It seems that the Macho Man isn’t done with wrestling after all.

With his interests seemingly having turned to acting, including his role as Bonesaw McGraw in next summer’s Spider-Man movie, and his on-going deal over the promotion of Slim Jims, many thought that Savage would never don his wrestling boots again.

Yet there he was Monday issuing a challenge to Hulk Hogan for a match through a sound file on

“The Macho Man has been hanging kind of low, just gone underground for the past year and a half.ÊLining things up and bidding my time, waiting for the right time and the right cause to make my next move, and that time is now,” Savage told’s Bob Ryder.

“I know Hogan does a lot for kids, just like I do. What I am proposing is that, for once, we do something together. One night, one match, once and for all, the Macho Man vs. Hulk Hogan. No countout, no disqualification, one fall, to a finish … for the kids. All proceeds will go to All Children’s Hospital Foundation. I won’t make a dime, and neither will Hogan. But, if Hogan accepts the challenge, I can guarantee a record breaking fundraiser for the kids, not to mention worldwide recognition that this hospital deserves.”

Savage said that he wants the match to take place early in 2002, and he’s hoping to have the show at the Bayfront Center in St. Petersburg, Florida.

If the mega-bout doesn’t take happen, Savage promised to write a cheque for $10,000 to All Children’s Hospital in Hogan’s name. He has given Hogan until Christmas Eve to respond.

The Macho Man has a press conference scheduled for Tuesday afternoon in St. Petersburg to further discuss his challenge.

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