If last week’s NXT wasn’t discussed enough across social media, tonight’s opening recap reminded everyone of three major stories heading into Battleground at the UFC Apex: Rapper Sexyy Red will host this Sunday’s special event, TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace kicked down the forbidden door, and “All Ego” Ethan Page debuted on the white-and-gold brand straight at the top. He’s greeted by NXT General Manager Ava and her associate Mr. Stone to officially sign his NXT contract later tonight on the go-home show to Battleground.

Jordynne Grace vs Stevie Turner

Grace wears an “NXTNA” entrance jacket while commentary surreally talks up TNA before said acronym chants fly. NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez joins the booth to study her Battleground opponent, who tears through Turner like a true powerhouse. An agile splash precedes the finishing Juggernaut Driver for three, and Perez foolishly decides to square up to her buffer challenger – thereafter shoved down with ease and forced to retreat. 

Winner: Jordynne Grace


NXT Champion Trick Williams promises that he’ll take care of Ethan Page for Lash Legend and understands that “whatever this is” between them requires a split; Legend wants to focus on her championship ladder match Sunday, and a summit commences after break.

Footage from earlier shows Shawn Spears yapping up young competitors, including the youngest of OGs Je’Von Evans. Josh Briggs interrupts to defend against his manipulation, but Spears slyly picks at his “insecurities and misguidance.”

Booker T mediates the field for the inaugural NXT Women’s North American Championship at Battleground, which offers the biggest spotlight yet for five potential-filled upstarts. The one veteran, Michin, describes her love for NXT before Jaida Parker vows to turn the former black-and-gold member black and blue. Fallon Henley and Kehlani Jordan jut in to stake their claims, and Booker T asks the crowd for a “shucky ducky quack quack.” After, fan-favorite Sol Ruca plans to Sol Snatch five souls before Lash Legend cuts her off with a “skrrt,” and a six-women brawl breaks out that Mr. Stone halts with an announcement: a three-on-three tag team match tonight (playa).

Cameras catch Charlie Dempsey practicing his “are you talking to me?” in the mirror to combat overly Italian Tony D’Angelo. Comedic relief runs in the family, and he urges Damon Kemp to say “kapeesh.”

Thea Hail vs Jazmyn Nyx

Riley Osborne and Duke Hudson make a statement staying behind because of riff-causer Ridge Holland, who opposingly shows his support alongside Andre Chase. Nyx’s entrance leaves Booker T speechless for once, but he eventually suggests that Osborne and Hudson had a change of heart as they appear during Hail’s comeback. She applies a Kimura that Nyx sends into the referee, and the entanglement allows the latter to connect with a Pele Kick for victory – her first in NXT. Meanwhile, Chase University drama continues to be its own universe, but the stories always come together anyway.

Winner: Jazmyn Nyx


Ethan Page leaves Ava’s office, and in his signature disingenuous tone threatens to use his leverage in contract negotiations. “He is a nightmare,” she says to Mr. Stone, listing off his demands.

A phone-recorded cut shows The O.C brawling with NXT Tag Team Champions Nathan Frazer and Axiom inside the Performance Center merch truck. The challengers get the upper hand, and officials separate the brief WorldStar moment.

Chaos persists when Shawn Spears blindsides Josh Briggs before their scheduled match, but “Young OG” Je’Von Evans avenges him, bringing the fight ringside. He scores with a brutal dive into the announce table and follows with a gorgeous springboard cutter, proving to be a surefire weekly highlight at just 20 years old.

Damon Kemp vs Tony D’Angelo (c) – Heritage Cup Championship 

Before break, D’Angelo credits “Legal Eagle” Luca Crusifino for looking into No Quarter Catch Crew’s catch clause as he steps to their selectee Kemp. “The Don” quickly scores the first fall with Forgetta Bout It, round two expires evenly through picture-in-picture, and Kemp dominates round three with a barrage of suplexes. But D’Angelo immediately pops back with a Spinebuster for three, and the American graps era of the Heritage Cup continues.

Winner: Tony D’Angelo


Ava says Ethan Page insists on signing his contract in-ring, and NXT Champion Trick Williams interrupts to complain about him jumping lines. Sexyy Red calls Ava’s phone to close the segment, and them being on speaking terms is a flex.

“Who would’ve thought?” Jordynne Grace says to Michin before Sol Ruca introduces herself. Jaida Parker thinks the ass-kissing is pathetic, and Arianna Grace clarifies that the two aren’t related. Tatum Paxley eyes down the TNA Knockouts Championship, but Grace (the other one) says her tiara is more important.

NXT’s production crew shines recapping Lola Vice and Shayna Baszler’s rivalry that culminates in NXT Underground at Battleground. “If it wasn’t for me… she’d be shaking her ass on some street corner,” Baszler says. Plus, MMA fighters such as Josh Barnett give their two cents before the competitors scrap inside the UFC Apex in Las Vegas.

Izzi Dame vs Natalya

Karmen Petrovich was originally penned in, but she’s saddled with crutches following an injury at last weekend’s live event. Natalya gives Booker T her entrance glasses, getting him giddier than a boy at a WWF show. But realistically, if Natalya wasn’t auraless enough, she’s fresh off of losing to rookie Kiana James on RAW last night. “It’s time for a change,” she says after getting the uncalled-for victory with a roll-up.

Winner: Natalya


Punked-out NXT Tag Team Champions Axiom and Nathan Frazer leave the building, but the latter shows aggression when vowing to kick the challengers’ asses on Sunday.

Another match is hindered when Tyson Dupont and Tyriek Igwe are attacked by Gallus during break, which Joe Coffey defends as “wrong place, wrong time, lads.” He hilariously mocks Sexyy Red with aggressive twerking, so aggressive it turns him red. But North American Champion Oba Femi and Wes Lee interrupt consecutively, unable to overcome the numbers of Gallus, who look more dominant than ever over serious competition.

Wendy Choo is coming next week, and her vignette teases a change with shattered glass. After, Dante Chen and Lexis King brawl in the back, and Robbie Brookside and Norman Smiley are forced to intervene since every other official has worked overtime in separating tonight.

Lash Legend, Fallon Henley and Kehlani Jordan vs Michin, Jaida Parker and Sol Ruca

Vic Joseph aptly calls this a wildcard tag, and tensions expectedly fly between members immediately. Everybody gets brief moments of shine, and after picture-in-picture, Parker stifles Jordan’s comeback attempt. “We want Sol” chants are stopped with the appearance of Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nyx ringside, and the teams devolve into a cluster. But Sol Snatcher to Legend gets the biggest pop of the night and lends Ruca the victory heading into Sunday.

Winner: Sol Ruca, Jaida Parker and Michin


Stevie Turner argues to Ava that pitting her against Jordynne Grace tonight wasn’t fair and insinuates she gets another opportunity next week. But Ava is preoccupied with an important contract signing, and the free agent smugly walks through a hallway of Performance Center trainees.

The Brisco Brothers, “Chief” Jay Strongbow, and Wahoo McDaniel are credited as inspiration for Eddy Thorpe. In a new vignette, he vows to fight for heritage as a reborn competitor following injury.

NXT General Manager Ava begrudgingly welcomes Ethan Page to the ring, sans music and trons with jeers instead. He shuts down “we want Trick” chants and expresses his impatience for waiting for opportunities to come by, but Ava refuses to sign him with his list of demands. He guarantees to take NXT to its “new home” before NXT Champion Trick Williams interrupts to resounding “whoop that trick” chants. The love is reciprocated by Williams, who verbally defends his home against Page. But the latter shares the sentiment of breaking out of the shadows and officially signs his contract – that stipulates his first match will be against Williams for the NXT Championship this Sunday. 


NXT 6/4/24

Orlando, FL

As Page mentioned in his segment, NXT is depleted of top talent, but “All Ego” has been slotted in perfectly. While it may be a case of big fish, small pond, Page effortlessly came across as the main event player he bet on himself to be. And speaking of, NXT is getting bold with TNA crossovers and midcard women’s championships, and they were both handled very well.