(1910 – 1928)

Real Name: Nels P. Moe
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 175 pounds
Born: September 13, 1888 – Christine, North Dakota
Died: November 3, 1959 – Cranbrook, British Columbia
Brothers: Martin, Ben, Ole, Peder & Eddie Moe
Titles Held:
Lower Columbia River Heavyweight Title 1910
North Dakota Heavyweight Title 1911-12
Montana Heavyweight Title 1912
Western Inter-State Light Heavyweight Title 1921
Western Canadian Heavyweight Title 1922-1923?
Canadian Light Heavyweight Title 1923-25

83 Recorded Matches as of February 25, 1928

Career Record Compiled by David Creahin *

05/28 Clatsop County, OR? vs. Jack Johnson
*Moe is billed as “heavyweight champion of the lower Columbia river”.

01/?? Walcott, ND beat Ole Hauge

(Wahpeton Times, Thursday, January 19, 1911)
Nels Moe is one of the clean, gentlemanly wrestlers of this state. He was born in Richland county, and is a native born athletic. His recent match with Ole Hauge at Walcott won him the applause and admiration he so well deserved. Hauge failed to throw Moe allowing the young man of 22 years of age, and 175 pounds in weight, to be the victor. Moe is ready to contest with any above the light heavy-weight class to which he belongs.

(Fargo Forum & Daily Republican, Wednesday, February 15, 1911)
“I believe that my match with Reis next Saturday night at Christine will be scrappy from the start to the finish and that every advantage gained by either wrestler will be hotly contested for throughout the go”, said Nels Moe in talking with the sporting editor of The Forum this morning.

Moe came to Fargo yesterday in expectation of seeing Reis and Olsson grapple here last night. He had matches scheduled with both men and regretted the fact that Olsson had broken his arm, and that the match last night had to be called off.

The big lad from Christine is in the pink of condition and will put up his best goods to the Fargo man Saturday evening. Reis is in readiness for the go and from every indication the match at Christine should be a good one.

02/18 Christine, ND beat Olaf Reis Handicap Match
*Moe had to throw Reis twice in one hour in order to win the match and $50 side bet.

(Fargo Forum & Daily Republican, Tuesday, February 28, 1911)
Two big outside wrestlers are after handicap matches with the little fellows in Fargo, Olaf Reis and A. North.

Nels Moe of Christine has issued a challenge to North and Reis, to throw them in eighty minutes. Moe thinks that he had ought to be able to do it in that time, and there is little doubt about it, as he is much heavier than the two Fargo men, and is really asking too much of the smaller grapplers of the key city.

Chris Person of Duluth also wants to meet the Fargo boys and has come to the front with what sounds like a fair proposition. He offers to throw Reis and North, twice each in one hour of actual wrestling time. This appears to be a good match and there is no doubt but what the Fargo men will accept the go. Person weighs 185 pounds.

(Fargo Forum & Daily Republican, Friday, March 3, 1911)
H. E. Rickers, the manager of Leo Rockler, the champion wrestler of Alaska, is in the city and is looking for a good match. He has issued a challenge through The Forum, which looks to be one of the best that has been offered here for some time.

Rockler agrees to throw Olaf Reis the Fargo wrestler, and Nels Moe, the Christine grappler, twice each in one hour. Reis weighs about 139 pounds and Moe tips the scales at 175.

The northern champion is a big fellow and weighs 193 pounds and would make a good opponent to the two local men. This match is satisfactory to Reis, and it is presumed that it will meet the approval of Moe.

The bout will be staged as soon as possible.

03/04 Walcott, ND beat Conn Laastuen Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match
03/08 Beach, ND vs. William Witt
03/14 Abercrombie, ND beat H. E. Rickers Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match
*Rickers was the manager of Alaskan Heavyweight Champion Leo Rockler. Rockler challenged Moe after the match and arrangements were made for a handicap match, in which he would have to throw Moe three times within an hour, the following month.

MOE DEFEATS RICKERS; Wins Wrestling Match From Manager of Champion—Will Meet Rockler Soon.
(Fargo Forum & Daily Republican, Thursday, March 16, 1911)
Nels Moe, one of the best of the younger wrestlers in the west, met H. E. Rickers, manager of Leo Rockler, champion of Alaska, in a finish match at Abercrombie Tuesday night. Moe had his man from the beginning to the end and secured the first fall in 13 minutes and 30 seconds, with a half Nelson and wrist hold and after a lively tussle won the second in 7 minutes and 5 seconds.

Mr. Rockler challenged Moe after the match and arrangements were made for a handicap match to be held at Abercrombie about April 1, Rockler agreeing to throw Moe three times within an hour.

04/01 Christine, ND lost to E. T. Etland by referee’s decision Handicap Match
*Etland had to throw Moe twice in one hour in order to win.

(Fargo Forum & Daily Republican, Monday, April 3, 1911)
In less than one minute after time had been called in the wrestling match between Nels Moe of Christine and T. B. Etland of Stanley, which was billed for Christine, Saturday night, Moe went down on the mat with a broken leg.

A big bunch of mat fans turned out at Christine Saturday night to see the bouts scheduled for the evening and witness Etland’s efforts to throw the local grappler twice in one hour.

The two men were not slow at getting to work and Etland, who was to take on the aggressive part of the game, secured a body hold on Moe. He lifted the Christine grappler off the mat and Moe, desiring to get down where he could play a strong defense game, made no objections and did not resist.

The two men went down together, Moe rolled and Etland got his knee in between his two legs. Moe’s right ankle twisted on the mat, there was a crack and he called for time, his leg being broken. Discovering the nature of the accident the match was awarded to Etland by the referee.

The local physician was out of town and efforts to get a doctor from Abercrombie proved fruitless. It was not until three hours after the accident that a surgeon reached the bedside of the injured mat man and reduced the fracture.

An improvised stretcher was made out of a door and Moe was carried to his home where he will be confined for several weeks.

The sporting editor of The Forum, who refereed the matches at Christine Saturday night, called on Moe Sunday and found him to be resting nicely with his right leg In a big plaster paris cast. The fibula was cracked about half way down and the tibia was broken just above the ankle.

In the preliminary match Ole Moe won from Hicks, a young wrestler from Hickson. Both men were rather in experienced and were not able to use the holds that they secured. However, they were scrappy and put up some good sport. Neither man was able to secure a fall and after forty three minutes, Hicks forfeited the bout and match to Moe.

A dance was held after the match at which the young people of Christine had a most enjoyable time. An organ and two violins furnished the music for the dancers.

04/08 Abercrombie, ND vs. Alaskan Heavyweight Champion Leo Rockler (match cancelled)
*Match is called off due to Moe suffering a broken leg in a bout the previous week.

Sporting Editors Corner
(Fargo Forum & Daily Republican, Saturday, August 19, 1911)
Nels Moe of Christine is practicing some mat work again. Since breaking his leg early last spring in a wrestling match which went less than one minute before the accident occurred, he has not been working at the mat game. However, he hopes to be actively engaged in wrestling this winter.

Sporting Editors Corner
(Fargo Forum & Daily Republican, Wednesday, September 6, 1911)
Nels Moe of Christine called on the sporting editor of The Forum last evening. He is looking fine and hopes to do a little mat and ring work in the very near future. April 1 Moe had his leg broken in a wrestling match and has been out of the game since then. At the present time he is working near his home town and hopes to be able to get a sparring partner in Fargo before he into the square ring.

NELS MOE TO MINNEAPOLIS; Christine Boy Will Go to Mill City to Work Out for a Time.
(Fargo Forum & Daily Republican, Friday, October 13, 1911)
Nels Moe of Christine was in the city last evening and called upon the sporting editor of The Forum. He was en route to Minneapolis where he expects to work out for a time. Moe will do some mat work with Henry Ordeman or some other heavyweight in the mill city. He also expects to do some ring work, brushing up on some of the points of the boxing game.

?? Minneapolis, MN lost to Henry Ordeman Best 2-out-of-3 Falls

Sporting Editors Corner
(Fargo Forum & Daily Republican, Friday, October 13, 1911)
Nels Moe of Christine wants to find out what he is really good for. At Minneapolis he hopes to either determine that he is a good wrestler or a good boxer or a poor man at both.

(Fargo Forum & Daily Republican, Tuesday, October 24, 1911)
Ever energetic Christine will stage its first big wrestling match of the season Saturday night when Nels P. Moe, the crack Christine wrestler will meet Edward G. Larson, the champion wrestler of the university of Minnesota.

Large posters announcing the big event in the room lately occupied by the Christine Mercantile Co. at Christine are being distributed over the southern half of Cass county through out Richland county. The match will be given under the auspices of Woodmen of the World at Christine and it will be followed by a dance and social good time.

Moe is now in Minneapolis where he is in training for the event. Recently he has been working out with such men as Ordeman and Gordon, and feels that he has gained a great deal of experience in his matches with these men.

Larson leads the wrestlers at the university of Minnesota. He has been wrestling all summer and will go to Christine fully prepared to give Moe a run for his money.

For the preliminaries there will be a go between Ole Moe of Christine and Klingenburg of Walcott and another match between Almberg of Enloe and Grenier of Kent.

All of the events promise to he spirited and a number of the Fargo wrestling enthusiasts will make the trip to Christine the night of the affair, leaving here over the Milwaukee in time to arrive there for the event.

10/28 Christine, ND vs. Edward G. Larson
*Larson was the champion wrestler of the University of Minnesota.

(Evening Times, Saturday, November 4, 1911)
Fargo, N.D., Nov. 4 – The wrestling match between Nels Moe and Ole Johnson to be held in this city on the evening of Wednesday, November 15, promises to be an interesting one. Moe claims the heavyweight championship of North Dakota, while Johnson claims the same title for Minnesota.

Both men have done considerable work already and expect to be in good condition by November 15. Moe weighs in at 172 pounds and Johnson at 175. Moe went on with Ordeman at Minneapolis some time ago and stayed an hour before Ordeman won the two falls.

(Evening Times, Tuesday, November 14, 1911)
Nels Moe of Christine, N. D., according to the Fargo papers, claims the heavyweight championship of the state of North Dakota. He wrestles with Kid Johnson of Duluth next Wednesday evening. The claim of Moe to the state heavyweight title is questioned by Farmer Jahns of this city, who states that he will take Moe on for any kind of a match he wants. Not only that but he will post a $50 side bet that he can throw the wrestler from Christine three times in sixty minutes of actual wrestling. Looks like easy money for some one.

11/15 Fargo, ND vs. Ole Johnson Champion vs. Champion Match (match cancelled)
*Moe is a claimant for the North Dakota Heavyweight Championship of North Dakota, while “Kid” Johnson claims the same title for Minnesota.

CALLED THE MATCH OFF; Owing to the Small Crowd, Wrestlers Called Match Off Last Night.
(Fargo Forum & Daily Republican, Thursday, November 16, 1911)
The Kid Johnson-Nels Moe wrestling card that was scheduled for last night at the Assembly hall was called off owing to the small house. A substitute match was put on between Sig Green of Nome, N. D., and Leo Schrenkle of Moorhead. Schrenkle took the match and the purse by winning two straight falls, in seven minutes.

Kid Johnson has expressed his desire to meet Doc Roller, the Seattle grappler or Henry Ordeman, the giant Minneapolis mat artist. Moe who claims the heavyweight championship of North Dakota will take on Hammon of Kent, Minn., Saturday night at that place. Moe has a string of matches before him throughout Minnesota and will leave after his match Saturday for Minneapolis, where he expects to get plenty of this mat game in the miller city.

11/18 Kent, MN vs. William Hammon
11/25 Abercombie, ND vs. Carl Matson (sub. for Kid Johnson) Handicap Match
*Matson had to throw Moe twice in one hour in order to win.

(Wahpeton Times, Thursday, November 30, 1911)
There is some talk of Wm. Hamann of Tenney, Minn, and Nels Moe of Eagle township, this county, wrestling at Wahpeton, in a catch as-catch can match, toe-hold bared. If this match comes of it will be worth seeing, as they are both perfect gentlemen and are evenly matched. They wrestle from start to finish no take goes with either of them.

12/02 Christine, ND vs. Kid Johnson Champion vs. Champion Match
*Johnson is billed as “claimant of the heavyweight title of the northwest”
12/30 Walcott, ND drew Kid Johnson Best 2-out-of-3 Falls “Champion vs. Champion” Match

(Evening Times, Tuesday, January 9, 1912)
C. C. Clemmons, the prominent Walcott, N. D., real estate man writes the sporting editor to the effect that the recent wrestling match between Nels Moe of Christine and Kid Johnson of Duluth, was one of the best bouts of the year, contrary to the story circulated in which it was reported to have been a muddled affair. Clemmons was one of the timekeepers and should know what he is talking about. Here is part of what he had to say:

“The first fall was secured by Moe after thirty and a half minutes wrestling. The fall was secured with a half Nelson and crotch hold. The second fall came after fifty-five and a half minutes of wrestling and was secured by Moe with a head scissors. In the second round the referee called a halt after forty-five minutes of wrestling and asked if the participants wished to call it a draw. Johnston was immediately willing but Moe and the fans would not stand for it. They resumed work and after ten more minutes of wrestling Moe secured the fall as above stated. Johnson was sore and made a “holler,” but really had none coming. No wrestler ever won a more clean cut victory than did Moe.” Johnson is evidently a poor loser or a sorehead and if he expects to continue in the game in this part of the country he should change his ways.

03/?? lost to Haskins
*Lost North Dakota Heavyweight Title?

(Fargo Forum & Daily Republican, Saturday, March 23, 1912)
Grand Forks, March 29. – Articles were signed Saturday according to Al Powers, manager of Farmer Jahns, for a match between Henry Ordeman, the American champion and Farmer Jahns for a finished bout in Grand Forks on April 1.

Farmer Jahns is without a doubt the peer of all heavyweights in North Dakota and his ability as a wrestler is well known in these parts. Thursday night he journeyed to Page where he met and defeated Haskins, who was reputed to be the leading heavyweight of the state and who only recently defeated Nels Moe, of Christine, who claimed the title.

The match between Ordeman and Jahns will be one of the biggest events staged at the Forks this winter and will undoubtedly draw many fans from all over the state. Jahns is confident of beating the champion and says the Minneapolis grappler has dodged him for many years.

10/23 Bowbells, ND vs. S. A. Stefonowicz (match cancelled)

(Bowbells Tribune, Friday, October 25, 1912)
S. A. Stefonowicz received a challenge on Monday of this week for a wrestling match to be held here on Wednesday evening of this week with Nels Moe, of Plentywood, Mont., who claims to be the champion wrestler of the state of Montana, but as the chances that no crowd could be gotten together at this time of the year unless some other attraction came with it, the match was not pulled off. The challenge was immediately accepted at the time it was offered, but after the fair had been called off Mr. Moe was wired not to come. Both Stefonowicz and Moe are anxious to meet each other, and no doubt a match will be arranged later on either for this city or Ambrose. Mr. Moe weighs 172 pounds stripped, just about the weight of Stef.

10/30 Columbus, ND lost to Chris Person Best 2-out-of-3 Falls
12/21 Rugby, ND beat John Gordon Handicap Match
*Gordon had to throw Moe twice in one hour in order to win.

(Fargo Forum & Daily Republican, Tuesday, March 3, 1914)
Nels Moe of Plentywood, Mont., formerly a local man, announces that he desires to arrange matches with any wrestler of light heavyweight class in state. He particularly desires a match with Henry McGurren, who at present claims to be state champion at this weight. Those desiring to correspond with Moe may address him at Cook’s gymnasium in Minneapolis.

Mr. Moe is to meet A. W. Sullivan of Christine, in a match in that town on March 14. He agrees to throw Sullivan three times in twenty minutes, and the fans of Christine and the surrounding towns will see a warm contest. Following the wrestling match, the two men will meet in a ten round boxing exhibition.

On March 9 Mr. Moe wrestles Al Francis in St. Paul. He met Tom Etland three years ago, and in the match Moe’s leg was broken. Moe has been trying since to arrange another match with Etland, but so far has been unsuccessful. Etland wrestled Chris Pearson at Page on Dec. 22.

03/06 Minneapolis, MN lost to Stanislaus Zbyszco
*Moe was one of the five men to challenge Zbyszco at the Dewey Theatre and lasted 6 1/2 minutes with him.
03/09 St. Paul, MN vs. Al Francis
03/14 Christine, ND vs. A. W. Sullivan Handicap Match
*Moe had to throw Sullivan three times in twenty minutes in order to win. The two men fought a ten-round boxing exhibition after the match. They went three rounds when Sullivan quit after being accused of fouling Moe, having hit his opponent in a clinch. After Sullivan left, Moe went four rounds with his brother, to satisfy the disappointed crowd.

(Fargo Forum & Daily Republican, Tuesday, March 17, 1914)
Nels Moe, the boxer and wrestler from Plentywood, Mont., met Sullivan of Christine in that town Saturday evening, in a boxing and wrestling match.

The wrestling match came first. Moe gained three official falls in thirteen minutes, outclassing his opponent.

In the boxing bout, the men went three rounds when Sullivan quit, after having his attention called to the fact that he was fouling Moe. He is said to have hit Moe in a clinch.

After Sullivan left, Moe went four rounds with his brother, to satisfy the crowd, which was disappointed at Sullivan’s quitting.

Moe was one of the five men who met Zbysco at the Dewey theatre in Minneapolis on March 6. Moe stayed 6 1/2 minutes and put up one of the gamest propositions of the match.

Moe challenges Sullivan to another match, according to rules, one arm free, if Sullivan is willing to take him on.

There are ten husky boys in the Moe family, and they have formed a baseball team in Plentywood which has given a number of the surrounding towns a beating. Though the youngest of the team is only 13 years of age, the boys have won as many games as they have lost, and they expect to try for outside games this year, if they, can hook up with some man who will promote the proposition.

(Weekly Times-Record, Thursday, February 11, 1915)
Nels Moe, the wrestler, who had advertised to throw three of the local wrestlers last Saturday evening, succeeded in putting them on their backs in twenty-three minutes which was pretty speedy wrestling and the crowd which attended seemed to be well pleased with the performance. It is expected that Mr. Moe now will be able to get on matches with several of the real wrestlers in this vicinity who are wrestling for large stakes.

IS ANXIOUS FOR MATCH WITH ROLLER; Nels Moe Would Like to Tackle Seattle Wrestler in Bismarck Or Elsewhere.
(Bismarck Daily Tribune, Wednesday, February 17, 1915)
Nels Moe, a heavyweight as grappler who claims to have tackled such men as John Gordon, Henry Ordeman and Carl Matteson, is anxious to go to the mat with Dr. Roller”, the Seattle physician-wrestler, who was mentioned for a bout in Bismarck on February 19. The match here was not closed, however, there being no reply from Roller’s manager in Minneapolis to a letter forwarded there by local promoters anxious for further information in the matter of terms, etc. Moe is slated to tackle Bert Bruins at Valley City on Thursday, inasmuch as Roller is not expected to appear in action here now, however, Moe will have to look elsewhere for an opportunity to meet the Seattle man.

02/?? According to the Weekly Times-Record (2/18), Moe “succeeded in throwing five men in an hour recently”.
02/18 Valley City, ND vs. Bert Bruins
02/23 Fargo, ND beat Ray Murray Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match
03/15 Spiritwood, ND beat Ernest Harrison
*Moe is billed as “champion wrestler of three states”.
06/21 Plentywood, MT vs. “The Terrible Swede”
12/11 Noonan, ND lost to Fritz Nelson Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

(Fargo Forum & Daily Republican, Tuesday, December 21, 1915)
Nels Moe, of Christine, one of the classiest light-heavyweight wrestlers in the northwest, left last evening for Chicago, where he will spend the holidays. Moe accompanied his uncle who will take medical treatment in the windy city, and will endeavor to get a few trys on the mat while there.

Moe is anxious to meet Chris Person and it is probable that arrangements for their meeting may be made after New Year’s. Person found Moe a tough customer several years ago but since that time the Christine boy has taken on weight and has accumulated wealth of experience. He believes that with an even break in luck he can beat Person.

Moe is also anxious to meet the Mystery Man at New England and will invade the western part of the state if mutually satisfactory arrangements can be made. He will open negotiations with the westerner upon his return from Chicago.

(Fargo Forum & Daily Republican, Monday, December 27, 1915)
The manager of the “Unknown Wrestler” at New England, N D., has accepted Nels Moe’s challenge for a match to be staged after the first of the year. Moe issued his defi shortly before leaving for Chicago.

The answer of the unknown’s manager follows:

New England, N. D., Dec. 23. Mr. Nels Moe, Christine, N. D., Dear Sir:

We hereby accept your challenge which was issued through The Fargo Forum, match to be staged at Bismarck or Jamestown. Match to be staged at catch weights you having the advantage. $50 deposit to be made after match is mutually agreed upon as a guarantee of appearance of principals. Yours truly. T. J. French.

01/12 Valley City, ND vs. Oscar Larson
*According to the Fargo Forum & Daily Republican (1/07), both wrestlers “are unbeaten in their class”
01/14 Columbus, ND vs. Albert Galeen
01/15 Noonan, ND vs. Fritz Nelson
*According to the Noonan Miner (1/20), Moe was unable to appear “due to the uncertainty of the train service”. Albert Gallin took Moe’s place and was thrown by Nelson three times within twenty minutes.
01/19 Fargo, ND vs. Chris Person
01/21 Valley City, ND beat Chris Person Handicap Match
*Person had to throw Moe twice within ninety minutes in order to win the match.
01/28 Abercrombie, ND vs. Canadian Heavyweight Champion Al Nygaard
01/29 Kent, MN beat Phil McCabe Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match
01/31 Fargo, ND lost to Chris Person Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match
*Al Nygaard was the referee
02/?? Ward County, ND? lost to Chas. Peterson Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match
02/17 Valley City, ND beat Con Laastuen Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match
02/21 Valley City, ND lost to Chris Person by forfeit Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

Local Overflow
(Sauk Centre Herald, Thursday, March 2, 1916)
Nels Moe of Plentywood, Mont., a veteran wrestler, is endeavoring to arrange a match with Paul Domke of Sauk Centre. Inasmuch as the local man is always ready to wrestle it is expected the two will soon meet at Osakis.

03/04 Eckelson, ND lost to Ernest Harrison by submission Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

?? Miles City, MT lost to The Masked Marvel Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

Moe Can Get Match With a Real Champ
(Weekly Times-Record, Thursday, January 11, 1917)
This communication arrived on the sporting editor’s day off, but it being printed verbatim. A poll of the leading sewing societies fails to discover said Moe. Where is he? If he is skulking in the rear of the railroad yards in order to dodge fair challenges like the following, someone should report him.

Here is the plaint:
Minneapolis, Jan. 5, 1917.

Sporting Editor, Times-Record:
I understand that Nels Moe, the wrestler, is back in your city. Now I will say I would like to wrestle him there any time a match could be arranged. I have been trying for a long time to get a match with him. I wrote there last winter when Moe was there, but he never was willing to meet me. Now I will say I will wrestle him on his own terms, winner take all the gate receipts or cut the money any way he cares to. Will give him a side bet of $100 if he wants same, as all I want is to get on the mat with him. Now here is his chance, so if he is not scared of me it is up to him. Let him get busy, as I am ready for him. Please publish this challenge in your newspaper. Thanking you in advance and I hope that I will get a match with him there soon, I am, your in sport, Charlie A. Dentsop, Minneapolis, General Delivery.

03/16 Warren, MN Advertised to appear
03/20 Warren, MN beat Christ Hansen Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

LONDOS AND MOE ARE BOTH ON EDGE FOR MATCH; Each Grappler Announce That He Is Ready for the Match of His Life
(Argus-Leader, Saturday, April 7, 1917)
Nels Moe, the champion heavy weight wrestler of Montana, who is matched to meet Jimmy Londos of this city here next Wednesday evening, writes that he will reach Sioux Falls Monday morning and will finish his training here. Moe writes that he was never in better form in his life. He has been wrestling on an average of two matches a week for the past month which has kept him in the best condition. He will meet a 210 pound mat artist at Fergus Falls, Minn., this evening for a side bet of [$250?]. Moe has not lost a match since he came into Minnesota some six months ago, and at the same time has met a number of clever men. Londos, who was jobbed out of a match at Shelton, Neb., on Wednesday night of this week is making every effort possible to get a return match with the Shelton man for 1,000 a side, with the stipulation that Farmer Burns of Omaha act as referee, Londos feels pretty sore over the treatment mat he received at Shelton and will not be satisfied until he has another, match with unbiased referee. Mr.
Londos will reach Sioux falls Sunday and will spend Monday and Tuesday putting on the [finishing?] touches at a local gymnasium.

04/11 Sioux Falls, SD vs. Jim Londos (canceled)
*According to the Argus-Leader (4/10), the match was called off after Londos wired C.H. Craig that he hurt his arm in a private exhibition.
05/18 Valley City, ND vs. The Masked Marvel

Promoter Harry Willis:
12/29 Brandon, MB lost to Charles Olson Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match


(The Leader-Post, Thursday, January 6, 1921)
Nels Moe, who has distinguished himself in recent wrestling bouts here, is leaving for Morrin, Alberta, on a visit to cousins there, and expects to meet one of the Alberta champions in that district.

03/04 Fort William, ON lost to George Walker
*According to Charles Hatton, Moe was billed as the “Inter-State Light Heavyweight Champion of the West” prior to his 1921 appearance in Fort William.
03/22 Regina, SK? beat Tom Johnson by DQ

(Producers News, Friday, July 22, 1921)
Nels Moe, the well known wrestler of Plentywood, sends a challenge from Yorkton, Canada, to Elwood House of Outlook. Moe in his challenge agrees to throw Elwood House twice in an hour, and says that in case he loses he will pay his own fare and expenses, and in case he wins he will give all his share of the gate receipts above his fare to any organization that takes on the management of the match. He will wrestle on any reasonable terms, arranged by those promoting the match and says that House may make his own terms with the promoters.

Since Mr. Moe left for Canada last fall he has defeated every man of his weight he has met both in wrestling and boxing, and at the present is a sergeant in the Canadian army in charge of physical training.

These two men are well known in this community and are about the same weight and promises to be the hardest fought match pulled off in Plentywood. Further particulars as to date of match will be given at a later date, but it will be pulled off Saturday, the 30th, if arrangements can be made for that date.

FOURTH ANNUAL N.P. LEAGUE PICNIC, PLENTYWOOD, SATURDAY, JULY 30TH; Speakers: Alfred Budden, Head of Montana Labor League of Montana, and State Manager Nonpartisan League; Senator J. W. Anderson, League Senate Leader; Usher L. Burdick, Head of the U. S. Grain Growers, North Dakota. BIG DANCE WILL BE GIVEN IN THE EVENING.
(Producers News, Friday, July 22, 1921)
The fourth Annual Picnic of the Nonpartisan League of Sheridan County, Montana, will occur at Plentywood, Saturday, July 30th, all day long.

Arrangements are being perfected, to make the days as huge a success as. has been all of the Annual Picnics held prior to this one.

This event will probably be the last farmers’ event of this season, and will be held just before harvest, after which all hands will be busy until late in the falls together with the harvest, threshing, and plowing and hauling grain, it will be a long time until the farmers will have the time to get together again.

Arrangements are being perfected for the Speakers who will be: Alfred Budden of Great Falls, chairman of the Montana Labor League and Manager of the Nonpartisan League of Montana; Senator J. W. Anderson, of Richland county, League Leader in the Senate; and either Usher L. Burdick, head of the U. S. Grain Growers, of Williston, or Robert Burns Martin, who is now with the U. S. Grain Growers, to explain the plan of the U. S. Grain Growers and to promote the interest of that organization.

Nels Moe has challenged House of Outlook from a wrestling match at Plentywood for that day, and if the match is perfected, it will be a feature of the day.

In the evening there will be a big dance, the proceeds of which will go to defray the expenses of the picnic.

The local stores are putting on special sales for the day.

Every effort will be made to entertain the farmers and all are urged to attend who possibly can, and make this day a big affair and every Leaguer will want to attend and hear the speeches, and enjoy the general good time.

Wind up the old tin lizzie and come and help your neighbor to come. Watch for program next week.

(Producers News, Friday, August 5, 1921)
Elwood House, the famous Outlook wrestler, was not at home when the challenge to wrestle Moe appeared in the paper but was over in Canada wrestling. Mrs. House writes the facts in the following letter — intimates that Howe might be able to wrestle Labor Day if satisfactory to Mr. Moe.

Daleview, Mont.
July 28, 1921.
Mr. C. S. Nelson,
Plentywood, Mont.

Dear Sir:
While in Daleview today I was looking over a Plentywood paper and find there is a challenge for Ellwood from Nels Moe. Elwood is away up in Canada — has two matches up there and as he knows nothing about the match to be the 30th, I don’t suppose he will be back: at least I don’t expect him a back till sometime next week. So please tell Mr. Moe that the next time he wants a match to please let Mr. House know and he will try to be at home.

How would Labor Day be for a match?

Yours truly,

Efforts will be made to arrange a match between Moe and House at Plentywood on Labor Day.

08/04 Saskatoon, SK vs. Canadian Heavyweight Champion Tom Johnson
08/12 Watrous, SK vs. Ernie May

(Producers News, Friday, September 2, 1921)
Nels Moe, well known as one of the famous Moe Brothers athletes, who has been at Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Can., for the past nine months, where he has been wrestling and boxing, returned Wednesday to Plentywood. Mr. Moe stopped here only a short time and proceeded on to his farm near Archer. In a wrestling match a few days ago Nels had the misfortune to sprain his ankle, and while laid up he took advantage of this opportunity to make the home folks a visit while the injured member is getting back to normal again.

(Producers News, Friday, September 23, 1921)
Nels Moe, formerly of the Moe Brothers Corporation of Archer, and brother of County Superintendent Wm. Moe, now a wrestler and boxer in the king’s domain, who has spent nearly a month visiting in Sheridan and Daniels counties with relatives and friends, returned to his home at Yorkton, Sask., Canada, where he will resume his activities as soon as he recovers from a badly sprained ankle.

NELS MOE IS AFTER ELLISON; Big Valley Grappler After Cardston Boy’s Scalps — Would Fight, Too
(Lethbridge Daily Herald, Wednesday, December 21, 1921)
Nels Moe, a wrestler of Big Valley, Alberta, 175 pounds, is after Jack Ellison’s scalp. He says he has been on Jack’s trail for a long time and that it is up to the Cardston Idol to “kick through.” His letter reads:

Sporting Editor, Lethbridge Daily Herald:

I saw by a Calgary paper that Jack Ellison and Guy Sansom are to wrestle at Lethbridge tonight, and I understand Mr. Ellison holds the middle and light-heavyweight title of Alberta.

Now, I have written to Mr. Ellison many times but have had no reply from him; so the only way I can make him come out of his hole to wrestle me for the title of Alberta is through the papers. I am on his trail to meet him and defeat him, so I hope you can spare a title corner of your paper to publish this letter. Thanking you in advance, I hereby issue a challenge to wrestle Jack Ellison for the title of Alberta at any place, anytime dates can be arranged. I have defeated my class, in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, also in Western States, U.S.A. I’ll meet Mr. Ellison, winner take all, or any way he wishes to split the gate receipts.

I also have a brother, Edward Moe, who will meet Mr. Ellison for the middle-weight championship of Alberta under the same terms as I offer.

I will also box or fight anyone at 175 pounds in Canada. This is not counterfeit stuff.

Hoping that this will bring results —

Yours for clean sport,
Morrin, Alta.

02/19 Watrous, SK vs. Claus Clausen
*A member of the audience, 29-year-old Patrick Lennon, died of a heart attack during Moe’s match.
04/26 Brandon, MB lost to Canadian “Police” Heavyweight Champion Tom Johnstone Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

(The Leader-Post, Tuesday, May 9, 1922)
Nels Moe, light heavyweight champion wrestler of Canada, was a visitor in Regina yesterday. He was shown the sights by Barney Doran, promoter of boxing bouts at the Great War Veterans’ Building. Nels leaves this morning for Lethbridge, where he will wrestle within a few days.

05/10 Lethbridge, AB lost to Canadian Middleweight Champion Ernie Arthur by submission Handicap Match
*Moe had to throw Arthur twice within an hour to win the match.
06/08 Brandon, MB beat Tom Johnstone Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match
06/15 St. Pierre, MB vs. Leo L’Heureux Annual Unione Canadienne Sports Festival
*Moe is referred to as “the heavyweight champion from Quest”.

(The Leader-Post, Friday, June 30, 1922)
Nels Moe, heavyweight wrestler of Yorkton, passed through Regina last night en route to his home. He is just returning from St. Pierre, Manitoba, where he met and defeated Leo Hereaux, a giant French grappler, who lives at that place. Moe won the first and third falls in 34 and 21 minutes respectively. Hereaux won the second in 16 minutes.

Nels is continuing his training at home and is open to meet any heavyweight in the country on the mat.

09/04 Saskatoon, SK lost to Jack Taylor Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match
*Match was for the Canadian Heavyweight Title

(Producers News, Friday, September 29, 1922)
Other bouts are being promoted and no doubt in the near future the public will again be entertained by a fistic exhibition as well as some wrestling matches as Mr. House publicly issued a challenge to Mr. Nels Moe, formerly of Archer, to meet him at any time on the mat, or any other man who cared to go to the mat with him.

11/11 Morris, MB lost to Leo L’Heureux? Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match
*Lost Western Canadian Heavyweight Title?; unclear if this is the same championship L’Heureux won from Scotty McDougall in 1925.

01/05 beat Tom Johnson Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match
01/06 Yorkton, SK beat Tom Johnstone
01/09 beat Herucules Johnson Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match
01/22 Brandon, MB lost to Jack Taylor Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

(Producers News, Friday, January 26, 1923)
Nels Moe is making fast strides toward the wrestling championship Canada and he will soon be matched with the champion to settle the title.

Mr. Moe is well known in Plentywood and Sheridan county where he has done considerable wrestling. But Nels is a different wrestler now than what he was then. He has been gaining experience rapidly, having had match after match until it simmered down to two men whom he had not thrown and recently he defeated these two men, making him the champion of western Canada and entitling him to a chance to wrest the title of champion of Canada from the present holder.

Friday, January 5th, Moe wrestled Tom Johnson, the Winnipeg Policeman, and threw him twice in 26 minutes.

The following Tuesday, January 9th Nels wrestled Herucules Johnson, the strong man from the United States. Johnson is supposed to be one of the strongest men in the country and he did with ease throw Moe off several times, but Moe was so much faster and more clever that he threw him twice in 26 minutes.

Mr. Moe’s friends in this vicinity will be glad to hear of his success and hope that when he meets the Canadian champion that he will bring home the bacon.

(Lethbridge Daily Herald, Saturday, January 27, 1923)
Nels Moe and Henry Kolin have written the sporting editor of the Herald to the effect that they have a real, live world beater of a middleweight, and they want to turn him loose on Nick Bozinis. These Yorkton, Sask., boys insist that Bozinis make 158 pounds. If he does this they will match him at once with their “Unknown Wonder.” Terms: winner take all, no guarantee of expenses asked, referee to be chosen on arrival of Moe and associates.

They ask that Bozinis’ backers post $500 that he will make 158 pounds; and they also ask that the amount of side bet the Greek and his friends want, be wired to them at Yorkton.

(Producers News, Friday, February 23, 1923)
After the wrestling match last Saturday evening there was a great deal of talk between the spectators of a match between House and Nels Moe.

Both of the wrestlers are well known in Plentywood and Sheridan county. Mr. House informed a reporter of the Producers News that he was very anxious to get a match with Moe, but that he seemed unable to do so. He says he has offered to meet him on any terms, but that the match always fizzles out. The last time word was heard from Mr. Moe, he offered to meet Mr. House if a guarantee of so much money would be put up something like $300.

There is no doubt but a match between these two local men would draw a packed house and that the wrestlers would be well paid for their struggle, and the public would have the satisfaction of knowing who was the best man.

It does not cost much to talk but the wrestling fans are getting tired of challenges, let’s have some real proposition and get ready for the big bout.

This paper will be glad to hear from each of the principals in regard to this matter, and we will do all in our power to make the battle the success that we know it will be.

03/02 Yorkton, SK lost to Buck Olson Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match
05/15 Saskatoon, SK vs. Buck Olson Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

(Morning Leader, Thursday, May 17, 1923)
YORKTON, May 16. – The local wrestling champion, Nels Moe, has been promised a bout at the end of this month with Clarence Ecklund, champion light heavyweight wrestler of the world.

(Producers News, Friday, June 15, 1923)
Nels Moe of Yorktown, Sask., Canada, brother of the Moe boys of Archer and one time farmer in that section, now noted wrestler and boxer of Canada, arrived in Plentywood, Monday, on his way to see the big fight at Shelby, for several days visit with relatives and friends here. Mr. Moe is in the pink of condition and is looking for bouts either wrestling or fighting. He is training now for a big wrestling match which will occur in a few days at Sheridan, Wyoming, after which he will go to the fight at Shelby when he will return home to Yorktown via Plentywood.

It is hoped by wrestling fans here that a match can be arranged between House and Moe at that time.

(Producers News, Friday, June 15, 1923)
The Producers News sporting editor recently received the reprinted letter from Nels Moe, the Yorktown, Sask., Canada Champion wrestler who used to farm at Archer, in an answer to a challenge issued to Moe by House in the columns of the Producers News. Moe says that he has wrestled House twice now and will wrestle him again when the financial end of the matter has been arranged. He says that honor now is money and he wants the dough.

Yorkton, Sask., Can.
May 30th, 1923.
Producers News,
Plentywood, Mont.

Dear Sir:
I note in a recent issue of the Producers News a challenge from Elwood House to wrestle me. Also insinuating that he can’t get a match with me, and that he can not hear from me. I wrestled House at Outlook in the year of 1914 and he beat me, then I wrestled him at Radville, Sask., April 16th, 1921 to a draw on account of not having a license to wrestle on Sunday the match was stopped, and since then I’ve written to House several times have not heard from him, so naturally I figured that House didn’t want a match with me, and it was real news to me to read his challenge in the Producers News. In reply will say I am ready to wrestle House any time a promoter gives me a guarantee worth while for me to come as I am making good here. Money is honor, and that’s what I am wrestling for, and I don’t consider it much personal honor to beat House. There must be some other attraction to induce me to come across the line to wrestle House, and that will be $$$$

Yours for clean sport,

06/19 Sheridan, WY lost to World Light Heavyweight Champion Clarence Eklund Best 2-out-of-3 Falls “Champion vs. Champion” Match
08/15 Yorkton, SK beat Nels Jepson Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match
09/22 Assiniboia, SK beat Ed Lond
*Moe challenged the winner of the main event between George “Cyclone” Thompson and Ernie Arthurs, which Thompson won.

(Producers News, Friday, October 19, 1923)
The following challenge has been received by the Producers News from Tom Johnson, manager of Bull Edwards, is a very famous wrestler and who a few days ago met the light weight champion of the United States and amde a very excellent showing. The people in this community, however have a lot of faith in their local wrestlers and hope to see them in action in Plentywood with Bull Edwards in the near future. The answer to the challenge will be awaited by the wrestling fans with a great deal of anxiety. Let’s make it snappy.

Following is the challenge:

I, Bull Edwards, challenge Al. House and Nels Moe, local wrestlers to a finish match at any time they see fit to meet me and I will wrestle them either one, for winner take all of gate receipts or for side bet of $500.00. My weight is 180 lbs. and will meet any one that will wrestle on those terms if your local men are afraid to take a chance. I am staying at Minot for a few days and will be glad to hear from any wrestler or promoter interested in a match of this kind.

Manager of Bull Edwards Bx. 261

NELS MOE ANSWERS CHALLENGE OF MINOT WRESTLER; Would Meet Him at Plentywood if Promoters Will Arrange Terms — Would Like to Show Wrestling Fans That He Has the Goods.
(Producers News, Friday, November 2, 1923)
The following letter has been received by the Sporting Editor of the Producers News from Nels Moe, well known wrestler in Sheridan county:
Moose Jaw, Sask., Can.
October 24, 1923.
The Producers News,
Plentywood, Montana,
Sporting Editor.

Dear Sir:
I note the challenge in the last issue of the Producers News from Bull Edwards of Minot, N. Dak. I am ready to come out and wrestle “the Bull” on his own terms, or on terms satisfactory to local promoters. If Plentywood fans wish to see a real wrestling match once again, let some promoter offer me reasonable terms to come.

Perhaps it would be as well if I did perform once so the fans could see what I can do to House, when I get on the mat with him, altho I am of the opinion that House never will come out of his hole and wrestle me any more.

Yours for sport with a kick in it,

Box 716

(Producers News, Friday, November 16, 1923)
Sports Editor,
Producers News.

Dear Sir:
In answer to the challenge issued by Nels Moe in The Producers News in which he uses my name in a light manner, I have this to say:

I will meet Nels Moe in Plentywood at any time, winner take all, or a 60 and 40 basis.

I am getting tired of this stalling of Moe and his bluff challenging of myself. Either put up or shut up.

If you really want to meet me, which I do not believe you do, address Jim Trower, my manager, at Outlook.


P. S. — I will also meet Bull Edwards of Minot on the same terms.

WANTS TO KNOW WHAT MOE IS AFTER; Says Moe Has Been Offered Guaranties of Every kind — Was Ready to Meet Moe at Radville; Few Weeks ago When Moe Developed Sore Knee on Eve of Match.
(Producers News, Friday, December 14, 1923)
Outlook, Mont.
Dec. 4th, 1923.
Mr. Nels Moe,
Yorkton, Sask., Can.

Dear Sir:
In reply to your challenge to Mr. House will say we are tired of the mush you have been feeding the readers of the Producers News. We would like to have you state what you would consider a fair renumeration for your times and services. You have been offered a 60-40 or winner take all, also a guarantee of $250.00 and you still continue to throw MUSH.

Mr. House didn’t have any sore knee at the time he agreed to meet you at Radville; why did you not come through — he was there. We are challenging you now on a 60-40 basis or winner take all, and if you have any spare change, bring it along, all side bets will be taken. Now, we are tired of mush: come through now and be as you claim, “A sport.” But you will not come.

As you know you don’t dare to meet Mr. House, and it is a very poor sport who will try to profit by the reputation of another. Have you got the GUTS ? ? ? ? ?

Yours for sport.

Glee Club — Says There Must Be Strong Canadian Censor.
(Producers News, Friday, December 28, 1923)
In the following letter Wrestler Nels Moe answers challenge of Outlook Glee Club. Moe says he will come if House fans put up:
Mr. Jim Trower,
Outlook, Montana,
Mgr. Outlook Glee Club.

Dear Sir:
I note in your issue of Dec. 14 a letter from Jim Trower of Outlook, replying to my challenge in behalf of his “shampeen” Mr. House. Jim states that I have been offered a guarantee of $250.00. Well, that is “mush” to me. I know that no such guarantee has crossed the border into Canada. Perhaps the censor has prevented such mail entering Canada on account of poor crops and general condition in Montana “keep your money at home.” Perhaps Mr. Trower is not a farmer. Mr. Trower can talk about “mush” as much as he likes, but if he ever offers me a guarantee of $250.00 he may be accepted. It’s all bluff, and trying to make the sporting public believe that I am afraid to wrestle House. I am making business out of wrestling and any time it’s worth while to come, Ï am ready when I am not booked for matches. At present I am booked for a number of matches in Alberta and will return here about Jan. 25th. Now all I want is a contract so that I am sure of my money. I don’t believe anyone has $250.00 in that country anymore. Mr. Trower can talk “mush and guts” and side bets. It don’t count. Money counts as business in a business way. I am not looking for a reputation and won’t get a reputation by winning over House. House is a good man, but no champion yet.

Now, Mr. Trower, give me a contract to the effect that I get my money one hour before I go on the mat, then you’ll see me there. The reason I ask for such guarantee is that I don’t believe you can raise $250.00. Now “mush and guts,” be a sport.

Nels Moe.

(Producers News, Friday, January 25, 1924)
Edmonton, Alta.
January 12, 1924.
Sporting Editor,
The Producers News,
Plentywood, Mont.

Dear Sir:
I appreciate the stand which the Legion Post of Plentywood is taking in bringing House and myself together and I’ll be fair in my dealings, so that the home fans can see once who is really the best man — House or myself. However, I am busy out here and can’t afford to come unless there is some thing in it. “Money” reputation don’t count much any way. One thing the fans can depend on and that is I’ll give them all I got when I get on the mat with House. Likewise they can depend on the same from House.

There is nothing more heard from Mr. Trower, the manager of the Outlook Glee Club. Has he surrendered, Well the armistice won’t be signed until House and myself have had our royal battle on the mat. Now, Mr. Trower, talk a little more about “guts.” I still have mine.

Yours for sport,

(Producers News, Friday, January 25, 1924)
Plentywood, Nov. 21, 1924.
Sporting Editor,
Producers News.

Dear Sir:
You may not think I am a very good sport for not signing this letter, but for personal reasons I do not wish to do so and after a careful perusal of the letter, I think you will publish it without my name as I earnestly desire to see these two men come to a final decision on the mat.

The one things that appears to me to be the predominant in the different letters written to your paper by House and Moe is that House is willing to come on any terms and Moe is demanding a guarantee, and it appears to be a very substantial one at that.

I am personally acquainted with both House and Moe and I would not bet on either one as I believe the match would be very close but there a seems to be a general unwillingness on the part of Moe to meet House, which is unexplainable. House has as good a reputation as Moe. They are both about equal financially. House will have as far to come to the match as Moe and has as much to lose as Nels has, but he is willing to come at any time if Moe will only sign up.

I am absolutely confident that outside of a terrible blizzard, the two wrestlers would be greeted by a packed house at a good admission price and I cannot help but believe that Nels Moe, who has lived in this neck of the woods as long as he has, must also know that they will be greeted by a packed house. Then why all this worry about the financial end of the game. That is already assured.

But on the contrary, I would suggest that the American Legion have both wrestlers put up a guarantee for their appearance and if either of the wrestlers refused to go on the mat at the appointed time without a good and sufficient reason he would forfeit the money.

I believe that arrangements can be made in case of adverse weather to take care of the expenses and postpone the match until favorable weather. But of course any number of ifs can be used if one does not wish to meet the other in a contest of this kind.

From all I can hear from the champions of both wrestlers House feels that it would be worth the battle, win or lose, to meet Moe and settle for once and all the talk about the superiority of the two men, even if he did not get a cent out of the battle, which result is not likely to occur.

The chances are that a house amounting to from $500 to $1,000 will witness the match and of this amount terms can be made on a percentage basis or winner take all. Now if Moe is the sport he says he is and I believe he is, he will not forget that in order to get the big money he has got to prove himself. Jack Reddick came down from Moose Jaw and he came on practically no guarantee and he is a very good man in his class ranking, I believe, higher in the pugilistic world than Moe does in the wresting game in his class. Moe should be as good a sport as Reddick. He came twice and Sammy Trapp also came down from Moe’s country and took a knockout in one of his battles and neither one of these two men drew nearly the crowd that would attend a House-Moe wrestling match.

Both Moe and House are, you might say, local men, coming from Outlook and Archer, and they have created an intense amount of interest in their arguments over who is the better man, as only local men can do, but this “hot air” has reached the limit.

I would suggest, without trying to run your paper, that if these two wrestlers do not make some attempt at getting together beside throwing a lot of mush, that you refuse to use the valuable space in your paper to disgust the readers, when it can be more useful and beneficial to the public.

02/09 Plentywood, MT lost to Elwood House Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match
*Lost Canadian Light Heavyweight Title

HOUSE WINS FROM NELS MOE QUICKLY; Fans Were Disappointed at Sudden Ending of Match — Moe Has Two Ribs Broken in Left Side After Few Minutes Wrestling. HOUSE AND RUEGSEGGER STAGE REAL COMEDY SHOW
(Producers News, Friday, February 15, 1924)
Last Saturday night, Nels Moe and Elwood House met on the mat for the first time in Plentywood since five years ago before one of the largest crowds ever gathered together to watch a wrestling match in this city. The match lasted about ten minutes when Moe got hurt and the match after a half hour interval was awarded to House.

As the two men entered the ring to wrestle for the championship of Montana in the light heavyweight division, they were met by cheer after cheer from their respective champions.

The two men then advanced to the middle of the ring, received instructions from the referee and the battle was on, House taking the aggressive from the start.

After sparring for a few minutes, they went into a clinch and while House was endeavoring to get a hammer-lock, it seems Moe gave a twist to break the hold and in twisting with the pressure caused by the hold around his ribs the ligaments holding the ribs were broken. Moe then forfeited the fall, and left the mat, and was taken to the hospital to see if any of the ribs were broken or what was the matter, and after about half hour, the referee announced that Moe had forfeited the match to House.

In order to give the fans a run for their money, Promoter Trower prevailed on Wm. Ruegsegger, champion of the Outlook precinct, to take House to a cleaning. All those who saw Rueggs go after House that he done a good job and if the match had gone a little longer that House would have been nearly thrown. The last event put the rather moody crowd into a good humor and all left with a smile on their face.

Mr. Moe does not feel that he had an opportunity to do himself justice and has put up his 40 per cent of the gate receipts with Treasurer Olson to be used as a guarantee and for paying expenses for another match to be held as soon as his ribs are back in their proper place and well. Mr. Moe also made the stipulation that if Moe and House do no meet again that this money will go to the hospital at Plentywood and Outlook, each receiving 50 per cent.

The preliminaries were good, although in the first bout, “Bill” Garner outclassed his opponent so badly that it was a comedy. In the second bout between Red Bolster and Bill Garner, the honors were even, and both boys put up a good exhibition. “Red” is some heavier than “Bill” and has a much longer reach, but the two young men put up a mighty interesting battle they meet.

Referee Bernau was very satisfactory to the spectators and being an old hand at the game himself gave all a square deal.

(Producers News, Friday, February 22, 1924)
The Farmerine last issue took a dirty slam at Nels Moe. The slam was uncalled for, unsportsmanlike, and a good index to the depraved character of the writer. It may be brave to kick a down man. If it is, then the Farmerine publishers are heroes. To say that Moe would lay down is silly — what earthly reason would Moe have to lay down and give up the match, the money and the good will of the crowd unless he was actually put out of commission. The paper was so anxious to be dirty and untruthful, that in mentioning Nels Moe, that rag said, “all the Moes are yellow.” There are a number of Moes and families of Moes, most of whom are neither boxers or wrestlers.

NELS MOE CLAIMS HE’S REAL BOXER. Reformed Wrestler Says He Earned Draw With Nolan and Wants Return Go
(The Leader-Post, Friday, May 9, 1924)
MOOSE JAW, May 8. – Nels Moe, grappler and mitt artist, who returned yesterday from Calgary, where he very nearly annexed the heavyweight boxing championship of western Canada from Jack Nolan, is heaving a confident line of persiflage, he admits he’s good and can, with a little training, “trim Reddick, Moose or any of these birds.” Hitherto Moe, who weighs around 173, has attained prominence principally as a wrestler, but his success against Nolan, who had about 40 pounds advantage, has caused him to gaze with longing eyes upon fistic laurels. He produces reams of “write-up” by Harry Scott, of the Calgary Albertan, which [said?] that if the Judges couldn’t have given him a win from the Drumheller miner they should at least have given him a draw. “It’s my method of training,” admits Nels. “I don’t train like other wrestlers and am just as good at one game as another.” So Moe, flushed with kudos received in the cow-puncher’s province, is aspiring for a return match with Nolan. In that event Moose Jaw will have other champions besides Reddick and Moose, he modestly asserts.”

(Wetaskiwin Times, June 26, 1924)
Yorkton, Sask., June 21.
Editor, Wetaskiwin Times:

Dear Sir – Will you kindly allow me a little space in your valuble paper and oblige.

I am coming to Alberta for a few boxing a wrestling matches, and would like to perform at Wetaskiwin. I was booked to box Al Ross at Wetaskiwin on April 5, 1922, but somehow he managed to call the match off. I was given a match with him at Lethbridge later and stopped him in the fourth round.

I am boxing at Drumheller on July 1st and Jim Gorman at Mundare on July 12, and I have other matches arranged. I am willing to meet anyone at any weight, either wrestling or boxing, so if there is any champions on the grounds, let me have a try at them. I will be at Yorkton until July 1st to receive any challenges.

Yours for sport,
Nels Moe

09/13 Columbus, ND lost to Ole Johnson Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match
10/04 Columbus, ND vs. Ole Johnson (match cancelled)

Additional Locals
(Columbus Reporter, Friday, October 10, 1924)
The wrestling match between Ole Johnson and Nels Moe scheduled for last Saturday night was not pulled off, due to the almost impassable condition of the roads. These two men will wrestle tomorrow night — Saturday, in the Rudin Hall, this being the return match between these two men. A good crowd of followers is expected to back up their respective men.

10/15 Columbus, ND beat J. E. Shelley Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match
10/25 Columbus, ND lost to Bob Henry Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

Local News of Interest
(Columbus Reporter, Friday, October 31, 1924)
The wrestling match held last Saturday evening between Bob Henry and Nels Moe, drew out a very small crowd, due possibly to the reason that “frame-up” talk was quite prevalent all week. The match proved to be far from a frame up, Moe winning the first fall in 24 minutes and Henry securing the last two. The match was fast and furious and fans got their money’s worth the first ten minutes. Mr. Henry is fast and clever, and proved to the fifty fans present that he is a real wrestler. Texas Teddy Waters refereed and between falls demonstrated some scientific holds used in wrestling.

(Producers News, Friday, November 7, 1924)
I hereby challenge the winner in the House-Alley match which is scheduled on Tuesday, November 1st. Am not particular about terms or place. I have tried to secure a match with Mr. House since our match last winter, but up to this time I have been unsuccessful.

Nels Moe left Wed. for Columbus, North Dakota where he will meet Bob Henry in a wrestling match. Mr. Moe will then go to Canada for several bouts. After these matches Mr. Moe will challenge the winner of the House and Alley match at Plentywood next Tuesday.

Mr. Moe states that he wishes to meet House on any terms and that he feels that in the next match there will be a much different struggle than the one in which he engaged last winter.

Mr. Moe wishes to meet House or any other wrestler in Plentywood. He wants another chance to show his stuff. He offers to donate his share of the purse to a benevolent society of, either Outlook or Plentywood, or both.

Challenges Jack Milo
(Cranbrook Herald, Thursday, February 26, 1925)
Nelson Moe, of Yorkton, who was referred to in a recent issue, is going to be in Cranbrook on Wednesday next for a wrestling bout with Jack Milo. Moe is the man who claims that Milo has no right to claim the championship title of the light-heavyweights, and therefore sent him challenge to meet him here or elsewhere. Accordingly, George Anton got busy and arranged a match between them. Both Milo and Moe Claim the light-heavyweight championship of Canada. Moe is an old master at the game of wrestling, and is well known. He has beaten some of the best men in the country. He claims to hold the light-heavyweight championship of Canada as well as a similar championship of Norway and Sweden. The match will he held under Police Gazette Rules, two out of three falls to count. The bout is being put on by George Anton, who deserves much credit for his efforts to provide good clean sport.

03/04 Cranbrook, BC vs. Jack Milo Best 2-out-of-3 Falls “Champion vs. Champion” Match
*Both wrestlers were claimants for the Canadian Light Heavyweight Title. Moe was also billed as holding the “light heavyweight championship of Norway and Sweden”. The match was held under Police Gazette Rules.
04/01 Ketchikan, AK beat Jack Miller Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match
04/07 Ketchikan, AK beat Jack Miller Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match
04/11 Prince Rupert, BC Advertised to appear
04/29 Kimberley, BC beat Ernie Arthur
05/02 Kimberley, BC drew Canadian Middleweight Champion Nick Bozinis Best 2-out-of-3 Falls “Champion vs. Champion” Match
05/25 Kimberley, BC vs. Anton Peterson
06/10 Cranbrook, BC lost to Anton Peterson Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

(Wolf Point Herald, Thursday, December 17, 1925)
Followers of the mat game have another big thrill in store. Nels Moe has come down from the Northland to meet Stanley Buresh, the unconquered boy from Nebraska. They will put on a finish match at the Liberty theatre the evening of December 23. Some years ago the big Scandinavian athlete had some exciting struggles with Elwood House at Plentywood and Scobey, without great advantage to either.

Moe is now a resident of Cranbrook, British Columbia, and has met some of the best wrestlers in the Dominion with the result that he is light heavy weight title holder of Canada. He has met Jack Taylor, heavy weight champion of Canada, six times and each time gave him a battle worthy of his prowess. In 1923 Moe had the greatest match of his career, with Clarence Eklund, then light heavy weight title-holder of the United States. The match was at Sheridan, Wyoming and ended with a severe injury to Moe after he had won one fall from the champion. He lost the match because he was unable to finish with three broken ribs.

Nels weighs 180 or more and looks big. The fame of Stanley Buresh reached him and he came down looking for a match. It is probable that Moe and Tom Alley will also meet at an early date, probably in Williston.

12/23 Wolf Point, MT lost to Stanley Buresh Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match
*Match lasted 1 hour, 10 minutes; lost the Canadian Light Heavyweight Title?

(Wolf Point Herald, Thursday, December 24, 1925)
Stanley Buresh won a decisive victory over Nels Moe, who carries the title of champion wrestler of Canada in the light heavy weight class, Wednesday night at the Liberty theatre. The men in some ways were more evenly matched than any pair that has appeared on the mat here this year. In street clothes Moe seems to be the larger but weighed in at 178 while Buresh registered 178 1/2. Neither had much advantage in speed but Stanley won through superior strength and endurance.

An Even Battle
It was a close tough struggle for nearly an hour with some clever work by each that got the fair sized crowd excited. When the first fall went to Stanley’s credit, after 57 minutes, it was not by the pinning process but Nels yielded a fall when the Nebraskan secured a punishing toe hold that the Canadian could not get away from.

When they came back to the mat there was some lively work with both grapplers resorting frequently to scissors and head locks. Then Buresh turned the trick with a head scissors and arm lock in 13 1/2 minutes. Tom Alley officiated as referee.

Nothing Barred
A preliminary disturbance between Billy Burgess and Leo Manich proved highly entertaining to the crowd. The match was to settle the feather weight title of the Second ward and was marked by some pretty rough work, which at times bordered on the brutal. The referee refused to interfere, even when the contenders were red in the face and half out of breath. The work was so fast that it was difficult to know which gladiator was on top, black trunks and white blurring into gray. Toe holds, ear holds, near-scissors and Ole Nelsons were used in rapid succession. Finally Leo got a nasty grip on Billy’s Charlie Chaplin and the wiry little banker went down for the count. The time limit ended the desperate struggle. Both were breathing heavily, their hair was disarranged and a few minutes more would have found them wet with sweat and in condition to take cold.

But the crowd got a big kick out of it. In justice to Burgess it should be said that he was not given a fair shake but was pestered while in some of the most unfortunate positions by mean sports in the gallery who were armed with bean shooters. Moe, Alley and Buresh were at the ringside getting pointers.

Wants Second Match
It was announced from the stage that Elwood House of Outlook and Tom Alley will meet here in a finish match on some date about the middle of January.

After the big bout was over Nels Moe made a short talk to the crowd. He acknowledged defeat and said he had found Buresh a better man than he expected. While not offering alibies he said it was a fact that he was not in top condition and thought he should be given another chance at the winner, after perhaps a month. Moe made a good impression on the fans, who would he glad to see he and Buresh go to the mat again.

01/13 Vida, MT lost to Tom Alley Best 2-out-of-3 Falls “Champion vs. Champion” Match
*Match lasted 1 hour, 22 minutes; Moe was claimant to Canadian Light Heavyweight Title while Alley was claimant to Montana Light Heavyweight Title
01/28 Plentywood, MT lost to Tom Alley Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match
*Alley was barred from using his headlock finisher during the match.
02/03 Wolf Point, MT referee for Gust Karras vs. Tom Alley

(Wolf Point Herald, Thursday, February 11, 1926)
The following letter addressed to the “Sporting Editor” of The Herald has been received from Nels Moe, the well known wrestler who refereed the match between Alley and Karras. It says:

“I am a bit aggrieved over the unjust criticism I received from wrestling fans and Mr. Karras, the Greek wrestler, on the evening of Feb. 3rd when I refereed the wrestling match between Alley and Karras at Wolf Point, and for revenge I’ll offer to wrestle Mr. Karras, the Greek, at any time, any place, on any terms to suit Karras. But I prefer to wrestle on the terms of winner take all gate receipts and for a purse of $500 on the side. Now speak up, Mr. Karras, if you think you can wrestle, let’s go.

Yours for sport with a kick in in it.
Plentywood, Feb. 8

03/10 Wolf Point, MT Moe challenges the winner of a title match between champion Tom Alley and Stanley Buresh, which Buresh won. Moe insists the match be held in Plentywood, MT.
05/28 The Producers News publishes an article by Moe entitled “REAL CAUSES OF POOR HEALTH; Archer Wrestler Gives Good Scientific Advise on How to Retain Bodily Vigor”.
10/16 Edmonton, AB beat Mike Bilinsky Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match
10/29 Edmonton, AB beat Mike Bilinsky Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match
11/05 Morrin, AB vs. Walter Anderson
11/09 Calgary, AB beat Walter Anderson Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

(Producers News, Friday, December 10, 1926)
The following article was taken from a Moose Jaw newspaper and is of interest to the people of Plentywood who are well known with the Sheridan county man:

“Nels Moe, one of the best known athletes in Western Canada, and a specialist at boxing and wrestling, has established permanent headquarters and residence in Moose Jaw, and is willing to meet all comers.

Two years ago Moe was recognized as one of the outstanding grappling champions of the country, but has not wrestled here since 1923. His activity has been confined since that time to the other squared ring pastime — boxing.

Moe rides the rail at 177 pounds, claims to be in first class condition and certainly looks it.

Following a battle at Melville, he hopes to go after bigger game and has in mind Jack Reddick or Bob Fox, either of whom would probably make a suitable opponent.

AL ANDERSON WOULD MEET MOE; Nels Makes Good Impression In Canada and Draws Attention of Western Canada Heavyweight Champion Boxer.
(Producers News, Friday, December 31, 1926)
Moose Jaw, Can.
Dec. 23, 1926.
Sporting Editor,
The Producers News,
Plentywood, Mont.

Dear Sir:
From numerous newspaper reports, I notice Nels Moe has been fighting successfully on this side of the border, and also that he has been broadcasting challenges all over Canada. In a recent report of his fight in Melville, Sask., he claims Plentywood, Montana as his home town. Al Anderson, heavyweight champion of western Canada has just come down from Calgary to accept Moe’s challenge but discovers Moe has flown back to Montana. If Moe is sincere, Al Anderson will go down to Montana and fight him in his home town, Plentywood. Anderson is ready to take on any man in Montana or Canada. He made a monkey out of Jack Reddick a few weeks ago and promises to do likewise to Moe if ever he meets him in the Squared Circle. Anderson would like a match as soon as possible as he intends going to the coast soon. Trusting you will publish this in your valuable paper and bring Nels Moe into action.

I am yours truly,

Manager of Al Anderson.
706 Stadacona Ave
Moose Jaw, Sask., Can.

(Editor’s note — At this time Mr. Moe is quarantined with his family which has scarlet fever — When the family will be released is not known for a certainty.)

WANTS FIGHT IN LETHBRIDGE; Nels Moe, of Plentywood, Montana, Issues Challenge To Boxers and Wrestlers
(Lethbridge Herald, Monday, February 28, 1927)
Here’s a light-heavyweight boxer — and wrestler, too — anxious to take on some leaders in both games in the Lethbridge district. Nels Moe, of Plentywood, Montana, has written inquiring about prospects here and issues a challenge to boxers and wrestlers in the district. It is said he has an enviable reputation secured by many victories over good men. Anyone taking up the challenge should get in touch with Mr. Moe at his home address.

(Producers News, Friday, September 16, 1927)
The following letter and challenge has been received by the sporting editor of the Producers News, which will be of interest to the promoters of the next boxing bout to be held in Plenty wood:
Williston, N. D.
September 13, 1927.
Sporting Editor,
Producers News, Plentywood, Mont.

Dear Sir:
Just a line in regard to the next boxing show. I think the Legion there is planning on a card and I have two boys here that want to go on. They will box any boys there. Young Houge, 65 pounds, 10 years old, and Young Bousilman, 90 pounds, will take on any boy, 14 years old, up to 90 pounds. I also have a young fellow here that weighs 176 pounds that wants to take Nels Moe on any time.

Yours respectfully,

(Producers News, Friday, October 14, 1927)
Brockton, Mont.
October 3, 1927.
Sporting Editor,
The Producers News,

Dear Sir:
In a former issue of the Producers News, there appeared a challenge from Promoter Chas. Hauge of Williston, stating he has a man at 176 pounds who wants to meet me in the ring in a boxing contest. I’ve been working all summer, doing regular farm work and being in the open air. I’ll be in better shape than I ever was and I’ll don the gloves with any other man whose ever fought in Williston. I’ll be ready to battle some time after it freezes so I am unable to do any more farm work. I’ll be ready to meet anyone. I see where House won his wrestling match at Outlook. I am just wondering if he’ll be in favor of giving me another chance to meet him on the mat. I am not particular about drawing a big gate but will make it worth while for a purse on the side.

Yours for sport,

02/09 Poplar, MT lost to Ole Olson Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match
02/25 Wolf Point, MT vs. Ole Olson

(Producers News, Friday, February 15, 1929)
Word was received this week by Ida Newlon, sister of Nels Moe, saying that Mr. Moe had his arm crushed in a railroad accident and that it had been necessary to amputate the member. No further news has been heard as the Producers News goes to press regarding the unfortunate affair which will end the wrestling career of Mr. Moe and handicap him greatly in many other ways.

Nels Moe Loses Arm in Accident While Working in Canada
(Great Falls Tribune, Thursday, February 21, 1929)
Special to The Tribune. PLENTYWOOD, Feb. 20. Nels Moe, former resident of Archer, had his arm crushed in a railroad accident on the new railroad being built into The Pas, Manitoba, where Mr. Moe for some time has been a policeman. The arm was amputated. He was for many years an active wrestler and is well known throughout Alaska, Canada and the north western states and was considered contender for the heavyweight championship. He is a brother of Martin Moe, deputy state superintendent of schools.

(Producers News, Friday, March 1, 1929)
More particulars concerning the accident which resulted in the loss of Mr. Moe’s right arm were received in Plentywood this week by Mrs. Ida Newlon, sister of the injured man.

It seems that Mr. Moe had started to pass through an opening between two freight cars in order to reach the station platform, when the freight train backed up, closing the space and caught the unfortunate man’s arm between the couplings and dragged him for a considerable distance before the train could be stopped. He was rushed to the hospital in a greatly weakened condition as the result of much loss of blood and the right arm amputated just above the elbow. Only the excellent physical condition of Mr. Moe saved him from death as he was very much bruised from being dragged and together with the loss of blood would have meant loss of life to a man of weaker constitution.

Mr. Moe’s recovery is slow because of the great amount of blood lost and the severe shock to his system, but doctors report no complications and that his recovery is only a matter of time.

The unfortunate man was just getting nicely located at the time of the accident and had just been joined by his family.

(Winnipeg Free Press, November 19, 1930)
Nels Moe writes from The Pas, on behalf of Henry Kolln, [150?], challenging Vic Jassick, Paul Danelko, or any other middleweight or light-heavyweight-wrestler in Canada. He is willing to make the match on any terms, but prefers the winner take all; and a side bet. Mr. Moe may be communicated with, at Box 708 The Pas.

The Pas Sports Lovers Prepare For Ring Show
(The Leader-Post, Friday, November 11, 1932)
THE PAS, Man., Nov. 11. With all signs pointing to unusual mining activity and a new flow of business to the north, members of the sporting fraternity are hoping to boost sport in this town to the place it held a few years ago. The first definite move was made this week when Nels Moe, former wrestler and boxer of the prairies, who turned promoter after the loss of an arm, brought Tony Flamand, French-Canadian lightweight from St. Ambrose, Manitoba, for a bout which will likely be staged here in the near future. Tony stands just a little better than six foot, weighs 175, and says he’s in fighting trim and ready to take ’em on. Since meeting Young Kramer in the Playhouse theatre in Winnipeg two years ago, when he lost a 10-round go on a decision, he has beaten Kramer twice. He has also the record of knocking out Battling MacMaster in the first round of a fight at Vanguard, Sask. He fought Del Fontaine in Winnipeg Amphitheatre and stayed 10 rounds before losing the decision. Nels hopes to get a fight for Tony with Harry Dillon of Flin Flon, with a return scrap in the mining town; and probably try to arrange a mixup with Al Con quest who is now in Winnipeg. He is working among the sporting men now, and may try and get Kid Samuels, colored show card of Russell, Manitoba, to come here, and also to Flin Flon. The promoter says that Russell, whom he has fought himself, has enough flash as well as fighting power to put on a good snow.

(The Leader-Post, Tuesday, December 20, 1932)
THE PAS, Man., Dec. 20. A Moose Jaw lad who styles himself “Sod Buster” Clarke says he disputes the claim of Tony Flamand to the title of light-heavyweight champion of western Canada. Mr. “Sod Buster” Clarke has written Nels Moe, Flamand’s manager, stating that he will fight Flemand anywhere and anytime on any reasonable terms. Flemand recently trimmed Jack Dillon at Flin Flon. He is a French-Canadian and weighs [175?] pounds. He is hoping for bouts in Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Regina when he leaves here in January.”

(The Leader-Post, Tuesday, May 2, 1933)
THE PAS, Man., May 2. Al Anderson, heavyweight fighter, known in prairie sport circles, and who has fought in the north a number of times, will return here at an early date for a second battle with Tony Flamand, French-Canadian of Flin Flon. In a bout held in February Anderson lost the decision, but was not satisfied, according to Nels Moe, his manager. It is likely that the fight will take place in Flin Flon.

*Headlocks at the Lakehead: Wrestling in Fort William and Port Arthur, 1913-1933 by Charles Hatton
*Wrestling Title Histories by Gary Will and Royal Duncan

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