There are friends in the National Wrestling Alliance, and none are as tight as Pretty Empowered. Yet that friendship will be tested as Ella Envy and Kylie Paige will be in a triple threat match alongside Taylor Rising to see who is the number one contender for the NWA Women’s World Title, held by Kenzie Paige.

No pressure.

We come to you from The PowerrrStation in Tampa Bay, FL. Joe Galli, Billy Corgan, and Danny Dealz have the call, and your First Match of the Night is…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

First Round of the Crockett Cup: The Country Gentlemen (AJ and KC Cazana, with Joe Cazana) vs The Savages of Samoa (Alofa and Ativalu)

This is the first time we see the Savages and hopefully, it’s not the last. AJ and Alofa start and he stands his ground against the Country Gentlemen.  AJ stomps on his bare foot, and he and KC work over the Savage.  A tag to Ativalu and he sends AJ out of the ring.  KC helps his brother and then Alofa gets involved with leads to…

Ads (sigh)

We return to the ring and the Savages are in control as Ativalu works on KC and he and Alofa make him a Gentleman in Peril.  KC Fights his way out and he gets the hot tag to AJ and he unloads as a Gentleman en Fuego.  Things get hectic as the Savages swings for the fences on AJ with no effect, and a crossbody to Alofa by KC along with a clothesline by AJ gets the pins athen…

Your Winners and Advancing to the Second Round of the Crockett Cup:  The Country Gentlemen

Looks like things are gonna be closer to Cazana Country in the weeks ahead.

Kyle Davis is ringside with the NWA Women’s Tag Team champions The King Bees, The NWA World Heavyweight Champion EC3, and radio host Drew Garabo from 102.5 FM in Tampa, FL. EC3 notes Garabo has a face for radio, but he tells the champ he has someone in line to face him for the Ten Pounds of Gold in Wrecking Ball Legursky

There’s another segment of “Cooking with Carson” and Carson Drake has The SlimeBallz, plus Natalia Markova and Bryan Idol.  

So…that happened.

That said, let’s agree this would be a health hazard for anyone involved.  Okay?  Goody gumdrops.

Kyle Davis with the NWA National Champion Thom Latimer, BLK Jeez, and Big Strong Mims.  Jeez and Mims say to focus on the future and this smile.

As for Latimer, he says to Zyon ahead of their match that you got to get the National belt out of his goddamn hands to be considered great.

Baron von Storm is coming.

On a scale of one to PCO, just show me what you got, NWA .

Until then, We should head to the next match in the First Round of the Crockett Cup between…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

The Immortals (Odinson and Kratos) vs. The Kidz (Jackson Drake and Lev)

Right away, Lev spits in Kratos’ hand and he introduces the Kid to all sorts of pain, especially as he suplexes him to the other side of the ring and back.  Kratos tosses to tosses him to Drake for the tag.  He tries his hand at offense and gets chopped down.  Odinson comes in with all sorts of  Asgardian uppercuts and then he brings Kratos back in.  A beautiful sit-down driver to Drake gives him a cover, but Lev breaks the count.  That leads to a torture rack to a leg drop by Odinson, and then a Pounce to Drake.  One Immortality (Doomsday Device finisher) delivers the end and thus…

Your Winners and Advancing to the Second Round of the Crockett Cup: The Immortals

Davis talks with The Immortals after the match. Kratos lays it out that anyone who faces them in The Crockett Cup will fall to the Immortals.

Kyle Davis once again has EC3 and Dory Funk Jr.  EC3 expresses tribute and gratitude to Funk and hopes to continue the legacy and continuation of the spirit of the NWA.


Now for the Main Event and it is a…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

Number One Contender Match for NWA Women’s Title: Taylor Rising Vs. Kenzie Paige vs. Ella Envy

Miss Starr is on the outside of the match, and that has a lot of meaning.

That said, it appears to be a two-on-one situation on Rising, yet she turns the tide and connects with a splash in the corner to the Empowered team. They give out of the squared circle and Rising dives to the outside and sends Paige back in the ring to cover for a two count. Envy trips up Rising and works her over and nails a clothesline in the corner.  She gives her a facewash in the corner and covers for a count of two.  Rising manages to come back and connect with a backbreaker to cover and Paige breaks the count.

There is dissension in the  Pretty Empowered camp, and Rising takes advantage with headbutts to both women.  A superkick to Envy and Paige interjects and hits a delayed dropkick on Rising.  Now Starr distracts the Ref, which allows Rising a Pump Handle Slamto cover but Paige nails the Code Kylie. Envy takes advantage and rolls up Paige for the one, two and three.

Your Winner and Number One Contender for the NWA Women’s Title:  Ella Envy

Expect things to get heated in the upcoming weeks ats the show goes to the credits.


Final Thoughts:

The Crockett Cup moves along as you expect, but the angle for the NWA Women’s title is heating up.  Envy is the perfect foil so watch as Pretty Empowered implodes and Envy challenges Kenzie Paige for The Burke.

Until Then, see you next Tuesday from The CW App.