REAL NAME: William (Billy) Bowman
46″, 105 pounds
DIED: October 1981
AKA: Major Tom Thumb

Major Tom Thumb and Don Leo Jonathan.

“The Hercules of the Midget Wrestlers”, Major Tom Thumb, was born in England, and emigrated to Canada with his family when he was 12 years old.

The family settled in Brantford, Ontario, and Tom did a number of jobs before becoming a wrestler. He was a truck driver, a pro swimmer, a weightlifter, and a comedian on skates with a carnival.

As the story goes, during the Second World War, he tried to enlist but was rejected because of his size. Eventually, he became a Merchant Seaman, and travelled back and forth from Britain and North America carrying supplies.

He joined the wrestling ranks in the early fifties and was a major player for a number of years. His 20-year took him across North America, Europe, Japan, South American and Australia.

Thumb retired from the ring in 1962 and moved back to Brantford. He died at 65 in October 1981.