Raymond Rougeau (left), and Jacques Rougeau, announce at a press conference in Montreal that they, along with Paul Leduc and Tiger Jackson, are making a comeback to wrestling in Quebec. Photo by Nam Nguyen


Jacques Rougeau. Raymond Rougeau. Paul Leduc. Tiger Jackson. These were just a few of the names who joined the youngblood Iceman at a press conference at Les 4 Glaces in Montreal on Thursday. Most of the big names of Quebec wrestling, past and present, were on hand to witness the news. Jacques Rougeau is bringing the wrestling back to Quebec.

From the proverbial ashes that is professional wrestling in Quebec comes the inevitable phoenix of redemption. Rougeau, speaking in French to the local francophone media, makes some striking points.

“Wrestling in Quebec is not dead,” he started. “It’s never been dead. Just missing in action.”

To illustrate his point, a video retrospective of the home-grown greats of wrestling was shown, much to the chagrin of all those present, many of whom seemed to have a great attachment to the glory days of yore. Seeing still shots of his father, Jacques Sr., and his uncle, the late Johnny Rougeau, brought tears to Jacques Jr.’s eyes.

To fill the gaping hole of professional wrestling in Quebec, a chasm made wider recently with the announcement that the WWF would pass on a chance to visit Montreal during its next Canadian tour, Jacques Rougeau has returned with a vengeance.

He will be personally backing as well as performing in a series of Quebec shows this year, the first of which, “L’Union fait la force,” will be held at the Centre Pierre-Charbonneau, in Montreal, on February 14th at 2:30 p.m.

Paul Leduc (left), embraces Jacques Rougeau at a press conference in Montreal while Iceman looks on. Photo by Nam Nguyen.


The concept is a great one.

“We won’t try to compete with ‘the American’ federations,” added the legendary Paul Leduc. “We can’t compete with their backing. But we can match their wrestling.”

The card looks great, from top to bottom, and it brings together some of the older Quebec talent with the new blood. The idea, apparently, is that the familiar faces will ‘put the asses in the seats,’ to quote every wrestling commentator today, while displaying the up-and-comers in order to build a following for the new generation.

The featured main event will be a 14-man over-the-top battle royale, reminiscent of another recent wrestling event, but the real show-stopper will pit the Rougeau brothers against Greg Valentine and Abdullah the Butcher. Out-weighted but certainly not out-classed, the Rougeau brothers always put on a great show at home.

Also featured on the card is a thirty-minute, one-fall contest between Ron ‘The Doorman’ Trottier and King Kong Bundy. In addition to that, Sunny War Cloud and Carl Leduc (yes, that’s his son) will take on The Penitentiary Prisoners, who combine at an unreal 750 lbs. Taking up the rear will be a local-favourite, the midget match, between Tiger Jackson and Luc Sabourin, and match between Kevin Martel and Jacques Comtois.

Perhaps the sleeper of the night, the card’s opener will be Nelson Veilleux taking on NCW champ Iceman. “These athletes have tremendous ability and this is a great opportunity to showcase it,” Jacques remarked.

Tickets are on sale now. General admission is $20.00 and floor seats are $25.00. Paul Leduc will be doing interviews and commentary (which will be broadcast to the audience from the locker area via a giant screen) and Eric Nolin with be on-hand to emcee.

Paul Leduc shared some words with the assembled journalists and Raymond Rougeau was brought out as a special surprise toward the end. Ray and Jacques presented their three children (one and two, respectively), who introduced the new titles, named after Johnny Rougeau.

“This won’t be a regular local show,” Jacques added before adjourning. “We’ve got some great music, pyrotechnics, a giant screen, and some beer just in case people really want to have fun. I expect a packed house and hope to see you there.”