Welcome to the sixth question and answer period with WWF Canada President Carl Demarco. These are questions send in and held until the time of this Q&A. Schedules did not permit De Marco and SLAM! Wrestling hooking up.

Below is the transcript of the interview. I’ve given credit to the readers who sent in questions.

Q: All right, we all know that not to long ago, WWF was probably the number one wrestling organization in the nation (USA), and now it seems apparent the WCW is in control. So what does WWF have in store to counter-act this WCW raise to the top? [Brandon Eversoll, Idaho Falls, ID]
A: In Canada, we are No. 1. We generate more ratings than any other wrestling program here in Canada. Since WCW has actually been on TSN, the World Wrestling Federation has, according to TSN, increased 200% ratings. We do a lot better ratings on TSN than WCW does. In the United States, in the last two weeks, we have set, on the USA Network two records. The highest rated show on cable, sports and entertainment. There are times when WCW had that time slot to themselves, when they were unopposed, yet they didn’t those type of numbers. The numbers for our ratings have just gone through the roof. We’re just blown away. … The whole business is just going through the roof — live events, WrestleMania set records, In Your House after WrestleMania set another record. It’s the best In Your House we ever had.

Q: Would your plans have anything to do with adding a second television show during the week to counter-act Thunder? [Brandon Eversoll, Idaho Falls, ID]
A: Nothing that I have heard anyways.

Q: IS it a possibility the ULTIMATE WARRIOR could come back to the WWF? and please dont respond to this question with “anything can happen in the WWF”. [MATT HARRISON warrior fanatic MILTON ,Ont]
A: Right now, I don’t know if there are any plans. I don’t think there are any plans for Ultimate Warrior to come to the WWF.

Q: I’ve heard rumors that a Raw is War or the December IYH is coming to Vancouver? Is there any truth to these rumors? (I hope it’s true, Vancouver is ready for RAW or a PPV, I speak for the thousands of fans here!) [Ron Chan, others]
A: Tentatively — and the word is tentatively –we are scheduled to be December 13 in Vancouver for an In Your House. We really are trying to get a pay-per-view for Canada out of Toronto. We are trying to do something there. It’s difficult because SkyDome has a very busy schedule, working out what available days they have. But we’re looking to book a RAW, and eventually bring a major pay-per-view to SkyDome. That’s something we’re really looking to do in Toronto.

Q: How long a break will Shawn Michaels be taking off to heal? [Art Middleton]
A: Shawn Michaels is recuperating. I know he’s doing some exercises in the swimming pool, I was told recently. I think he’s trying to do it so he doesn’t have to have a back operation.

Q: Are their any more plans to involve Mike Tyson with the WWF? [Art Middleton]
A: There’s really strong interest in Mike Tyson. I think Mike Tyson had a great time. At the press conference after WrestleMania in Boston he mentioned that he would love to come back to the WWF. Hopefully, one day it will happen. I think right now Mike is consumed with litigation matters with Don King and whatnot. That’s got to be pressing for him. And then to get back into the boxing world. I think definitely he’ll be back there soon.

Q: If you had a choice.. what WCW star would you like to have on the WWF roster? [Art Middleton]
A: Bret Hart. He doesn’t look right being over there … I also think that Chris Benoit has excellent potential, very good potential. I like him.

Q: Any chance of seeing Saturday Night’s Main Event back again?….live of course. I guess dropping LiveWire, and shotgun, and bringing back SNME would be a great move. [Colin Vassallo]
A: That’s an interesting comment from Colin Vassallo. I was very fond of Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Q: Mr De Marco will RAW ever be shown live every week or on a different channel like New VR? RAW would beat Nitro easily in ratings if RAW was live in Canada on a different channel such as the New VR. will my cousin return to the ring soon (Tiger Ali Singh). Finally will Sid return to the WWF? I’ve heard that he signed for 4 years and will join D-X. I really hope that this is true. [Jimmy Mundi]
A: Tiger must have a big family out there. The problem with the New VR is, we were on Monday nights there, they were running the programs a week behind. Our fans don’t want to see it a week behind. They want to see it live. VR is not a very strong station. It’s the weakest station in the Toronto market. I prefer to be live on TSN, across Canada like we were last night. When we do go live on TSN, it does unbelievable numbers. Right now we are the highest rated show on TSN. …Even when they did run hockey we were doing unbelievable numbers. Even now with Blue Jays baseball there, a lot of times our midnight slots are equaling what they’re doing with Blue Jays baseball in prime time. Sometimes we’re beating them.

Q: How come the WWF had so poor merchandise when they came to Vancouver February 27th, and everyone I knew, and including me wanted the Stone Cold Middle Foam Finger, but they were selling a regular Stone Cold Finger, which hasn’t been seen on TV, and then the following Monday on a LIVE Raw, they had the Middle Foam Fingers, and they were in Vancouver on the Friday. They also didn’t have any Stone Cold T-Shirts that had swears in them, are the WWF Attitude T-Shirts, but they had the Hats. [MiniHart9]
A: I’d like to thank MiniHart9 for these comments. It’s something I will check out. I welcome any comments the fans have, if it’s merchandise, if it’s television, if it’s live events, pay per views, our merchandise being in certain stores, not being in certain stores. Anything at all. I welcome it. Sometimes I don’t know these problems until they get brought up to me. That’s why I like to take time to read these comments because if it’s something we can improve on, I’d definitely like to do that. I will tell you in Vancouver that in Vancouver at our last show, which was almost sold out, our merchandise was totally cleaned out. I think we set a merchandise record that night in Vancouver.

Q: Do you know about the current situation in Victoria BC, with our arena. I know that you know that they were going to tear it down for a new one, and that was supposed to happen back in September, but they still haven’t torn it down, because they are trying to get more money for it, and they still hold the odd event their, and I’m not sure when there tearing it down now, but is their a chance the WWF could go their one more time, before it is torn down, if theirs time. [MiniHart9]
A: Good question about Victoria. I heard they were going to tear down the building, then they were going to build it … Last I heard, and maybe someone in Victoria can tell me what’s going on, that they took out the seats. Then they heard that they’re not going to tear it down because the financing wasn’t in place to build a new building. As soon as they get a new building, or whatever the case is, we’d love to go back to Victoria. It’s a great city. I had a great time in Victoria. Once the building situation is figured out in Victoria we want to come back. We’ve got great fans there.

Q: When will the WWF do an outdoor show. The WCW did it for spring break and I liked it. I think in the summer the WWF should plan a show outdoors by a pool or something. What do you think.?? [Steve Datt, State College PA]
OLIVER: “Good question. A lot of people remember the CNE show in Toronto.”
A: It’s funny, a lot of people loved that CNE show outdoors. The problem with CNE right now is that the building is pretty much moth-balled. It’s funny though. You could do an outdoor show at SkyDome, just pop open the roof. … One of the things you take a risk with in an outdoor show is the weather. There is going to be a huge outdoor show at Foxboro [Massachusetts, home of the Patriots.] this year. There’s a possibility there may be involvement with [The Patriots]. But you know what, that’s something I’ve been getting a lot of comments about, outdoor shows like the CNE. It’s something to consider. I’d like to see if, when we’ve back at SkyDome in the summertime, if we can maybe pop open that roof. I think that would be cool. We could do a pyro show right out the roof. I think the fans would love that.

Q: Will the World Wrestling Federation ever be coming back to Brantford, Ontario? I missed it the first time it was there and I really would love to see it there. [Marianne McKerracher]
A: You know what, Brantford does have a great history. We used to go to Brantford all the time and do TVs there. Again, it’s trying to get the routing available. Do you play Hamilton versus Brantford? It’s a tough situation. We’re fine as far as Hamilton goes, there’s people driving in from all around that area and going to Hamilton. Sometimes you have to pick a bigger building a centralize people coming from Niagara Falls, London, Kitchener, Brantford, etc.

Q: What do you think of all the web sites that have nude photo’s of the WWF ladies when most of them are fake? Would that be a law suit against the owners of the web sites and can Sunny, Sable and Marlena sue? And one more question, which one of those three girls is your favorite? [Marianne McKerracher]
A: They are all my favorites. They are all great people.

Q: I’d like to know how one goes about becoming a manger. I know you eventually have to audition for a part, but what are the reccomended requirements, and what other duties are there besides on camera work and personal appearances? [Ryan Clark]
A: Send a tape in. We have a new guy we’re looking to do something with. Jason Sensation. That’s how Jason got in. He sent us a tape.

EDITOR: WWF Titan Sports, 1241 East Main Street, Stamford, CT 06902

Q: Is it true the WWF has fired Glenn Kulka due to the fact that a prior criminal record of his is preventing him from working in the United States? [Norm]
A: No. Glenn’s rehabilitating right now in Ottawa. I think the problem right now is that he broke his leg in a match in Regina with the Jackyl. Any Canadian wrestlers need to get their paper work to work in the U.S. It’s a process that every Canadian wrestling has to go through, to get the paper work in place. Glenn’s problem right now is he has suffered a very serious injury. He’s rehabilitating right now. His cast is off now. He’s dying to get going. He’s still training in the gym, even with his leg, working on his upper body, etc. I just talked to Glenn the other day and he’s excited, and looking forward to getting into the WWF.

Q: Something has gotten on my nerves about both the WCW and the WWF over the last few years, and I wanted to get your comments on it. I recognize that pro wrestling is a business, and as such, both promotions are trying to make the maximum amount of revenue possible. However, both promotions have gotten into the habit of using their weekly programs to exclusively set up their PPVs. I feel that they’re shafting the fans (their customers). Once upon a time it was possible to see a title change hands at a house show, or on a broadcast. If that were to happen, the WWF would provide footage ( from Madison Square Gardens, for instance) showing how it came to pass. Now, it seems that the only time anything of merit really occurs is on a PPV. The people can be assured that whoever had a title going into a house show, would leave with the title. I think that takes away from the experience. What is the point of going to a house show if one already basically knows the outcome will end in a DQ? Fans should be kept guessing. Bring back the spontaneity to the house shows. Comments? [Alan Russette]
A: Never say never. Particularly in Toronto. When you get Vince McMahon as a referee, you never know.

Q: Any plans for a Canadian outlet for the WWF Shopzone? The Canadian vs. American dollar exchange is quite annoying and it would be nice to be able to order WWF merchandise without having to worry about how much more money we’ll have to pay because of the exchange rate. It would be nice to see a flat Canadian price. [Neil O’Brien]
A: I response to Neil O’Brien, I appreciate his comment on this and I will pass it on to our people who handle our WWF Shopzone. It’s a good point.

FINAL NOTES FROM CARL DE MARCO: We’re coming to Edmonton. July 3. Tickets go on sale this week. And I’ve been pushing everyone to maybe bring a pay-per-view to Edmonton too, because I know the fans really want it. Regarding our friends in Moncton, Moncton’s doing really well. I think it might be sold out. Some of the WWF executives have taken notice of the campaign going on in Moncton. So they should keep up their efforts there.