Lance Storm is one of the most articulate and eloquent men away from the wrestling ring. Soft spoken and measured in his words, he is thoughtful and clear in his answering of questions.

He also doesn’t sugar coat answers to direct questions. Especially when it comes to ECW.

He has strong views on the rehiring of Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch and the heat and problems it’s caused in the locker room.

Chris Candido and Lance Storm.

“I love Chris… I think most of the heat is for her,” Storm told SLAM! Wrestling recently. “I think she is a detriment to the locker room. Not because she has all these burdens to bear. They were on suspension for a long time and a lot of people debated the fact whether they got paid or not. By doing the suspension (Paul Heyman was) sort of saying he’s not going to tolerate (drug use) if they come back. If there’s additional instances, like the one back stage at the PPV and at ECW Arena, it makes Paul look bad.”

Asked about the controversial decision made by Heyman to bring back the Sandman after he left the company in an unprofessional manner, Storm offers his take on the matter.

“So many people have tried to screw promoters so many times that as long as you can pull a rating and get a big pop, promoters will bring you back every time. Sid’s done it a hundred times, Sandman’s done it now. If you can make money for a promoter, they’ll bring you back, no matter how badly you screw up.”

Storm is just as critical of himself as he is with his peers.

“I wasn’t especially happy with my match at November to Remember. I just like wrestling and there wasn’t a lot in my match. With that many guys thrown in, it tends to be big on storylines and little wrestling and that’s what I like.”

Recovering from a bad ear and throat infection (his ears are still plugged up and he can only hear out of one them), Storm is happy with his current position tagging with Justin Credible in the Impact Playas in ECW.

“I’m happy and I’m having a lot of fun. I like working with Justin. I think we have a long way to go yet. I think we can eventually be a big part of this company.”

He’s also quick to deny Internet rumours that the two are scheduled to split up and feud.

“I think that will eventually happen,” admitted Storm. “I just don’t think it’s going to happen for a long time.”

Storm’s current run with ECW has been the most high profile of his career. And while he would some day like to go to either WCW or the WWF, he’s comfortable where he is right now.

“I’m happy where I a right now and if (Justin and I) continue to grow I might finish my career here.”

Part of the reason why Storm is so happy in ECW is the support he’s received from executive producer/booker Paul Heyman.

“Paul treats me with a lot of respect and gives me a lot of creative control input to the character.”

Looking towards the day when his in ring career is over, Storm is setting his sights on becoming a booker.

“I have booking input because I’m doing more and more booking with Paul and that’s something I want to get into. It’s something I believe I’m good at and I really enjoy doing it. It’s (also) something to do when your knees go.”

Despite a rocky start between the two, Storm feels the deal with TNN has been beneficial for ECW.

“It’s helping and I know I’m starting to get recognized on the streets more. There’s a lot more politicking and headaches that they probably didn’t expect. Dealing with a network TV station, you have to make them happy.”

As for ECW’s expansion into Canada, Storm says its not in the company’s immediate future.

“I don’t know if they’ve actually started the groundwork yet, but I know they’re planning and hoping to come for the Fall next year. I know they want to get into Southern Ontario.”