REAL NAME: Shane Sewell
BORN: September 5, 1972 in Toronto, Ontario
5′ 11″, 220 pounds
AKA: Mr. Clean, Canadian Glamour Boy Shane, Shane The Glamour Boy

Life interfered in Shane Sewell’s road to the top.

Forced to take time off because of family trouble at home in Peterborough, Ontario, Sewell watched from the sidelines as his long-time friend and tag team partner Sean Morley made it to the big leagues as Val Venis in the WWF.

Sewell still talks to Morley on occasion, but knows that The Big Valbowski is “very busy” and he doesn’t “want to bug him too much.”

And so both of the Canadian Glamour Boys are on different wrestling paths these days.

As Shane The Glamour Boy, Sewell is a top star in Puerto Rico, and one of the World Wrestling Council’s biggest draws due to his charisma and athletic ability. He can suit up against the heavyweights or do high flying with the light heavyweights.

As a singles competitor, Sewell won his first title in August of 1998 beating Villano 3, brother of WCW’s Villanos 4 & 5, for the Puerto Rico Heavyweight Title.

“That’s one of the titles that’s hard to hold over there if you’re a foreigner,” he explained during an early September 1998 interview with SLAM! Wrestling. The people are very proud of their heritage, he said, and are protective of their national title.

His second singles title came when he beat Ray Gonzalez for the WWC Universal Title, the main title of the company, in a spectacular match which lasted over 35 minutes and was considered one of the best matches in the year.

After a good run as Universal Champion, Sewell’s third singles title came as he beat Mexican star Pierroth, Jr. for the Intercontinental Title. This match was voted the most bloody and violent match of the year.

Sewell’s fourth title came as he won the WWC Television Championship. He beat four Jungle Jim Steele in April 1999 for the belt. He lost and regained the title from Mustapha Saed in September 1999.

Shane The Glamour Boy ‘s favorite saying is “When the belt is on the line, The Glamour Boy always knows how to shine. So it’s time to get it on to the break of dawn, time to Rock ‘n Roll, hoochie koo, time to drop the Elbow From Heaven on your stinkin’ carcass”. (The Elbow From Heaven being his finishing move, a flying elbow from top turnbuckle.)

While Sewell enjoys his time in Puerto Rico, he hopes that one of the big two will come calling. If not, he’ll keep travelling to Puerto Rico, and maybe trips to Europe.

In mid-1998, Sewell was in Atlanta at WCW’s Power Plant, but nothing came out of it.

“We’re all following that dream,” he confessed. “It’s hard to do it out of Ontario. You have to get out on the road and struggle.”

Sewell started wrestling in 1989 after hanging around Mack’s Gym in Toronto. Local indy wrestler Steve Ocean got him booked in England, and Sewell was hooked. He met Sean Morley at a show at the CHIN picnic one year, but it wasn’t the first time the two had crossed paths. Back in 1989, the future partners played on opposite teams in the Metro Bowl, the high school football finals for the Greater Toronto Area.

In Ozarks Mountain Wrestling, Morley and Sewell won the tag belts and then moved on to Puerto Rico, where they duplicated the feat. In fact, they held the World Wrestling Council tag titles seven times.

“I’m in good shape. I’m ready to move up,” said Sewell. Sometimes a “window opens up and you’ve got to be ready.”

— GREG OLIVER, SLAM! Sports, with files from Wilfredo Sanchez, World Wrestling Council


I remember watching Mr. Clean in Toronto on a few indy shows, the part that amazed me is why this guy has not been signed up by the big three. This guy worked an amazing match, good ring psychology, took bumps, did high spots, and know how to wrestle. I can name at least 50 guys in the big three who cannot do two of these things well. I had the chance to speak with Mr. Clean, he was very receptive and took the time to chat. Hang in there Shane, you will make it to the big time sooner rather than later.
Terry Harris


Nutrition a passion for a slimmed down Shane Sewell