Game Edition: Invasion 2089


The GWF is about to be turned into an bloody episode of Wild Kingdom thanks to the arrival of The Bounty Hunter. Brought to the federation by his devious manager Reynard B. Guile, Bounty Hunter is one mean hombre. A big game hunter by trade, Hunter is out to add GWF superstar Wolf and The AniMen Of Andromeda to his trophy case. Stranger still is the appearance of the Darkos, the Head Assassin. Darkos has raided the other GWF gangs and created The Masked Assassins with Executioner, Death Knight, Splatter and Pit Viper. Oddly enough, Darkos was able to convince the heroic Pit Viper to turn his back on his friends in the Titans. Who will stop the chaos that’s about to unfold? His name is Galactic Punisher. A former cop, Punisher joins Star Warrior and the Federation Defense Fighters to clean up the GWF and take out the trash.



As fun as it is to play, Champions Of The Galaxy has been missing something very important up to this point. There’s nobody to distract the officials, slide in foreign objects or call for back up. Where would pro wrestling be without its managers? This problem is solved with Invasion 2089. Seven managers – Amazonia, Solaris, Trainer Jim, Darkos, Royal Overlord, Reynard B. Guile and Sweet Thing – are available as well as the rules governing their role in the game. As a special bonus, the very brutal and very dangerous Aetheran Ultimate Escape Match is detailed as well. Tag team elimination matches set inside the confines of a steel cage? Praise be to the Filsinger Games brain trust.

New Character Cards

  • Galactic Punisher
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Mad Jester
  • Earthquake
  • Amazonia
  • Solaris
  • Trainer Jim
  • Darkos
  • Royal Overlord
  • Reynard B. Guile
  • Sweet Thing
  • Tongsoon


Champions Of The Galaxy has taken another grand step in its evolution. Remedying the manager situation adds a whole new dimension to the game. The various GWF gangs are also strengthened as each now has a guiding force to lead them. Hats off to the producers for recognizing the flaw and being attentive to the demands of their loyal gamers.