The recent written feud between former world champs Jack Brisco and Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart appears to be done.

“There will be no further reaction from me on Bret Hart’s comments,” Brisco told SLAM! Wrestling.

NWA World champion Jack Brisco

In part, he wanted to distance himself from the mudslinging, but also wanted to express his sympathy to the entire Hart Family on the death of Helen Hart.

“I have nothing but respect and fondness for the Hart family,” explained Brisco. “I wrestled many times in Calgary for the Hart family promotion. I cherish my memories of visiting the Hart household and traveling with Stu Hart. I was saddened by the recent death of Helen Hart. I would like to offer Bret and the rest of his family my sincerest condolences.”

During his October 16th chat with SLAM! Wrestling, Brisco was asked by a reader whether anything comparable to the “Montreal Screwjob” finish between Hart and Shawn Michaels had happened during his era.

“Not in the ring. They knew better!” Brisco answered in the chat. “And by the way, I thought Vince McMahon did the right thing by taking the belt off him. Bret Hart owed it Vince McMahon, the other wrestlers and the WWF to do the time honored tradition. What does it mean, ‘I can’t drop the belt in Montreal because I’m from Canada?’ He’s from Calgary! That would be like me saying I couldn’t drop the belt in Florida because I’m an American!”

Two weeks later on October 31st, Hart responded to Brisco’s comments, ending with “Jack Brisco can kiss my ass”.

“It wasn’t a question of losing in Canada, it was a question of losing to somebody who had no professionalism and no respect for me, or for any of his peers in the dressing room,” Hart said. “I would like to say that Jack Brisco is wrong to suggest that it’s never happened before. It happened all the time and I imagine that he’s quite lucky that it didn’t happen to him.”