Welcome to the fifth question and answer period with WWF Canada President Carl Demarco. These are questions send in and held until the time of this Q&A. Schedules did not permit De Marco and SLAM! Wrestling hooking up.

Below is the transcript of the interview. I’ve given credit to the readers who sent in questions.



Q: Is there any chance you’ll be stopping in Sarnia, Ontario? They just built a new arena and they mentioned that they’d like to see the WWF come to Sarnia. [Joel McMurray, London, Ontario]
A: I hadn’t heard that there was a new arena. It’s something that we’ll look into.

Q: What’s your opinion on e-wrestling leagues, wrestling leagues that allow everyday fans like myself, to step in and take on the role of people ranging from Sting to Shawn Michaels? [Brandon Eversoll, Idaho Falls, ID]
A: Never heard of that

Q: Is the use of real wrestlers in these fantasy leagues considered a violation of any type of copyright, etc.? [Brandon Eversoll, Idaho Falls, ID]
A: If someone is making money off it, then it is a copyright infringement.

Q: Does the WWF have any plans for a live Raw or Pay-Per-View coming to Toronto? I heard you might have Wrestlemania 15 here [EDITOR: so have we!]. [Gil Sung Lee]
A: Yes, there are plans. Stay tuned.

Q: What are your thoughts on the return of Sean Waltman (1-2-3 Kid, Syxx) [Dorian Hoge Fredericton NB]
A: It’s good to see him back.

Q: I have heard reports that “Stone Cold Steve Austin” Merchandise has been out selling that of Hulk Hogan during the 80’s. It is a concept I am having trouble to grasp and seems almost impossible. So I have to ask this question. When it is said that Austin merchandise out sells Hogan merchandise is that supported by the revenue/capital brought in, or by the total number of products sold? I honestly believe because of the increase in wrestling merchandise during the 80’s to present, the only way to justify this is by quantity sold and not by revenue earned. If you can please try to verify this for me, because I still am not able to grasp this concept it seems almost out of this world. [Chris]
A: It’s both, I think. Austin is so hot right now, it’s unbelievable. He accounts for about 70% of our sales. He’s helped our TV too. Over the past two weeks, in the U.S. we beat Nitro for one hour, and tied them for another. It’s because of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Q: The last time the WWF cam to Brandon, Mb., it was a packed house for a Raw taping. It’s been two and a half years since the WWF has been here, we need more wrestling in Brandon! Are there any plans to do a show in Brandon. [Scotty Lynch]
A: We’ll have to talk to our local Winnipeg guy, Bob Holliday, on that one. I was at that Brandon show, and it was great. Our problem right now is that when you’re selling out Madison Square Gardens in New York or the United Center in Chicago, it makes it hard to get to the smaller markets.

Q: Is it time to bring back the B shows? [Greg Oliver]
A: I don’t want to do the B shows and not have a 100% strong A show card. Definitely, I think we could do two or three tours at a time because of the demand and how well our live shows are doing. I’d rather see one show and start to finish main event matches, action packed matches, one after another. That’s important.