Huh? What heck was that?

Randy “Macho Man” Savage and Hollywood Hogan rip and tear at each other inside a steel cage. The Disciple (or whatever he’s calling himself this week) rushes in to assist Hogan who’s on the verge of receiving a Flying Elbow Drop from the top of the cage courtesy of Air Savage. Sting repels from the ceiling down into the cage evening the odds.

Mucho satellite time left on the clock, all four wrestlers stare blankly at each other for what seems like an eternity putting the brakes on any momentum that had been building. Finally, Macho clotheslines Sting and leaves the ring cursing Hogan.

With that said…Who won the main event of WCW/nWo’s Uncensored broadcast from Mobile, Alabama’s Civic Center? I have no idea. Savage might have because of The Disciple’s – (aka Ed Leslie, Brutus Beefcake, Butcher Beefcake, The Zodiac, The Booty Man) – interference. Hogan might have because Savage left the arena and could have forfeited the bout. Whichever is the case one thing is for certain – the fans lose again. World Championship Wrestling presenting a solid under card but like a butterfingers receiver in the end zone, fumbling the main event and spoiling the works.

The mucho hyped Hogan / Savage cage match to determine the true leader of the nWo was definitely overshadowed by Sting’s World Title defense against Outsider Scott Hall and a Match Of The Year candidate in the Triple Threat U.S. Title bout – DDP versus Raven versus Chris Benoit – (see Uncensored results below ) making the bitter pill easier to swallow.

Free from carrying an aging Hogan in another snail-paced title match filled with kicks, punches and not much wrestling to speak of; Sting was able to kick it up a notch against Scott Hall showing why he is one of the most entertaining and charismatic performers in the squared circle today.

STING / HALLMentor Dusty Rhodes hung about ringside as Hall started the bout by ripping the belt from Sting’s hands. A tug of war between the two competitors ensued. The Dark Warrior machine gun punched Hall sending The Outsider reeling in the corner. A well-placed poke in the eyes blinded Sting allowing Hall to choke slam Sting down hard. Ever the comedian, Hall shredded valuable time mocking The Giant’s trademark finishing move. Sting recovered to bulldog and drop kick him head over heels out of the ring.

Enter American Nightmare Dusty Rhodes tripping Sting so that Hall could knock his painted block off with a clothesline. Both men bonked heads off the ropes knocking themselves silly. Sting got the better of the head-on (pun intended) collision as his noggin’ connected with Hall’s “lower abdomen” as he fell to the mat. The referre busy attending to the newly inducted soprano, Rhodes snuck into the ring dropping the Bionic Elbow on The Dark Warrior. Hall got a two count. Sting had Hall in the Scorpion Death Lock but released the hold to punch Rhodes off the ring apron. An Irish whip into the corner knocked out referee Mark Curtis so that Rhodes could hand Hall a foreign object. Another two count for Hall.

The World War Three battle royal winner gave the audience the sign for the dreaded Outsider Edge. Hall had The Stinger up but he kicked out headlocking him in the Scorpion Death Drop. Hall’s cranium bounced violently off the canvass and Sting covered for the three count. Shades of the WWF’s D-Generation X, The Dark Warrior crotch chopped Rhodes as he exited the ring still the WCW Heavyweight Champion.

The next WCW/nWo pay-per-view is Spring Stampede on April 19th.

WCW / nWo Uncensored ’98 Results

Eddie Guerrero (challenger) Vs Booker T. (champion) (WCW TV Title Match)

: Eddie makes Chavo sit at ringside.
: A fan holds up a sign saying…We Want Syxx Back.
: At 10:39, Eddie battles with Booker T. on the second rope. Booker pushes Eddie off and blasts him with a missile drop kick.
: Chavo pays for smirking at his uncle’s loss. Eddie throws him into the steel fence and slams him on the concrete floor. Just be glad he ain’t your uncle.

Winner: ……and still WCW Television Champion…Booker T. at 11 minutes and 6 seconds.

Konnan Vs Juventud Guerrera

: A match designed to push Guerrera’s “Never Surrender” gimmick as a replacement for a sidelined Rey Mysterio Jr.
: Konnan pretzels Guerrera in a variety of submission holds. Of course, Juvie doesn’t quit.
: Konnan covers Guerrera in a lazy pin. Juvie rolls him up for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Quasimodo…Opps…I mean Juventud Guerrera at 10 minutes and 18 seconds.

: J.J. Dillon announces that since the event is “uncensored”, the Jack Knife Power Bomb will be legal in the Nash vs Giant bout. That’s great. Too bad neither wrestler used it during their match. Wasted air time.

Dean Malenko (challenger) Vs Chris Jericho (champion) (Cruiserweight Title Match)

: Jericho tears up a fan’s sign (a plant?) saying…”I’m too good to be your role model”.
: On the back of Jericho’s trunks are the numbers 1004 mocking Malenko’s status as “The Man Of A Thousand Holds”.
: Jericho throws his hands up and heads to the locker room. Malenko interrupts the ref’s count at 8.
: Though he escapes The Lion Tamer on many occasions during the match, the final one causes Malenko to submit as he can’t reach the ropes.
: Mean Gene interviews Malenko after the match berating him for submitting saying he has lost on the last three pay-per-views and calls him a “loser” to his face. Malenko looks distraught but doesn’t respond even when the mic is shoved in yap.
: Mean Gene asks…”Where does Malenko go from here?”. Malenko replies…”Home” and hits the road.

Winner: …and still Cruiserweight Champion…Chris Jericho at 14 minutes and 20 seconds.

Scott Steiner Vs Lex Luger

: Steiner brings a chair into the ring. Rick Steiner comes down and distracts his brother. Luger nails him with a forearm to the back of the head for a victory.
: Scott Norton punks Rick. Scott grabs a chair. The Dog-Faced Gremlin backdrops Scott and the chair over the top rope. Can you say future tag team match?

Winner: At 3 minutes and 50 seconds, Lex Luger.

Raven (challenger) Vs Chris Benoit (challenger) Vs DDP (champion) (U.S. Title Match)

US TITLE: Candidate for Match Of The Year Honors.
: Action-packed match worked to the hilt by everyone involved.
: Features chairs, tables, ropes, metal signs, crutches, triple German Suplexes and double Sleeper holds.
: Though it is a No DQ – Falls Count Anywhere match, the ref keeps breaking pins when a wrestler grabs or is near the ropes. Go figure.
: Benoit and DDP put a trash can over Raven’s head and beat him senseless with a pair of crutches.
: Beniot and Raven double team DDP throwing him twice through the florescent Uncensored sign flanking the rampway.
: Benoit batters Raven with…a kitchen sink…get it? Funny stuff that.
: As Raven and Benoit fight in the ring, an injured DDP at great length crawl back.
: Raven conks DDP with Lodi’s sign which is really a metal STOP sign wrapped in paper. Benoit picks it up and busts Raven over the head.
: DDP lands an axe handle which knocks Benoit out of the ring. Raven feels the Diamond Cutter off the second rope and onto a wooden table.
: Hammer carries Raven off while Benoit helps Page up.

Winner: …and still U.S. Champion…Diamond Dallas Page at 17 minutes and 12 seconds.

Kevin Nash Vs The Giant

: At 6:09, The Giant slams Kevin Nash. Bryan Adams causes a DQ by hitting The Giant with a baseball bat setting up their feud. The Giant recovers and breaks the bat over his knee. Vincent and Konnan are Choke Slammed. Adams is next but Nash breaks another bat over The Giant’s shoulder. How about a baseball bat match to settle the score?

Winner: The Giant via DQ at 6 minutes and 36 seconds.

Curt Hennig Vs Bret Hart

: Rude interferes throughout punching and choking Hart while the ref is distracted by Hennig.
: Hart slaps on The Sharp Shooter at 4:09 but Rude clotheslines Hart from behind.
: Hart pushes Hennig into Rude and reapplies The Sharp Shooter. Hennig submits.
: Rude drops Hart with the Rude Awakening. Hennig beats on Hart with a steel chair leaving him laying in the middle of the ring.

Winner: Bret Hart at 13 minutes and 48 seconds .

Scott Hall (challenger) Vs Sting (champion) (WCW World Heavyweight Title Match)

Winner: Sting via The Scorpion Death Drop at 8 minutes and 28 seconds. .

Hollywood Hogan Vs Randy “Macho Man” Savage (Steel Cage Match)

: Macho has Liz with him. Hogan..nobody.
: Hogan whips Savage with his weightlifting belt and spears him into the cage opening a cut on his forehead.
: Savage whips Hogan as he scoops up the belt. Hogan and Savage fight on the floor. What’s the purpose of the cage again?
: Macho hits with a Double Axe Handle off the top of the cage. Hogan bleeds too.
: Disciple and Sting join the fray. Macho clotheslines Sting and vacates the arena.

Winner: Your guess is as good as mine .

Total event time: 2 Hours and 50 minutes.