Owen wants a rematch

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Nugget! Nugget! Nugget!

Call him that all you want. Yell it as loud as you can. It really doesn’t upset WWF superstar Owen Hart…or so he says.

“To me, a nugget is something you eat at McDonald’s that is deep-fried chicken. The only other thing a nugget is would be something that’s solid gold and you buff it up, shine it and wear it on your finger or around your neck. It doesn’t bother me too much. The same people chanting it are the ones who are paying that huge salary to me,” said Nation member Owen Hart as SLAM! Wrestling finally cornered the cagey veteran at SkyDome a day before he is set to square off against Ken Shamrock in a Submission Match on Saturday night.

Hart’s long-running feud with the former Ultimate Fighting Champion picked up where brother Bret left off, climaxing in a match at the exclusive Hart family wrestling school (The Dungeon) located in the basement of the Hart’s Calgary home. The match was broadcast via satellite on the Fully Loaded pay-per-view generating critical praise from fans as an inventive and unique contest. According to Hart, Shamrock wants a rematch on American soil during the WWF’s annual SummerSlam card.

The Black Hart is game if only to prove that his win wasn’t a fluke.

“I thought knocking Shamrock out in The Dungeon and having him tap out would be the end of it but I guess when you lose like that then you become a cry baby and come up with excuses. I’ll give him another shot if he’s willing to fight me again,” says Hart indicating that it’s up to Shamrock now to sign his name on the dotted line.

Days leading up to the “Dungeon Match” it was rumored that the other Hart brothers were set to interfere on Owen’s behalf. Hart says he nixed the idea firmly believing that he could take Shamrock in his own backyard without a third party entering the fray. But it wasn’t easy. The Black Hart freely admits the bout took its toll on his body and the Hart’s training facilities.

“In over 50 years we didn’t damage the walls or ceilings and in that one match I put Shamrock’s head through the ceiling and cracked the walls. It was a rough, hard fought match and Shamrock’s gotta pay for that dumb-bell he dented with his head,” says Hart.

Recently, it’s not the self-appointed World’s Most Dangerous Man whose become a thorn in Hart’s side but a crafty voice impressionist mocking The Black Hart at every opportunity. Dressing up in Hart’s wrestling attire and donning a false nose, Ontario-born Jason Sensation has been making Hart the laughing stock of the World Wrestling Federation through his ringside antics. Claiming to have discovered Sensation at a card held in Ottawa and alerting the WWF to the young man’s unusual talents, Hart feels especially betrayed. Hart took out his frustration on a Raw Is War broadcast paint-brushing Sensation as he painfully contorted him into the dreaded Sharp Shooter submission hold.

A brutal attack which Hart says taught the WWF court jester a lesson.

“He was becoming too much of a smart ass and needed to be smacked around,” says Hart sternly. “He seems to be eating humble pie now.”

Formerly a member of the Canadian flag waving Hart Foundation, The Black Hart has since joined forces with The Nation Of Domination captained by WWF Intercontinental Champion, Rocky Miavia. A move which has surprised many of his die-hard fans. Hart explains the jump as necessary for survival upon the departure of his brother Bret “The Hit Man” Hart and his brother-in-laws The British Bulldog and Jim “The Anvil” Niedhart for the Ted Turner-owned World Championship Wrestling. Being mugged by the D-Generation X gang week after week was too much to take. As his theme song decries, it was time for a change.

In his role as a Nation member, Hart thinks his years of ring savvy are rubbing off on his new teammates leading to D-Lo Brown winning the European Title and The Rock securing the Intercontinental belt. Hart has nothing but kind words for his adopted family.

“The Nation are all good guys. They are easy to get along with inside and outside the ring. There’s no problems with any of them,” says Hart who appreciates the loyalty and patriotic support Canadian fans have shown him through his troubled times.

Looking ahead to the future, Hart sees his career as a pro-wrestler continuing for at least a few more years. Then, it might be time to walk that aisle one last time and hang up his trunks for good before his body is too damaged and too hurt. Still, Hart acknowledges that he might not be able to deny the passion for the sport which runs deep through his family’s heritage passed down from his father, the wrestling icon – Stu Hart.

“I’d like to get out of wrestling totally when I’m done. I say that now but I’ll probably end up being involved with it until I’m Ric Flair’s age,” concludes The Black Hart.