Raymond Cazeaux


Real Name: Raymond Casau

aka: Raymond Cazeau, Raymond Caseaux, Cazeaux de la Bastide, Raymond Cozien

Height: 6’0″

Weight: 220 pounds

Born: January 4, 1881 – Castet, France

Died: November 26, 1924 – Pau, France

Manager: George Kennedy

Titles Held: French Heavyweight Title. European Heavyweight Title 1909-13. Canadian Heavyweight Title 1913.

245 documented matches as of November 25, 1921


According to La Presse (5/01/1908), Raymond Cazeaux began wrestling as an amateur in the French Army. He was reportedly a noted strongman before entering professional wrestling at age 22, having over 1,000 matches during his career.



11/14 to 12/25 Paris, France Participated in a 42-man Gold Belt Tournament


Les Sports:

(Wrestling as Raymond Cazeaux)

11/01 Lausanne, Switzerland beat Henry Plake Graeco-Roman Tournament

11/01 Lausanne, Switzerland beat Heinrich Winzer Graeco-Roman Tournament

11/02 Lausanne, Switzerland lost to Josef Smejkal Graeco-Roman Tournament

11/03 Lausanne, Switzerland beat James le Carougeois Graeco-Roman Tournament

11/04 Lausanne, Switzerland beat Mehmed Hassanof Graeco-Roman Tournament

11/06 to 12/12 Paris, France Participated in a 40-man World Heavyweight Graeco-Roman Championship Tournament

*According to Le Canada (9/29/1911), Cazeaux was a big hit in the French capitol winning 3rd place in the tournament. His bout with Hungarian wrestler Schmeykal, which ended with police putting a stop to the match, was called “the most sensational championship fight of 1905”. The two men would wrestle for three consecutive years in the big music-halls of Paris; the first year at the Casino de Paris, the second at the Folies Bergère, the third at the Alcazar d’Eté, on the Champs Elysées. Cazeaux reportedly becomes one of the city’s most popular wrestlers during this feud. May have also wrestled George Hackenschmidt to a near 3 hour draw during the tournament?


Cercle Athlétique Liegeois – Promoter Von Winiwarter:

02/03 to 02/10 Liege, Belgium Participated in a 14-man Graeco-Roman Tournament European Graeco-Roman Championship Tournament.

Sports Newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport:

03/01 to 03/?? Milan, Italy Participated in a 14-man Graeco-Roman Tournament

03/?? to 03/30 Milan, Italy Participated in a 16-man World Heavyweight Graeco-Roman Championship Tournament

03/31 to 04/?? Turin, Italy Participated in a 15-man Graeco-Roman Tournament

St. Petersburg Athletic Club:

04/?? to 06/?? St. Petersburg, Russia Participated in a 27-man Graeco-Roman Tournament

10/?? to 10/23 Geneva, Switzerland Participated in a 5-man Graeco-Roman Tournament

10/23 Geneva, Switzerland drew Fritz Muller

Les Sports:

10/25 to 12/02 Paris, France Participated in a 55-man World Heavyweight Graeco-Roman Championship Tournament

12/?? to 12/?? Lyon, France Participated in a 12-man Graeco-Roman Tournament

12/?? to 12/?? Marseille, France Participated in a 7-man Graeco-Roman Tournament


02/?? Palermo, Italy Participated in the Sicilian Cup of Gold tournament

02/?? Palermo, Italy vs. Aimable de la Calmette

02/?? Palermo, Italy vs. Professor Soyer


French Champion’s Brutality

(Evening Express, Thursday, February 7, 1907)

A singular scene of savagery marked the great international wrestling contest at Palermo for the Sicilian Cup of Gold. The French champion Cazeaux, in a struggle with a fellow countryman, Aimable de la Calmette, was on the point of pinning his adversary’s shoulders when Aimable seized him by the throat and partially strangled him. Cazeaux on recovering rushed upon the umpire, who had failed to interfere, tore his great coat clean off his back, and nearly beat the breath out of his body. The unlucky official had to be carried off to bed.

During another combat with a jiu-jitsu champion, Professor Soyer who had worsted all comers, Cazeaux first threw his opponent off the platform into the pit, and followed the prostrate man there to “finish” him. The police, however, came to the rescue and compelled the combatants to re-mount the stage. At the second round Cazeaux, in an access of fury, grabbed Soyer by the feet and flung him with terrific force into one of the boxes, where Signor Florio, the famous Sicilian millionaire, and his family were watching the wrestlers. Professor Soyer recovered sufficiently to start a third time, but was hurled headlong to the ground and removed in a state of unconsciousness, amid a storm of hisses and applause.

02/?? to 02/?? Algiers, Algeria Participated in a 19-man Graeco-Roman Tournament

Promoter Albert Larsen & Jean Kolzer:

03/01 to 03/27 Participated in a 20-man Graeco-Roman Tournament

03/27 Berlin, Germany lost to Aimable de la Calmette

04/06 to 04/24 Antwerp, Belgium Participated in a 26-man Graeco-Roman Tournament

Promoter Harry van der Heyden:

04/01 to 04/30 Konigsberg, Russia Participated in a 22-man Graeco-Roman Tournament Grand Prix of Kaliningrad

06/03 to 07/25 Buenos Aires, Argentina Participated in a 11-man Graeco-Roman Tournament 4th Graeco-Roman Casino Tournament

Promoter Paschoal Segreto:

08/14 to 10/03 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Participated in a 9-man Graeco-Roman Tournament 4th Great Graeco-Roman Wrestling Championship Tournament


11/01 to 12/09 Paris, France Participated in a 43-man World Heavyweight Graeco-Roman Championship Tournament

12/13 to 12/21 Bordeaux, France Participated in a 24-man Graeco-Roman Tournament


Promoter George Kennedy is credited for “discovering” Cazeaux and bringing him to Canada. Cazeaux was one of several foreign wrestlers managed by Kennedy over the years including Constant Lemarin, Raoul de Rouen and Salvatore Chevalier (France), Zbyszko, Jim Essen (Scotland), and Yusuf Mahmout (Bulgaria). According to the New York Tribune (2/03), Cazeaux arrived in New York City, NY on the French liner La Savoie on February 2, 1908 and proceeded to Montreal, Canada.


(The Gazette, Friday, February 14, 1908)

More than the usual interest is taken in tonight’s wrestling at Sohmer Park, on account of its being the first appearance of Cazeaux, the French wrestler, who arrived here from Paris a week ago. He will meet Yankee Rogers, and it will not only be his first match in Canada, but his first on the continent.

Rogers has been working hard in order to give the big Frenchman a good battle, and although Cazeaux has a great reputation in Europe, where he has beaten the best of the big men, as well as wrestled a two-hour and forty-minutes draw with Hackenschmidt, Rogers believes he has a chance to win.

Cazeaux came out in third place in one tournament at Buenos Ayres, and second in another, and has wrestled at all the centres of Europe, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Paris and London. Beell and Jenkins both refused to sign a match with the Frenchman, until they had first heard what he could do against some wrestler they knew, and it was decided to put Yankee Rogers on with him. If Cazeaux shows up well tonight, an early match will be arranged for him with Beell, Gotch or Jenkins, any of whom the big French wrestler believes he can throw.

Canadian Athletic Club – Promoter George Kennedy:

02/14 Montreal, QC beat Yankee Rogers Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

02/21 Montreal, QC beat Emile Maupas Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

Promoter Alfred Anderson?:

02/26 Boston, MA beat Rouminoff (sub. for Yankee Rogers) Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

Canadian Athletic Club:

02/28 Montreal, QC beat The Unknown Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

*”The Unknown” was reportedly a Swiss wrestler specifically brought in by Emile Maupas to face Cazeaux. According to L’action Sociale (2/29), the match was “one of the most brutal seen in Montreal in many years”. At one point, Cazeaux broke a number of electric lights with his fists.

03/06 Montreal, QC beat John Rooney Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

Promoter Alfred Anderson?:

03/11 Boston, MA beat John Perelli Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

Canadian Athletic Club:

03/13 Montreal, QC beat Viger

03/13 Montreal, QC beat Beauchamp

03/13 Montreal, QC beat Charlie Simard

*This was an open challenge made by Cazeaux that he “could throw any four local men in an hour”.

03/09 or 3/16 Montreal, QC beat Yankee Rogers

Promoter Alfred Anderson?:

(Wrestling as Raymond Cazeau)

03/17 Boston, MA beat Fritz Mohl Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

Canadian Athletic Club:

03/20 Montreal, QC beat Lundin by forfeit Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

03/24 Lewiston, ME beat Kreag “the German Lion”

*European rules were used which did not appeal to the crowd.

03/27 Montreal, QC beat George Turner Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match



(The Gazette, Friday, March 27, 1908)

His match against George Turner at Sohmer Park this evening will be Cazeaux’s sixteenth since his arrival in America and he has not yet been defeated. Less than half his matches have been in Montreal, but both at home and away he has been a winner right down the line. His fifteenth win was scored over the German, Kreigg, in Lewiston, Me., Tuesday night, the Frenchman winning in 24 and 17 minutes. It was a rough match, the wrestlers three times going over the footlights into the orchestra. The police had to step in and break up a couple of fights among the spectators toward the finish. Cazeaux has recovered from the severe cold from which he was suffering when against Lundin last week and he will be in his best form this evening. In Turner, he has an opponent who has beaten most of the good men on the Pacific coast, including the well-known Westegard. He is a big fellow of 215 pounds in weight and only half an inch under six feet in height. He will thus have a slight advantage over Cazeaux. Both are admittedly powerful men and both have reputations for being clever Graeco-Roman men. It should be a hard, close match. A couple of good preliminaries will precede the main bout. Some excellent men have been developed locally in the last few years and not unfrequently their work arouses as much interest as the main bout.

03/31 Syracuse, NY beat John Perelli Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

04/01 Boston, MA vs. Auvray (match cancelled)

*Cazeau had been hurt badly Tuesday night in Syracuse against John Perelli. The bout was replaced with a match between Perelli and Jim McAuley, which Perelli won.

04/03 Montreal, QC beat Ferdinand Gruhn Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

*This was Cazeaux’s 18th match

04/08 Boston, MA beat Karakanoff Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

04/10 Montreal, QC beat John Perelli Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match


(The Gazette, Wednesday, April 15, 1908)

Yankee Rogers is anxious for a match with Cazeaux, the big Frenchman, at catch-as-catch-can style, or failing that at mixed styles, that is, one fall at Graeco-Roman, one fall at catch-as-catch-can; the style of the third bout, if one should be necessary,  to be the choice of the man winning the first or second in the shortest time. Rogers says he is willing to wrestle on the winner-take-all principle, but stipulates that he must have something to say about the choice of official.

04/22 Boston, MA vs. August Faust Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

04/24 Montreal, QC beat Fritz Mohl Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

04/27 Lewiston, ME beat Frank Smith

*This was reportedly Cazeaux’s last match in the U.S. before sailing back to France on May 1.

Canadian Athletic Club:

05/01 Montreal, QC beat Auguste Faust Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

*According to La Presse (5/02), Cazeaux has been undefeated in “some twenty matches” and “who has triumphed everywhere, in Lewiston, Lowell, Manchester, Boston, Syracuse, as well as in Montreal”.

05/?? Syracuse, NY lost to John Perrelli via forfeit

*Cazeaux was forced to forfeit the match after injuring his arm.

05/07 Syracuse, NY beat Fritz Mohl Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

05/08 Montreal, QC beat Charles Hackenschmidt



(Le Soleil, Saturday, May 9, 1908)

Montreal, 9. – The famous Raymond Cazeaux has won thirty-two consecutive victories in America, without losing a single challenge. He has proved to be invincible on this continent. We can say with confidence that in the Greco-Roman style, he has no superior to the amateurs.

Cazeaux’s most recent success was recorded last night at Sohmer Park, in the presence of several thousand spectators.

The fight was organized by the Canadian Athletic Club and all went well. It was undertaken in the strictly Greco-Roman style, as in France. One could count the so-called “flying” falls, but one could have dispensed with this condition. Cazeaux was ostensibly stronger than Young Hackenschmidt, his rival of the occasion.

The American could not win the event. He was dominated by the ebullient, vigorous and scientific Cazeaux.

It was an interesting contest for the spectators, although the final result was not in doubt for a moment.

The first round lasted thirty-two and a half minutes. Cazeaux performed some of the most beautiful tricks of the French style before the eyes of the audience. He went faster in the other round. He beat Hackenschmidt in twenty minutes and two seconds.

The alderman Dr. J. P. Gadbois was the referee of this fight, with the competence that we know him.

The Canadian Athletic Club, in recognition of the successes that Cazeaux obtained under its aegis, presented a gold medal to this proud athlete.


(Associated Press, Monday, May 11, 1908)

NEW YORK – Tom Jenkins and Cazeaux, the French wrestler, will meet in a mixed match at Madison Square Garden Monday night. The men will wrestle Graeco-Roman and catch-as-catch-can in the first two bouts and the one winning the fall in the fastest time will have the choice of naming the style for the third.

05/11 New York City, NY vs. Tom Jenkins Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match (match cancelled)

05/12 New York City, NY vs. Fritz Mohl?

05/14 Syracuse, NY vs. John Perrelli


(Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Sunday, May 10, 1908)

Word was received yesterday from Cazeau, the French champion, that he would be unable to meet Tom Jenkins in their wrestling bout which was to have taken place at Madison Square Garden Concert Hall on Monday night. Cazeau had his shoulder badly wrenched while training. Johnny Dunne of the Star Theater wired Jenkins this morning asking him to meet Fritz Mohl, the Terrible Swiss, at the Star Theater on Tuesday night. As Jenkins is anxious to wrestle, it is expected that he will accept the offer.


(The Gazette, Thursday, May 14, 1908)

Raymond Cazeaux, the big Bordelais whose work was the feature of the local wrestling season, sailed this week for Paris, where it was his intention to join Paul Pons, Constant la Marin, and half a dozen other French wrestlers, who will tour South America in June, starting from Buenos Ayres. Before Caueaux left, however, he was doubtful whether he would be able to make the trip after all. His arm, injured in a match here, about six weeks ago, when he fell outside the canvas, has not healed, and was so sore after the match with Charles Hackenschmidt last Friday that it was found necessary to call off the match with Jenkins, which was to have taken place at Madison Square Garden, New York, last Monday night. This was a big disappointment to Cazeaux and his backers as the match was expected to draw a big crowd.

Cazeaux Calls the Bout Off.

(Evening Star, Sunday, May 24, 1908)

NEW YORK, May 23 – The French champion wrestler, Cazeaux, must have had a case of cold feet, otherwise he would not have called off his match with Tom Jenkins, which was recently booked for Madison Square Garden. Cazeaux is evidently not so foolish as some people would imagine. He probably has a friend in New York who has seen Tom perform on the mat who told him what he was likely to receive if he went on with the match, and he proceeded to call all bets off.

07/01 to 07/26 Paris, France Participated in a 21-man World Heavyweight Graeco-Roman Championship Tournament

08/16 to 10/12 Buenos Aires, Argentina Participated in a 14-man Graeco-Roman Tournament 5th Casino South American Graeco-Roman Championship Tournament

11/01 to 12/09 Paris, France Participated in a 29-man World Heavyweight Graeco-Roman Championship Tournament

Sportsnewspaper Gazetta dello Sport:

12/21 to 01/10 Milan, Italy Participated in a 20-man International Graeco-Roman Tournament


03/11 to 03/?? Rome, Italy Participated in a 11-man Graeco-Roman Tournament Roma Graeco-Roman Championship Tournament

03/27 to 04/?? Geneva, Switzerland Participated in a 19-man Graeco-Roman Tournament

07/04 to 07/?? Buenos Aires, Argentina Participated in a 18-man Graeco-Roman Tournament 6th Graeco-Roman Casino Tournament

Promoter Paschoal Segreto:

08/03 to 10/12 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Participated in a 16-man Graeco-Roman Tournament 5th Great Graeco-Roman Wrestling Championship Tournament


Promoter Reinhold Begas & Jakob Koch?:

02/22 to 03/31 Berlin, Germany Participated in a 29-man Graeco-Roman Tournament

04/01 to 04/25 Berlin, Germany Participated in a 20-man Graeco-Roman Tournament for the Gold Trophy of Berlin

08/?? to 10/?? Buenos Aires, Argentina Participated in a 18-man Graeco-Roman Tournament 7th Graeco-Roman Casino Tournament


Fédération des Sociétés Francaises de Lutte:

02/04 to 02/26 Brussels, Belgium Participated in a 27-man Belgian Graeco-Roman Cup III Tournament

05/?? to 07/?? Buenos Aires, Argentina Participated in a 15-man Graeco-Roman Tournament 8th Casino Argentinian Graeco-Roman Championship Tournament


Tremblay-Billeter Bout Post-poned to the 27th.

(The Gazette, Wednesday, September 20, 1911)

Cazeaux, the French Hercules, whose clever and vigorous wrestling made him one of the best drawing cards in Montreal a couple of years ago, will be here again this season. In fact, he left France by the steamship Provence on Saturday last and will arrive here next Saturday. He has travelled all over the world since leaving Montreal and though he has engaged in innumerable tournaments he has been returned the winner in every instance. This should make him a better drawing card than ever, and he will mix it up with Shad Link, the Southern bull-fighter, when the two meet at Sohmer Park next Wednesday night, the 27. Both these men are hard workers, powerful, and without fear, and may be depended on to put up an interesting contest.

The Tremblay-Billeter contest was postponed from Thursday this week until Wednesday, the 27, owing to the latter being unable to make the weight. The double-header should bring, a big crowd to the park.


Two Foreign Wrestlers Arrive In New York.

(Washington Herald, Monday, September 25, 1911)

New York, Sept. 21. Among the passengers on board the steamship La Provence, which arrived to-day, were two athletic young men who are seeking wrestling honors and American dollars. The arrivals are Raymond Cazeaux and Jess Pedersen, wrestlers, come over to try conclusions with American wrestlers. Cazeaux is from Pau and will go to Montreal to wrestle. He is the champion of France, he says, and will meet all comers.

Pedersen says he is the “champion of all champions” and has his card printed in that fashion. He said he had won over all the great men of Europe and can easily beat Gotch, whom he is after. John Moje, to whom he comes, has offered to wager $1,000 that he can throw any three men in the world in an hour, and will back him for $5,000 to win over Gotch. He is more than six feet high and weighs 225 pounds. He was decorated by the President or France for saving three men from drowning. He is twenty-eight years old. He has wrestled 5,000 matches.


The great French wrestler is stronger than ever. – Some details on his career. – The Tremblay-Billiter match.

(Le Canada, Tuesday, September 26, 1911)

Last night we received a visit from Raymond Cazeau, the great athlete, whose successes have not been counted for several years, is more powerful than ever, very cheerful, very affable, he told us some of his adventures in the Argentine Republic with great humor. Since he left us he has done four seasons of wrestling in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, etc. He kept an excellent memory of the Argentine Republic where the sport is very popular. To give just one example, the wrestling championship tournaments last three and a half months and there are wrestling sessions every night.

Cazeau now weighs 217 pounds, when he was last in Montreal he weighed only 190 pounds. Born in the Lower Pyrenees, he is now 29 years old.

Contrary to the habit of most wrestlers of always keeping himself in shape, Caseau rests three or four months a year and during all that time he does not bother with wrestling at all. But when he starts again, we know he’s going fast.

If we recall that most of the great wrestlers of Europe have been forced to give up before him, and to mention only those, Clément le Boucher, Andrian, Laurent le Beaucairois, Vervet, Omer de Bouillon, it will be easy to understand that Wednesday’s wrestling match where he will be in the presence of Had Link will be a sensational event. Because Shad Link will do the impossible to manage to hold him up and the two men have an extraordinary muscular strength and energy. In anticipation of accidents, iron cables of 1 1-4 have been purchased to protect the public and will be installed around the arena on the stage of Sohmer Park.

We remind you that on the same night Tremblay and Billiter will compete again for the World Lightweight Championship and the Police Gazette belt.

From the latest information we have received, we expect the fight to be a fierce one, for while Billiter has made great strides in the past eighteen months, Tremblay has never felt better.

These are two great matches and none of the fans should miss seeing them tomorrow night.

Prices have not been high, for general admission 25c; galleries 50c; band, 75c; stage $1.00. For reserved tickets, contact Mr. Nap. Dorval, 95 St. Laurent Boulevard.

Canadian Athletic Club – Promoter George Kennedy:

09/27 Montreal, QC beat Shad Link Best 2-out-of-3 Falls

*Before the Cazeaux-Link bout, John Paul Abs stepped through the ropes and challenge Cazeaux. This led to George Kennedy, manager of the Canadian Athletic Club, ordering the German wrestler from the ring. A fight broke out between Abs, Kennedy, Link, Cazeaux and referee John Birks. This was Cazeaux’s first appearance in Canada in two years.

10/02 Montreal, QC According to the La Presse (10/03), Cazeaux offered to teach wrestling classes to gymnastic students at the Canadian Athletic Club.

10/04 Montreal, QC beat John Paul Abs Best 2-out-of-3 Falls

*According to Le Canada (9/30), Abs holds the German heavyweight championship.

A chair serves as an argument for German Pohl Abs

The Abs-Cazeaux match at Sohmer Park last night was marked by emotional incidents


(Le Devoir, Thursday, October 5, 1911)

A chair was used as an offensive weapon by a wrestler at Sohmer Park last night.

Abs had been infuriated by the tactics of his opponent, and tearing himself away from the hands of the Frenchman, he dashed to the resting place, seized his chair and raised it above the head of Cazeaux. The latter parried the blow, seized the chair and threw it back with violence to the German who moved aside in time to let the projectile pass. The chair went crumbling among the spectators of the orchestra.

This extraordinary match ended in a disappointing way, Cazeaux winning a fall and the match ending after forty minutes of struggle.

Both opponents showed fierce energy, but despite his prodigious strength and formidable weight, Pohl Abs was constantly dominated by the Frenchman.

The first few minutes passed in relative calm, but Cazeaux could not curb his ardor and the slaps and punches fell thick as wheat. Through the avalanche of horrors that fell on the heads of the two wrestlers one could sometimes distinguish some quick holds, but none could be applied thoroughly and the stuffing started again.

Cazeaux applied several head holds to Pohl that could have given him the win, but the German’s weight and strength soothly pulled him from a critical position.

The chair incident took place around the 28th minute, when referee Bourque, unable to control the action of the wrestlers, refused to continue his role and asked George Kennedy to replace him.

The fight, as a result, suffered a long pause, then the referee tried to settle the issue by giving a fall to each of the two wrestlers. But the Frenchman didn’t want to hear that and absolutely refused to agree to this compromise.

After an absence of a few minutes, the two wrestlers came back in the ring and promised to wrestle without a tap. The referee Bourque, in front of this promise, agreed to resume his role and entered the ring. Cazeaux kept his word and, during the last round, only gave a few heel kicks to the German who answered from the touch of a button.

This recovery was short-lived; both men fought conscientiously and with energy. Cazeaux sure of his strength, Pohl Abs confident in his weight.

Suddenly Cazeaux is taken in front waist, but he pushes energetically the head of Pohl who falls, backwards on a shoulder; fast as lightning. Cazeaux doesn’t give him time to turn around and applies both shoulders on the mat. A magnificent ovation is given to Cazeaux who returns, smiling, to his box after having given his opponent the traditional handshake.

It is after fourteen minutes that Cazeaux succeeds in defeating the fiery German.

10/11 Montreal, QC beat John Perrelli Best 2-out-of-3 Falls

10/17 Montreal, QC According to La Patrie (10/18), Cazeaux plays Basque pelota with three well-known sportsmen as part of his training regimen at the Canadian Athletic Club.

10/18 Montreal, QC beat John Paul Abs Best 2-out-of-3 Falls

10/25 Montreal, QC w/. John Paul Abs vs. Jess Pedersen Handicap Mixed Styles Match

*As per the pre-match stipulations, Pedersen was required to throw Abs twice in a catch wrestling match and Cazeaux twice in a Graeco-Roman match within 1 hour and 25 minutes. Pedersen threw Abs twice but failed to throw Cazeaux before the time limit expired.

10/27 Ottawa, ON beat John Paul Abs Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

*Cazeaux is billed as “claimant to the heavyweight championship of France”.

11/01 Montreal, QC beat Dr. B. F. Roller Best 2-out-of-3 Falls

11/15 Montreal, QC beat Mehmet Courdareli “the Giant Turk”

*Courdareli failed to throw Cazeaux within 1 hour. Accompanied by manager Antonio Pierri, the 37-year-old wrestler had reportedly just arrived from his native Turkey. This was Courdareli’s first appearance following his challenge to the world.

11/13 New York City, NY Advertised to appear?

Promoter Dan Gallagher:

11/17 Manchester, NH beat Fritz Mohl Best 2-out-of-3 Falls

11/18 Montreal, QC vs. Mehmet Courdareli “the Giant Turk”

Undefeated Frenchman Wants to Meet Gotch: Will Have Plenty of Backing If Bout Matures

(The Edmonton Capital, November 18, 1911)

Montreal, Que., Nov. 16. – George Kennedy, the well known wrestling promoter promoter of Montreal, is going hot foot after Frank Gotch, the world’s champion with his protege, Raymond Cazeaux.

Kennedy, who left here on Thursday morning for a week’s tour with Cazeaux to all the big centres of wrestling in the middle states, made this proposition: “I wil give Gotch one thousand dollars if he will meet Raymond Cazeaux in a Graeco-Roman wrestling contest at Sohmer Park, and, in addition, I will bet another thousand dollars that Cazeaux will beat him. If Gotch will accept this offer I will immediately post a certified cheque with the Montreal Star for the amount, and Gotch can cover it as quickly as he likes.”

Cazeaux was in Montreal two years ago, and was never beaten. This season he has met with signal success, having beaten everybody with whom he wrestled, and going to a draw with the much heralded Peterson.

11/20 Woonsocket, RI beat Shad Link Best 2-out-of-3 Falls

11/22 Montreal, QC beat Steinbach (“Ernest Roeber’s Unknown”)? Best 2-out-of-3 Falls

11/24 Ottawa, ON beat Mehmet Courdareli Handicap Match

*As per the pre-match stipulations, Courdareli was required to throw Cazeaux twice in one hour in order to win.

11/29 Montreal, QC lost to Jess Pedersen Best 2-out-of-3 Falls

12/?? Woonsocket, RI beat Shad Link Best 2-out-of-3 Falls

12/04 Chicago, IL lost to Jess Pedersen by DQ Best 2-out-of-3 Falls

12/06 Montreal, QC beat Emile Maupas Best 2-out-of-3 Falls

12/13 Montreal, QC beat Paul Schmidt Best 2-out-of-3 Falls

12/15 Ottawa, ON beat Paul Schmidt Best 2-out-of-3 Falls

12/20 Montreal, QC vs. Ivan Romanoff Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match (match cancelled)


(The Gazette, Thursday, December 21, 1911)

There were a lot of disappointed wrestling fans last night who knocked at the gate of Sohmer Park in vain. In spite of the notices of the cancellation of the Cazeaux-Romanoff match, a good many were at the east end pavilion at the usual hour for the weekly bouts, and were disappointed when they learned that Cazeaux, their much-hooted favorite, would not perform.



(La Patrie, Thursday, December 21, 1911)


Raymond Cazeaux, the Bearnais wrestler, whom we applauded so much at Sohmer Park, is furious at the comments made yesterday in connection with his refusal to wrestle with the giant Romanoff.

“I am not a coward,” said Raymond, and I have no fear of meeting Romanoff, even in the gymnasium of the Club Canadien, if he wishes.

Far from dampening his courage, difficulties seem to excite Raymond Cazeaux: some claimed that he had little chance against the giant Cossack Ivan Romanoff; this assertion is not to the liking of the Bearnais, who has answered boldly by announcing that he is ready to bet from $100 to $500 on his own chances, on condition that three referees are accepted, one of his own choosing, one of his opponent’s choosing, and the third appointed by the first two.

He claims that thanks to his strength and speed he will triumph over the Russian wherever and whenever he wants. If he succeeds, he will have accomplished a tour de force that will be remembered for a long time in our sports circles!

The Cossack has indeed an advantage on him from the point of view of the size and the weight; as for the knowledge of the fight, everything leads to believe that he is the equal of the Bearnais. So, what’s the point? If Cazeaux has the firm will to make superhuman efforts to win, one believes that Romanoff would not be most happy to start with a success in front of our sportsmen. The Russian has a reputation to live up to, and he will do so with as much energy as Cazeaux, one can be sure. If Romanoff takes up this unexpected challenge from Cazeaux, it could well happen that the fight would take place privately.

It would be a matter now of waiting for Romanoff and telling him of Cazeaux’s offer and intentions. It is to be hoped that the deal will be concluded at once.

If the match takes place in public, we will be witness to a year-end show that will not be spied on,” as we say in Canary.


Kennedy Secures Injunction Against Raymond Cazeaux.

(Ottawa Citizen, Friday, December 22, 1911)

Montreal, Dec. 21. – The refusal of Raymond Cazeaux, the French wrestler, to appear at Sohmer Park Wednesday evening in a match against Ivan Romanoff has led to litigation. Cazeaux maintains that his contract with George Kennedy expired on the 19th of this month, while the latter claims that the engagement extended one day longer, and with this in mind, advertised a match for the 20th. Cazeaux’s failure to appear has led Kennedy to take out an injunction against the big wrestler which will tie up the salary still due him until the point at issue concerning the duration of the contract has been settled. If the courts decide that there was still a day to run it is possible that the match called off this week will be staged.


The Canadian Athletic Club wants to force Cazeaux to wrestle once more under his old contract.

(Le Canada, Friday, December 22, 1911)

The Canadian Athletic Club will take out a writ of injunction today, against wrestler Raymond Cazeaux, to compel him to fulfill his contract to the letter, as he owed the Club another day of his time, as Mr. Kennedy claims. For his part, the Bearnais gave the following explanation to the public:”

“I did not refuse to fight with Romanoff,” he said, “because I feared him, as they want to make out. This statement is absolutely false. The only reason I did not want to fight is because my contract expired the day before yesterday.

In this case, I didn’t take Mr. Kennedy by surprise either; I had warned him for a long time that I wouldn’t do this fight under the conditions of my contract; I asked him for a fee, he offered me half the price I was making him, I refused.

Now, mind you, if the club for which I was hired was poor; if it had not made any money during the season, I would have consented without any hesitation, to fight, even for nothing, but this is not the case. It is my opinion that there are too many wrestlers who are forced to bend, unfortunately, to the will of their employers, for me, being in a position to protest, not to do so when the opportunity is offered me.


He deposits a check for $500 at the “Presse” as a stake and invites the Cossack to cover the amount. – The newsroom of the “Presse” is at the disposal of both men.

(La Presse, Friday, December 22, 1911)

Raymond Cazeaux came to the offices of the “Presse” this morning and declared that far from being afraid of Romanoff, he is ready to meet him privately for nothing, in any room. As he assumes Romanoff does not want to come to Montreal to fight for nothing. Cazeaux offered to meet with him for a bet of $500 each side. He has deposited a check for this amount in the hands of the sports editor of the “Presse”, St. Romanoff believes that he has fallen Cazeaux, he has only to cover the amount and the match will be made privately.

The “Presse” puts its newsroom at the disposal of both men for any day, in case they come to an agreement. They will be welcome to meet at the “Presse”, if they wish to fight privately.

The management of the Canadian Athletic Club is determined to take the necessary steps to force Cazeaux to meet with Romanoff and to observe his contract. Mr. Hector Bisaillon, president of the club, will take action today.

Cazeaux left this morning to fight in Ottawa.

He will also wrestle in Woonsocket, Holyoke and Chicago before leaving for France.

12/22 Ottawa, ON beat Rory O’More (sub. for Ivan Romanoff) Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

12/27 Montreal, QC beat Ivan Romanoff Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match


Empire Athletic Club – Promoter Joe Coffey:

(Wrestling as Raymond Cozien)

01/01 Chicago, IL beat Henry Samson (Henry Bahn) Best 2-out-of-3 Falls

01/05 Holyoke, MA beat Zbysco Handicap Match

*As per the pre-match stipulations, Zbysco was required to throw Cazeaux twice within an hour in order to win.

Sacramento Athletic Club – Promoter Otto Ross:

02/02 Sacramento, CA lost to Piombo Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match?

*Possibly European Middleweight Champion Emile Cazeaux?

02/?? St. Petersburg, Russia Participated in a tournament

03/12 Woonsocket, RI beat John Perelli Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

03/13 Montreal, QC beat John Paul Abs Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

03/15 Ottawa, ON beat John Paul Abs Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

03/20 Montreal, QC beat Karla Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

03/22 Ottawa, ON beat Karla Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

03/26 Woonsocket, RI lost to Dr. B. F. Roller by DQ

03/27 Montreal, QC beat Ivan Romanoff Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

03/29 Ottawa, ON beat Ivan Romanoff Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

04/03 Montreal, QC beat Jim Galvin Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

04/10 Montreal, QC beat John Perelli Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

04/17 Montreal, QC beat Emile Maupas Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

(Wrestling as Raymond Cazeaux)

04/24 Montreal, QC lost to Dr. B. F. Roller Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

*This loss ended Cazeaux’s undefeated streak for the 1912 wrestling season.

04/25 lost to Dr. B. F. Roller by DQ Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match?

Woonsocket Athletic Club:

04/30 Woonsocket, RI drew Stanislaws Zbyszko

Canadian Athletic Club:

05/03 Montreal, QC lost to Dr. B. F. Roller Best 2-out-of-3 Falls

05/04 Ottawa, ON beat Dr. B. F. Roller Best 2-out-of-3 Falls

*Roller injured his right knee during the bout.


The meeting between Cazeaux and Pardello promises to be a unique spectacle this season.

(La Presse, Saturday, September 28, 1912)

Raymond Cazeaux will arrive here today or tomorrow, and wrestling enthusiasts are already reveling in the thought that he will appear next Wednesday in the arena at Sohmer Park with Leo Pardello. Those who have seen the Italian in action this week have been able to convince themselves that he is just the right opponent for the Bearnese, the adventurer capable of setting the world on fire, and thus ensuring one of the most exciting fights seen in Montreal. Pardello as Cazeaux are men ready to take all the blows as long as they give some. Both have the boiling blood and it will be between them a terrible duel, a fight without mercy, more especially as the match will be in the free kind and that all the holds will be allowed. Pardello has proved that he is not lacking in courage, and Cazeaux has never been afraid of anyone or anything. As both gladiators weigh about the same and have the same methods and tactics, the public can be sure of a moving show.

10/02 Montreal, QC beat Leo Pardello Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

10/04 Ottawa, ON beat Pardello Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

Constant le Marin and Cazeaux are on the program


(Le Devoir, Saturday, October 12, 1912)

The fiery Raymond Cazeaux is beginning to get bored; just think, he hasn’t wrestled for more than ten days! He had to exert himself a lot when he arrived during his match with Pardello. There he found himself at ease, because the Italian had a rather hard riposte and Cazeaux was able to shoot the stuffing completely to his liking with him. But since then, it has been very quiet; not the slightest opportunity to be applauded by the “fans” of Montreal! So the Bearnais, who does not like long rests, was satisfied when he was told that next week he would meet a tough opponent in the person of Galvin. That’s right,” he said, “we’re going to be able to relax a bit.

The organizers of the meetings do not, for example, take it upon themselves to provide Cazeaux with easy work; since he likes difficulty, the struggle to the utmost, he will be served at will. Galvin is, like Cazeaux, a colossus of exceptional strength who is not the gentlest. He mishandles his opponent as casually as Master Raymond. It is a beautiful meeting in perspective which will cause even more interest than the Cazeaux-Pardello fight. It will be in the free genre two in three, to finish.

We are sure that the sportsmen of Montreal will see with pleasure the very sympathetic Constant le Marin; the great Belgian champion will make a beautiful match in the free kind also with the Greek Santelli, a fellow who weighs very modestly 225 pounds. Will Constant le Marin be skilful enough in this genre, which is relatively new to him, to defeat his opponent, who knows the free genre inside out? This encounter will be like the previous ones, 2 in 3 to finish.

As we can see, the composition of the next program is likely to attract a very large number of sportsmen to Sohmer Park. Although of a different kind than Tremblay-Paradis, these two great matches are bound to be as successful as the lightweight championship or world championship fight.

To obtain admission tickets, please contact Nap. Dorval, 95 St. Laurent Boulevard or at the Canadian Athletic Club, 448 Ste-Catherine East.

10/16 Montreal, QC beat Drake (sub. Jim Galvin) Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

10/23 Montreal, QC lost to Constant Le Marin Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

10/25 Ottawa, ON beat Leo Pardello Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

10/30 Montreal, QC lost to Constant Le Marin Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

11/01 Ottawa, ON lost to Constant Le Marin Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

11/06 Montreal, QC lost to Dr. B. F. Roller Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

11/08 Ottawa, ON lost to Dr. B. F. Roller by DQ Best 2-out-of-3 Falls

*According to Tim Hornbaker, Roller was “at the mercy of punishment by Frenchman Raymond Cazeaux the entire match. He was continuously roughed up, but showed his bravery by keeping up the good fight, trying to match his science against the brutality of his opponent. Roller took both falls by disqualification and was cheered by the audience”.

11/09 Montreal, QC vs. Leo Pardello

11/16 Montreal, QC vs. Emile Maupas

11/19 Woonsocket, RI lost to Constant le Marin Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

11/20 Montreal, QC beat Georges Santelli Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

11/25 Quebec City, QC no contest vs. Constant Le Marin


The Cazeaux-le Marin fight was stopped for the third time last night in Quebec City.

(Le Canada, Tuesday, November 26, 1912)

Quebec, 25 – Raymond Cazeaux and Constant le Marin wrestled tonight at the Princess Theatre before a large audience. Constant won the first fall in 37.15 seconds and Cazeaux took the second after 25 minutes. Raymond lost his head in the third fall, and a member of the provincial police jumped into the ring and stopped the match.

11/30 Montreal, QC vs. Mohl

12/04 Montreal, QC lost to Constant le Marin Mixed Style Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

12/06 Ottawa, ON lost to Constant Le Marin Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

12/11 Montreal, QC lost to Dr. B. F. Roller Mixed Style Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

12/13 Ottawa, ON lost to Dr. B. F. Roller Mixed Style Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

12/14 Ottawa, ON lost to Dr. B. F. Roller Mixed Style Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match


Big Wrestling to take place on Thursday, the 19th.

(The Quebec Chronicle, Sunday, December 14, 1912)

Two of the most famous wrestlers of the world, the great American Dr. Roller and the Bordelias Raymond Cazeaux have agreed to meet in a final bout to take place at the Auditorium theatre on Thursday evening, the 19th inst.

The event is looked forward to by local sportsmen as the biggest match ever seen in Quebec and its announcement is causing the greatest interest among our people.

The Cazeaux-Roller match which took place in Montreal recently was considered by all attended as the finest exhibition the public of the Metropolis had ever seen. Dr. Roller won from Cazeaux but the big Frenchman want’s to take his revenge and Quebec was chosen as the place far the sensational meeting.

Seats will be on sale at the theatre next week.

12/17 Woonsocket, RI lost to Dr. B. F. Roller Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

12/19 Quebec City, QC lost to Dr. B. F. Roller Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match?

12/25 Woonsocket, RI lost to Constant Le Marin Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

Monumental Sporting Club – Promoter Jimmy Jung:

(Wrestling as Raymond Cazeau)

12/20 Baltimore, MD lost to Stanislaus Zbyszko Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

12/26 Baltimore, MD lost to Stanislaus Zbyszko Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match


Wabash Athletic Club – Promoter Doc Krone:

01/01 Chicago, IL lost to Marin Plestina by DQ Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

01/13 Chicago, IL drew Constant Le Marin

*The 45 minute time limit draw was called one of the best matches of the year by The Salt Lake Tribune (1/04/1914)

01/24 Chicago, IL beat The Mysterious Waffles Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

01/25 Lincoln, IL drew Constant Le Marin

01/?? Chicago, IL vs. Joe Leonard

*According to Le Devoir (1/27), the match was stopped by local police.

01/27 Chicago, IL vs. Emil Brugglio

01/?? vs. Illa Vincent?

01/28 Providence, RI beat Antoine Roulier Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

01/?? beat Dr. B. F. Roller Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match?

01/30 Boston, MA vs. Yankee Rogers Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

01/31 Montreal, QC beat Jack Leonard (Joe Leonard) Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match


An Italian Who Has an Enormous Appetitie to Meet the Pole Tomorrow Night.

(Fargo Forum & Daily Republican, Thursday, February 6, 1913)

Chicago, Feb. 6. — They are telling strange stories about the enormous appetite of Raymond Cazeau, the Italian wrestler, who is to meet Zbyszko here Friday night. The queer thing about it is that Caseau takes on no superfluous flesh and remains in tip top condition. Here is what an eye witness said he did in a State street restaurant the other night:

It was Cazeau’s midnight lunch, not a regular full meal. When discovered he was well advanced in a dozen marinated herring. Finishing the dozen herring, Cazeau ordered two portions of pork shanks and sauerkraut, with an extra helping of kraut. There were six boiled potatoes as trimmings.

Cazeau then tickled his palate with two dozen wienerwursts. While the food was disappearing, steins were coming up at the rate of one every four minutes. A pound of roquefort cheese followed the red hots. Then Cazeau was ready for dessert. After pondering a moment he returned to the marinated herring and topped off with another dozen.

He eats five meals a day — that is regular meals, not counting the midnight lunch. He takes three portions of each order. It is his boast that drinks forty steins a day.


Much Interest Shown in Finish Bout Between Mat Stars.

(Lake County Times, Friday, February 7, 1913)

Stanislaus Zbyszko, the giant Pole, who has laid claim to the world’s heavyweight wrestling championship since Frank Gotch went into retirement, makes his second appearance of the season in Chicago tonight, meeting Raymond Cazeau, the rough Italian, at the Globe theater in a finish match, best two out of three falls.

Much interest attaches to tonight’s bout. Cazeau has caused several small riots in bouts in which he has engaged, and there is great curiosity as to what he will do against a man of Zbyszko’s size and strength.

Zbyszko’s appearance in Chicago is always the signal for a large outpouring of the Polish population.

The Pole has a wholesome respect for the Canadian lumberjack. They wrestled an hour and a half at Montreal last year and Zbyszko was unable to obtain a fall.

In his last bout here Zbyszko showed more aggressiveness than at any previous time, and some claim he is the equal of Frank Gotch. Besides the heavyweight bout, three lesser bouts will be put on as preliminary to the main event, all to a finish. One of the most interesting is between War Eagle and Young Samson, a pair of feather-weights, who put up a terrific battle at the last show. Bouts between Joe Owens and George Bretz and Joe Geshtout and George Schilling round up the card.

Globe Athletic Club – Promoter Ed White:

(Wrestling as Raymond Cazeaux)

02/07 Chicago, IL lost to Stanislaus Zbyszko Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match (Special Ref. Frank Gotch)

*Called one of the best matches of the year by The Salt Lake Tribune (1/04/1914). Constant Le Marin challenged the winner during the event.

Illinois Athletic Club:

02/08 vs. Constant Le Marin

02/10 Chicago, IL vs. Zbyszko

02/17 Montreal, QC lost to Stanislaus Zbyszko Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

02/21 Chicago, IL lost to Constant Le Marin

02/?? beat Illa Vincent

Globe Athletic Club:

(Wrestling as Raymond Cazeau)

02/24 Chicago, IL w/. Constant Le Marin, no contest vs. Stanislaus Zbyszko Handicap Match

*Called one of the best matches of the year by The Salt Lake Tribune (1/04/1914). While Zbyszko had beaten Cazeau in the first fall (6:12) he lost to Le Marin in the second fall (24:10). Le Marin refused to come out for the third and final round.

02/?? to 03/?? Palermo, Italy Participated in a 17-man Graeco-Roman Tournament

Missouri Athletic Club:

03/07 Kansas City, MO lost to George Lurich Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

*According to Tim Hornbaker, Cazeaux used an illegal stranglehold during the second fall “and the referee attempted to get him to break it. But Cazeaux didn’t speak English, and the referee grabbed his arm, only to be punched. Porteous punched Cazeaux back. Several police officers jumped into the fracus as Cazeaux began fighting everyone in sight”.

Blackstone Athletic Club – Promoter John Krone:

03/09 Chicago, IL lost to Wladek Zbyszko Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

03/10 Chicago, IL beat Marty Cutler Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

03/14 Chicago, IL beat Charlie Cutler Handicap Match

*As per the pre-match stipulations, Cutler was required to throw Cazeaux twice within 30 min. in order to win.

03/15 Chicago, IL vs. Stanislaus Zbyszko

03/17 Chicago, IL lost to Jess Westergaard Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

03/19 Montreal, QC beat John Paul Abs Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

03/25 Chicago, IL lost to Wladek Zbyszko Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

03/28 Chicago, IL vs. Jess Westergaard Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match?

03/28 Omaha, NE vs. Zbyszko?

03/29 Chicago, IL beat Marty Cutler Handicap Match

*Cazeaux was a substitute for Constant Le Marin who was unable to appear due to the floods in Indiana. As per the pre-match stipulations, Cazeaux was required to throw Cutler twice within 30 min. in order to win.

Globe Athletic Club:

03/31 Chicago, IL vs. George Schilling

*This was a fundraiser for flood victims in Indiana and Ohio.

04/01 Woonsocket, RI lost to Charley Cutler Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

*This was a fundraiser for flood victims.

04/02 Montreal, QC vs. Charley Cutler Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match (match cancelled)

*Cutler’s train from Boston was delayed for several hours and was unable to appear. Illa Vincent took on three local wrestlers (Ligare, W. Duchesne and Lepage) in a handicap match which he won in 20 minutes.



(Le Soleil, Thursday, April 3, 1913)

RAYMOND CAZEAUX, Cutler’s opponent, tonight at the Auditorium. (photo caption)

Cazeaux and Cutler, returning from the United States, were unable to meet in Montreal last night, as the train on which they returned was five hours late.

These two vigorous athletes are in better condition than ever. They may have been a little tired, but they had plenty of time to rest. We will see them enter the stage of the Auditorium with the fullness of their means. Cazeaux and Cutler will compete for the honors of supremacy, in an exceptional district. They have not fought for several years, so it is a full display of their strength, the full measure of their abilities, that we will see. Their ardor will be constant. Cazeaux and Cutler, in short, will call upon all their resources.

The crowd at the Auditorium will be very large for this beautiful sporting event, but the organizers will do their best to avoid any confusion.

This wrestling session will certainly be worth seeing by all that the city of Quebec and its surroundings contain of real sportsmen. Cazeaux, the incomparable, the only jouster of his kind, has his name on the program, it is a powerful attraction. He proved it on many occasions, but especially during his sensational fight with Dr. Roller, last December 19, at the Auditorium. This fight left a memory that will not fade for those who witnessed it.

Raymond Cazeaux’s opponent for tonight’s session will be none other than one of the most famous freestyle wrestlers in the United States. Charles Cutler is an athlete who possesses all the qualities of the scientific wrestler, sharp and cunning. If there are some doubts about the value of the American, these indecisions, these doubting fears will evaporate by themselves, when Cutler will jump in the arena to mender roundly the dance to the sounds of the music of the virtuoso Cazeaux. It will be a thrilling show of sustained interest.

It’s Cutler’s taste, by the way. This opponent weighs 225 lbs, is 5ft 11in tall, and wrestles agilely.

The match is scheduled to begin at about 9.15 a.m., as soon as the vaudeville show is over. Things will be conducted smoothly.


Few people know that during the disastrous flood which has just brought desolation and death to Omaha (United States) there was a man very well known and always applauded on the sports scenes: the French wrestler Raymond Cazeaux.

The athlete, who had left Montreal on March 23 last, was supposed to compete with an American wrestler in the city of Nebraska that the waters have just ravaged; but, as he himself says later, the match could not take place and it is somewhere else than on a wrestling mat that the popular wrestler was able to expend his ardent courage.

A colleague received from Raymond Cazeaux, the letter below in which he speaks of the horrors he witnessed. This letter, of a tragic simplicity, discreetly testifies of the courage which Cazeaux showed in this dramatic adventure.

Sherman Hotel

City Hall Square,

Chicago, Ill.

To the editor.

I have the honor of announcing that I am safe and sound from the Omaha disaster; I have been made good on my part. I lost my shoes and overcoat, which I was unable to find. I will never forget those moments of anguish; you could hear screaming and crying on all sides. I pulled out, from the debris of a collapsed house, an old man and a little girl who were still alive and who would surely have lost their lives, if I had not gone to their aid. Next to them, there was a dead woman, her husband, who arrived when we were trying to identify her, jumped on the police; he was cursing them and accusing them of having killed his wife. I had all the difficulties in the world to control him. The unfortunate man had gone crazy when he saw his dead wife; he was a young Italian.

If I had to tell you everything I saw, it would be too long.

The theater where I was working, or rather, where I was supposed to work, since the match did not take place, was envied by a large crowd that broke everything. Never, in some places, was so much cowardice seen; men stood aside in the great buildings or in the great squares, rather than come to the aid of the unfortunate victims.

I hope I have not been too dull in my statement. Until I see you, I remain, Mr. Editor.

Yours faithfully,


04/03 Montreal, QC lost to Charlie Cutler Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

04/04 Ottawa, ON lost to Charlie Cutler Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

04/09 Baltimore, MD vs. Americus

04/11 Minneapolis, MN vs. Henry Ordeman (match cancelled)

*Match was cancelled due to Cazeau missing his train. He reportedly stepped off at Baltimore to see the sights and the train took off without him.

04/11 Minneapolis, MN lost to Henry Ordeman Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

04/14 Springfield, MA lost to Dr. B. F. Roller Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

04/15 Woonsocket, RI lost to Dr. B. F. Roller Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

04/16 Montreal, QC beat Mora Vincent Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

04/17 Quebec City, QC vs. Illa Vincent Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

04/18 Ottawa, ON beat Illa Vincent Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

04/23 Montreal, QC lost to Dr. B. F. Roller Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

04/25 Ottawa, ON lost to Dr. B. F. Roller Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

04/30 Detroit, MI lost to Wladek Zbyszko?

Canadian Athletic Club:

(Wrestling as Raymond Cazeaux)

05/02 Quebec City, QC? vs. Constant le Marin

05/04 Chicoutimi, QC vs. Constant le Marin Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

05/07 Montreal, QC w/. Mora Vincent lost to Stanislaus Zbyszko Handicap Match

*As per the prematch stipulations, Zbyszko was required to throw both men within an hour in order to win.

Atlantic Garden Athletic Club:

05/08 New York City, NY beat Georg Lurich by referee stoppage Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

*Called one of the best matches of the year by The Salt Lake Tribune (1/04/1914)


Lurich Unable to Continue After Cazeaux Punishes Him.

(The Sun, Friday, May 9, 1913)

The first important wrestling match herabout in several months took place last night at the Atlantic Garden Athletic Club between George Lurich, the Russian champion, and Raymond Cazeaux of Bordeaux, France. The latter won the bout after twenty minutes of aggressive work.

Cazeaux had Lurich at his mercy near the ropes and seemed about to gain the first fall with a toe hold when the referee ordered the men to the centre of the ring. Lurich, instead of continuing, left the ring complaining of a badly wrenched knee and a bruised foot. Cazeaux was allowed the fall and after a ten minute rest Lurich announced that he was unable to continue the bout and Cazeaux was awarded the match. The bout was to be decided two falls out of three, with the winner to get the next chance at the mighty pole, Zbyszko.

In the other match Paul Sampson and Constant Le Marin were to go to a finish and the latter won the match after fifty-four minutes of rough work with a reverse body hold. Sampson was thrown out of the ring on his head a few minutes before the termination of the bout and was still dazed on reentering the ring, making it an easy matter for Le Marin to gain the fall. A fair sized gathering attended the bouts and appeared pleased with the entertainment.

05/09 Ottawa, ON w/. Mora Vincent lost to Stanislaus Zbyszko Handicap Match

*As per the prematch stipulations, Zbyszko was required to throw both men within an hour in order to win.


(Bridgeport Evening Farmer, Monday, May 12, 1913)

Jack Herman, the manager of Zbyszko, and George Kennedy, who looks after the business interests of Cazeaux, the Italian champion, met this afternoon to settle the details of the wrestling match between the Pole and the Italian, which is to take place next Monday.

There is going to be a battle over the “toe hold.” Cazeaux seems to have mastered this home-breaking hold almost as perfectly as Gotch. Herman wants to have this hold barred and Kennedy is sure to insist upon its being allowed.

Zbyszko Will Train for Cazeaux

(The Sun, Tuesday, May 13, 1913)

Zbyszko, the big Polish wrestler, who is matched for a finish contest with Cazeaux, the Italian champion, in Madison Square next Monday night, will arrive here to-day to finish training at Brown’s gymnasium. Caueaux is expected tomorrow.

05/15 New York City, NY lost to Stanislaus Zbyszko Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

05/16 Ottawa, ON vs. Constant le Marin


Selected as Third Man In the Zbysko-Cazeaux Match.

(Washington Herald, Sunday, May 18, 1913)

New York, May 17 – Charley White, the veteran referee in whom the sporting public has great confidence, was today chosen to be the third man in the ring Monday night when Zbycsko, the giant Pole, and Cazeaux, the Italian wrestling champion, meet in a finish bout. The catch-as-catch-can will be followed. Zbyzsko is a slight betting favorite. The winner of the bout has been promised a chance at Frank Gotch, the world’s wrestling champion, on Labor Day.

05/19 New York City, NY lost to Stanislaus Zbyszko Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

*Called one of the best matches of the year by The Salt Lake Tribune (1/04/1914). According to Matt Farmer, the show was attended by 10,000 fans making it one of the highest drawing cards of the decade.

Canadian Athletic Club:

05/24 Montreal, QC drew Joe Rogers

*Set a Montreal attendance record (12,000) which would stand for 20 years.

05/?? Montreal, QC lost to Dr. B. F. Roller

Promoters Marius Dubonnet & Charles Debray:

05/31 to 07/08 Paris, France Participated in a 38-man Freestyle Tournament

Wrestling Measured in Tons

How In a Struggle on the Mat Heavyweights Zbyszko and Cazeaux Converted Strength Into Foot Pounds Until the Victor Had Lifted an Estimated Total of 44 Tons

(San Francisco Call, Sunday, June 29, 1913)

[Illustrations of various wrestling holds including a double for a full nelson, the flying mare, spin out of a half nelson, double for back strangle, lift from the floor (two step diagram), bridge to stop a fall and full nelson from the front.]

WRESTLING is the most strenuous sport on the face of the earth. For wrestling brings into play

every muscle of the body. Not only strength but suppleness is needed. The muscles of a wrestler must be developed in an entirely different manner from those of a boxer for instance. A fighter’s force and power are directed away from him. A wrestler needs all his strength and power to pull his adversary toward him. His muscles must be compact, to bring out all his strength.

The fundamental principle of wrestling is not to break out of the holds of your adversary but to prevent yourself from falling into the traps set by him. With plenty of strength at his command, any man can break any hold. But by keeping out of traps a wrestler saves his strength and thus is able to wear out his opponent, for his efforts to throw you will have robbed him of much of his vigor.

Take the recent match between Stanislaus Zbyszko, the Polish giant, and Raymundo Cazeaux, the champion of Italy, at the Madison Square Garden, New York City. The Pole allowed the Italian to tire himself out in the first ten minutes of the match. Then, being the stronger man, Zbyszko pressed his shoulders to the mat after a terrific struggle lasting four minutes and thirty-three seconds.

During those four minutes and thirty three seconds Zbyszko lifted Caseaux on the mat fourteen times. As Cazeaux weighs 210 pounds, the Pole lifted 2,490 pounds — almost a ton and a half — in that brief space of time. However, it was actually more than twice that weight, owing to the resistance of Cazeaux. In addition Zbyszko had to resist Cazeaux, who succeded in lifting him from the mat five times. The Pole weighs 255 pounds.

Besides this Cazeaux worked himself out of half a dozen half-Nelson and crotch holds during those four minutes and thirty-three seconds. The strength required to do this is even greater than

mere lifting of the man. The bout finally ended when Cazeaux, tired out, allowed Zbyszko to get an arm bar. The Pole then pressed the Italian’s

shoulders to the mat.

In the second bout Zbyszko lifted Cazeaux from the mat eleven times – a dead weight of 2,320 pounds. During the remainder of the match the Pole lifted his opponent twenty-five times.

It was like shouldering a dead weight of 5,260 pounds.

In pushing, resisting and lifting it is estimated that the victor exerted strength equal to forty-four tons during the bout.

An adventure of good Raymond


(Le Devoir, Monday, September 29, 1913)

Raymond Cazeaux will be in our walls tomorrow, ready to compete against John Perrelli at Sohmer Park the day after tomorrow.

This match is two in three, to be finished, at the extra free kind; only the choke hold will be forbidden.

Cazeaux was recently the hero of an adventure in the South of France, during his short stay in Europe, and the President of the French Republic did not hesitate to decorate him for the courage he showed in this circumstance.

The brave Raymond was walking in a small narrow but picturesque street of Cannes (Alpes-Maritimes), a place of holiday very appreciated by the late King Edward VII, when he heard screams to the rabid dog and turning around he saw an enormous hound, the eyes mislaid by the rage, the foaming mouth; The furious animal was speeding down the street; right in its path was a pretty girl of fifteen, the child of a distinguished officer of the English army, who was vacationing in this pretty little town.

Hastily taking off his jacket and wrapping it around his left arm and forearm, Cazeaux rushed to meet the beast, while the girl remained frozen in horror, and engaged with the rabid dog in a short but desperate struggle; a gendarme ran up and smashed the animal’s skull with a blow of his stick. Without the bravery, the presence of mind and the promptness of Cazeaux, it is certain that the girl would have been bitten by the rabid dog and one can easily judge the consequences…

It goes without saying that Raymond Cazeaux was the “lion” celebrated by the entire population that day, but he laughed it off, saying that it was just an unimportant incident and that if he never had anything more formidable than a rabid dog in front of him, his wrestling career would be a triumphant succession of easy victories.

John Perrelli has also been practicing hard in Europe, during these last few weeks; he is now considered a master in the art of catch-a-catch-can. He was defeated at Sohmer Park two years ago by Cazeaux in a Greco-Roman match, and he is anxious to avenge that defeat by overpowering his opponent in the go-as-you-please style more in keeping with his ebullient Southern temperament.

The two men are determined not to spare a single moment and it will be beautiful to see!”

A Beautiful Action by R. Cazeaux


(La Patrie, Monday, September 29, 1913)


The popularity of Cazeaux is far from having diminished, if one judges by the interest that excites his match of the day after tomorrow, with the fiery Natien John Perrelli, in the extra-free kind; we recall that only the choke hold is prohibited. With two strong men: Cazeaux and Perrelli, it promises a moving spectacle! Beware of falls over the cables!

Cazeaux is always the man who fears nothing, who never hesitates: let’s judge by the little adventure that almost earned Cazeaux a decoration from the President of the French Republic.

The brave Raymond was walking in a small narrow but picturesque street in Cannes (Alpes Maritimes), a very popular resort of the late King Edward VII, when he heard a rabid dog screaming and, turning around, he saw a huge hound, eyes wide with rage, mouth foaming, the furious animal was running down the street: just in his way was a pretty young lady of about fifteen years, the daughter of a distinguished officer of the English army, who was vacationing in this very pretty place.

To remove his jacket, to surround himself with it the arm and the forearm was only the business of one moment for Cazeaux who threw himself between the beast and the girl who remained frozen of horror on the spot: he engaged with the enraged dog a short but desperate fight: a gendarme ran and smashed the skull of the animal of a blow of stick. Without the valour, the presence of mind, the speed of Cazeaux, it is beyond doubt that the girl would have been bitten by the rabid dog and one can easily judge the results…

That day, needless to say, Cazeaux was the “lion” celebrated by the whole population: he laughed about it, declaring that it was only a trifle and that if he never had anything more formidable than a mad dog in front of him, his wrestling career would be a triumphant succession of easy victories.

John Perrelli has also been practicing hard in Europe for the past few weeks: he is a master today in the art of freestyle wrestling. He was defeated at Sohmer Park by Cazeaux two years ago in a Greco-Roman match; will he take his revenge in the “go-as-you-please” style more in keeping with his hot Italian temperament. This will be a game to see!

Tickets for Sohmer Park are on sale, as usual, at the Canadian Athletic Club Incorporated, 448 Ste-Catherine East, corner St-André, and at Nap. Dorval, 95 St-Laurent Blvd.

10/01 Montreal, QC beat John Perelli Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

10/03 Ottawa, ON beat John Perelli Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

10/06 Marlboro, MA beat Doc Fowler Best 2-out-of-3 Falls

10/07 Woonsocket, RI beat Mort Henderson Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

10/08 Montreal, QC beat Mort Henderson Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

10/?? Biddeford, ME Advertised to appear

10/12 According to Le Canada (10/13), Cazeaux makes a public appearance at a Delorimier motorcycle race


Sending of Black Hand Notes to Raymond Cazeaux.

(Ottawa Citizen, Thursday, October 16, 1913)

Montreal, Oct. 15. – The police have been asked to investigate the sending of Black Hand letters to Raymond Cazeaux, the famous heavyweight wrestler. Cazeaux received several threatening notes this week and was so nervous on that account that he threatened to cancel tonight’s bout against Emile Sylva. The police think that someone may be perpetrating a joke on Cazeaux, but the Black Hand missives have the big fellow’s goat, so to speak, and trouble may follow. Promoter George Kennedy turned the letters over to the detective department. The writers threatened to do bodily harm to Cazeaux should he beat Sylva, the Italian.

10/15 Montreal, QC beat Emile Silva Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

*This was the first of two matches for a $1,000 purse.

10/16 Quebec City, QC beat Emile Sylva Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match


Fur Will Surely Fly When Sylva and Cazeaux Clash Here Tomorrow.

(Ottawa Citizen, Thursday, October 16, 1913)

All lines will lead tomorrow night to the Rideau rink, where Raymond Cazeaux and Emilo Silva, two of the most sensational heavyweight in the wrestling game, come together in the second of a series of two bouts, which will be for a stake of $1,000. The first match took place last night at Montreal and proved one of the most exciting of the season. Five thousand people attended and it was close throughout. Both Cazeaux and Silva came through the mill in good shape and will arrive here tonight to make final preparations for their struggle tomorrow. They will examine the ring at the Rideau rink this evening and confer with Referee Davy tomorrow as to the rules of ‘he bout. It is to be at catch as catch can style and the only thing barred will be the strangle hold. The big fellows step between the ropes at 9 o’clock, but before they face the music there will be two fast preliminaries between four local boys. The curtain raising program commences at 8.30 sharp. The preliminaries will be decided on today.

Cazeaux is undoubtedly a terrific rough house artist, but he is said to have yielded his title to Silva, who claims the heavyweight championship of all Italy. Silva has beaten pretty near everything in sight, but Cazeaux will undoubtedly give him a run for his money when they lock horns tomorrow night. Seats for the big bout ere on sale at Ketchum and Company’s Bank street and Nelson Leduc’s Rideau street. The Waller street rink will hold over thirty-five hundred and will probably be packed when the French and Italian cyclones come together.

10/17 Ottawa, ON beat Emile Silva Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

10/20 Marlboro, MA beat Hjalmar Lundin

10/21 Woonsocket, RI beat Emilio Silva Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

10/22 Montreal, QC lost to Charles Simard Handicap Match

*As per the pre-match stipulations, Cazeaux was required to throw Simard five times in one hour in order to win.

10/24 Ottawa, ON vs. Charles Simard Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match (match cancelled)

*Emile Auvrey took Cazeaux’s place and lost to Simard in two consecutive falls.

10/29 Montreal, QC lost to Charles Simard Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

*This was the first of two matches for the heavyweight championship of Canada.

10/31 Ottawa, ON beat Charles Simard by forfeit

Jumps From $20 a Week To $10,000 a Year by Winning From Caseaux

(Detroit Times, Tuesday, November 4, 1913)

When big Charles Simard pinned Raymond Cazeaux’s shoulders to the mat in the third and deciding fall of their second meeting at Montreal last week, he jumped from the position of floor-hand in a city brewery, at $20 a week, to a salary of $10,000 a year.

11/05 Marlboro, MA lost to Hjalmar Lundin Handicap Match

*As per the prematch stipulations, Cazeaux was required to throw Lundin twice in one hour in order to win.

11/12 Montreal, QC beat Hjalmar Lundin Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

11/14 Ottawa, ON vs. Hjalmar Lundin?

11/18 Woonsocket, RI beat Charles Simard Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

11/19 Montreal, QC beat Charles Simard Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

11/21 Ottawa, ON vs. Charlie Simard (match cancelled)

*According to the Ottawa Citizen (11/22), Cazeaux had a boil on his arm and unable to compete. Bill Hokuf took his place defeating Simard in two falls

11/26 Montreal, QC lost to Dr. B. F. Roller Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

*This was the first of two matches for the heavyweight championship of Canada.

11/27 Quebec City, QC lost to Charlie Simard Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match



(The Quebec Chronicle, Friday, November 28, 1913)

Before a large crowd of wrestling fans at the Auditorium Theatre last night the French wrestler, Raymond Cazeaux, was defeated by Simard, the French-Canadian heavyweight from Montreal.

The bout was an exciting one from start to finish, and particularly so when Mr. Cazooks lost his temper and began to storm at his opponent, at the referee, Mr. Bourque, and at the audience.

Things started off nicely for Mr. Cazooks, and he had Simard’s shoulders on the mat in three minutes for the first fall.

In the second set-to, he went after Simard, but it was not so easy this time. He tried every means he could and let no opportunity escape to follow his good lead. After using all his skill and most of his enormous strength, he found that Simard was more than his match, and resorted to foul tactics, getting a strangle hold on Simard, with the result that he lost the second fall on a foul in 16 minutes.

His anger and resentment knew no bounds then. Like an enraged bull, he rented and bellowed, and went after Simard in the third session, which, however, was won by the French-Canadian in 21 minutes of strong aggressive work.

The crowd seemed to enjoy the bout very much, and next week they are promised another good event in which Dr. Roller and Simard will meet, wish Young Corbett as referee.

11/28 Ottawa, ON beat Dr. B. F. Roller Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match


Knocks Several Teeth Out of Raymond Cazeaux and Police Interfere.

(The Province, Saturday, November 29, 1913)

Ottawa, Nov. 29. – Raymond Cazeaux turned the table on Dr. Roller in their match last night at St. Ann’s Hall. Roller won the first fall in 28 minutes, but the next two went to the Frenchman. Roller knocked several teeth out of Cazeaux’s mouth during the third bout and the police had to jump into the ring and protect the referee from violence at the hands of the Frenchman.


(Vancouver Daily World, Saturday, November 29, 1913)

MONTREAL, Nov. 29 – A warrant was sworn out yesterday by William Okanoff, known as “Hokuf,” the wrestler, for the arrest of Raymond Cazeau, one of the best known wrestlers in the Dominion, alleging that he had been attacked by Cazeau after a wrestling bout at Sohmer Park last Wednesday night when his coat and other clothing was torn. Okanoff estimates his damage at $40. Cazeau is in Ottawa at present.

12/01 New York City, NY beat Hans Lehner Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

12/03 Woonsocket, RI vs. Dr. B. F. Roller Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match (match cancelled)

*Cazeaux was unable to appear due to injuries suffered during his match with Lehner on 12/01. J. F. Olin took his place and wrestled Roller to a time limit draw.

12/04 Worcester, MA vs. Jack McGrath (match cancelled)

Sport Briefs.

(Ottawa Citizen, Tuesday, December 9, 1913)

The many friends of Raymond Cazeaux, the well known Montreal athlete, will sympathize in the misfortune which has overtaken him. A sore hip prevents Cazeaux from sitting down, and a dislocated jaw from talking. He will have to rest up for a week or ten days. It is an awful blow to Cazeaux not to be able to discus politics at the ringside.

12/17 Montreal, QC beat Billy Hokuf Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

*According to Le Canada (12/15), Hokuff’s lawsuit against Cazeaux was “settled out of court”. Had Cazeaux lost the match, he would have had to pay Hokuff for a new suit.

12/18 Ottawa, ON beat Billy Hokuf Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

HOKUF BEATEN BY CAZEAUX. Fall Wrestling Season Brought to a Close at Sohmer Park Last Night. FOUR PRELIMINARIES. Mercier Defeated Fowler in Two Straight Falls at Catch-as-Catch-Can Style

(The Gazette, Thursday, December 18, 1913)

After a three weeks’ rest, Raymond Cazeaux came back with a vengeance last night and secured two out of three falls from Bill Hockuf, in the main attraction of what was the last of the Fall series of weekly wrestling programmes staged at Sohmer Park. The match was catch-as-catch can style, and the name was appropriate, for neither grappler appeared to be particular what part of his opponent he caught hold of so long as it punished. It is needless to say that the affair was not of the “pink tea” variety, as the name Cazeaux is synonymous with all that is rough. However Hockuf was, if anything, the more strenuous of the two and took full liberty with the Bordelais’ mustache and saved himself being thrown almost a dozen times by trying to separate the upper lip decoration of the Frenchman from his face.

In the first place neither wrestler showed any knowledge of the finer points of the game, and all the falls were secured by the use of body holds backed up by tremendous weight and strength. Things looked bad for Cazeaux in the first bout as he was unable to do anything with the big Iowa farmer and had to finally succumb to a fall after 35 minutes of rough and tumble wrestling.

It was different in the second stanza, for the Frenchman was warmed up and kept right after Hockuf all the time and had him on the defensive throughout. He offset the husky American’s weight with his tremendous strength and at times lifted Hockuf right off the mat and slammed him down. He came within a fraction of pinning Hockuf’s shoulders to the floor on two or three occasions, but “Caz.” eventually obtained such a hold that the man from across the border squirmed in vain and Referee Bourque slapped Raymond on the back. This was after thirteen minutes had  elapsed and the crowd gave Cazeaux a great hand clap.


In the last bout both grapplers roughed it more than ever and when Cazeaux rushed madly about the ring Hockuf tried Doc. Roller’s trick of falling under his opponent and upsetting him, much to the amusement of the onlookers. The Frenchman showed his gameness, however, and handed back everything he received again having Hockuf on the defensive. After twenty minutes had elapsed he secured another deadly body hold and it was all over but the cheering although Hockuf tried his best to wriggle free. Hockuf not having been previously defeated here, the showing of Cazeaux was a surprise to many but the Bordelais is deserving of a lot of credit and was certainly the best man on the night’s performance.

There were four good preliminaries. The heavyweight bout between Mercier and Fowler resulting in two straight falls for the former in 13 and 2 minutes, Mercier being too heavy for his opponent. Duchesne again showed his class as lightweight by defeating Goulet, another local wrestler, in two straight falls. Fournier pinned Beaulieu’s shoulders to the mat, twice in 6 and 3 minutes while Young Thomas was thrown once by Don Joseph in the other curtainraiser.


Frenchman Too Good For Big “Nebraska Cyclone”

(Ottawa Citizen, Friday, December 19, 1913)

Raymond Cazeaux successfully defended his title as heavyweight wrestling champion of Canada when he defeated Billy Hokuf in their bout at St Anne’s hall last night. It was the closing attraction of the season and a big crowd was in attendance, though not as large as the melee merited. This was evidently due to the transfer of the sensationalism from Friday to Thursday night. Friday is the much better night, as there are hundreds in the city who enjoy the luxury of the Saturday half-holiday, and consequently they do not mind being up late the evening before. If future attractions are to be put on as reported, the promoters would do well to stage them on Fridays.

Hokuf went into the ring last night with a sprained knee, which he sustained in the match against Cazeaux at Montreal the previous night. It was doubtful for a time if he would be able to take up the burden, but he was game, and declined to disappoint the crowd. Hokuf appeared to favor the cripled knee from beginning to end, and was never able to show the form he had displayed in the previous matches. The exhibition was a swift one, marked with the usual display of rough wrestling, in which Cazeaux was the aggressor as usual, but throughout the big Frenchman showed more aggressiveness. Cazeaux with all his faults is always blessed with perfect condition. He outlasted Roller in their bout on the same floor two weeks ago and last night he was fresh as a daisy in the second bout, whereas Hokuf was puffing like a Mississippi steamboat after they had been in the ring about ten minutes. It looked for a time as if Detective Aubrey MacDonald and his staff would break in and put a stop to the warlike incidents within the ropes. However, they decided to let them finish it out, and fortunately the match was decided before much physical damage had been done to either man, though Cazeaux jabbed and slapped Hokuf repeatedly, in exchange for which the Nebraska bullet butted and poked the big Bordelais. In the first bout Cazeaux received a jab in the right eye and he called time where restoratives were administered. However, he was not badly damaged.

Cazeaux won the first fall in 19 minutes and 21 seconds, suddenly pinning Hokuf to the mat with a head and arm hold, after vainly endeavoring to turn the trick with the toe hold. Some thought that Hokuf’s shoulders were not on the mat, but it was plainly evident that a fall had been scored, and the crowd cheered Cazeaux to the echo when Referee Fred Davy slapped the big French grappler on the back.

The second fall was scored in about 15 minutes with a leg and arm hold, Cazeaux being the aggressor through out. Hokuf squirmed out of several tight pockets, but Cazeaux refused to be denied and eventually he slapped the shoulders of the American thunderbolt down with a crash. This time there was absolutely no doubt about it. That makes four out of five falls for Cazeaux in two nights and leaves no doubt as to the question of supremacy. It was Cazeaux’s last appearance this fall, as he leaves shortly on a visit to France, where he says he will have “white servants to press his clothes, yellow servants to do up his laundry, and black servants to brush his boots.”

12/20 Quebec City, QC beat Billy Hokuf Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

12/23 Woonsocket, RI beat Billy Hokuf Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

12/25 Worcester, MA lost to Jack McGrath by DQ

*According to the Fitchburg Sentinel (12/26), McGrath was awarded the bout after Cazeaux kicked the Worcester wrestler with his knee.

(Tour – Belgium, Spain, Italy and Switzerland)


(Wrestling as Raymond Cazeaux)

03/?? Paris, France lost to Raoul de Rouen

*According to Le Droit (3/11), Cazeaux may have lost the French Heavyweight Title (or his status as claimant) to Raoul de Rouen, following a series of matches that took place at the Cirque de Paris.

04/08 Montreal, QC vs. John Perilli Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match


(The Quebec Chronicle, Friday, April 10, 1914)

Montreal Herald: After Raymond Cazeaux has heaved some of his opponents out into the orchestra at Sohmer Park this month, and the audience rises up to tell him what a rummy he is, Raymond will probably stop the match, duck out and buy the park, chase the audience and proceed with the tilt for his own personal satisfaction only.

For Raymond, in his over-winter absence from Montreal, has become a capitalist. Henceforth wrestling will be but a side-line with the burly Bordelais. Collecting large-sized water rates from his fellow-creatures, fellow-villagers and fellow-residents in that section of the so-dear France where Raymond the Racous dwells will be his principal business in life.

When Cazeaux left here last fall at the close of the Sohmer Park season, he was worth between $40,000 and $50,000, all earned on the mat. For though Raymond may indulge in occasional lapses from common sense in the course of a hard match, he’s no fool when it comes to driving a bargain, as George Kennedy can ruefully tell.

Cazeaux was booked to return to Montreal about the first of March. When he failed to show up, George Kennedy got in touch with him. A couple of weeks later he got a letter from Cazeaux to the effect that the big wrestler was so busy purchasing the water rights in his locality that he couldn’t get away. Now he has completed the deal, and holds the exclusive rights for supplying water in the entire vicinity. He expects to get rich within a few years. But he won’t quit the mat game for that is the chief joy of the Tiger Pup’s life.

04/11 Ottawa, ON beat Leon Perelli Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

04/15 Montreal, QC lost to Stanislaus Zbyszko Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

(Wrestling as Raymond Cazeau)

04/17 Ottawa, ON lost to Stanislaus Zbyszko Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

*Zbyszko is billed as the “world’s heavyweight wrestling champion”.

04/18 Quebec City, QC drew Stanislaus Zyszko Handicap Match

*As per the pre-match stipulations, Zbyszko was required to throw Cazeaux three times within one hour in order to win.



(The Quebec Chronicle, Monday, April 20, 1914)

A record crowd attended the wrestling match at the Auditorium Theatre Saturday night, when Stanilaw Zbyszko failed to live up to his claim that he would throw Raymond Cazeaux three times within an hour, the Pole only managing to secure two falls, one of them being awarded to him on a foul.

Although Zbyssko failed to throw his opponent three times in the sixty minutes, he had the better of the argument at all times, and hardly once was he in danger of having his shoulders touch the mat.

Cazeanx lived up to his reputation as being about the roughest grappler in the game, for he was almost continually mixing it up with the result that he lost the first fall in 25 minutes and 50 seconds on a foul.

The peppery Frenchman first began to lose his bearings when he slapped his opponent’s face whenever the opportunity presented itself. He received his first warning when he tried to put the Pole out of business with his knee and later lost the fall on a foul after more rough tactics.

Zbyszko took the second fall in easy fashion with a body hold in 9 minutes and 10 seconds. The Polish wrestler’s coolness when under the hottest fire of Cazeaux’ provoking gouging attacks, made for him many friends. Ringside spectators and others pleaded with Zbyszko to mix it up a bit, seeing that Cazooks was using him up considerably, but he continued on unruffled and treated his big rival as a second rater.

The exhibition was the best seen this season. There was enough action to keep the spectators in an exciting mood during every minute. As Zbyszko’s time to accomplish his task was drawing to a close his supporters were very anxious that he should secure another fall, while Cazeaux’s friends were as equally concerned in his behalf and did not care to see their favorite lose the third fall.

04/22 Montreal, QC lost to Raoul de Rouen Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

(Wrestling as Raymond Cazeaux)

04/24 Ottawa, ON lost to Raoul de Rouen Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

(Wrestling as Raymond Cazeau)

04/27 Louisville, KY lost to Yussiff Hussane Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

Canadian Athletic Club:

05/06 Montreal, QC beat Cossack Mamutoff (sub. Dr. B. F. Roller) Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

05/09 Montreal, QC vs. Raoul de Rouen

*According to Pat Laprade, this was the main event for the first-ever wrestling show at the newly constructed Quebec Arena.


(Vancouver Sun, Monday, May 11, 1914)

Despatches from the East are to the effect that Dr. Roller, who is billed to meet “Pat” Connolly in Edmonton on the night of May 23, is suffering from a threatened attack of blood poisoning, and the match may have to be postponed to a later date. A slight cut in his knee was opened with a bout with Rouen in Ottawa recently and dirt got into the wound. Roller is now in the Western hospital in Montreal, where two tubes were set in to drain his right knee. He will be out of the game for at least two weeks, which will give him a little time to get into form for his Edmonton match with Connolly. Roller was to have wrestled Raymond Cazeaux in Montreal last week, but the bout was postponed.

05/25 Fall River, MA lost to Waldek Zbyszko Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

05/27 Montreal, QC vs. Cossack Mamutoff?


Before Great Crowd in Montreal Wrestling Bout. Cazeaux Handed Pole a Fall.

(Ottawa Citizen, Thursday, May 28, 1914)

MONTREAL, May 27 – Nearly ten thousand persons at Sohmer Park tonight saw Stanislaus Zbyszko defeat Raoul de Rouen for the heavyweight wrestling championship of the world after seventy nine minutes of fast and exciting catch-as-catch-can wrestling.

The first fall was awarded to Zbyszko after twenty-three minutes on a foul under most unusual circumstances. Raymond Cazeaux, in De Rouen’s corner, was carried away by the excitement of a struggle at the edge of the mat with Zbyszko underneath and closely pressed, and with one hand he seized Zbyszko’s throat and with the other pulled the Pole’s elbow from the floor, thus placing Zbyszko at De Rouen’s mercy. Referee Curley immediately blew his whistle and awarded the Pole a fall.

The second went to De Rouen after thirty seven minutes on a rolling fall secured with a wrist hold.

The Pole’s second and deciding fall was secured after nineteen minutes more. The purse was $12,000, of which the winner received $7,000, $4,200 going to the loser.

Jack Curley of New York was referee.

CAZEAUX A “NUT”; LOSES TITLE FOR FRENCH WRESTLE. Excitable Raymond Hampers His Countryman in Title Bout with Zbyszko — Jumps Into Ring and Pulls Pole’s Ears.

(Winnipeg Tribune, Wednesday, June 3, 1914)

No matter how finely an athlete is trained he will lose considerable weight under conditions such as governed the Zbyszko-De Rouen wrestling contest, staged the other evening in Montreal. Before the bout both men were in perfect physical condition, hard as nails.

DeRouen went into the ring weighing 241 pounds. Zbysitko 234 3-4. When their hour and a half match was over, DeRouen weighed 233 pounds and Zbyszko about 225. Each lost nearly ten pounds.

That they did so was due to excessive exertions on a reasonably warm night. Moreover, there was a crowd of 11,000 people, which also made it hotter work for the wrestlers.

Had Raymond Cazeau, the biggest “nut” in sport, been locked up in a guardhouse or chloroformed during the progress of the contest, there is good reason to believe that DeRouen would have defeated the giant Pole. DeRouen – according to the Montreal papers – was in a good position to win a fall in the first bout when Cazeau jumped into the ring and not only urged his countryman to pin Zbyszko’s shoulders, but started in to help him by pulling the Pole’s ears and putting his elbows out of position. This, one might say, lost two falls for the Frenchman, for one was awarded to Zbyszko because of Cazeaux’ crazy actions.

And, if George Kennedy had not landed a timely wallop on Cazeau the latter might have been measured by a gentleman in black. Cazeau is the most excitable wrestler before the public. He has probably had no equal. During the course of the melee that followed his invasion of the ring Cazeau nearly went crazy. He was rapidly approaching a state bordering on frenzy when Kennedy seized him. This, physicians say, probably saved his life. Hysterics are dangerous for a man of Cazeaux’ tremendous muscular development. The blow from Kennedy diverted his attention, and he was able to regain his normal condition.


Cazeaux, Raoul de Rouen, Constant le Marin and John Pi Pohl Abs fight for their respective countries. – A fight without mercy, to finish.

(La Presse, Friday, August 7, 1914)

RAYMOND CAZEAUX, the crazy French wrestler who takes part in the current great war between France and Germany. (photo caption)


Other information received at the office of the Canadian Athletic Club tells us that Cazeaux, who was resting at his home in the Pyrenees, has answered the call to arms. It would be amusing if Cazeaux met face to face with the German Polh Abs. It would be even more dramatic than their matches in the Sohmer Park.

(Duluth News-Tribune, Monday, October 26, 1914)

Raymond Cazeaux was reported killed in the French battlefields according to a telegram Tilton Lewis received from Oscar Thorson, manager of Jess Westergaard. Constant LeMarin was also said to be killed. (NOTE: Both of these rumors turned out to be false.)


(Winnipeg Tribune, Friday, November 27, 1914)

MONTREAL – Raymond Cazeaux, the ambitious French wrestler, who has been giving exhibitions throughout Canada and the United States for several years, has been wounded in the legs while carrying dispatches during an engagement, letters received yesterday report.



Wife Unable to Locate Giant Wrestler Since Discharge From Hospital – May Be Prisoner

(Winnipeg Tribune, Thursday, January 28, 1915)

OTTAWA – There is bad news from the front. Raymond Cazeaux, famed as a wrestler in all parts of the world, is among the missing. President Geo. Kennedy, of the Canadien Hockey club, slates that no one had heard from Cazeaux since November 22. His wife received a letter from “Cazooks,” explaining that he had been wounded and that he was resting up in a hospital near Paris. She wrote to the place designated, but received word to the effect that “Cazooks” had been discharged about November 15. He left to rejoin his regiment at the front, sound of body and limb. She has written several letters, but has received no reply, and the French war office finally sent word that they were unable to locate him.

The name Cazeaux has not appeared on the list of wounded or killed, and Kennedy fears that the big grappler has fallen into the hands of the Germans. He was fighting near the Belgian frontier when last seen. “Cazooks” showed bravery in the early stages of the war, and was mentioned in the dispatches. Kennedy has cabled in an effort to locate Cazeaux, and hopes to receive word soon. Constant Le Marin has been wounded, and Stanislaus Zbyszko is understood to be fighting in Poland.

Kennedy is worried over Cazeaux, and the latter’s wife has beseeched him to go and try to locate her burly husband. George says that the Germans will have no objection to letting “Cazooks” go in trade, if they really hold him prisoner, probably on account of his unusual temperament. In any event “Cazooks” can’t be found. The big fellow made many friends during his appearance here and word will be anxiously awaited.

(Journal Gazette, Wednesday, February 10, 1915)

Raymond Cazeau, the rassler, is said to be at the front, but he evidently has not been in action. Up to date no Germans have been reported with their ears chewed off.



(La Patrie, Monday, October 4, 1915)



It is from Rouen that we have had news of the excellent Raymond. Wounded twice, Cazeaux has recovered and has not been afraid to return to the Vosges, where he has distinguished himself by his unfailing bravery. Raymond was mentioned several times in the army’s order of the day.


A Beautiful Struggle

(Le Canard: Humoristic Newspaper, Sunday, July 8, 1917)

The battle had lasted all day, and towards the evening, the guns having ceased their bombardment, Poilus and Boche were resting while smoking their pipes, their feet… in the mud of the trenches. On the French side, a solitary soldier was smoking a cigarette, silently thinking. He was a stout fellow, his square face was adorned with strong jaws that gave him a “good-natured” look. A fanged mustache gave the impression of a fierce warrior.

Suddenly, on the Boche side, a soldier came out of a hole, where he had been lurking, and advanced with a thousand precautions on the path that separated the two trenches.

Our soldier saw him and stood up as if moved by a “spring” and said: “It’s him”.

And he went forward to meet Guillaume’s subject. Their eyes met, and two cries burst from their powerful chests:



Like a tiger, Raymond, for it was he, launched himself upon the Boche and struck him down in the dust of the road. It was an epic fight, the likes of which our fans have never seen before. The two antagonists rolled into the ditch through a barbed wire fence, and Cazeaux, applying a toe hold to his opponent, laid him on his shoulders and waited for a few moments in this posture.

Then he rose and like a furious man began to shout, “But, dorstu, Bourque, I have a fall!”

Evening was descending rapidly, enveloping the field of battle, and Cazeaux, in French, helped his friend Fritz to his feet, and having wished him “Bonsoir,” he returned to his trench.





(The Quebec Chronicle, Monday, November 18, 1918)

Montreal, Nov. 16 — After being twice wounded, captured by Germans, recaptured by Allied troops, Raymond Cazeau, the wild man of wrestling, will be back in Montreal before Christmas. This is the gladsome news which George Kennedy received today.

Cazeau has been engaged in treating the Germans rough since he was last seen on a Montreal wrestling mat. He was in the very first French troops which helped to stem the sweeping German flood, and early in the war, the big wrestler was wounded and captured by the Germans. He was held prisoner in a little French town behind the German lines, until one day an Allied attack forced the Huns back. Unable to move, Cazeau pretended to be unconscious, and the Huns left him lying in a ditch. There the advancing French troops found him, and he was nursed back to health.

That was the first wound for Cazeau, but not the last. Soon afterwards he was shot through the thigh, and then, so far as Montreal friends were concerned, he was lost sight of. George Kennedy, who was a close personal friend of the big wrestler in addition to being his mentor, hadn’t heard of him until he received a letter today.

“I am leaving for Canada at the earliest opportunity,” Cazeau wrote. “I will be in shape to start wrestling right away. I was only shot a couple of times — a mere nothing at all. I have received my discharge, and will be ready to meet my old friend Roller as soon as I arrive.”

Kennedy is hoping to hear from Constant Lemarin and other of the European heavyweights at an early date, now that the war is over.


Promoter Marius Dubonnet:

02/23 to 03/31 Paris, France Participated in a 16-man World Heavyweight Catch-as-Catch-Can Championship Tournament

Promoter Leopold Parish:

06/09 to 07/01 Madrid, Spain Participated in an 11-man Gold Belt of Madrid Tournament

Promoter Constant le Marin:

08/?? to 08/?? Buenos Aires, Argentina Participated in a 21-man Graeco-Roman Tournament


(The Morning Albertan, Saturday, November 8, 1919)

A horde of foreign wrestlers, attracted by the annual revival of the mat game in New York, are now on their way here from all points east and west. Some of them, most of them, in fact, never have appeared in New York. One is Ali Hassan, a Turk, who is six feet five and weighs 287 pounds. Another is Walter Bonecki, a Pole, who wants to meet Zbyszko, Stecher and all the big fellows right off the reel. Still a third is Raymond Cazeaux, a Frenchman, who recently took part in a tournament in South America. Cazeaux is more than 40 years old, and was gassed in the course of his three years service with the French army on the western front. He is said to be one of the roughest, toughest fellows in the game, and it is planned to match him with Sula Hevonpas, the Ferocious Finn, upon his arrival in America.


Kennedy has made them offers for the next wrestling season in Montreal. – He is waiting for their response. – November 27, the first session at Sohmer Park.

(La Presse, Saturday, November 16, 1918)

BELGIAN Wrestler CONSTANT LE MARIN, whom local promoters want to bring to Montreal this season. (photo caption)

Now that the war is over, the sport of wrestling which has been so popular in Montreal in the past will begin again with a vengeance. It is probable that the metropolis of Canada will see in the winter season many of the old favorites who took part in the great world war and who will be glad to come and see their friends from Canada.

George Kennedy wrote to Constant la Marin and Raymond Cazeaux. The famous Belgian wrestler is in a seaside town and is resting from the hard campaigns he has made losing the last four years. As for Cazeaux, he is on his farm recovering from the fatigue he has endured. It seems that wrestling will be very popular this winter. The first session of the season at Sohmer Park will be held on November 27. After that, there will be almost no interruption in the sessions throughout the winter, with the exception of a couple of weeks during the holiday season.

There is no doubt that former wrestlers who took part in the great war will be a great attraction and that the public will enjoy seeing them in action.

RAYMOND CAZEAUX that our sport promoters are looking to bring back to Montreal. (photo caption)



(La Presse, February 21, 1920, Saturday February 21, 1920)

Raymond Cazeau will arrive today in New York.

The fiery French wrestler, who once gave us such exciting evenings at Sohmer Park, will soon be with us and we will see him at work.

Cazeau took part in the great war, he was wounded, but he is now recovered, and he returns to his favorite sport.

The crazy athlete has certainly made a sensation in Montreal, and his old friends as well as his old adversaries will not fail to see him in action. Like him or not, there is one thing everyone must concede to Cazeau, and that is that he is a brave man. He has taken on all the opponents who have tried to oppose him, and he has always fought to the death.

George Kennedy, who is currently in New York with Salvador Chevalier, will meet Cazeau when the boat arrives.

Raymond Cazeau Has Returned.

(Ottawa Citizen, Tuesday, February 24, 1920)

MONTREAL, Feb. 23. – His spirits as ebullient as ever Raymond Cazeau, the French wrestler, is today receiving the enthusiastic welcome of his admirers on his return to Montreal. While in France he was twice wounded, and also was a prisoner of war in a German camp. When a counter attack was made the Germans ran in so great a hurry that they left “Cazooks” behind. Since the war he has been wrestling in South America.

Promoter Jack Curley:

03/02 New York City, NY drew Ivan Linow

Canadian Athletic Club:

03/05 Quebec City, QC beat Tom Draak Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match


(Ottawa Citizen, Friday, March 5, 1920)

Ladies and gentlemen! Look who’s here! None other than Raymond Cazeaux, otherwise known as “Cazooks” fire eating French wrestler, hero of the great war, the man who killed ‘steen Germans and who carried off a Hun twelve pounder single handed, afterwards turning it on the enemy and doing great execution, soldier of France who fought through the big struggle from start to finish and who has almost as many decorations as General Joffre.

Yes, Cazeaux is back. He returned with glory and is out to show that he can win back his wrestling championship. Caxeaux will make his first appearance at the Monument National here tomorrow night when he tackles Tom Draak, the Danish champion in a heavyweight bout, which promises to  be loaded with fireworks. Cazeaux is a great favorite in the Capital and it is probable that a capacity crowd will throng into Monument National Saturday night to see him perform. Cazeau and his staff arrive tonight, while Draak and his seconds get in tomorrow at noon, Seats are on sale at Monument National, and Caooks is assured a rip, roaring reception from his many Ottawa friends and admirers.

It was announced last night that the preliminaries would be between W. Bradley and Waghorn; R. Vailquette and E. Larocque, and one or two others. George Kinross will referee the preliminaries and Major Fred Davy has been requested to handle the main attraction.

Ottawa Wrestling Club – Promoter George Kinross:

03/06 Ottawa, ON beat Tom Draak Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

*According to the Ottawa Citizen (3/08), this was Cazeaux’s first appearance in the city since before WWI. The show had “one of the biggest crowds on record” with George Maupas, the former light heavyweight champion of France, as the referee.

Promoter Jack Curley:

03/15 New York City, NY lost to Orlando Lupo

04/?? Rockford, IL vs. Jack Gama

04/02 Chicago, IL vs. Jack Linow

*Match is reportedly stopped by the police because of “the overly rough tactics” used by Cazeaux.

04/09 Chicago, IL vs. John Frieberg


Ottawa Boy Winner in Two Straight Falls.

(Ottawa Citizen, Friday, April 9, 1920)

VANCOUVER, B. C., April 8 – In a wrestling match here last night George Walker, of Ottawa, claimant to the middleweight championship of Canada, defeated Charles Olsen, of Chicago, light heavyweight champion of the Northwest, in two straight falls. Walker got the first one in one hour and twenty-five minutes and the second in thirty minutes. Walker announced at the close that he would like to meet any wrestler in Canada. He is particularly anxious to get on a bout against Raymond Cazeaux, of Montreal, and hopes to meet him shortly.


Caz. Backed Up When Officers Told Him To Cut Out Rough Stuff At Point of Revolver.

(Ottawa Journal, Wednesday, April 14, 1920)

MONTREAL, April 13 – For once in his long wrestling career Raymond Cazeau’s iron nerve has been shaken.

Cazeau is a game old bird as everybody in Montreal knows, and afraid of nothing that lives or breathes. But when the famous French wrestler was stopped in a match with Jack Gama at Rockford, Ills., the other night by police pressing drawn revolvers against his naked body in the ring, Cazeau got a real fright.

George Kennedy, who is back in the city from a long middle western tour with Cazeau and Salvatore Chevalier, tells the story.

“It was a mighty rough match, all right,” said Kennedy, “and Cazeau was so rough that the crowd went after him. Someone threw a bottle that just missed him, and everyone was howling at him. It looked as if there was going to be a riot when the police interfered, and marched into the ring with their automatics drawn. They pressed the guns against Cazeau’s mid-section, and marched him off the stage. Afterwards Cazeau told me that he was more frightened then than he had ever been when fighting the Germans in his four-years’ war experience. The feeling of the cold steel against his body made him shiver.”

Cazeau had evidently lost none of the rough-and-ready methods that characterized his spectacular career in Montreal. As told in dispatches, his match with Jack Linow at Chicago was stopped by the police because it was too rough, and when Cazeau was matched to wrestle Frieberg, the police told him he would have to do better. The match came off Saturday night in Chicago, and Cazeau refused to reform, for the bout was the roughest ever witnessed in Chicago, and Caseau loot on a foul to Frieberg. The latter lost the first fall in thirty-four minutes when Cazeau, after putting his finger in Frieberg’s eye, clapped on a half-nelson and a body scissors. They grappled fifteen minutes for the second fall when the referee stopped the match and gave it to Frieberg, disqualifying Cazeau for his rough tactics. Frieberg had not previously been thrown in three years, which indicates that Cazeau is wrestling in great form. Cazeau is matched to meet Stanislaus Zbyszko in Chicago late in the present month.

Promoter Herbert Hartley (Young Gotch):

04/16 Utica, NY lost to Joe Malcewicz by DQ

Canadian Athletic Club:

04/22 Montreal, QC beat Jack Lineau

04/?? Chicago, IL vs. Stanislaus Zbyszko

Promoter William Scoville:

04/27 Kansas City, MO vs. Stanislaus Zbyszko “Champion vs. Champion” Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match (match cancelled)

*Cazeaux is billed as the French Heavyweight Champion and Zbyszko as the European Heavyweight Champion. According to the Junction City Weekly Union (4/22), after losing to Chevalier in Montreal, Cazeaux received a telegram from the promoter that “his services will not be required”.

Canadian Athletic Club:

05/05 Montreal, QC lost to Dr. B. F. Roller by DQ

(Wrestling as Raymond Cazeau)

05/07 Louisville, KY lost to Ed “Strangler” Lewis Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

*According to The Courier-Journal (4/30), Cazeaux had recently been discharged from the French army having served for eighteen months in the Verdun sector, and spent seven months in a hospital recovering from shrapnel wounds. He reportedly wears the Croix de Guerre.

05/12 Montreal, QC vs. Yusta

*This was a special event held in honor of visiting French boxer Georges Carpentier.

05/13 lost to Wladeck Zbyszko

05/29 Montreal, QC lost to Stanislaus Zbyszko Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

*This was a substitute bout to replace Joe Stecher vs. Wladek Zbyszko

07/20 to 08/12 Madrid, Spain Participated in a 4-man World Catch-As-Catch-Can Championship Tournament

Canadian Athletic Club:

09/29 Montreal, QC vs. Jack Marcowitz Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match (match cancelled)

*Cazeaux was unable to secure passage from France in time to make the event. Salvatore Chevalier took his place and defeated Marcowitz.

10/01 Ottawa, ON vs. Joe Marcowitz Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match (match cancelled)

*According to the Ottawa Citizen (10/02), Cazeaux overslept and missed boarding his ship in Bordeaux, France, delaying his arrival in Canada for a week. His fellow countryman, Salvator Chevalier, took his place and beat Marcowitz in straight falls. The show “attracted a good crowd to the Monument National, though many more would have attended had the famous Cazeaux appeared”.

10/14 Montreal, QC vs. Canadian Light Heavyweight Champion George Walker

10/27 Montreal, QC beat Zulu Havenpa (or Selu Hevonpaa) Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match?

11/02 Trois-Rivières, QC beat Jack McLaughlin?

Ste. Anne’s Club:

11/13 Ottawa, ON beat Jim O’Donnell Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match


(Ottawa Citizen, Monday, November 15, 1920)

Before a crowd of over fifteen hundred wrestling fans, Raymond Cazeaux, champion of France, defeated Jim O’Donnell, the Irish giant, by two straight falls in Ste. Anne’s Hall on Saturday night. The irrepressible Frenchman tickled his admirers early in the feature match when he injected some of his customary rough work into the battle. O’Donnell immediately remonstrated with Referee George Walker and the latter narrowly avoided a battle with Cazeaux when he warned him.

One preliminary between two local youngsters opened the evening’s entertainment. Desormeau and Gravelle, tipping the scales in the vicinity of ninety-four pounds, battled to a draw. Both displayed a great deal of science and lots of “pep” and the crowd gave them a good hand.

Cazeaux sloped the beam at 200 pounds for the feature go, while O’Donnell brought the scales to rest at 190.

Both grapplers used the early minutes looking for an opening. However, Cazeaux apparently was not pleased with the way things were going and he immediately opened up a furious attack on O’Donnell, much to the delight of the fans. Referee Walker warned him and a battle was narrowly averted. Thirty-seven minutes after the start Cazeaux closed a body hold on O’Donnell for the first fall, amid thunderous applause. After a short teen minutes had elapsed when the Frenchman brought the Irish giant’s shoulders to the mat with a similar hold.

Promoter George Tuohey:

(Wrestling as Raymond Cazeau)

11/16 Joliette, QC beat Jack McLaughlin

11/18 Boston, MA lost to Wladek Zbyszko Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match


When He Faces Cazeaux Tomorrow Night in By Ward Market Hall.

(Ottawa Citizen, Tuesday, November 23, 1920)

One of the snappiest wrestling bouts of the season is promised for tomorrow, Wednesday night, in By Ward Market Hall when George Walker, of Ottawa, claimant to the light heavyweight champion of Canada, meets Raymond Cazeaux, of Montreal, heavyweight champion of France. It is to be a handicap bout, in which Cazeaux undertakes to throw Walker twice within an hour or lose his forfeit of $200. This will be the first collision between Walker and Cazeaux and everything points to a cyclonic performance, as Walker has been on the trail of the fiery Frenchman for some time and “Cazooks” threatens to tear the Ottawa boy to pieces. Walker, however, has shown in his bouts here that he is well able to take care of himself and there are many who believe that George will surprise Cazeaux. The latter will arrive at noon tomorrow and final arrangements will then be made. The bout is taking place under the auspices of St. Anne’s Club and a sanction has been secured from the Ontario Boxing and Wrestling Commission, which now controls the sport in all parts of the province. The main bout will start about 9 o’clock and there will be a couple of preliminaries.

Walker will have a big following of supporters on hand as he showed when he defeated Eugene Tremblay Sunday that he is right at his best. The By Ward Market hall is being equipped with a new ring and will be made to accommodate a record crowd. This match will provide a real test for Walker and if he makes a good showing he will likely get more bouts against stars of the alleged “wrestling trust.”


The Market Inspector Thinks It Not Strong Enough to Withstand Cazeaux.

(Ottawa Citizen, Wednesday, November 24, 1920)

Market Inspector Borthwick apparently has heard of Cazeaux, the wrestler, and is afraid that the floor of By Ward market hall is not strong enough to withstand the strain when he cuts loose.

When Ste. Anne’s Hall was burned, Social Circle Ste. Anne transferred to the market building for its activities. The program includes a wrestling bout between Cazeaux and Walker, and when the inspector saw this advertised he reported to the board of control that he did not consider the floor strong enough for the bout, and the crowd which will attend.

Ald. Desjardins, Mr. J. A. Seguin and Mr. J. A. Labelle claimed the hall was perfectly safe and referred the board to rummage sales and euchers at which a thousand people attended to say nothing of campaign meetings. The board of control, in the face of the report of the market inspector, thought the building inspector should make a report before the hall is used for the wrestling match. The board will meet today to make its final decision as to whether or not the bout will be allowed in the hall.

Practically the only other matter taken up by the board was the zoning suggestion of Ald. Lowe, who was on hand to urge immediate action by the board. The suggestion will be considered on Thursday, and Mr. Thomas Adams, of the Commission of Conservation, will be asked to express his views.


George Will Get His Chance in Wrestling Match in the By Ward Market Hall.

(Ottawa Citizen, Wednesday, November 24, 1920)

Notwithstanding the objections which were raised in fear that “Cazooks” would do serious damage to the building, the wrestling bout between George Walker and the celebrated Cazeaux will take place as arranged at the By Ward market hall this evening. The big wrestlers are to grapple in a handicap match, the conditions of which specify that Cazeaux must throw Walker twice within an hour to win a forfeit of $200. This will be the first clash between Cazeaux and Walker, and on this account there is a lot of interest attached to it. The main bout stares at 9 o’clock and will take place under the auspices of Ste. Anne’s Club, which secured a permit for the occasion from the Ontario Boxing Commission.

George Walker will really be on trial tonight, and his friends will pull hard for the popular Ottawa boy to win. Walker has been trying for years to break into what is known as the “wrestling trust,” but was unable to do so, until this week, when the promoters undertook to give him his chance against Cazeaux, promising that if he defeated “Cazooks” he would get a number of other bouts with top-notchers.

They sure picked a tough old bird for Walker to start on, but George is a fearless grappler, and he feels confident that he will surprise the big French fire rockett. Cazeaux has been training on dynamite and horse shoe nails for the occasion, and will probably be in his usual form, in which event extra police and fire protection will be needed. Several preliminaries will be held.

Ste. Anne’s Club:

(Wrestling as Raymond Cazeaux)

11/24 Ottawa, ON lost to George Walker by DQ Handicap Match (Special Ref. Fred Diotte)

*As per the pre-match stipulations, Cazeaux was required to throw Walker twice within an hour or lose his forfeit of $200. According to The London Advertiser (11/25), Walker was “claimant to the light heavyweight wrestling title of Canada”.

Canadian Athletic Club:

11/25 Montreal, QC lost to George Walker Handicap Match

*As per the pre-match stipulations, Cazeaux was required to throw Walker twice within an hour or lose his forfeit of $200.

Promoter Gabe Kaufman?:

(Wrestling as Raymond Cazeau)

11/30 Kansas City, MO lost to Ed “Strangler” Lewis Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

*According to the Salina Evening Journal (12/01), Cazeau “resorted to rough tactics biting, kicking, and butting Lewis throughout the match” but lost both falls to the soon-to-be world champion.

Promoter Jack Curley:

12/13 New York City, NY lost to John Olin

Promoter Herb Hartley:

12/16 Watertown, NY vs. Joe Malcewicz (match cancelled)

12/?? Springfield, MA vs. Joe Malcewicz


05/?? Paris, France vs. Paul Hams Boxer vs. Wrestler Match?

Promoter George Tuohey:

11/25 Boston, MA vs. Waldek Zbyszko?



(Lawrence Daily Journal-World, Tuesday, March 14, 1922)

The wrestler vs. boxer idea is on the spread. Huey Walker, of Kansas City, boxer, says he will meet any wrestler in a mixed bout. Cazeau has been suggested as an opponent. Cazeau is, literally speaking, a man-eating Frenchman. Huey should be mighty cautious, knowing as he does how fond the French are of cheeses.


RAYMOND CAZEAUX DEAD; Was Well Known in Montreal to Wrestling Fans

(Montreal Gazette, November 29, 1924)

Pau, France, November 28. – Raymond Cazeaux, European wrestling champion from 1909 to 1913 and a contender for the world’s title, is dead.

Cazeaux was well known to Montrealers who followed wrestling when that sport was popular in Montreal. He was then under the management of the late George Kennedy and figured in numerous bouts at Sohmer Park. Cazeaux furnished his most interesting bouts with Dr. Roller and Jim Esson.


Popular Cartoonist, George Lawrence Dies

(The Gazette, Friday, October 15, 1948)

George Godfery Dillon Lawrence, 60, a sports cartoonist for 25 years and assistant sports editor of the Montreal Herald until taken ill 12 years ago, was buried yesterday. He died Wednesday. Former colleagues remembered him as a genial, whimsical man who conveyed his thoughts as well by writing as he could by drawing. Elmer Ferguson, sports editor of The Herald, recalled yesterday that one of Lawrence’s favorite objects for lampooning was the late Raymond Cazeau, hot-tempered moustached French wrestler “who was prone to emit loud roars of rage during his matches.”  Said Ferguson: “Cazeau roared loudest at some of the Lawrence drawings and at one time threatened to liquidate the little cartoonist.”



One of Canada’s outstanding sports personalities tells more tales of Great Guys I’ve Known

(The Montreal Star, Saturday, May 18, 1957)

BACK IN THE DAYS of the leaky-roof N.H.L, each club was allowed two votes at league meetings. At one meeting in Montreal George Kendall and Nap Dorval showed up for the Montreal Canadiens. I had come down from Ottawa alone. “You’ve got to have another representative with you,” George Kendall warned. “They might spring a surprise resolution and outvote us.”

So, with Kendall heading the plot, I took into the meeting Raymond Cazeaux, the famous old French wrestler, known to all as “Cazooks.” His performance at the meeting was superb. Every time Frank Calder, N.H.L. president, read a motion “Cazooks” would jump to his feet and shout his only two English words, which Kendall had just taught him – “We protest!” Finally, Frank Calder’s patience was exhausted. “You take that big wrestler out of here!” he cried. “Or I’ll throw you all out! You and Kendall are trying to make a farce out of the National Hockey League!” I guess my lack of a proper sense of reverence is one of the fifty-odd reasons I’m not a millionaire today. But I can’t say I’m sorry. I never found a place you could buy laughs, although there’s lots of places where they can cost you money.


05/03 Cazeaux’s grandson, Raymond Casau, who was awarded the title of Maitres Cuisiniers de France (Master Chefs of France), is featured in a New York Times article about his Michelin star rated restaurant “Chez Pierre” in Pau, France. First established in 1924, it was run by the Casau family from 1955 to 2010. Taken over by Fabrice Poilane, the restaurant operated for a few years until its close in 2019.


11/28 Cazeaux’s likeness is used the 2014 children’s film Paddington.