Moderator: Jacques Rougeau Jr. has added a bit more to his resume. Besides his storied wrestling career, he now is the promoter of Lutte International 2000, and runs his own training school. His next show is Sunday, May 7 in L’Assomption, Quebec at Arena L’Assomption. Matches announced for the card: Jacques Rougeau Jr. vs Prisonnier Serge Rolland; Richard Charland vs Ron Trottier; Shackles vs Drago; Precious Lucy vs Amanda Storm. We’re pleased that Jacques has joined us here today.

Louie Piscia: When will the “Mounties” return to action? Jacques and Raymond were one of the best teams ever!

Jacques : Raymond and I were never the Mounties together. When Raymond retired in 1989 as a pro, I started my solo career in 1990 as the Mountie. Lord knows it was a great, great adventure. I don’t have plans for a return as the Mountie. … Because the Mounties forbid me from appearing in Canada as the Mountie. And if be seen in my own country, I’d rather not be seen at all.

Scott Brown: What is your version of what went on with The Dynamite Kid & yourself? How do you feel about him now?

Jacques : Unfortunately, the story that was told in the book was not true. That’s probably why it came out only 11 years later. The story is not a nice story, not a nice moment in my career. However I did what I had to do. He actually assaulted me first. A week later I made a comeback in Fort Wayne, Indiana because I did not have a choice. The integrity of the whole Rougeau family was on the line.

Daniel Hall: Did you prefer working as a face or heel in the WWF with Raymond during your Rougeau Brothers years?

Jacques : We tried so hard to have the people like us. Because we were French Canadians, I guess, it was hard to hard. Americans will always love Americans. I think that Vince McMahon saw that and used the opportunity to turn us heel. At the beginning we were a little reluctant. But because of our image in the whole world of wrestling over the years, we were reluctant. We had to turn or there was no more room for us in the WWF. We did what we had to do. Surprisingly, we enjoyed.

Michel R.: How does one go about getting into Jacques Rougeau’s school of wrestling; I believe it’s in Montreal?

Jacques : Call (450) 478-1691 and ask for Eric. (not Eric Bischoff, ha, ha)

The Showster: The night you won the WWF IC title, was Bret Hart really sick or was it an angle?

Jacques : With all respect to the Hart family, I have no idea of Bret’s health that night. But it didn’t keep me from enjoying one of the greatest moments of my career.

rock sandhu: How did Hulk Hogan agree to loose to you. Did you have to beg WCW and Hogan for that favour?

Jacques : I never dealt with WCW for this decision. I strictly dealt with Hulk. And the answer that Hulk gave me was that after 10 years of being in opening bouts, he respected the Rougeau family and me enough to come up here and make me look like a king. He said this was my home in Montreal and he wanted to make me look like a king. And I will be indebted to him forever.

DTC: Do you like ECW and hardcore wrestling?

Jacques : I haven’t watched ECW. I’ve seen a few tapes of them. It is something that I would never be able to do myself. However, to each our own and I wish them good luck. As for hardcore, it’s entertaining but should be viewed only by adults.

It’s pronounced “sheek”: Are you ever going to come out with a memoir of your own? It seems to be the chic thing to do right now. And if the Mountie is one thing, it’s chic!

Jacques : Never say never. It probably will come. However, at this point in time, there is a production house in Montreal that is making a Best of Jacques Rougeau on video tape. It would be a honour one day to have a book in my name, especially because I’ve read my uncle Johnny’s book millions of times.

DTC: How is wrestling in Canada different from wrestling in the U.S.?

Jacques : I’ve always felt very proud wrestling in Canada. I guess there’s no place like home. You feel it in the crowd. People supported me more in Canada.

Brian Hann: Will you be coming to Ontario?

Jacques : I’m negotiating right now for Cornwall. I’m headed that way.

Matthew Stevens, London, England: In your heyday, what kind of a diet were you on? Did/do all the bigger guys like Earthquake etc. watch what they eat or do they have to keep up their weight to portray their in-ring character?

Jacques : I didn’t have a specific eating diet. I also think that the big, big guys had no diet either. It all came down to metabolism. For me, it was not a problem to eat. I always tried to eat fruits, vegetables, fish and chicken. But I never concerned myself tremendously with my weight.

Daniel Hall: I was at Summerslam 92 in London. What was it like wrestling in front of 80,000 screaming fans in England?

Jacques : It was a little less stress than working in front of 93,000 at the Pontiac Silverdome.

Jean Pierre LaFiette: What was it like to play out the angle of spending a night in jail after your match with the Bossman. It was hilarious, and some of your best work!

Jacques : I appreciate the comment. It was one of the greatest moments of my career. No matter how bad the situation looked like when I was put in jail with that big 400-pound, 7-foot guy, the Mountie always gets his man!

Dino Bravo: Are you mad that your clean pin over Hogan was never really mentioned on mainstream television? I mean, that’s a pretty big accomplishment. It’s you, Warrior, and Kidman…and a few others!

Jacques : It would have been nice. However, out of respect for Hulk, maybe it was better that way.

DTC: What ever happened to Pierre? Where is he now?

Jacques : I haven’t seen him in a long time. I work now as a solo and with my brother Raymond.

DTC: Do you still watch the WWF and WCW now?

Jacques : Unfortunately, I haven’t watched the WWF or WCW in the last year and a half. And the reason for that — producing my own shows, I want to come up with my own ideas.

Todd, Newfoundland: Jacques, Throughout your career, one of the trademarks you and Pierre did was “Sing” the Canadian National Anthem, did you ever feel uncomfortable when singing it and did you by ever feel like you were disgracing Canada?

Jacques : I’ve always enjoyed singing. However I probably could have sang it a little better. It was better for my character the way it was.

DTC: Who created The Mountie character? You or Vince McMahon?

Jacques : McMahon, and I’m grateful to him for that.

John Tenta: What was your greatest match?

Jacques : Tagging with my brother Raymond in Madison Square Gardens against Jim ‘Anvil’ Neidhart and Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart. We literally tore the house down. MSG is the place of places in wrestling. I knew when I sat back in the dressing room that all four of us had accomplished a great performance in the place of places. I knew Vince McMahon was smiling after the match.

DTC: Do you think it’s time for the older wrestlers, like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, to retire so that the “New Blood” can have their chance to be wrestling’s top superstars?

Jacques : I believe that the new blood should have their chance. That’s why I have a wrestling school here in Montreal. In the world of wrestling there will always be a place for Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan and those top guys — it may be as manager, agent, booker, or even teacher. They are part of the greatest, and their knowledge should be shared.

Harry Kim(remember him?): How is your brother Raymond doing? The last I saw of him was as an announcer in the WWF.

Jacques : Raymond is still an announcer for the WWF in French in Europe. Physically Raymond is in great shape, and he wrestles on my shows in Montreal.

Papa Shango: Did the Mountie’s shock stick really work? And who would you like to zap most of all that you never got the chance to?

Jacques : It definitely did. Ask Koko B. Ware — I forgot to put the lock on, and Koko’s hair was straight up on his head! He was running after me all over the dressing room. Ha, ha! It’s a true story. There are a few I would have liked to have shocked during my career, but I’ll keep it to myself.

Chris Doucette: Do you have any plans on ever going to the WWF or WCW? I really liked watching a great Canadian in action!

Jacques : Never say never. I’m open to discussions at all times. I would rather have the WWF or WCW send me someone to train. I’ve learned through the last six months that I am a great wrestling teacher, something I didn’t know I had.

Kirk Angel: Do you visit SLAM! Wrestling often? Is it your favorite site?

Jacques : Yes it is. I think it’s the most complete wrestling site in the world. And I’m hoping to be linked to by SLAM! with my new site — especially given that in the next 24 hours, the English version is to launch.

Perry Satullo: Man, you gotta let loose and shoot on some people! Who is someone you had legit heat with?

Jacques : To be honest, I’m not a person who holds grudges. Of course, there’s some people that I don’t like today. However, I wonder if the altercations we had are not mostly my fault. Therefore, I don’t have anybody that I hate. There’s just some people that I respect more than others.

Chris: Is there an address that fans can write to get an autographed picture?

Jacques : My web site is new — we’ll have information there shortly there about getting autographs.

Sebastien Bonneau: Has your school produced a wrestler we might know now or in the near future?

Jacques : My school started in September. Two of my students performed at Christmas, four months later — Black Stallion Eric Mastrocola and Bulldozer. On my show this Sunday, five of my students are going to perform. In August, my big summer show in Verdun on August 2, I will have 8 of my wrestlers performing. Every wrestler of mine performing on my show have the potential to make the big leagues, or they would not be on my show.

echoplex420: What did you think of the Owen Hart situation and how it was handled?

Jacques : Like the world, I was devastated. Also, selfishly speaking, I’m glad I wasn’t put in that position. I loved Owen Hart. I travelled with him for 10 years, and I don’t think there was a nicer human being in the dressing room. In real life, I had a long talk with the whole family when this accident occurred. Because of the similarities of our families, I can’t imagine how painful how painful it must of been. Owen will never be forgotten.

echoplex420: do you still talk to Jimmy Hart?

Jacques : I haven’t talked to Jimmy Hart in a few years. But it would mean the world to me to get in touch with him.

Raven likes it rough: Is it true that some wrestlers gave Pat Patterson favors (cough cough) to get pushed in the WWF?

Jacques : Pat Patterson never asked us for any favours whatsoever. Pat Patterson helped us tremendously because we were friends for a long time from Montreal. For those who are interested, Pat Patterson had a great, long history of wrestling in Quebec with the Rougeau family. As far as the insinuation, I was around Pat Patterson for 15 years, and I never witnessed anything like you are implying.

echoplex420: When you win belts do you get to take them home?

Jacques : When you are put in a position to be a champion, you actually have the job of bringing the belts everywhere you go. Some people liked it, but mostly the guys who liked it, it was their first belt! It’s not very good carry-on luggage!

DTC: Have you ever visited Stu Hart’s Dungeon? Is his teaching style anything like yours?

Jacques : In 1977, I started my career in Calgary for Stu Hart. Bret Hart was driving the bus then. I always tried to avoid the basement, but unfortunately got caught once or twice. My wrestling school is not comparable.

Ellen Degeneres: Now when you saw “the Mountie always gets his man!”, is that some sort of homo-erotic comment?

Jacques : Of all the wrestlers that I’ve beaten, none of them thought that way about me. And by the way, I have three beautiful sons, which I adore very much.

Sebastien Bonneau: Which wrestler do you admire the most (current or past)?

Jacques : I’ve always admired Tito Santana, a man that’s very proud. Earthquake — the biggest guy, yet so gentle, so kind. The Bushwackers — I’ve wrestled with them for 20 years. And there’s so many more.

Mountie=ratings!: I think I remember reading an interview you did with Pro Wrestling Illustrated a couple of years ago after your first retirement. Are those interviews real, or worked formerly by Bill Apter?

Jacques : I don’t remember that particular interview. However all my interviews were based on the character the Mountie, not my personal life. I would have to see the interview to be able to fully answer the question.

echoplex420: Do you think the industry has pushed too far for the sex appeal and left its wrestling roots behind

Jacques : As I said earlier in the chat, I definitely think that they have directed their business towards adults. I do not let my kids — 11 and 7 years old — watch the wrestling that we see on TV today. As a matter of fact, my organization in Quebec is directed completely towards family entertainment. At this point in time, I am negotiating to have my show on the air next spring. I honestly believe that you can tell a story in the wrestling ring with great athletes and good storylines for the family.

Moderator: Unfortunately, Jacques has to go. We appreciate all the questions and Mr. Rougeau’s time.

Jacques : I want to thank SLAM! Wrestling, the fans who have sent in questions. I enjoyed this time tremendously. it brought back good memories. And I want to take the time to say if ever you’re in Montreal, please come visit me at my wrestling school. Everybody is allowed to come and watch how I teach. I hope to see you all on Sunday and on my web site —