With the up and down fortunes of the company over the last year or so, many fans don’t know what to expect from WCW’s pay-per-view this Sunday, SIN, but it would seem that the die-hard fans would be hoping for a mindbending experience.

And of course, with the recent acquisition of WCW, by Eric Bischoff and Fusient Media Ventures, nobody knows what’s going to happen, or what to expect. This includes the talent, as Crowbar is set to regain the hardcore title in a three-way dance against the legend Terry Funk and Tongan torturer Meng, but even he’s not sure of what’s going on.

Crowbar. — photo courtesy WCW

“I’m looking forward to (SIN), and looking even more forward to what’s going on with the company, and hopefully getting an answer and finding out what the deal is,” said Crowbar (Chris Ford) in an interview with SLAM! Wrestling.

For now, suffice it to say, most people backstage are in the dark but as of now they still have their matches to worry about and it doesn’t look like they’ll be changing unless there’s a last minute announcement at the PPV.

While Crowbar does share some thoughts and ideas of what he would like to happen in WCW, he’ll get into that with part two of our chat which will be published in the coming days. For, he’s concentrating on his match which was originally supposed to be just Crowbar and Funk. The insane one tells us how Meng got thrown in the mix.

“We were working with the program for a few weeks, where I was running in on Terry and Meng just happened to get caught up in the mix. Then, I ended up in a match with Meng, which he beat me, and the office decided it would be good to have a three-way match at the PPV, instead of me with Terry. I like working with both guys and I’m hoping the three-way situation won’t take the focus off the storyline between me and Terry, which is what most people are afraid of. Hopefully it won’t end up that way.”

And the story between Funk and Crowbar has changed somewhat. What appeared like it was going to be a mentor/student situation changed, especially after recent events.

“We developed (the feud) a bit more this past Nitro,” Crowbar said, “where he was sort of putting the bad mouth on me, calling me a ‘nobody,’ and it sort of turned him into more of a “bad guy” or heel. Then I came out and played it from the storyline standpoint that Crowbar snapped and now he sort of resents Funk, and hates him, and it should get more violent down the line.”

Well, just how violent is it going to be at the PPV then? What do you guys have in store for the fans?

“Anything goes,” he states bluntly. “I spoke with Terry and Meng, both, and we have a few ideas, and hopefully come Sunday we’ll show the fans something pretty entertaining. All three guys are known to work pretty hard, and I can guarantee on that day all three guys will give their best effort, 200 per cent, so people will have something memorable. And hopefully, nobody gets hurt too bad (laughs). That’s always nice.”

Of course, there are other matches on the card, although the hardcore match-up for the title proves to be one of the more interesting bouts, however, Crowbar says he’s got an eye on a couple.

“Aside from my own, I’m really looking forward to seeing Shane Helms and Chavo. I’ve always been a big fan of the cruiserweight division, even though I’m a little larger than the average cruiserweight. I feel I work that style and I am a cruiserweight at heart. I actually started off in that division and I was a lightweight for a large portion of my career. I just enjoy the non-stop action and the work ethic that those guys put into their matches.”

Then there’s the four-way match for the WCW world title, which has a mystery opponent involved, taking on Sid Vicious and Jeff Jarrett as all three combatants try to relieve Scott Steiner of his title. Of course, word is that the mystery opponent is none other than Steiner’s brother Rick, the Dog-faced Gremlin. While Crowbar doesn’t actually say Rick Steiner’s name, he does allude that he’s pretty sure it is the former Michigan State alumnus.

“Come on, everybody knows who it is. That’s pro wrestling’s best kept secret, wink, wink,” he said.

Well, who is Crowbar’s pick to win it?

“How can anybody go against Scott Steiner at this point in time? Scott Steiner hands down.”

With everything seemingly up in the air after SIN, and maybe during, it may be hard to gear up for another feud. Many stars won’t know what plans Bischoff has in store and certainly who’s staying or going. Crowbar does have some things he would like to do but even he’s not sure he’ll get the chance.

“I would like to continue working with Terry for a while – I enjoy working with him a lot – he’s very creative. For the amount of time that he’s been in the business he still works as hard as anybody does. But as I said before, we’re not really sure of the long-term plans of anything until we find out what’s going to happen with the company. I’m sure you’ve heard all the rumours and stuff, so we’re trying to figure out what’s going on. Any long term plans are pretty subject to change, I guess.”