Cameras immediately cut to an assaulted Noam Dar backstage, who subtly glares at Lash Legend for defending Trick Williams’ name in the commotion. Like other attacks of mystery from Carmelo Hayes and Carlito, the assailant went unidentified – which later proved more impressive considering it was three.

Sol Ruca vs Izzi Dame – Qualifying Match

After a recap of the NXT Women’s Combine, new RAW signee Kiana James wishes partner Dame luck against Ruca, who handstands to the ring for the love of the game. The winner advances to NXT Battleground in a ladder match for the Women’s North American Championship, and commentary already favors Ruca. But both collegiate rookies look proficient in-ring, and Dame controls by slamming Ruca into the announce desk. Out of nowhere, Ruca connects with the Sol Snatcher for victory, riding the wave as the division’s rising fan favorite.

Winner: Sol Ruca


NXT General Manager Ava reprimands The D’Angelo Family for whacking a referee and kidnapping Myles Borne and Damon Kemp last week. She fines Tony D’Angelo $20,000, which he already has, recommending that she spruce up her office.

Shayna Baszler and Lola Vice are interviewed backstage, and before they can argue about being next in line for Roxanne Perez’s NXT Women’s Championship, Karmen Petrovich and Natalya jump them for a pull-apart brawl. The former duo should handily best them, but it is what it is. 

OTM vs Malik Blade and Edris Enofe

In the locker room, Blade and Brinley Reece look forward to getting a W while Enofe caresses a rabbit’s foot, still plagued with bad luck. OTM is backed by Jaida Parker, sans Scrypts, and the package has already improved tenfold. Enofe gets too flashy stripping his shirt off, but big OTM capitalize like brutes. Blade and Enofe hit stereo dives – although the former splats on the floor, before Reece and Parker are forced to be separated before break. They continue brawling before referees intervene, and Enofe takes a beating with his left boot unstrapped. Blade makes a comeback and foolishly retags Enofe, who gets tripped up before OTM double-teams him for victory. Both young teams have great potential, excelling in power and athleticism respectively, but it’s time for OTM to become a problem.

Winners: OTM


A jolly Ridge Holland tells Nathan Frazer and Axiom that Chase University is “sound as a pound.” The Good Brothers step in to diss Holland and propose a tag team match, saying the main roster outsider has no friends. Between the loner angle, anger management issues, and injury proneness, Holland comes across like a loser.

Ivy Nile vs Lash Legend – Qualifying Match 

Noam Dar is out indefinitely according to the doctor, and “Main Man” Oro Mensah elects to step up against Je’Von Evans tonight. Legend refuses to answer why she defended Trick Williams, because her chance at the Women’s North American Championship match is now. She powers over Nile until Jakara Jackson inadvertently switches the momentum, and the RAW competitor connects with a top-rope Bulldog. Jackson grabs Nile’s foot, and Legend takes advantage with a bicycle kick for victory.

Winner: Lash Legend


Carlee Bright begs Ava for a match against Lola Vice tonight, and because of her Combine performance, she gets it. Meanwhile, Tatum Paxley peaks at the conversation from Ava’s office that she probably didn’t spruce up.

Je’Von Evans vs Oro Mensah

Backstage, Evans denies attacking Dar earlier but vows to get “real bouncy” against Mensah. He’s incredibly crisp for 20 years old and is indeed bouncy with agile offense. But before picture-in-picture, Booker T sourly asks, “Can he draw money?” The underrated Mensah dominates thereafter with equally eye-catching work until Evans connects with a beautiful series of springboard maneuvers. Legend attempts to slide in a steel chair, but NXT Champion Trick Williams makes it a fair fight, allowing Evans to win with a rotating splash. The heroes embrace, and Williams is already successful enough to give a rub to the “Young OG.”

Winner: Je’Von Evans


Heritage Cup Champion Charlie Dempsey announces that kidnapped Myles Borne and Damon Kemp are on their way back. “I’m gonna beat Tony D’Angelo within an inch of his life for everything he’s done,” Dempsey says.

“I missed this,” Wes Lee says in-ring, returning to the mic after announcing his leave in December. He’s lost for words until North American Champion Oba Femi appears, labeling himself a mountain Lee cannot conquer. A very normal Ivar and Josh Briggs interrupt consecutively, and Femi orders the challengers to fight amongst themselves for an opportunity. 

After another alarm clock vignette, surely for Wendy Choo, Lexis King gloats to miscellaneous trainees. Jazmyn Nyx scares them away with a get-well card for Jacy Jayne, but King gladly signs for “Jackie.”

The Good Brothers vs Ridge Holland and Riley Osborne

Chase University has Holland’s back to his relief, but Andre Chase offers up Osborne for a chance at trust-building. The Good Brothers surprisingly take Osborne’s high-flying offense, but the familiar Luke Gallows chinlock follows. Holland makes a speedy comeback, but an inadvertent dropkick from Osborne grants Karl Anderson the roll-up victory.

Winners: The Good Brothers


Osborne catches up with Holland to offer an apology, and the latter only wishes for Chase University’s trust and respect. They shake hands, and Osborne begrudgingly takes his word.

Carlee Bright vs Lola Vice

Bright makes her NXT debut as another bubbly blonde, and the cheerleading background just gets her by. A spinning backfist from Vice puts it away, and Karmen Petrovich and Natalya return to make her and Shayna Baszler retreat. Petrovich wants to settle the feud two-on-two next week, although Vice already won in NXT Underground last month.

Winner: Lola Vice


In a week for celebrating ring announcers, Vic Joseph welcomes back Mike Rome to the white-and-gold brand for in-ring introductions. “Why do you wanna do that? He looks grumpy,” Booker T says. 

Tony D’Angelo vs Charlie Dempsey (c) – NXT Heritage Cup Championship

Behind the gimmick, D’Angelo is an exceptional mat grappler, although Joseph aptly quotes an iconic Lil Wayne line: “Gangsters move in silence like the G in lasagna.” D’Angelo scores the first fall with a roll-up, and the Heritage style favors him prior to picture-in-picture. He survives an armbar through round two, but Dempsey’s targeting of the left limb lends the champion a fall in round three. D’Angelo reverses an arm lock with a powerbomb, following up with a barrage of suplexes before round four’s end. A haggard Myles Borne and Damon Kemp take out Luca Crusifino and Channing Lorenzo, but D’Angelo hits Forget About It to become the new Heritage Cup Champion.

Winner: Tony D’Angelo 


Meanwhile, Wes Lee, Josh Briggs and Ivar are floored backstage just like Noam Dar. “Surprise! Did you miss us?” says Joe Coffey of Gallus. Mark Coffey and Wolfgang surround him, and the Gallus boys are back on top.


NXT 5/14/24

Orlando, FL

Nothing overstayed its welcome, and that’s a plus for a roster of rookies generally lacking steam. Another formatting pro is the continuity in segments, and the Noam Dar attack leading all the way to Gallus’ return was well done.