Title: Lita, It Just Feels Right.
Date Available: Now.
Distributor: WWF Home Video (U.S.), Koch International (Canada).
Price: $14.95
Running Time: 60 minutes.

‘Lita, It Just Feels Right’, tells the story of mega-popular, fan favorite WWF Diva – Lita – from her childhood up to her recent role in WWF as the high-flying wrestler and as the third member of Team Extreme with The Hardy Boys.

“I would describe Lita as the most natural, sexy, athletic woman in the WWF,” says Stephanie McMahon in the video. And no doubt she is right.

Stephanie along with Trish Stratus, Jim Ross, Esse Rios, Matt and Jeff Hardy all complement Lita on different aspects, both inside and outside of the ring.

The video tells story of a young girl who participated in different sports from early childhood like swimming, kick boxing, and Judo. Lita says what got her hooked on wrestling was “the style of Mexican high-flying wrestling”. She was so fascinated by it that she took it upon herself to travel down to Mexico to learn the ropes.

From there, she worked the indie circuits where she met the Hardy Boys. Lita considers them “the most important people in her life”.

She also describes her time as the Miss Congeniality character during her five-month stay in ECW and how she showed up wearing a suit at the WWF headquarters for a job interview with Jim Ross. Ross was so impressed by her that he signed Lita on the spot, much to her surprise.

The video includes some of Lita’s best moments in WWF including pinning Stephanie McMahan for the WWF Women’s World Heavyweight Title on Raw. It was a moment that she considers her career highlight. She comments on her matches with other WWF Divas such as Trish, Ivory, Jackie, and Chyna as well as her storylines involving Dean Meleanko, Hardy Boys, and the thundering chair shots that she took courtesy of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

In addition to her WWF segments we are treated to some of her personal home videos which give us an intimate glimpse into her private life. We learn about the relationship she has with her mother, how much she loves her dog and the exotic collection of Mexican masks she has.

To put the icing on the cake Lita’s segments and photo shoots during taping of the ‘Divas Postcard from the Carribbean’ and ‘Divas Hedonism’ videos are included.

The best aspect of ‘Lita, It Just Feels Right’ is that the wrestling storylines and matches take a backseat to the footage of Lita outside of the ring. We discover much more about Lita – the person – rather than Lita – the WWF Diva.

NOTE: ‘Lita, It Just Feels Right’ goes on sale in Canada on September 11, 2001, with a suggested retail price of $14.99.