Welcome to the fourth question and answer period with WWF Canada President Carl Demarco. These are questions send in and held until the time of this Q&A. Schedules did not permit Demarco and SLAM! Wrestling hooking up.

Below is the transcript of the interview. I’ve given credit to the readers who sent in questions.

MESSAGE FROM CARL: I appreciate everyone sending in the questions. I will try to do this on a regular basis but with WrestleMania here it has been a busy few months. WrestleMania looks to be the biggest money-making event ever. You will see a pay-per-view out of Copps Coliseum which is going to be a hot PPV for September. In may we will be doing an unbelievable card in SkyDome and Copps. There will be a good opportunity for those attending the May show to buy tickets for the September PPV. We are also looking to have another PPV in Canada. Site to be determined. A message to our fans in Alberta we will be back in Edmonton soon. I know there is a big demand for a PPV in Edmonton. Everyone hang tight. I am working on it for hopefully next year.

One reason why dates change because when there are sports booked it affects our tour and those are some of the things we have to work on all the time. Unfortunately, the sports teams have first choice of the building and that kind of situation is out of our hands.

I appreciate all the fans watching Raw as Raw is the number one rated wrestling show on TSN is always in the top five throughout the week on TSN. There are approximately 2.5 to 3 million people (both English and French) tuning into the World Wrestling Federation’s Raw show making it one of the highest rated show in Canada.

Q: Why doesn’t Vince McMahon do commentary anymore? Also why doesn’t Jerry Lawler do commentary for the full broadcast, instead of the last hour only? McMahon, Lawler and Ross made an excellent commentary team. I hope they re-unite. [Robert Lepage, Ottawa]
A: Vince wants to be able to spend more time back stage and give the new commentators more experience. It allows for a more interesting and cutting edge broadcast.

Q: Up until September 1995, the WWF was holding shows in many Toronto area cities like Markham and Newmarket hosting 2000 + people. Since then these “B” cards have been abandoned, even though they were usually more entertaining than the ones put on at SkyDome or a larger arena. Why has the WWF moved away from its “intimate” settings for the big shows constantly and will we see a return of the WWF to Newmarket or Markham anytime soon? [Thornhill, Ontario]
A: One of the reason we don’t play Newmarket or Markham is that a lot of fans will go to SkyDome to watch the show. The WWF is so hot right now that people will travel there.

Q: As WWF Canadian President, what exactly does your responsibilities entail? Booking, promotions, appearances, and how much is from Stamford? [Thornhill, Ontario]
A: I oversee all the live events and pay-per-views held in Canada.

Q: I would like to know your thoughts on those people who create unofficial web sites for the internet wrestling fans. And, do you visit wrestling sites every now and then? [Colin Vassallo, Wrestling-online.com]
A: When I have time but I am very busy most of the time. I’ve had only two days off in the last few months! I really appreciate the fans who take the time to write and create sites about their favorite WWF superstars. I appreciate their efforts.

Q: When’s the WWF coming to Newfoundland again? [Brian Budgell, Newfoundland]
A: I don’t know right now. We’re in the process of trying to finalize our touring schedule right now. But we definitely want to head out east.

Q: Do you still plan to create a WWF AOL Site and/or website? [Chris Duggan]
A: Right now the WWF has launched a web site and some further enhancements will be added. The address is www.wwf.com. I think it is worth checking out.

Q: Hi, I was just wondering if you know if the Monday, May 25th WWF stop in Moncton is a RAW or not? An entire province and a year long campaign is hoping it is. [Jeff Despres, Co-Founder and Spokesperson, NBLRC: New Brunswickers for a Live RAW Campaign]
A: May 25th is not a stop for Raw. I’ve been hearing about this campaign. I’ve read the e-mails. We are quite surprised to see that amount of interest for Raw in Moncton. But if we continue to see this kind of campaign, the more we will take notice…and one day maybe we can bring Raw to Moncton. Please…keep up your efforts.

Q: Why is it that Raw advertises the hot line so MUCH!!!!! I understand it is advertisement, and helps pay expenses, but it seems as though the hot line is shown more than actually fights. Every time there is a break the damn hot line is shown. I am sure if you take out a few hot line promos during Raw you can fit in a fight or interview. I also most find it ridiculous the amount of times the hot line is shown, not to mention annoying. [chris8@sprint.ca]
A: You are absolutely right. What we are trying to do is create different spots so it isn’t always running in there. In the next several months you’ll see changes. I appreciate you bringing this issue up. I will tell you that the “line” changes several times a week and has news before you will read anyone else.