Does Hollywood Hogan have something in mind other than retirement?

That’s the way it seems after this weekend.

Hogan colleague and friend Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine was in Toronto Sunday for an ICW show at Appleby’s and The LAW caught up with him and got the stunner:

Hogan plans to start up his own federation.

“I believe that he’s retiring for just a short time,” said Valentine. “I also believe that he’s going to start-up his own federation, or his own league. I think he’s been talking to some big people. I’m not going to name drop or anything. But some big television companies that he’s been talking to, in fact I know he’s been talking to. But I just don’t really want to say anything.”

Of course wrestlers being wrestlers, Valentine then proceeded to reveal a little more.

“The reason why I know about this is because he’s already talked to me about it,” he said. “I would be right in there, not only wrestling, but in an administrative part of it too.”

The Hammer thinks that a third league would be beneficial, and would bring Vince McMahon and Ted Turner down a notch. The Rupert Murdoch-owned Fox Network has been making noises about starting a rival wrestling promotion for years, and would seem to be the front-runner.

“They need some competition because Ted Turner with all his money and Vince McMahon, they get real cocky. They think they own the business,” said Valentine. “A number three out there or even a number four will bring them down a little bit but it will spread the wealth a little bit.”

Valentine believes that Hogan ‘retired’ to get out of his WCW contract, and that where the Hulkster goes, success follows.

“When Hogan went down there [to WCW], everybody just kind of followed. He’s kind of the key. There’s never been a phenomena like him since Gorgeous George, and he’s bypassed him.”