often reminds fans that he has no affiliation with any promotion so his stories are not biased like other books written by wrestlers. He will carry that concept when presenting his stage show.

“It’s a fresh idea that longtime fans will appreciate.”