Ric Flair isn’t sitting back any more.

On X, The Nature Boy gave his opinion on the age-old question…Who killed WCW? He points the finger at Eric Bischoff, Jim Herd and Vince Russo.

Eric Bischoff was the Executive Producer and later Senior Vice President of World Championship Wrestling, Vince Russo was the head booker and writer while Jim Herd was the Executive Vice President of World Championship Wrestling.

“There’s No Individual Wrestler Or Faction That Caused Anything To Kill WCW. It Was The People In Charge That Created Dysfunction, Animosity, And Tried To Divide And Conquer By Lying To Everyone And Involving Themselves In The Promotion Which Was The Ultimate Failure!” he wrote.

Flair expressed his thanks to the WWE for hiring him back after his time in WCW was over.

“God, I Could Give You A Thousand More Examples. I Am One To Live Through All Three Nightmares And To Be Saved By The @WWE! Thank You To The WWE For Bringing Someone Who Was Dead In The Water As A Result Of These Three People Back To Life!” he continued.

The legacy of WCW has been dragged back into the spotlight again by the multi-part documentary ‘Who Killed WCW?” which is currently airing on Vice.

One of the people Flair blames, Eric Bischoff, not only had the producers on his YouTube show but also gave his thoughts on the series itself.


TOP PHOTO: Ric Flair at The Big Event fan fest on Saturday, November 13, 2021, at New York LaGuardia Airport Marriott, in East Elmhurst, NY. Photo by George Tahinos, Slam Wrestling, https://georgetahinos.smugmug.com.