(1912 – 1932)

Real Name: Fred Diotte


Weight: 165 pounds

Born: Hull, Ontario

Manager: George Kinross

Titles Held: Canadian Middleweight Title 1915-19

55 documented matches as of February 23, 1932


According to the Ottawa Journal (08/28/1940), Diotte spent his early career working with Paddy Ford (Paddy Dussiaume) at “all the local county fairs”. He made his pro debut in 1912 and went undefeated for three years before claiming the middleweight championship in December 1915. Diotte eventually developed a large following among Ontario’s French-Canadian population during this period and was called “Ottawa’s favorite wrestler” by the Ottawa Journal in March 1917.


Britannia Club – Promoter: Guy Boyce

04/21 Ottawa, ON beat George Kinross

04/28 Ottawa, ON beat G. Forget Best 2-out-3 Falls Match

05/13 Ottawa, ON beat Joseph Cyr Best 2-out-3 Falls Match

08/26 Ottawa, ON beat George Bush


(London Advertiser, Thursday, September 21, 1915)

Fred Diotte. (photo caption)

Considerable interest has been aroused in the city and on Carling Heights over the wrestling challenge that has been launched by George Sapartas, a Greek grappler, who is in London at the present time. Sapartas is accompanied by another wrestler, named Fred Diotte, and both men paid a visit to the camp and talked with several wrestling champions on the heights, with a view to making a match. The soldiers have some good men, and it is probable that an exhibition will be arranged for some time next month. Diotte is a Canadian and has been in several matches around Montreal and Ottawa. Among the soldiers are Dave Taylor, who has wrestled several good men, and Billy Brennen, fighter and wrestler, who comes from British Columbia.

11/20 Ottawa, ON beat Corp. Patterson Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

11/30 Ottawa, ON beat Corp. Jorgensen Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

(Tour – Western Ontario?)

?? Bothwell, ON beat Peters Best 2-out-3 Falls Match

?? London, ON beat Billy Brennan Best 2-out-3 Falls Match

?? beat Tim O’Brien Best 2-out-3 Falls Match

?? London, ON beat Peterson Best 2-out-3 Falls Match

?? Stratford, ON beat Virginia Champion Fred Nelson Best 2-out-3 Falls Match

?? Stratford, ON beat Jorgensem Best 2-out-3 Falls Match

?? Guelph, ON beat Keese Best 2-out-3 Falls Match

?? Toronto, ON beat Conkle Best 2-out-3 Falls Match


Ottawa Wrestler Home After Successful Tour Up West. Issues Challenge to Any Other Grapplers

(The Ottawa Citizen, Saturday, December 11, 1915)

Fred Diotte, a well-known Ottawa wrestler, who claims the middleweight championship of Canada, recently returned from a very successful tour through western Ontario.

He defeated all comers and created a very good impression. Diotte has issued a challenge to any wrestler in the country at 165 pounds or under. He tips the beams himself at 155, but is willing to concede ten pounds to any grappler who thinks he can throw him. Diotte would like to sign on with Charlie Fraser, of Ottawa, and may also tackle George Bush. His address is 23 Harvey street, Ottawa East, and replies to his challenge may be addressed to him at that place or sent in care of the Citizen Sporting Editor. Diotte is now in the pink of condition. He goes to Toronto Monday night to wrestle George Spartas, the Greek champion, after which he will return. Diotte has been invited to take part in the Civil Service and Pastime euchers next week and will do so if able to spare the time. He is in the best of shape and eager for more. Diotte has entered the professional game with bright prospects and may appear shortly at Sohmer Park, Montreal under the management of George Kennedy. He has been in the wrestling game for three years, during which time he has not been defeated. He had a number of matches on his recent trip up West and not once were his shoulder pinned to the matting. He wrestles catch as catch can, or Graeco-Roman, but all his bouts recently have been at the former style.

He grappled a middleweight at Bothwell, named Peters, and defeated him in 7 and 13 minutes, after which he downed Billy Brennan at London in two falls. Then he beat Tim O’Brien of Cobalt, in two straight and followed at London with a win over Peterson, a local boy, whom he tossed in 5 and 11 minutes. He vanquished Fred Nelson at Stratford, Nelson being the Virginia champion. Afterwards he disposed of Jorgensem, a Swede at Stratford and came back with a win over Keese at Guelph in 2 and 12 minutes. His latest success was over Conkle at Toronto, Diotte winning two straight in quick time. He tackles a good man in George Spartas and is confident of success. Diotte will anxiously await replies to his challenge printed in the foregoing.

12/13 Toronto, ON vs. George Spartas

Civil Service Athletic Association – Promoter: Howard Ward, Joe Deslauriers & Mike Goodwin

12/15 Ottawa, ON beat Ubald Hebert Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match – Ref: George Kinross

Pastimes Baseball Club – Promoter: Henry Higgerty

12/17 Ottawa, ON vs. a local policeman Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match


(Tour – Western Ontario?)

Civil Service Athletic Association – Promoter: Howard Ward

01/19 Ottawa, ON vs. Howard Ward (sub. Montreal Middleweight Champion Brousseau)

01/19 Ottawa, ON vs. unknown local wrestler

*According to the Ottawa Citizen (1/19), Diotte “recently returned from a successful tour of Western Ontario”. He was originally scheduled to wrestle Montreal Middleweight Champion Brousseau in a “Champion vs. Champion” match. When the Montreal champion did not appear, Diotte wrestled CSAA gymnastic instructor Howard Ward and another local wrestler in exhibition bouts.

03/13 Ottawa, ON vs. Cyclone Ross Donnelly

03/20 Ottawa, ON w/. Jack Herman and Battling Stuart, vs. Jack McLaughlin Handicap Match

*Laughlin, billed as the “Irish-Canadian heavyweight champion”, agreed to throw the three middleweight wrestlers within 30 min. or forfeit $25 to each man.

Civil Service Athletic Association – Promoter: Guy Boyce, Howard Ward, Joe Deslauriers, Mike Goodwin & Reg. Sims

03/24 Ottawa, ON beat “Strangler” Ryan (sub. for Jerry Lafontaine?) Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match – Ref: George Kinross

*Diotte also issued an open challenge to any soldier at the event. Kinross, who refereed the bout, announced he was Diotte’s new manager and “would receive challenges from any grappler up to 165 pounds.”

03/27 Ottawa, ON vs. Cyclone Ross Donnelly

03/31 Ottawa, ON beat Dorval Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

04/10 Ottawa, ON beat A. Tremblay Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

Pastime Baseball Club – Promoter: Ferdie Dewhurst

04/24 Ottawa, ON vs. Jerry Lafontaine

04/28 Ottawa, ON beat Stewart Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

06/01 Ottawa, ON beat LeBlanc Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match


(The Ottawa Citizen, Saturday, June 24, 1916)

Fred Diotte, middleweight champion of Ottawa, announced last night that he would accept the challenge of D. Nicholls, the “Greek Lion,” for a match for the local title. Nicholls issued a challenge to any man in the city. Diotte preferred, and Diotte lost no time in accepting it. He is willing to wrestle Nicholls to a finish for a side bet of $500, and would like to tackle him at St. Ann’s hall on Friday nightof next week, June 30. Details for the Diotte-Nicholls match will likely be completed today. Each wrestler will weigh about 150 pounds.


(The Ottawa Citizen, Thursday, June 29, 1916)

Arrangements have been completed for a wrestling bout at St. Anne’s Hall, St. Patrick street, Friday evening, between Fred Diotte, of Ottawa, who claims the middleweight championship of Canada, and George Nickols, of New York, better known as the Greek Lion. Nickols blew in last week and issued a challenge.


Middleweights to Wrestle at St. Anne’s Hall Tonight; Fast Bout Promised.

(The Ottawa Citizen, Friday, June 30, 1916)

St. Anne’s Hall, St. Patrick street, will be the scene of a wrestling bout this evening when Fred Diotte, of Ottawa, holder of the middleweight championship, clashes with George Nickols, of New York, better known as the Greek Lion. They will grapple under catch-as-catch-can rules to a finish, two falls out of three. A referee will be agreed on today. Diotte and Nickols conferred yesterday and made final arrangements for the bout. Several names have been suggested as referees, and one will definitely chosen this afternoon at 3 o’clock. There will be two preliminaries before the main bout, Diotte and Nickols going into the ring about 8.30. It is expected that a big crowd will be on hand for the occasion.

Diotte has a large following among the French-Canadians of the capital, while Nickols, who is making his first appearance here, will have an army of Greeks on hand to cheer him along. Diotte has not yet tasted defeat, but in Nickols he will meet a man who will put him to the test. Nickols has a long string of victories to his credit, and he counts on taking two straight falls from Diotte this evening. If successful against Diotte, Nickols will issue a challenge to any middleweight in Canada. A new ring has been stretched at St. Anne’s Hall, and a big gathering of the wrestling enthusiasts is expected to witness the struggle this evening between Diotte and Nickols.

06/30 Ottawa, ON beat George Nickols Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match – Ref: George Kinross

Sportsmen’s Patriotic Association

10/26 Ottawa, ON beat Archie Diotte (sub. Jerry Lafontaine?) Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match


Fred Diotte has Enlisted With Army Service Corps.

(The Ottawa Citizen, Tuesday, December 5, 1916)

Fred Diotte, the well known local wrestler, who enlisted with the Army Service Corps, is in the city on his last leave. He signed up with Lieut. T. V. Doyle a few weeks ago and will leave for overseas duty shortly. Diotte claims the middleweight championship of Canada.


It is Archie Diotte Who Enlisted for Overseas Service.

(The Ottawa Citizen, Thursday, December 7, 1916)

On the strength of information arrived from the Base Recruiting Office it was announced in these columns several days ago that Fred Diotte, champion middleweight wrestler of Canada, had enlisted with the Canadian Army Service Corps. This was an error. The name ought to have been Archie Diotte. Fred has gone to the States to engage in a number of bouts, while it is Archie, who is going overseas. Archie, who according to Announcer Frank Marshall, holds the championship of the mechanical transport column, has already left for Toronto to complete his course. As Fred Diotte had also departed, the confusion of names naturally caused a lot of annoyance to his wife. Fred Diotte will return from the States as soon as he completes his wrestling engagements.

(Tour – United States?)


01/24 Renfew, ON vs. Olof Sunburg

04/02 Ottawa, ON beat Jack Herman Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

04/09 Ottawa, ON beat “Young” Cazeaux via forfeit Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match


04/22 Ottawa, ON lost to Carl van Worden via forfeit Tournament Final

04/29 Ottawa, ON beat Carl van Worden Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match


Sensational Montreal Wrestler Wants Chance Against Middleweight Champ.

(The Ottawa Citizen, Monday, May 13, 1918)

Fred Diotte, middleweight wrestling champion of Canada, who recently defeated all-comers in the tournament at the Casino Theatre, may be seen on the mat again in the near future. Though Fred intended retiring for the summer, his ire was recently aroused by a challenge from Jack Herrman of Montreal, a rough and tumble wrestler who grapples under the name of Young Cazeaux. He announced at Montreal, that he was willing to tackle Diotte for a side bet of $200 and the Canadian championship, and it is likely that Diotte will accept the defy and arrange for the match. Diotte refuses to go to Montreal to meet Young Cazooks, but win agree to have an outsider referee the bout and will allow “Cazooks” the additional traveling expenses if he will consent to have the question of supremacy settled here.

Diotte has sent word to this effect to Montreal and is awaiting a reply from Cazooks. The latter is one of the scrappiest wrestlers in the game and on the occasion of his appearance against Diotte at the Francais Theatre last year, he cracked all the board in the stage, wrecked some of the furniture and caused all kinds of excitement.

1st Canadian Tank Battalion – Promoter: Col. Denison

05/14 Ottawa, ON drew Charlie McCarthy Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match


Various Shows Are Under Able Management of Messrs. Weeks and Farley – A Variety of Good Things For the Visitors.

(Daily British Whig, Tuesday, September 24, 1918)

Congress of Wrestling.

Fred Diotte has a congress of wrestling and athletics. He holds the title of middle weight champion, and offers $5 for all comers. There is also Hector Decarle, the champion strong man of the world. At the Summer Park in Montreal last season he downed Warren Travers, of New York. There are also a number of lady wrestlers and boxers. All interested should not fail to see this exhibition.

Spidora, the mysterious spider girl, has proved a great sensation all over the world, and forms the greatest mystery yet unsolved. She is looked upon as a “brain twister.” This attraction calls for more than passing note, and is a feature that everyone should see.

Fred Diotte



Y.M.C.A. Champion Willing to Meet Fred Diotte for Middle Honors.

(The Ottawa Citizen, Tuesday, April 22, 1919)

Carl Van Wurden, middleweight wrestler of the Y.M.C.A. has laid claim to the Eastern Canada title now held by Fred Diotte. He has left in the hands of The Citizen sporting editor, a challenge to Diotte, requesting a bout to a finish to decide the title. He also claims the cups won by Diotte in the city wrestling tournament at the Casino theatre last year. He is willing to have the time and place of the bout arranged as soon as possible, and feels very confident that he will be able to take Diotte’s measure. Wurden and Diotte have become bitter rivals, and a match for the championship would, no doubt, attract a large crowd.

Wurden has learned most of his wrestling at the Y.M.C.A., and is one of the gamest and strongest youngsters the Capital has yet turned out. Diotte defeated everything in sight last summer and won many matches throughout the Ottawa valley. Diotte has not yet been heard from but it is probable that he would agree to meet Van Wurden, if suitable terms could be arranged.

05/21 Ottawa, ON beat Jack Campbell (sub. Jack Forbes)

05/28 Ottawa, ON vs. Carl Van Wurden


Wrestling Bout for Middleweight Title Had an Unsatisfactory Ending.

(The Ottawa Citizen, Thursday, May 29, 1919)

The wrestling bout at the Arena last night between Fred Diotte and Carl Van Wurden for the middleweight championship of the city had a very unsatisfactory windup. In the presence of the largest crowd that has attended a match this year Van Wurden captured the first fall from Diotte in twenty seven minutes, throwing the champions with a body hold. The men resumed, with excitement at a fever heat, and had only been at it a short time, when Van Worden fouled Diotte by kicking him in the neck. Van Wurden claimed that Diotte had previously struck him. There was a great uproar as Diotte was knocked out. He was unable to continue and a fall was awarded against Van Wurden by Referee Audette.

Diotte was then given the customary ten minutes to recuperate. He was still unable to go on when this time expired and Referee Audette then awarded the decision to Diotte. The victory, however, was a hollow one and Van Wurden immediately challenged Diotte to another match. It is understood that negotiations are progressing and that the rival middleweights may come together at the Arena again next Wednesday, under the auspices of the Dalhousie Club. The match, barring the foul work, which was regrettable, proved one of the fastest and best that has been ever staged at the Capital. Both men were out to win and it was unfortunate that they should have lost their tempers. Van Wurden wanted to continue and finish out the match but Diotte said that a doctor advised against it and refused to do so. He expressed a willingness to meet Van Wurden again, but the men could not come to any agreement last night because Diotte’s guarantee was too high to suit the officers of the Dalhousie club.

In the preliminaries, Charlie McCarthy beat Amos Robinson in 25 minutes. Audette won from Snyder and Belanger defeated his man in two minutes. About eight hundred people witnessed the match.


(The Ottawa Citizen, Friday, May 30, 1919)

Carl Van Wurden, against whom the decision was given by Referee Audette after Wednesday’s bout at the Arena, is out with another challenge to Fred Diotte. Van Wurden, who was declared defeated, because he had kicked Diotte on the chin, after alleging that Fred had repeatedly fouled him, dropped into The Citizen Office yesterday and offered to meet Diotte under any conditions. In fact, Van Wurden was accompanied by Messrs. Belanger and McCarthy, promoters of the midweek match, who were also endeavoring to round up Diotte to have him sign articles for another match. Diotte did not put in an appearance, but it was explained that he was busy with his automobile calls on account of the arrival of so many soldiers.

“I was offered $250 to place on myself last night,” said Wurden, “and I am willing to put up some myself to show that I mean business, and that I can defeat Diotte. I ought to have won last night, though I admit that I lost my head. I can throw Diotte any time, and I am satisfied that Referee Audette made a mistake when he gave the decision against me.”

Van Wurden has written to one of the highest wrestling authorities in America asking for a decision as to Wednesday’s bout.

?? Ottawa, ON lost to Carl Van Wurden

*Lost Canadian Middleweight Championship


“Masked Marvel” Wants to Meet Diotte, Van Worden or Fraser.

(The Ottawa Citizen, Tuesday, June 17, 1919)

Mr. John Hare, a well known former Ottawa boy, who has been in the West, arrived in Capital yesterday, bringing with him a sweeping challenge to local wrestlers Hare has a new marvel under his wing. He is a mystery and he wrestles under the name “the man with the golden mask.” He weights about 160 pounds, is an amateur at the game and is out to win the middleweight championship. He is ready to meet Carl Van Worden, Fred Diotte or Charlie Fraser or all three of these Ottawa grapplers for any stake that the opposing party or parties may wish to put up.

Mr. Hare would not reveal the name of his protege, but he slapped $50 down on The Citizen sporting editor’s desk as a guarantee of good faith and offered to meet Diotte, Fraser or Van Worden for a side bet of $100 and winner take all the gate receipt, or a side bet and a 50-50 split on the returns. He will not make the match unless his opponent is prepared to put up a side bet. The “man with the golden mask” is said to be a real whirlwind and there is no doubt that a clash between him and Van Worden, Diotte or Fraser would prove exciting. The “masked marvel” will arrive in Ottawa tomorrow and Mr. Hare, his manager, is willing to make an appointment with any of the Ottawa grapplers to close arrangements for the bout. “Let them name the hour, the date and the place.” said Mr. Hare. “and I will be on the scene to close for the match. My man is genuine and we are out for the championship.”

Diotte, Van Worden and Fraser have all been in training and Hare’s challenge would appear to offer an opening for a good attraction in the line of wrestling.

06/25 According to The Ottawa Citizen (6/25), Ottawa boxer-wrestler Charlie McCarthy states he “will back Carl Van Wurden to any extent for a match against Fred Diotte”.

06/28 Ottawa, ON w/. Charlie Fraser beat The Masked Marvel (“The Man With The Golden Mask”) Handicap Match (Referee: Carl Van Wurden)


(The Ottawa Citizen, Monday, June 30, 1919)

Jack Hare’s now famous wrestling mystery, the Man With The Golden Mask, struck a snag at the Monument Nationale Saturday night when he tackled Charlie Fraser, of Ottawa. The Masked Marvel had agreed to throw Fred Diotte and Charlie Fraser within an hour. He took on Fraser first, expecting to make short work of the local heavyweight, but Fraser withstood all his efforts to pin his shoulders to the mat for 43 minutes, and Fred Diotte held him off for the rest of the time without a fall. The unknown grappler was evidently all in from his exertions to throw Fraser and Diotte was seldom in danger. Manager Hare said that his man was suffering from a severe cold and offered to repeat his offer on the occasion of his return trip to Ottawa in the fall. Meanwhile Fraser issued a straight challenge to the Masked Marvel and offered to bet that he could defeat the Western cyclone, whoever he is.

Carl Van Wurden officiated as referee and there was a big crowd in attendance. Fraser and Diotte were repeatedly cheered for game defence, but they and the Man With The Golden Mask gave some clever exhibitions. Several preliminary bouts were also put on.

09/05 Ottawa, ON lost to French Middleweight Champion Ernie Arthurs Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

09/15 According to the Ottawa Citizen (9/16), Ernie Arthurs accepted a request from Diotte for a return bout after Arthurs’ loss to Canadian Middleweight Champion George Walker in the main event. Both men put up $100 to “bind the agreement”.

10/06 According to the Ottawa Citizen (10/06), French Middleweight Champion Ernie Arthurs issues a challenge boasting to throw Diotte, Charlie McCarthy and Carl Van Wurden within an hour upon his return to Port Arthur, if they guarantee him a $500 house.


French-Canadian Wrestler Is Out With a Challenge.

(The Ottawa Citizen, Thursday, October 30, 1919)

Sporting Editor, Citizen. I saw by the papers that Carl Van Wurden is back in town. Now as there has been so much dispute as to who is the best man between us I challenge him to meet me under the following conditions:

Match to be catch as catch can and I will guarantee to throw him two pin falls within ninety minutes of actual wrestling.

I have been working out with George Walker and a few other big wrestlers who will also be after Van Wurden’s scalp in the near future. Hoping to hear from him as soon as possible, I remain, yours, etc.

Fred Diotte

P. S. – I would also put up a reasonable side bet to make it interesting if he wishes.

Ottawa, Ont., Oct. 29, 1919.

11/12 Ottawa, ON vs. Billy Deschene

11/15 Ottawa, ON drew Jack Couillard


11/24 Ottawa, ON referee for George Walker vs. Raymond Cazeaux


01/07 Ottawa, ON beat ?

01/07 Ottawa, ON referee for George Walker vs. Emile Maupas

*According to Le droit (1/04), Diotte successfully promoted earlier Maupas-Walker bouts at Royal Park. Diotte also made his in-ring return “with a big win in the preliminary round”.

Here’s Another.

(Daily British Whig, January 26, 1921)

Fred Diotte, ex-champion middleweight of Canada, who has been making a sensational comeback after being some time out of the game, is out to meet “Charlie” Fraser and would be willing to give him a handicap match. Diotte thinks he can throw Fraser, and is ready to meet him any time and any place. D. Jackson, his manager, 6 Christie Street, Ottawa, would like to hear from Fraser’s manager.

The more the merrier say we, and in a short time the old Limestone city will be a boxing and wrestling centre if this keeps up.


01/24 Ottawa, ON According to the Ottawa Citizen (1/25), Diotte challenged the winner of Carl Van Wurden vs. The Masked Marvel


Promoter William Lannin:

05/17 Ottawa ON lost to Canadian Light Heavyweight Champion Carl van Wurden

06/10 Ottawa ON beat Canadian Light Heavyweight Champion Carl van Wurden



(Le Droit, Thursday, June 12, 1930)

“Isn’t Carl Van Wurden recognized as the light heavyweight wrestling champion of Canada and didn’t I beat him decisively Tuesday night. Why am I not proclaimed champion?”

These were the words of Fred Diotte, a brilliant wrestler from Hull, speaking to “Le Droit” on Tuesday night. Fred was convinced that the match was to decide the championship, but the thing is not clearly established. In fact, most fans thought it was that it was only a question of a a rematch.

But Diotte is right to claim the championship. We think he will have to meet Van Wurden again, unless his agreement with the promoter Lannin has guaranteed him the honors in case of a win.


It seems that we will have the pleasure of witnessing another battle between these same workers. And this time it will be for national honors. Fred will continue his training.

As for the masked man’s challenge to the winner of Tuesday’s match, Fred says he’s willing to take it as long as the organizers guarantee him a decent amount of money to compensate him somewhat for his work.


02/10 Perth, ON lost to George Cornell Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

02/20 Perth, ON According to the Ottawa Citizen (2/21), Diotte challenged the winner of John Hindfors vs. George Cornell.


01/15 Ottawa, ON vs. Hervé Boult

*Boult is one of Diotte’s wrestling students

02/23 Hull, ON beat Henri Fournier Best 2-out-of-3 Falls Match