REAL NAME: Danny Marsh
BORN: March 28, 1956 in Toronto, Ontario
6’0″, 175 pounds
AKA: ‘Mr. Talent’ Danny Davis, Mr. X

On the Bearman Dave McKigney’s Big Time wrestling circuit, there always had to be someone using the ‘Indian gimmick’.

From 1982 to 1987, it was Danny Littlewolf.

“I was really the first small guy he used,” said Littlewolf, aka Danny Marsh, from his home in New Brunswick.

He had the height — 6-foot-even — but rarely weighed in at 175 pounds. A real lightweight on McKigney’s circuit. Littlewolf often had the job of getting the crowd going in the opening match, and recalled taking “lots of crazy bumps.”

Littlewolf first got interested in wrestling after meeting Stephen Petitpas (aka Sheik Ali). Then, in 1982 he saw an ad in a Toronto newspaper for a wrestling school and signed up to be taught by Phil Watson, the son of Whipper Billy Watson and also a regular on the Bearman’s tour. It wasn’t long until Littlewolf was teaching in the class himself.

On the road, he was a teacher too. When Sabu was first breaking in, he toured with his uncle, The Sheik, on the Bearman’s circuit. Littlewolf was re-christened ‘Mr. Talent’ Danny Davis for a time and faced Sabu as Terry S.R. night after night.

In 1987, Littlewolf went back to his real name and refereed for Jack Tunney Ontario-based WWF promotion. He worked as a ref until 1990.

After work dried up with the WWF, he settled in New Brunswick and wrestled for a bit with Pettipas’ promotion before getting out of wrestling.



I remember back in 85 when Danny was facing Todd Davison in the opening match. Danny climbed up the 1st turnbuckle and Todd grabbed the back of his tights and pulled him down backwards. Danny did a backwards somersault but Todd was still holding his tights! Danny rolled out of the ring naked and ran to the backstage. The crowd was in a pure uproar. I’ll never forget covering my wife’s eyes as she screamed. Too funny!
-Jim Cabbe

I remember one time in 1984 when I was setting up the ring for Pat Scott in Mississauga, ON, Danny Littlewolf had found himself in a street fight against Teddy Marshall, I don’t know what led up to it, all I remember is Teddy bled so bad everyone thought he was going to bleed to death. Then Littlewolf went on to defend his Canadian Jr. heavyweight title. I recently talked to Littlewolf at an event in Cocagne, NB he is now reffing for the popular Maritime promotion RAW.
Mike Duke