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Mat Matters: Happy birthday to Billy Blue River, our #1 fan

When the Slam Wrestling website was relaunching as, our dedicated crew spent a lot of time debating what we wanted, how we wanted it to look, and how it would all work. In that crazy weekend where John Powell and I put it all together for a June 1,...

The bear facts on McKigney’s classic posters

The posters that advertised pro wrestling in small-town Canada—particularly those hyping shows promoted by “Bearman” Dave McKigney—are works of art in a genre truly their own. The rigid single-colour planes and offset grids of the posters allowed McKigney to...

Billy Wicks: ‘Pops’ was source of stories, inspiration

Long before Jackie Fargo feuded with Al Greene and Jerry Lawler feuded with just about everybody, there was no doubt about the most historic blood rivalry in the Tennessee territory: Billy Wicks and Sputnik Monroe. They broke gate records, and each other, in a series...

Portia Perez leads charge against ‘misogynistic’ commentary

As men and women throughout the wrestling industry began sharing accounts of alleged abuse through the “Speaking Out” hashtag, Portia Perez took action. Mere days into what has become a movement, the former SHIMMER tag team champion offered to re-do commentary that...


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