Molly Holly is in the midst of the biggest push of her wrestling career.

As manager of Spike Dudley in the WWF, she’s getting more television time than ever before, including interviews and acting vignettes on RAW and Smackdown! and is the central figure in the Hollys vs. Dudleys rivalry, the WWF’s answer to Shakespeare’s Montagues vs. Capulets feud in Romeo and Juliet.

WWF star Molly Holly

Still, the petite blonde manager and sometimes wrestler manages to keep the current high profile program with Spike Dudley in perspective and focuses on what’s really important to her in wrestling: having fun.

“It’s fantastic. The only other little feud or storyline I’ve been a part of was when I first came in with Trish Stratus,” Holly told SLAM! Wrestling during a recent one-on-one interview. “T&A was fighting the Hollys and that was so much fun. And then for so long we were on Heat and Jakked with no real storyline. So it’s really nice to be able to come to work and say ‘Wow, what do I get to do today’ and to be a part of something.”

Before coming to the WWF, Holly competed in WCW as Mona. Aside from wrestling on a semi regular basis, Holly also had a stint as “Macho Man” Randy Savage’s manager.

Unlike others who entered the WWF after a run with the now-deceased company, Holly has nothing but good things to say about her time spent in WCW.

“I loved working for WCW. The greatest part, of course, was being able to manage ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage. He was someone who I always admired and when I got brought in with him, it was a real honour.”

WCW gave Holly a lot of freedom when she was there, something she hasn’t forgotten.

“On the Saturday Night TV tapings, sometimes they would let me bring in opponents from the independent circuit. Girls that I had wrestled before I made it to WCW. That was great for me to be able to help them and also have good matches on the TV program.”

An accomplished wrestler that was allowed to showcase her skills in the ring in WCW, Holly’s presence in the WWF has largely been of a managerial role, wrestling very few matches. While fans may be disappointed over not seeing her compete in the ring more often, Holly thinks cutting back on the number of matches she does will make fans that more hungry to see her in the ring.

“I think it’s good to use it sparingly. It makes the fans more anxious to see what’s going to happen. Plus, it’s easier on my body if I only wrestle a couple times a month.”

So who has been her favourite person to work with in the ring so far in the WWF? Her answer may surprise you.

“I really enjoy working with Trish Stratus,” admitted Holly. “I know that people don’t think of her as a wrestler right off the bat, but she is an amazing athlete and has a very good attitude. Ivory also is a real pleasure to work with.”

Holly also says she’d eventually like the chance to work a program with Stephanie McMahon: “That would be my next goal as far as women’s feuds.”

Unlike the other women in the WWF, Molly Holly’s character is far from risque and doesn’t challenge any sexual or social taboos. Operating outside of the T&A aspect of the WWF’s programming, Holly’s persona is quite mild compared to the sex-pot image portrayed by Terri Runnels or the dangerous diva role played by Stratus.

Even Holly’s ring attire is tame compared to the low cut tank tops, short skirts and thongs that are the norm for the other women in the WWF.

Holly says the T&A part of the WWF doesn’t really appeal to her and doesn’t see her character ever going in that direction.

“There are some things I wouldn’t be comfortable with and if there ever was, the McMahons are very understanding of things like that so I’m sure all I would have to do is come up with another idea that would bring the storyline in a similar direction but with something that I am comfortable with.”

“I do have limits as far as what I will and will not do,” affirmed Holly “but I don’t see them ever asking me to do something that I feel is inappropriate.”

That being said, she doesn’t have a problem with the way the women in the WWF are portrayed.

“I think it’s great. The girls who want to be known as wrestlers are portrayed as wrestlers and the girls who don’t necessarily don’t want to be looked at as fighters can be looked as beautiful women. Everyone is being portrayed with what they’re most comfortable with.”

Holly has forged friendships and bonds with many of the other women on the WWF roster since her first day with the company.

“They were fantastic. My first day there everybody came up, shook my hand and welcomed me. They all wanted to go into the ring with me and train with me and help me learn the WWF’s way of doing things.”

Unlike the women who came before her in the WWF, namely Sable and Chyna, Holly has no great aspirations outside of the WWF and is perfectly content with her current role in the company.

“I’m so happy with where I am right now. Of course, it should be my goal to be women’s champion and to branch out into sitcoms and those sorts of things that most people would love to do but I’m really happy with just having a small part on the show and being able to wrestle every now and then and having back stage acting parts. I’m having a blast.”