Imagine our surprise. After almost a year of silence, the mysterious Orangeville-born WWF grappler known simply as Edge (Adam Copeland to his friends and family) has chosen to finally speak out on his gothic lifestyle and his association with the enigmatic Brood. A lifetime wrestling fan whose love for the sport translated into a career, Edge hasn’t let his new-found fame and fortune change Adam Copeland. Down-to-earth, well-spoken and just a fun guy to talk to, Edge opened up to SLAM! Wrestling about his bumpy ride to the top, his fellow Brood members and the friends and family who supported his dreams.

Coming up you have the big Raw Is War date here in Toronto at SkyDome in February…
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling)

Edge: Yes. It’s the biggest Raw EVER!

How do you feel about that since you are a local-boy-done-good?
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling)

Edge: Boy, it’s a big thrill for me every time I wrestle in the Dome. I did my debut August 1st of ’98 and that was a great feeling. I grew up watching wrestling at Maple Leaf Gardens and at SkyDome. I was ringside for WrestleMania 6 held in the Dome. So, for me to come back and wrestle there, each time it’s great but this time it’s going to be the biggest Raw ever! It’s going to be seen all the way across the world so it’s a very cool thing. It will be a huge crowd too.

Did you ever think you’d be living out your dream?
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling)

Edge: Well, you know what? From Day One, I always said to myself (without sounding egotistical about it) that I was going to make it and I wasn’t going to quit until I did. I remember sitting down with one of my friends (he’s also a wrestler) and I said…There’s no doubt in my mind that eventually I will make it. And he said…Wow. I wish I had that kind of confidence. I just wasn’t going to give up.

Maybe not to the extent that it has gone. I mean, now I have an action figure out. There’s hats, T-shirts, calendars, video games, trading cards…I mean you name it, we’re on it. That’s a little strange for me. I always knew that at some point I would make it to one of the ‘Big Two’.

This is a question from a reader named Stuart Marshall. Actually, he’s from London, England.
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling)

Edge: Oh, wow.

He asks…How have the other Canadian wrestlers in the WWF helped you out? [Stuart Marshall]

Edge: Ah, let’s see. Well, it’s nice to have that little bit of camaraderie there because we are all Canadian. There’s always the Canadian jokes and we even call ourselves the ‘Canadian Clique’. We joke around with all the Americans. I tend to travel with some of the Canadians. I travel with Test a lot. I travel with Val Venis a lot. There’s Kurrgan and Christian. We are all there for each other but even the American guys are there for us. It’s not by country anymore.

For the longest time, you weren’t permitted to talk very much. Is it nice to be able to open your yap now?
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling).

Edge: Well, yeah. It’s good because now I can interact with the fans and because there are so many questions regarding The Brood and myself being shrouded in mystery. But, that will stay still intact even though I am speaking now. I would imagine soon that I’ll be flapping my yap on Raw too.

In an interview you said that Gangrel is indeed a REAL vampire. Are you serious? There’s no such thing as vampires! [Sharad Nathan]

Edge: (laughs). Well, as much as a person can be a vampire nowadays. I mean obviously he doesn’t go around and bite people in the neck and suck their blood. That I know of. (laughs) But, those are real teeth and he lives the lifestyle. That’s his thing. It’s definitely different, though.

So, those are REAL teeth? He’s had them sharpened and stuff?
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling)

Edge: Yeah. I don’t know exactly know the process he had done. I remember he was wrestling Scorpio in Maylasia a few years ago and he gave him a German suplex. His tooth ended up sticking in Scorpio’s butt!

Oh, man!
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling)

Edge: Scorpio went over and tore the tooth right out! So, I don’t know the exact procedure he has to put those bad boys in but they’re there.

Can’t we expect a set on you any time soon?
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling)

Edge: (chuckles) Ah, no. That won’t happen. Nope.

Who are you looking forward to competing against in the WWF that you haven’t faced already? [Rohith Lasrado]

Edge: That I haven’t? Ummm. I am really looking forward to a match with X-Pac, a singles match. We did a little six-man thing once but I’d like a match against him alone for the European title. Ah. Let’s see. Who else? I always enjoy wrestling Owen Hart. I’ve wrestled him a few times. He’d be one guy no matter even if I wrestled him before, I’d love to do so again. I’d like to take on Stone Cold. I’d like to wrestle The Undertaker. Yeah. I’ve wrestled Kane, The Rock, Ken Shamrock, Helmsley…I guess I’ve pretty much wrestled the rest of the ‘big names’. But, Stone Cold, Taker, X-Pac…Christian for that matter. Who knows down the road? There’s a lot of guys but those would be at the top of the list.

Before you came into the WWF there was a lot of hype. People we’re saying that you would be the next Shawn Michaels and so on. How has that attention affected you?
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling)

Edge: You know what? I didn’t hear it too much to be honest. Some people came up to me and said…They’re calling you the next Shawn Michaels or the next Ric Flair. And I’d go…Ric Flair? Wow. It’s definitely a compliment but our styles are completely different. I take it as a compliment but I don ‘t feel I have to live up to anything. If that’s what people perceive and think is going to happen then that’s great. But, I am not going to lose sleep if I don’t feel I am not on that path.

The following question was asked by more of our readers than any other. They want to know whether The Brood will be joining The Undertaker’s Ministry Of Darkness?
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling)

Edge: Ah, as of right now I deny that. Yeah. Everybody thinks we were The Druids and I deny that too. I haven’t heard anything. I’ve just heard the rumors that the fans have been talking about. If you look at it from a distance you might think…Yeah. Those guys would fit…but if that were going to happen, I think I would know by now. (laughs).

How did The Brood come about?
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling)

Edge: It was strange because Gangrel and I were fighting pretty much every night across the circuit. We were doing all the house shows together and the crowd would cheer both of us. If I would do a move…they’d cheer. If he would do a move…they’d cheer. So, I think what everyone realized is that…hey, maybe these guys are better off together then against each other because the crowd seems to be split. Since we got together, the reaction seems to be pretty phenomenal. One way or the other whether they boo or cheer, generally it’s been cheering. The crowd seems to like us for some reason. I don’t know. We’re pretty mixed-up cats but they tend to dig what we’re doing.

When Gangrel first came to the WWF, the two of you were at each other’s throats. At a recent Raw you teamed up with him and formed The Brood. What was the problem with Gangrel and how did those problems get cleared up? [The Penguin]

Edge: We knew each other before and didn’t get along all that great. I always thought he was different, not my kind of guy. But, as the story goes, he has this ‘mind manipulation’ over the guy who plays my ‘brother’. So, I could be joining the fold simply to bring Christian out or I could be joining just because I’m having fun and there’s power in numbers.

We’re you instrumental in getting Christian into the WWF?
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling)

Edge: We did grow up together. We were always watching wrestling together. When I won a contest when I was seventeen years old from the Toronto Star to train for free, I was always asking him to join and train with me. Finally, about three years later he did.

You guys were the Suicide Blondes, right?
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling)

Edge: We were the Suicide Blondes and went to Japan together. We teamed across…well…pretty much everywhere. And then I did an independent show in Pickering [Ontario]. Carl De Marco, the Canadian President of the WWF in Canada was there. Eventually, they needed someone to wrestle in Copps Coliseum. So they gave me a call. From there I kept in contact. Went out to Bret Hart’s. Trained with Bret. Bret said…You’re ready. Then I went down and I signed. At this point, Christian was still plugging away in the independents. So, I signed my deal and had my foot in the door. I did the training camp last January and they said…We gotta get you on television. Once I got on television, I said…Well, if you are going to keep doing these training camps, my old partner is real good and maybe you might want to take a look at him. I kept bugging them about it and finally they did another training camp and he got the invite. I opened the door a crack for him and he kicked it open.

It’s very interesting that you and Christian look some much alike. Some fans really buy the brothers gimmick.
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling)

Edge: (laughs) Well, you cut either one of our hair off and they probably wouldn’t think that.

So, it’s the hair is it?
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling).

Edge: (laughs) Basically, yeah.

When you first debuted on Raw there was the Boricas incident. I think one of them..was it Miguel?
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling)

Edge: Ah, Jose Estrada.

He got kinda crunched didn’t he? Obviously you probably feel bad about it. You didn’t intend for it to happen that way.
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling)

Edge: You know what? It’s one of those moves that…you know…I’m flying through the air and I just…land. Where the guy is, is really his concern. It was one of those things where..man…you feel horrible but at the same time, it’s really no one’s fault. When I got back everyone stressed that. They said…Get over this because it wasn’t your fault. That made me feel a lot better. It just one of those moves and one of those risks we take nowadays.

Which do you like competing in better? Singles or tag matches?
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling)

Edge: I guess I’d say I prefer singles competition over tag but I do enjoy tagging up because I have a lot of experience in tag teams…first with Sex And Violence and then the Suicide Blondes and then with Gangrel. Now, it’s probably back with Christian again. Maybe that’s why I enjoy singles a little bit more. It’s a lot easier when you only have to depend on yourself. With Sex And Violence teaming with Joey Legend, we knew each other quite well. Christian and I clicked right from the beginning because basically we’ve been doing it since we were kids. Gangrel and I were thrown together as a team and we seem to click pretty good so I am happy. The first couple matches we worked the kinks out and then after that it seemed to go pretty smoothly.

Talking about Gangrel, that’s one question we have for you. We here at SLAM! Wrestling always thought Gangrel was Canadian. Is he?
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling)

Edge: No. He’s from Tampa, Florida. We’ve made him an honorary Canadian though! (laughs).

We’ve also received many messages about your Grand-Prix days. How about those days?
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling)

Edge: That was actually a really good time. It was a lot of traveling. We stayed in Moncton. Christian and I had an apartment in Moncton on the campus of the university there. We had to drive three hours to the show and drive back three hours. So, you’re talking six hours in one day then get up the next morning and go to another one that was probably three hours away too. But, you try and save your money by not getting a hotel room in that town. You just try and get back to Moncton every night. It was definitely tiring and it was a grind but it was a lot of fun.

I definitely had many good experiences there. I met a lot of nice people and I learned a lot that summer. I was wrestling Bad News Brown in the main events and from there I moved to another main event of Christian and I against Rick Martel and The Jackyl. When you are wrestling three guys like that every night for a complete summer, you’re going to learn.

You’re telling me. This reader writes…What is you daily nutrition and training routine to keep in such good shape? [warriordx]

Edge: Actually, right now I am not feeling in that great of shape. (snickers) It’s tough. It depends. When I am at home, I can stick to my diet. I can do my cardio and train the way I want to. When I am on the road then it’s alot different. You basically do what you can when you can.

When I am at home generally I’ll roll out of bed and hop on the bike. Then, I’ll go down and have some breakfast. Then, I’ll have a protein shake. Then, I’ll have some lunch. Another protein shake. Then dinner and another shake without any carbs. After six, I try and cut out my carbs so I stay lean because they’ll store as fat if you don’t use them.

When I am on the road, you eat what you can because you aren’t eating enough to worry about it, really. But, it does affect you. When you’re on the road, you fly into the city, go to a gym and work out. Your workouts are always lacking because you’re tired. You go to the arena and do the show. From the show (it’s about eleven o’clock) you try and find a restaurant that’s open. Generally, there’s Denny’s. So after Denny’s, you go back to your hotel and sleep. Anything you’ve eaten – whether it be bad or good – you’re sleeping on it. Then, you get up the next day and go through it all again.

It’s a tough grind on the road. I never understood how these guys stay in the shape they do when they are on the road. It’s a tough thing to do and maintain.

What was it like training with Ron Hutchison? [Greg Oliver, SLAM! Wrestling]

Edge: Oh, it was great! Actually, I had dinner with Ron last night. He’s one of those who really cracks the whip and at the time you’re like…Man! What’s he doing to us! He wouldn’t let me have a match for a year. I trained for a year until I finally had a match. At the time, I was like…Man! I’m ready to have a match. I’m ready! I’m ready! He says…No! Wait! Wait! Wait! I thought he was wrong but looking back he was completely right because when I had my first match, I went out and had a hell of a match.

Who did you fight and did you win?
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling)

Edge: It was a tag team match. It was myself and The El Fuego Kid against Joey Legend and Zack Wylde in Monarch Park. I still trained for another year after that and wrestled whatever shows were around. I believe I was ready for my first match. A lot of schools tend to throw guys out too soon and it shows. But, Ron makes sure that before he throws you out there, you’re ready. At least with us, that was the case. Everyone of us that came from that class, myself, Joey Legend, Zack Wylde, El Fuego, Johnny Swinger down in WCW and Christian, all came from one group and I feel we are all damn good wrestlers!

Do you still keep in touch with Zack Wylde, Scott D’Amore….
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling)

Edge: I sure do. I’m always going out with Zack all the time. He makes me laugh too much to stop hanging around him. It’s a little bit tougher now that I am on the road but I’m always hanging out with Zack, Joe, Christian and I talk to Johnny Swinger all the time. All the guys I cut my teeth with, I still talk to.

How about Rod Boudreau, Ms. B. Haven? [Terry Harris]

Edge: Last night was my first opportunity to meet him. I met him and got in there to show the guys some things. What they were doing wrong….or what I thought they were doing wrong. I tried and help them improve themselves a little bit. These were guys that were all very new to it so they were just taking their baby-steps right now.

How much creative input do you have in regard to your character? [Tracy Gregory]

Edge: Actually, I’ve been lucky. So far it’s been a collaboration. Where some guys get their gimmick handed to them and a side of them will come out eventually. They get their gimmick handed to them, their name, everything. Whereas mine, I don’t think they knew what they wanted to do with me. They knew they wanted to get me on television but they didn’t know doing what. So, they said they wanted me to be this ‘nineties-rock n’ roll’ guy. Originally, the outfit they had I wasn’t fond of so we came together on that because I think when everything comes off, you should look like a wrestler. I still believe that.

I held out to make sure I would wear tights rather than leather pants or something like that. Plus too, they’d constrict me especially with my style. And the name…well they had a few names in mind. Jackyl and I were riding from Albany to Syracuse one day and we were going through names. I wasn’t fond of the ones they came up with.

What were some of them?
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling)

Edge: They had Rage. Riot. I don’t know. I just didn’t seem to fit. So, we were driving and I thought…Okay, they seem to like the four-letter-one-name thing. So, let’s see what we could come up with. We just started throwing around band names. You know, the Offspring was thrown around for awhile. Then, we finally came on Edge from U2 and it’s kinda contempory. A lot of radio stations seem to use it, but I thought it would fit.

I’m a big wrestling fan from Winnipeg, and I’ve been watching the sport for as long as I can remember. Edge, I remember when you used to wrestle here in Manitoba as part of the IWA. How does it feel to go from wrestling in front of a hundred or so people at the Centennial Arena in Portage La Prairie, to wrestling in front of almost 20,000 on a nightly basis. Do you miss the small Canadian towns and arenas? [Dan Feriolo]

Edge: Well, that’s the good thing about the independents. I mean I wrestled in front a lot of crowds of a hundred, I wrestled in front of one crowd of six people…(laughs)…I don’t miss the crowd of six, to be honest. When it’s a crowd of a hundred, it’s a lot more intimate. You can jaw at one fan in particular and the whole crowd will react because they can hear you. But, when it is a crowd of 20,000 – which we are doing now every night – it’s great! I will admit, it psyches you up alot more when there’s 20,000 people as opposed to a hundred.

The only thing now is rather than personally talking to a fan, you gesture. By your movement alone is how you have to get a crowd to react. It’s definitely a transition you have to get used to. I remember some of the guys telling me…you don’t have to talk to just one person because the rest of the crowd can’t hear you. Just use gestures. Your movements will do the trick.

I’m a monumental WWF mark from Sydney, Australia and I’m loving everything to do with The Brood. Edge, how is the gothic life-style angle going to be played out? Are the fans supposed to think that you are legitimate vampires or that you just lead a “gothic life-style” and drink some type of grape juice? [Julian Shaw]

Edge: (laughs loudly) Well, Gangrel is the only vampire. Christian and I aren’t vampires. If anything, I was a vampire slayer. Just not as good looking as Buffy. Christian and I just lead a gothic lifestyle. We’re dark. We’re mysterious. We come out at night and have fun. It’s like a lot of people our age. Gangrel, obviously he has his teeth and you’ll notice he’s the only one drinking that ‘viscous fluid’ as it’s called. So, you’ll never see Christian and I down with any of that. We lead a dark, mysterious, brooding lifestyle.

Who are your mentors and your idols? Which superstars do you model Edge after? [Jamie Frey]

Edge: I always liked the guys that were under-rated. The guys I felt who were under-rated. Bret Hart was huge for me while growing up. He was a big influence. Shawn Michaels was a major influence. I always thought ‘Cowboy’ Bob Orton was great.

Oh yeah! You gotta like that cast he had. How many months was that guy injured again?
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling)

Edge: Yeah! And Ricky Steamboat too. Which brings me to this match I have on tape from 1985, those two fighting in Washington. And, man! I am amazed every time I watch it. Ric Flair. Randy Savage. Guys who really knew their craft well. Don’t get me wrong. I respect Hulk Hogan. He’s charismatic guy. I was one of those guys who always wanted to see a wrestling match. Not punches and kicks and that’s it. If you could throw in some nice exchanges in there, I was always impressed. So, they were guys like that. Guys I respected and looked up to.

Coming from Canada, you can’t forget Stampede Wrestling! It was a big influence on me as well. There was Owen Hart, Chris Benoit, Brian Pillman. I watched guys that growing up too so that really influenced my style and I think it shows. And to wrestle Owen on a pay-per-view eventually when he was a guy I watched growing up – and I am not saying he’s old because he was young when I watched him – it’s very cool to get in there with guys you respect.

When you fought Owen at INYH: Breakdown were you really, really nervous about it?
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling)

Edge: You know what? I wasn’t. If anything, I wanted to prove that I was ready to be in there with one of the world’s best. I wanted to make sure that this match would show that I could hang with one of THE wrestlers in the world. I think I made a good showing for myself. I was really happy with that match.

It is great to see a fellow Canadian succeed in pro wrestling. What advice you would give an up and coming wrestler to succeed in the business as you have? [Vijay Hemanchal]

Edge: Ooooh. Ah. Be patient. I know it’s definitely tough. I ate a lot of cans of tuna and drove across a lot of lakes in Manitoba and winter roads. I slept on a lot of blue mats. I wrestled for free in the beginning. I set up the ring and wrestled for free. You got to be ready to pay your dues. No doubt about that. If you pay those dues, you’ll get a different respect for the business. Once and if you do make it, then the guys will have a different respect for you as well. If you just walk into something, it’s going to be tough to get the guys on your side at first which is a BIG thing.

So, I would say be patient. Get ready to be broke for awhile. It’s tough to have a girlfriend because you’ll either be traveling all the time and you’re not going to be making money so somebody’s got to put up with that. It’s nice if you can have the support of your family because they can always bail you out. I was bailed out by my mom numerous times. Those are all important factors but just don’t think it’s going to happen overnight. I’ve been doing it for six years now and it took me four which is short in our business. Alot of guys don’t make it in four years. I’m pretty fortunate. Most guys have to cut their teeth alot longer than that. That’s my advice.

You mentioned the support of your mom. She must be some kind of lady to put up with that kind of stuff.
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling).

Edge: Definitely! (laughs) But from Day One she knew that I wasn’t going to give up on this. She thought…I’m going to support this kid because in the long-run it’s going to pay off for him. I can just think of times where I’d be miserable, not making any money. I remember being stranded in Tennessee. Christian and I were down there. We had enough money each day to buy a hamburger. So, that was our meal for the day. Eventually, we were told we’d have eighteen shows. It worked out to three. We had to go around and get ourselves booked. This guy said he was going to book us on a bunch of shows and he didn’t have any.

So, we were stuck. We had no way back home and no money to our names. I called home and said…Mom. I don’t know what I am going to do. She said, Okay. Hold on. She put what money she had in the bank and we did a 36-hour bus ride home without shaving, eating or showering. Christian and I looked pretty rough at that point when we got home but it was nice to get there.

Man! Your mom must really believe in you!
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling)

Edge: It means a lot. The good thing is for all of my matches, she always been there. Locally, she always there. My first show in Copps Coliseum against Bob Holly. She was sitting in the first row. So was Joey Legend. So was Christian. So was Zack Wylde. So was El Fuego. Now, my girlfriend’s up in the box with my mom at all of the SkyDome shows. It’s a very cool thing.

Now does this message ring any bells…?
I never imagined that I would ever actually know a wrestler. It’s funny. All that time when we were working in Square One, it never dawned on me that you were a wrestler of the professional sort. For some reason I always thought you meant for Humber College. When I reflect on it now, we could have had some great conversations on the subject. It’s been awhile since we last met up but I’ve been following your career on TV, on the net, and I’ll certainly be watching the Toronto RAW broadcast closely. I am happy to see that your star is rising. I know that Adam is far removed from Edge but you play it well. ishing you all the success in the world. [Eric (HMV no longer)]

Edge: Yep. I remember him. He’s no longer at HMV? Damn! That’ s where I always ran into Eric. Eric’s a great guy. We always talked about wrestling. Being a professional wrestler wasn’t one of those things I told people that I did. If it came out, great. But I never walked around and said…I’m a pro wrestler! I was going to Humber College for radio broadcasting and he’d always came in. We were right around the corner from each other. We’d just talk about wrestling.

That’s cool. I went to Humber for journalism. I went there for about two years then split over to Centennial.
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling)

Edge: Really? Wow. Well, no one really knew at the time how determined I was about it. People close to me did. Unless you got close to me, you wouldn’t know how determined and serious I was. But that’s good that he’s watching. I always ran into him when I went shopping at HMV. Now, I guess I won’t. I’ll run into him again, eventually. So, say ‘Hi!’ to him for me.

(Editor’s Note: Edge says hello, Eric.)

I would like to know what he thinks of all of the fan sites on the Internet devoted to him. Most of them are completely devoted to his looks, and not his wrestling talent, and I would like to know his thoughts on that. [Kimberly]

Edge: Yeah. I’ve noticed that too! It’s definitely a compliment and I thank people for thinking my ugly mug is good looking. That’s flattering. I appreciate all of that. Keep it up! But, it does seem my wrestling skills get overlooked sometimes. You know what? The guys tend to notice the wrestling skills. And hopefully guys will say…This guy can really work. I’ve been on some of the sites sometimes and guys write just to instigate the girls, and say…Oh, he’s gay! He’s a loser! And you know what? I’d probably do the same thing. If I were a fan and I saw that a bunch of girls were writing about one guy…I’d write in and say…This guy’s a loser! Generally, I think the guys respect what I do. Maybe after I’ve traded blows with Stone Cold the guys will respect me a little bit more.

Maybe you’ll have to do one of those flips off the cage like Foley!
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling)

Edge: (laughs loudly) Well, I have thought of some crazy things that I’d do if I ever got into the Hell In A Cell. (laughs).

I was just wondering what is your tattoo of? [Melissa]

Edge: Oh, geez. The one that I have right now is the one I got when I was seventeen. So, no one out there copy what I did because now I look back at it and wish I got something different. Now, I’m 25 and I’m going to have to get it covered. I wanted to get it covered with something else. Pretty soon it will be probably a black sun with a bunch of cool looking rays to cover it up.

What is it right now?
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling)

Edge: Right now, it’s a shark. If you look really closely, and you can’t tell because Christian wears a shirt, we have the same tattoos. His is of a bulldog and mine is of a shark. I have a really big fascination with sharks. I think they are really….weird…and cool – for lack of a better term, so I decided to get a shark tattoo. My buddy who draws a comic book, he draws Fred The Possessed Flower. That’s Happy Nick. He designed both of our tattoos. He actually came up with my previous name, Sexton Hardcastle as well. He’s always the guy I go to for creative input. He helps design my tights. I design a lot of my stuff and he helps with that. He helps Christian design his too.

Well, you gotta like the Seinfeld-puffy-shirts going on there.
– John Powell (SLAM! Wrestling)

Edge: (laughs) Yeah! I like that I’m not wearing one!