Last night, Guido Maritato and tag-team partner Tony Mamaluke emerged victorious over Mikey Whipwreck and Tajiri at the ECW Anarchy Rulz pay-per-view, retaining their ECW tag team titles.

As evidenced by the match itself, it was hardly the first time the two teams had tangled. In New York, on Aug. 25, the FBI beat Whipwreck and Tajiri for the ECW tag titles, the day after the tag-title tournament that Whipwreck and Tajiri had won, in a bout that has many selecting it as match of the year.

“Basically, the four of us are four young, hungry, guys in the business, and when the boss actually hands you the ball, and the show is pumped up big, all four of us wanted to put the best performance we could put on, because they were pushing the whole New York shows as legendary,” Maritato told Slam Wrestling the day before the PPV.

“Just because it was New York. We just put all our minds together. We all didn’t just sit in the back say ‘We’re going to have the match of the year,’ we just went in there thinking we were going to do the best we could. Whenever you decide that this has to be the ‘Match Of The Year’ it never ends up working out that way. You can’t pick it, you just have to put something together and go out there and do it. And we all just sat down, thought about it, and came up with all different type of things, and we went out there. I’m just happy, I like to please the people, and that’s what our job is about. That makes me feel good, and hearing stuff like that makes me drive more the next time I go out there. I don’t know if we can top it or not at Anarchy Rulz, but we’re going to do the best we can do that.”

Before the PPV, Maritato wouldn’t spill the beans on what was in store for Anarchy Rulz, held in St. Paul, Minnesota.

“We’re definitely trying to beat the last match, but a wrestling match is a wrestling match; you can only take so much so far. I don’t know if we’re going to do anything different, I mean we’re going to do different things in the match, but we’re just going to go out there and give it our best, give 100 per cent. I can’t sit here and say what we’re going to do differently. We just have to come up with some interesting stuff, stuff that will keep the people’s attention, that’s the main thing. As of now, sitting here and talking to you, I can’t think of things that will make it better, but I tell you I believe that it’s going to be one Hell of a match.”

To no one’s surprise, big Sal E. Graziano played a significant role in the PPV. Little Guido had tipped SLAM! off beforehand.

“He always plays a role, he always eats rolls,” Maritato laughed. “Sal, for a big man, does some nice stuff, and for us to have a 600-pound man at ringside and not utilize him it would be foolish for us. And the people want to see Sal do things, they want to see what a 600 pounder can do. We’re going to utilise him, I’m going to let any secrets out, I don’t want to tip anyone off, but it will be interesting, but he will be used.”

Maritato was looking forward to the rest of the PPV, and shared his thoughts on the card.

“(Jerry Lynn vs. Justin Credible) is going to be a Hell of a match, I bet you. I think that’s going to be one of the highlights, I’m hoping our match will be a highlight, I don’t want to sit here and jinx it, and so far I think we have a pretty strong card going into Anarchy Rulz. A lot of interesting stuff, even the Joel Gertner and Cyrus deal. That’s been a build up for months and months, and it only can have the people wondering what could go on there. I think it’s pretty good card, (Paul Heyman) has a lot of everything.”