Happy Monday everyone, it is time for Raw! Tonight’s show kicked off with the man who will be challenging Damian Priest for the World Heavyweight Championship this Saturday, Drew McIntyre.

He said all he is focused on is becoming the new champion at Clash at the Castle and he knows that he will not just be facing Priest, but also the entire Judgement Day. Priest made his way to the ring with Finn Bálor and JD McDonagh. He told Drew he has his opportunity and he is still making excuses. McIntyre just made this personal by thinking Priest needs J-Day to beat him because he is forgetting about the man that holds it. This Saturday he heads into McIntyre’s hometown to put him down and he doesn’t need anyone’s help.

Drew is not too worried about Priest. Credit: WWE

McIntyre did not care about Priest’s speech because this Saturday that title will be his and his only hope of retaining is J-Day. Priest said Drew is making excuses so tonight he wants him to face Finn Bálor and if Drew wins J-Day will be banned from ringside Saturday. McIntyre said he respects a man who is willing to dig his own grave. He promises to beat Bálor and hopes next week, Priest will shake his hand when he stands before him as the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Liv Morgan has her sights set on Dominik Mysterio and met him in The Judgement Day’s locker room. Morgan said a gorgeous man like Dom shouldn’t be with a woman who makes him call her mommy, he should be with a woman who isn’t scared to call him daddy. She then said if he changed his mind about her, she’d be in her hotel room waiting for him. Things are getting hot and heavy with Liv and Dirty Dom.

Iyo Sky w/Damange Ctrl vs. Lyra Valkyria

Sky has wanted revenge on Valkyria for weeks, which was showing early on as she unloaded strikes on Valkyria. That offence continued as Sky landed a springboard moonsault onto Valkyria outside the ring. Valkyria began to battle back with a spinning heel kick and diving missile dropkick followed by a fisherman suplex. Unfortunately for Valkyria, Sky responded with a backbreaker and a double stomp to the chest.

Sky then went for a springboard, but Valkyria caught her and dropped her with a Night Wing. As she went for the pin, Dakota Kai interfered at ringside and distracted Valkyria, allowing Sky to capitalize. Sky hit the running knees and then pulled at the braid of Valkyria to trap her in a roll-up to steal the victory.

Winner: Iyo Sky

Following the bell, Damage Ctrl continued the beat down on Valkyria. Kayden Carter and Katana Chance made the save, they chased Damage Ctrl from the ring.

The Judgement Day caught up with Dominik Mysterio in their locker room and he told them about the Liv Morgan situation. He seemed to be questioning what to do and showed them Liv’s hotel room key. Damian Priest told him he needs to put his foot down with the Liv stuff and they need to stick to Judgement Day business. While Priest was giving his speech, Bálor sneakily took the key to Morgan’s hotel room. Could something be going on between Bálor and Morgan behind the scenes?

Sami Zayn was walking backstage when he bumped into Maxxine Dupri and Akira Tozawa of the Alpha Academy. Zayn apologized to them because of how they’d been stuck in the middle of Zayn’s feud with Chad Gable. He told them they don’t have to take this from Gable when Otis walked up behind Zayn. Otis seemed to be apologetic for attacking Zayn last week, but Zayn questioned why Otis sticks with Gable.

Otis said he has had everything in the past, but he has also lost everything like the Money in the Bank briefcase, his peach and his brother Tucker. When he lost those things, Gable was there to pick him up and he gave him everything he has. Zayn cuts Otis off to tell him how special he is and he hopes Otis realizes his skill and potential soon enough.

Ludwig Kaiser has been on quite the run recently and last week he knocked off Sheamus. He said soon people will stop calling him Gunther’s mouthpiece and they will soon call him Mr. Money in the Bank.

LWO (Dragon Lee & Rey Mysterio) & Braun Strowman vs. The Judgement Day (Dominik Mysterio & JD McDonagh) & Carlito

Judgement Day cheated their way into control early on, but Rey Mysterio then got his hands on his son Dominik. Rey and Lee then tried to showcase some highflying, but they both ended up planted on the outside. J-Day was keeping Rey isolated and he was stuck in their corner getting beat down. This went on for a good amount of time until Rey caught JD with a DDT and Lee was tagged into the match. Lee quickly took control and dove from the top rope with a double stomp into Carlito’s chest. Dom then got involved taking out both Lee and his dad, but standing on the apron was Liv Morgan.

Liv finds herself a seat. Credit: WWE

Dom jumped to the outside of the ring telling Morgan to go to the back, but she was hit from behind by Zelina Vega and fell onto Dom. She was sitting on Dom laughing and teasing him when she was attacked from behind by Vega which caused some mayhem. Amid the madness, Strowman tagged in and dropped Carlito with a Running Powerslam before Lee splashed onto him from Strowman’s shoulders for the win.

Winners: LWO (Dragon Lee & Rey Mysterio) & Braun Strowman

Ilja Dragunov was preparing for his match with Bron Breakker tonight when he was approached by Ricochet. He wanted to pass some advice to Dragunov and promised to have his back. It was also announced earlier this week that Ricochet will be leaving WWE this summer once his contract expires. It has been rumoured that tonight will be his final appearance, so it seems like he wants to go out with a bang.

Iyo Sky continues to lose her mind more and more every single week. Dakota Kai and Kairi Sane tried to talk to her, but all she could do was cry and scream that Damage Ctrl has to change!

Sami Zayn took some time to address the audience about how messed up the last few weeks have been and how he is days away from defending against Chad Gable. He said this feud has slowly become very personal and this Saturday he promised to beat Gable to put an end to this once and for all.

There is no more time to deal with this psychopath, it is time for Zayn to get back to work as the Intercontinental Champion. Zayn then attempted to look past Gable when he was interrupted by the Alpha Academy. Gable said he tries to make himself the superhero when is the real manipulated sticking his nose in other people’s business. Gable promised that the Academy is very happy and they would be even happier when he wins the Intercontinental title. Zayn told Gable he is out of his mind if he thinks his academy is happy.

The truth is Gable doesn’t give a damn about Dupri, Tozawa and Otis, but the fans care about them and they won’t all be truly happy until they leave Gable. However, Gable said they are a family and they will never leave his side no matter what. Gable then tells Zayn that he is now unleashing the new Otis, who is more ruthless and aggressive than ever.

Sami Zayn vs. Otis

Otis got things started by clubbing Zayn with massive forearm shots before dropping two running splashes onto his chest. Gable then began demanding Otis drop a third splash, but Otis didn’t do it and Gable got up on the apron. With Gable yelling at Otis, Zayn ran and hit Otis with a Helluva Kick to get the quick victory.

Winner: Sami Zayn

As soon as the bell sounded Gable jumped Zayn and began beating him down. He then ordered Tozawa and Dupri to the back before kicking Otis to get up and demanding he hit Zayn. Otis was refusing, so Gable slapped Otis across the face repeatedly which made Otis angrier than ever. Otis took a run at Gable, but Gable ducked out of the way and Otis hit Zayn before dropping him with a World’s Strongest Slam.

Gable smiled while watching that beatdown and tried to stand next to Otis, however, Otis turned his attention to him. Otis chased Gable into the corner and wanted to him Gable, but he talked himself out of it and a very distraught Otis walked to the back.

The Miz had been hunting down R-Truth all night because when Truth is on his own, things go wrong. Miz finally caught up to him and he was right, Scarlett tricked Truth into thinking she was a fortune teller. She gave Truth the death card and tricked him into making a tag team title match with the Authors of Pain tonight.

The Women’s Tag Team Champions, Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill have arrived on Raw. They are here to watch their two challengers this Saturday do battle.

Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn vs. Zoey Stark & Shayna Baszler

Baszler wasted no time taking care of Fyre and Dawn, she choked Dawn out with the Kirifuda Clutch.

Winners: Zoey Stark & Shayna Baszler

Bron Breakker vs. Ilja Dragunov

Breakker has been on the tear of a lifetime recently and he hoped to keep that up against Dragunov tonight. However, Dragunov began the match by hitting Breakker with several chops and kicks. He then took a run at Breakker, but he ended up getting hung up on the ropes by his neck. That allowed Breakker to gain control and slam Dragunov into the mat before driving forearms into the back of his head.

Dragunov began to battle back with some boots and lariats, but he then ran into a brutal knee from Breakker. However, instead of hitting the mat, he swung through the ropes with his signature Constantine Special. He followed that with a diving knee and multiple German suplexes. Dragunov then drove Breakker into the turnbuckle with a Death Valley driver before flying across the ring with a Coast to Coast. With Breakker reeling, Dragunov went to the top rope and landed a diving senton.

Breakker’s brutal run continues. Credit: WWE

He then hit Breakker with a big knee before hitting him with a picture-perfect H-Bomb, but he could not get the cover as Breakker rolled outside the ring. Dragunov followed him to kick him across the announce table and both men ended up on top of the table. Breakker lifted Dragunov and dropped him ribs-first on the edge of the table. The brutality of Breakker was now coming out, he dropped Dragunov’s ribs on the barricade and then drove him into the ring post. He next brought him into the ring and speared Dragunov in half, but Dragunov rolled to the outside.

So, Breakker followed him out and ran around the ring to spear Dragunov once again, this time on the floor. When Dragunov finally rolled back in the ring, Breakker hit him with a third and final spear to get the victory.

Winner: Bron Breakker

Following the match, Breakker tried to hit Dragunov with a third spear, but as he ran around the ring Ricochet flew out of the crowd hitting him with a crossbody. He fought Breakker off and saved Dragunov.

World Tag Team Championship Match: The Awesome Truth (The Miz & R-Truth) (c) vs. Authors of Pain (Akam & Rezar) w/The Final Testament

AOP was using their strength to isolate Miz, but Truth got the hot tag and tried to pay homage to John Cena with a Five Knuckle Shuffle. However, Scarlett distracted the referee while Karrion Kross tripped up Truth and Miz. The New Day then rushed to the ring to fight off Kross and that distraction allowed Miz to steal the victory with a quick roll-up.

Winners: Still World Tag Team Champions, The Awesome Truth (The Miz & R-Truth)

Ricochet was helping Ilja Dragunov walk backstage when Breakker speared Dragunov in half for the fourth time tonight. He then turned his attention to Ricochet as they fought into the parking lot and he tossed Ricochet head-first into a trailer. He then carried Ricochet up the stairs of the trailer and leaped off driving Ricochet through the windshield of a car. Breakker has gone insane and that very well might be the end of Ricochet in the WWE.

Drew McIntyre vs. Finn Bálor

McIntyre was using his power early on, but Bálor then launched McIntyre into the ring post and stomped his arm on the stairs. Bálor turned his attention to the arm only to be driven into the ring apron by McIntyre. To follow that, McIntyre sent Bálor flying with a belly-to-belly suplex over the announce table. As the match carried on, Bálor battled back by catching McIntyre with a Russian leg sweep and locking in head scissors.

Bálor continued with a reverse neck breaker elbow drop and then locked in an armbar, but McIntyre broke the hold with a powerbomb. McIntyre now sent Bálor flying with another belly-to-belly before dropping him with a neckbreaker. He then called for the Claymore but ran into a sling blade from Bálor and he followed that with a diving tope to the outside. Bálor now got McIntyre back into the ring hoping to hit the Coup de Grace, however, McIntyre caught him with a headbutt and superplex from the top rope.

Saturday. Credit: WWE

McIntyre saw the end was near and he planted Bálor with a Future Shock DDT and as he got back up he saw Damian Priest making his way to the ring. As he was looking at Priest, Carlito and JD McDonagh rushed into the ring only to both be hit with Claymores. With them taken care of, McIntyre then finished Bálor off with a Claymore. This Saturday, Judgement Day will be banned from ringside and McIntyre will get Priest all to himself.

Winner: Drew McIntyre