Chyna Fitness: More Than Meets The Eye
Koch International
Approximately 45 minutes

The main problem I have with Chyna acting as a spokesperson for improved personal health and fitness is that she has had enhancement surgery done to her body. To me, treating your body as a shrine and therefore dedicating yourself to keeping it in tip-top shape is very admirable. It is a positive mindset we should all have. However, resorting to banned substances or medical procedures to improve your looks flies in the face of all that. If you respect your body enough to stick to a daily exercise regiment which also includes a well-balanced diet, why would you have anything done to your body or put anything into it that could potentially cause future health problems?

That issue aside, those looking for cheap thrills should pick up a copy of Chyna’s Playboy spread as Chyna Fitness: More Than Meets The Eye is serious in its purpose. The tape does live up to its title. Besides the short five minute intro segment where other WWF superstars (Triple H, The Road Dogg and Paul Wight) speak fondly of her contributions to the promotion, Chyna Fitness is an earnest effort on her behalf. Which means she is wearing regular workout attire to put viewers through the paces. The only variant is that some footage is shown of her on a rooftop exercising in her typical wrestling garb. The focus is on the exercises not her body, as it should be.

Some equipment is required beforehand though. You’ll need a jump rope, a set of hand weights and it would be preferable if you had a weight bench at your disposal. The workout lasts for about 30 to 40 minutes including weight training, cardiovascular work, stretching and recovery periods too. To make the tape more friendly to first-timers or those who are just getting into a beneficial exercise program, Chyna does offer modifications to some of the routines to make it a little easier on your body until it is used to the strain put upon it. The workout itself is strenuous without being impossible to complete and does toil all those important areas everyone is concerned about.

Chyna’s first home exercise video is well worth the rental or purchase fee for any of you fitness-minded folks out there and even if I disagree with some of her personal choices, I have to commend her for appealing to the true exercise fanatic and not the fans who slobber at the sight of her.