One gets the feeling that if Mick Foley (alias: Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love) didn’t have bad luck he wouldn’t have any luck at all. WWF World Heavyweight Champion Rocky Maivia fell victim to Foley’s punishing Mandible Claw effectively losing his strap at the Rock Bottom pay-per-view held in Vancouver, British Columbia. WWF President Vince McMahon would not tolerate the defeat of his “corporate champion” and once again laid the smack down on a befuddled Foley.

Throughout the broadcast Vince McMahon conferences with the gullible Foley in his make-shift office located in a cramped and dingy utility room. Foley agreed to strike out a forfeit clause in the World Heavyweight Title match contract if McMahon would publicly admit that Foley didn’t tap out or submit at the Survivor Series. On Sunday Night Heat, Foley had sneak attacked The Rock in a sky box suite injuring the champ’s ribs.

Before the main event bout, the negotiations continued in the ring as Foley (in his Mankind persona) entered contract in hand. McMahon, his son Shane and The Rock stood united. Foley reiterated that he would scratch out the clause if McMahon would confess to the Bret Hart style screw job…on his hands and knees. McMahon balked drawing Foley’s attention away from Maivia. The Rock lowered the boom on Foley kicking and punching him in the corner. The McMahons scooted outside the ring.

Foley fought back putting the boots to Maivia. The crowd voiced their approval starting the “Rocky sucks!” chant. Foley stomped the “corporate champ” to the floor whipping him shoulder-first into the steel steps. Disassembling them, Mankind lifted the steps over his head dropping them on The Rock. Maivia landed some haymakers but Foley fired him into the ring apron then clotheslined him to the floor. An irate McMahon instructed the referee over the house mic to automatically disqualify Foley if he continued to shred the rule book.

With Foley distracted by McMahon’s outburst, The Rock Pearl Harboured Foley once more. Maivia kicked Foley through the ropes and to the floor. The Rock strangled Foley with a camera cable. Evidently McMahon’s disqualification ruling applied only to Mankind and not The Rock. Foley was suplexed on the concrete and shoved back into the squared circle. Foley waited on Maivia kicking and punching him as he re-entered the ring. A clothesline sent the champ over the top rope and outside. A well-timed baseball slide propelled Maivia back into the announce table. Shane McMahon seized Foley’s leg preventing him from leaping off the ring apron onto The Rock. Maivia yanked Mankind off the ring apron. Foley did a somersault in the air landing on his back with an audible thud.

Recognizing Foley’s infamous tour of duty in Extreme Championship Wrestling, the fans shouted “ECW! ECW!”. Full of confidence, The Rock put on the headset belonging to commentator Michael Cole (substituting for an ailing Jim Ross).

“What do you think about this, Mankind?,” snarled The Rock as he smashed Foley’s face into the announce table. First taking a long swig from a water bottle, Maivia then spat on Mankind. An angry Foley retaliated slamming The Rock’s head into the table. Diving over the desk he tackled Maivia to the ground.

Disregarding McMahon’s orders, Foley hefted a steel chair. The ref grabbed the chair pleading with Foley not to get himself disqualified. Another opportunity presented itself so Miavia kicked Foley in the gut and DDTed him on the steel chair. The Rock rolled Mankind back but could only get a two count. Dropping the crowd-pleasing Corporate Elbow achieved the same result. Foley would not be pinned.

Both grapplers bounced off the ropes. Foley spiked Maivia with a swinging neckbreaker and followed it up with two leg drops…one to the throat and one to the crotch. McMahon ordered the ref to disqualify Foley for the low blow. Mankind prevented this by piledriving the official. Time for the Corporate Team’s Plan B. McMahon called for the time keeper to ring bell. Mankind raced outside and took the time keeper out before he could do as McMahon asked. Foley turned on McMahon stalking him around the ringside area.

Just as Foley was about to use McMahon as a human punching bag, The Rock brought a chair down across his back. Rolling Foley into the ring Maivia executed the Rock Bottom. Alas, there was no official to count the fall. As The Rock held Foley, Shane McMahon swung the WWF World Heavyweight Title belt. Mankind dodged. The belt connected with Maivia’s noggin’. Mankind covered. The dazed official slapped a two-and-a-half count. Two DDTs and The Rock still managed to kick out.

Foley went for the heavy artillery putting Mr. Socco into action. The Mandible Claw knocked the “corporate champ” out. The ref called for the bell though Maivia didn’t tap out or have his hand dropped.

McMahon launched Plan C. Since a WWF championship can only change hands on a pinfall or a submission, McMahon overruled the ref saying Mankind won the match but not the WWF World Title because Maivia never quit. Foley went postal locking the Mandible Claw on both McMahons. Patterson and Brisco did a run-in. Foley dispatched them without breaking a sweat. He tossed Socco into the crowd.

Corporate Team members the Big Boss (SWAT) Man and Ken Shamrock ganged up on an fatigued Foley. The Rock laid a few shots in as well.

McMahon raised The Rock’s arm as they left through the curtain. Dejected, Foley shuffles off to the dressing room angrily ripping off his Mankind mask.

The next WWF pay-per-view is The Royal Rumble on January 24th, 1999.


WWF In Your House: Rock Bottom results

Val Venis, The Godfather Vs D-Lo Brown, Mark Henry

: The Godfather emerges with this ho’s. Terri Runnels and Jackie walk out with Brown and Henry.
: At 5:20, Jackie and Terri clash with the ho’s. The Godfather and D-Lo step out to calm things down. Jackie climbs into the ring pulling Venis’ trunks down revealing a black G-String. Henry splashes Venis for the win. D-Lo, Henry, Terri and Jackie exit together.

Winners: D-Lo Brown, Mark Henry at 5 minutes and 54 seconds.

Match Rating: 7 / 10.

The Oddities Vs The Headbangers

: Thrasher tags Mosh. Bonehead Golga doesn’t see the exchange and continues to beat on Thrasher. Mosh bowls Golga over with a top rope bodypress.

Winners: The Headbangers at six minutes and 29 seconds.

Match Rating: 1 / 10.

Owen Hart Vs Steve Blackman

: The crowd is behind Owen all the way chanting “Owen! Owen!” and “U.S. sucks!”.
: The “No-so Lethal Weapon” has Owen in the Sharp Shooter. Owen makes it to the ropes.
: The youngest Hart brother slides outside, throws up his hands and walks away. The assumption is Owen wouldn’t job to Blackman in Canada.

Winners: Steve Blackman via countout at 10 minutes and 26 seconds.

Match Rating: 4 / 10.

The J.O.B. Squad Vs The Brood

: Bob Holly sports a brush cut a la Jeff Jarrett.
: Lawler calls Al Snow’s team…”The I-Need-A-Job Squad”. Heh. Heh.
: The match breaks down and a brawl ensues on the floor.
: Christian Face-First DDTs Scorpio for the 1-2-3.

Winners: The Brood at 9 minutes and 8 seconds.

Match Rating: 7 / 10.

Jeff Jarrett Vs Goldust (Strip Tease Match)

: If Goldust loses, he must disrobe. If Jarrett loses, Debra’s gotta get naked.
: Shocker of all shockers. The crowd is backing Goldust.
: Goldust nails the Shattered Dreams. Jarrett collapses to the floor.
: Debra brings the guitar in clocking Goldust in the head.
: Jarrett Face Slams Goldust and gets the win.
: WWF Commissioner Shawn Michaels appears. He tells Jarrett…”Good victory! Go to the back and get yourself a cold beverage”. Michaels reverses the decision disqualifying Jarrett for Debra’s interference. Debra protests. The crowd yells…Take it off! Take it off!
: “It’s time to stop grinning and drop your linen,” says Michaels.
: Debra strips down to a bra and G-String. Micheals tries to stuff money down her top. Debra hands it back to him.
: Michaels helps Debra unhook her bra. The Blue Blazer and Jarrett cover Debra up with Blazer’s cape in the nick of time. Debra looks as if she wanted to go through with it and doesn’t want to leave Michaels. Jarrett and Blazer escort her away from the ring.

Winner: Goldust via disqualification at 8 minutes and 6 seconds.

Match Rating: 5 / 10.

The New Age Outlaws (champions) Vs The Big Boss Man and Ken Shamrock (challengers) (WWF Tag Team Title Match)

: Michaels interferes often even pulling the ref out during a count.
: Gunn has Shamrock in a suplex. Michaels pulls Gunn’s leg out from under him. Bad Ass rolls up Shamrock anyways.

Winners: At 16 minutes and 10 seconds…and still WWF World Tag Team Champions…The New Age Outlaws.

Match Rating: 8 / 10.

Mankind (challenger) Vs The Rock (champion) (WWF World Heavyweight Title Match)

Winner: Mankind at 13 minutes and 35 seconds. As a WWF championship can only change hands on a pinfall or a submission, Foley does not win the title. The Rock retains his belt .

Match Rating: 9 / 10.

Undertaker Vs Steve Austin (Buried Alive Match)

: Austin bangs Taker with a Stunner at the grave site. Taker is pushed into the grave.
: Austin heads to the back. Taker sits up, climbs out, takes a shovel and lays in wait for Austin to return. An explosion rocks the grave. Smoke billows out. Kane rises from out of the burial plot.
: Kane and Taker brawl. Kane Tombstone Piledrives Taker and rolls him into the grave.
: Austin returns with a bulldozer. The bulldozer can’t get up the steep hill to dump its pay load. Fed up with waiting, Austin shovels the dirt in himself. Austin drinks and pours beer into the grave. Finally, the bull dozer fills some of the hole in by swinging around awkwardly.

Winner: Steve Austin at 21 minutes and 33 seconds .

Match Rating: 7 / 10.

Total Event Time: 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Overall Event Rating7 / 10.