REAL NAME: Warren Kowalson
PRO DEBUT: 1983 – Winnipeg – For New Brand Wrestling
AKA: Alleycat Anderson; Super Medico; El Pollo Loco; The Outpatient

Warren Kowalson debuted in 1984 for the New Brand Wrestling circuit in Winnipeg under the name Agent Orange. His stay was brief as that promotion closed just shortly after his debut.

His next stint came in 1990 when the same promoter, Walter Shefchyk, resumed promoting under the Canadian Wrestling League as the Living Dead. Warren remained involved when Terry Tomko, son of legendary Canadian promoter, Al, took over the reigns for the group.

Following the closure of that group, he moved on to United Championship Wrestling, another Winnipeg indy group as Alleycat Anderson. At the onset, he feuded with The Tulip.

His last stint came with River City Wrestling where he got TV coverage with the group as the Outpatient. He retired from the sport in 1995 after a match with Caveman Broda.

He made a brief comeback attempt in late 1997 for the Canadian Wrestling Federation, but was phased out after the return of the talent from the Power Pro Wrestling circuit.

Warren now works for a management consulting firm.


A very skinny man with a very impressive leg-drop.
Dave Levinsky, Wpg. Mb.

Waves a rubber chicken like no other I’ve seen in the business.
Nice hair.
Victor Martin , Winnipeg MB

Most memorable experience: Made Vance Nevada submit with his famous top-rope leg-drop. Vance was crying!
Mark Gibronni

I was in the ring vs. Orange one night, when he seemingly had a hate on for my partner, Marty Goldstein. I tagged Marty in and Orange tagged in too. Marty stalked towards Orange and then I saw the boot coming. Now you’ve gotta understand that Orange’s foot size is truly a legendary thing around these parts, and to see that leather covered meat missile sailing towards my partner’s wee little head was a truly scary thing. Fortunately Orange missed, but I knew we were looking at a shoot in the making
In my mind, the result of such a shoot would ultimately involve me carrying my bloody and battered partner to the dressing room. As I have a definite aversion to the presence of wrestler blood on my person, partner or no, I realized it was up to me to put the kibosh on what was to follow.
So I leapt atop the prostrate Agent Orange and did my best to settle him down. Now Orange is my friend, and he fortunately agreed to be a professional and take up the issue later. Orange is not a totally unreasonable guy, and the show went on.
Moments after the match, I received a severe and prolonged beating in the face dressing room by those who had been so eagerly anticipating the shoot.
It’s a funny old business.
Dave Levinsky, Winnipeg