PHILADELPHIA — If you read between the lines of the following Ken Shamrock quote, perhaps you too will be a believer in Goldust as the next Intercontinental champion.

“He’s hungry. I think Goldust is going to put on a good show,” Shamrock said in the media room at the WrestleMania Rage party. “I think it’s been a while since he’s been out there, and Goldust has a lot of ability. Like I said, I used to watch him wrestle. Obviously, he has a family history of wrestling, so he knows his stuff. I think Goldust is going to go out and put on a good show [Sunday]. Hopefully, I’m going to put on a better one.”

He doesn’t see Road Dogg as having a chance.

“I like Road Dogg. Road Dogg’s cool. But I’ll beat him up just the same.”

Shamrock certainly doesn’t think the Canadian representative Val Venis has much of a chance.

“I think he lost a little of the edge, you know what I’m saying?,” said the former Intercontinental champ. “He got that title, and all of a sudden, he got a little comfortable with it. Of course, my sister is not around to help him out anymore. [laughs]”

The whole Ryan Shamrock angle, with an actress portraying his non-existent sister has been tough for Shamrock.

“I’m not comfortable with it, but hey, it’s show business,” he sighed.

Shamrock acknowledged the gossip that he was considering returning to UFC on a more frequent basis.

“When I came into the WWF, I came in as the World’s Most Dangerous Man. I came in as a fighter. That’s who I am. I have a dojo, Lion’s Den, in San Diego and I train fighters. And I still fight. I kickbox in the morning, and I wrestle in the afternoon and I box at night. So, I’m still there.”

There has also been talk of UFC vet Mark Coleman trying pro wrestling. Apparently, he has had discussions with both the WWF and WCW.

“I’d love Mark to be able to get in here and do some stuff,” Shamrock said of the fellow fighter. “But it’s just like everybody else, like Dan Severn came in and he didn’t make the grade. I think that everybody has to come in here and prove themselves. I don’t care where you come from, when you step into this, it’s a different ballgame. And you have to earn your mark. You have to earn your stripes. And when you earn those stripes, then you get a shot. Mark Coleman just can’t come in here and get a shot at me because I’ve earned my stripes to get to where I’m at. There’s no reason that he gets to step up to me unless he earns it.”