(1995 – 2000; 2010 – 2015)

Real Name: Wayne Cryderman
aka: Crusher Klein, Crusher Cryderman, Dragon Yokira, Mr. Kleen
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 315 pounds
Born: October 30, 1968 – Osgood, Ontario
Trained by: Al Snow
Titles Held:
GWA Heavyweight Title 1996, 1998 (2x)
WWWA Heavyweight Title 1999

Career Record Compiled by David Creahin *


Featured in Ottawa Citizen, Friday, November 4, 1994: Osgoode man using shtick to get himself wrestling gig

Cryderman begins training at the Body Slammers Gym in Lima, Ohio, under Al Snow. He will eventually become an assistant instructor at the wrestling school as well as a co-promoter for the Snow’s Global Wrestling Alliance.

04/?? Cryderman accompanies Al Snow on an 8-hour drive to Johnson City, Tennessee for a Smoky Mountain Wrestling show. While backstage at a SMW event in Johnson City, Cryderman is approached by The Undertaker who encourages him to pursue a pro wrestling career.

Ikki Kajiwara Memorial Show – Promoter Antonio Inoki:
(Wrestling as Crusher Kline)
07/15 Tokyo, Japan lost to Koji Kitao (pro debut)

Midwest Territorial Wrestling – Promoter Gary Woronchak:
09/29 Toledo, OH lost to Steve Strong
09/30 Taylor, MI lost to Ronnie Vegas

Global Wrestling Alliance – Promoter Al Snow & D-Lo Brown:
11/04 Lima, OH beat Dirk Extreme

Professional Wrestling Association – Promoter Bobby Blaze:
12/30 Ashland, KY beat Dirk Extreme
12/30 Ashland, KY w/. D-Lo Brown, no contest vs. Bobby Blaze & The Brawler

Heartland Wrestling Association – Promoter Les Thatcher:
01/05 Fort Wright, KY vs. Bobby Connors (match cancelled)
*Cryderman is snowed in and unable to make the show. KC Thunder takes his place.

Global Wrestling Alliance:
03/16 Lima, OH beat KC Thunder

Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling – Promoter J.T. Lightning:
04/13 Cleveland, OH lost to D’Lo Brown CAPW Spring Slam

Global Wrestling Alliance:
10/08 Chicas Gordas, PR beat D-Lo Brown
*Won GWA Heavyweight Title; may have been a “phantom” title change

Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazine – 1996 Top 500 rankings
Crusher Kline is ranked #468 of the top wrestlers in the world by the Pennsylvania-based magazine.

Global Wrestling Alliance Al Snow & Wayne Cryderman:
02/01 Lima, OH beat Storm Hawkins
02/08 Huntington, IN beat Brian Fury by DQ
02/16 Cleveland, OH vs. Alexis Machine
03/01 Lima, OH w/. KC Thunder & Jason Fabio lost to Alexis Machine, Brian Fury & Storm Hawkins
*As per the pre-match stipulations, one of the winning team members earns a title shot in Lima, OH on 4/05/1997.
03/29 Huntington, IN w/. KC Thunder lost to Alexis Machine & Brian Fury
04/05 Lima, OH lost to Alexis Machine by DQ
05/10 Elida, OH beat Alexis Machine
06/14 Metcalfe, ON beat Leif Cassidy

Big Time Wrestling – Promoter Bobby Fulton:
08/06 Urbana, OH beat Alexis Machine

Global Wrestling Alliance:
09/06 Huntington, IN beat Homer Hoeffelfinger Non-Title Match
09/19 Toledo, OH beat Alexis Machine
10/11 Waynesfield, OH beat Scott Stevens
11/08 Lima, OH beat Brian Fury by DQ
12/11 Toledo, OH beat Brian Fury

Catch Wrestling Association – Promoter Otto Wanz:
(Wrestling as Crusher Cryderman)
12/20 Bremen, Germany lost to Ulf Herman (CWA) “CWA vs. The World” Match CWA Mega Wrestling Night
*Kline represented Stampede Wrestling

Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazine – 1997 Top 500 rankings
Crusher Kline is ranked #357 of the top wrestlers in the world by the Pennsylvania-based magazine.

Global Wrestling Alliance:
01/10 Lima, OH w/. GWA Light Heavyweight Champion Brian Ireland lost to Alexis Machine & Brian Fury
02/07 Lima, OH beat Alexis Machine
03/07 Bedford, OH beat Alexis Machine
04/11 Lima, OH beat Armageddon
05/09 Lima, OH w/. Jimi V & KC Thunder beat Alexis Machine, Brian Fury & Mr. Main Event
06/27 Delaware, OH beat Alexis Machine
07/17 Lima, OH lost to KC Thunder
*Lost GWA Heavyweight Title
08/22 Twinsburg, OH beat KC Thunder
*Won GWA Heavyweight Title (2)
10/17 Celina, OH w/. Tiny Mite Mullins beat Hotseat Productions (Kasey Thunder & Mr. Main Event)
11/07 Lima, OH w/. Brian Fury lost to KC Thunder & Mr. Main Event GWA Tag Team Title Tournament (First Round)
12/05 Huntington, IN beat Scotty Hotbody Non-Title Match GWA Christmas Chaos ’98
*This was the GWA’s final show. Upon signing with the World Wrestling Federation, Snow sells Body Slammers Gym to a local businessman. Cryderman left the promotion to promote shows under the World Wide Wrestling Association banner. A number of GWA talent, including GWA Television Champion Alexis Machine, GWA Light Heavyweight Champion Jimi V and GWA Tag Team Champions Los Rudos (Calavera Cortez & Rico Rodriguez), jump to Cryderman’s new promotion.

World Wide Wrestling Alliance – Promoter Wayne Cryderman:
12/30 Lima, OH beat Brian Fury

Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazine – 1998 Top 500 rankings
Crusher Kline is ranked #356 of the top wrestlers in the world by the Pennsylvania-based magazine.

02/06 Huntington, IN beat Adam Briggs WWWA Supercharged TV (aired 2/20)
02/20 Lima, OH beat Kwik Kik Lee “Mutual Respect” Match WWWA Supercharged TV (aired 2/27)

(Wrestling as Dragon Yokira)
04/03 Lima, OH beat Mr. Main Event

(Wrestling as Crusher Kline)
04/03 Lima, OH beat Brian Fury by DQ
04/03 Lima, OH w/. Karl Kox & Dexter Dementia beat Hotseat Productions (Brian Fury, KC Thunder & Kwik Kik Lee)
04/17 Huntington, IN beat Kwik Kik Lee
05/15 Osgoode, ON beat Alexis Machine

(Wrestling as Crusher Kline)
06/05 Sandusky, OH referee for Billy Right vs. Gary Coleman
*Both men were WWWA referees.
06/17 Lima, OH beat Damon Starr
06/24 Celina, OH beat Kwik Kik Lee
07/09 Fort Loramie, OH beat Kwik Kik Lee Country Concert 1999
07/24 Osgoode, ON beat Kwik Kik Lee
07/25 Metcalfe, ON lost to Brian Fury
*Lost WWA Heavyweight Title
08/12 Celina, OH beat Guerilla Assassin Hinkley

Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling – Promoter Michelle Starr & Dave Republic:
02/26 Squamish, BC beat Rockford 2001

09/?? Cryderman decides to retire from active competition due to an elbow injury and returns to his hometown of Osgoode, Ontario. He later becomes a wrestling instructor for Canadian Pro Wrestling based in Hull, Quebec.

12/16 Cryderman is profiled by SLAM! Wrestling focusing on his work as a trainer.

06/20 Cryderman is featured in a SLAM! Wrestling story about his SRW Wrestling School based in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Featured in Ottawa Citizen, October 23, 2007: For Mr. Kleen, wrestling with bullying is in the past

Big Time Pro Wrestling:
01/30 Ottawa, ON beat Aliah Bowers BTPW New Beginnings
10/30 Ottawa, ON lost to Jaguar by DQ BTPW Road to Riches
12/29 Ottawa, ON w/. Dave Titan beat Derric Hamilton & Cecil Nyx BTPW HO HO Holiday Havoc

01/15 Ottawa, ON beat Mephisto BTPW Final Countdown

Featured in Carleton Place & Almonte Canadian Gazette, January 27, 2011: Live, pro wrestling returns to Carleton Place

02/26 Ottawa, ON vs. Drake Styles
04/23 Ottawa, ON vs. Tray Humongous & Thunder Handicap Match
11/19 Ottawa, ON w/. Jaguar vs. Magic Mario Bryant & Thunder Penalty Box Match

04/28 Ottawa, ON w/. Yves Drouin beat Frank Bradley Handicap Match BTPW Showdown
07/21 Ottawa, ON w/. Addy Starr lost to Pierre Khoury & Jodi D’Milo BTPW Battlebowl

WAR Wrestling – Promoter Thomas Williams:
01/19 Lima, OH Crusher Kline is inducted into the Wrestling & Respect Hall of Fame WAR 10th Anniversary Show

Big Time Pro Wrestling:
06/14 North Grenville, ON beat Derric Hamilton BTPW Ribfest
07/01 Osgoode, ON beat Frank Bradley BTPW Canada Day’s Homecoming

Featured in Manotick News, Thursday, June 27, 2013: Local talent on display for Canada Day

04/18 Ottawa, ON w/. Damian Styles & Peggy the Willow Maker beat Mario Bryant, Persephone Vice & Thunder by DQ BTPW Crushing Cancer