At the end of the second night of the NJPW Best of the Super Junior tournament GCW World Champion Blake Christian leads A Block with Titan. They are both tied at four points each. Christian notched his second win in a row by defeating Kevin Knight via nefarious means. Christian gave Knight a stunner on the apron. He then kicked the ropes into Knight’s “lower abdomen” as he was stepping through the ropes.  The crowd booed and booed. Christian stomped Knight on the apron and pinned him with a Springboard 450 off the ropes.

There is a three-way tie in B Block. The Cinderella story of the tournament so far, Ninja Mack, is tied with Taiji Ishimori and Kushida with four points each.

Los Ingobernables de Japon pals Bushi and Titan went to war on night two. Bushi tapped out to Titan’s Llave Inmortal submission hold, his version of the Muta Lock. Titan has won both of his starting BOSJ matches while Bushi has lost his.

Best of the Super Juniors Standings


Best of the Super Juniors A Block


Best of the Super Juniors Block B


Best of the Super Juniors – Night Two Results

B Block- Hiromu Takahashi vs DOUKI

Who the heck did Hiromu piss off? He has become a Bushi-like jobber. Hiromu is KO’ed by Douki’s submission hold. Red Shoes has to call for the bell.

Winner: DOUKI

A Block- El Desperado vs Kosei Fujita

Desperado gets the win with Numero Dos.

Winner: El Desperado


Yujiro Takahashi hits Kushida in the face with his cane. Sho gets a two count. Sho goes for his wrench. The official tries to stop him. Yujiro interferes with his cane again. Kushida punches him in the face. Sho low-blows Kushida. Kushida escapes Shock Arrow to pin Sho with a sneaky roll-up. Sho and Yujiro put the boots to Kushida. Kevin Knight makes the save.

Winner: Kushida

A Block- BUSHI vs Titan

Winner: Titan

B Block- Dragon Dia vs Taiji Ishimori 

As Ishimori swings Dia for an Irish Whip he hits the official. Ishimori catches Dia coming off the ropes and pops him up into the air. When he comes down Ishimori kicks him right in the “lower abdomen”. Ishimori wins with Bloody Cross.

Winner: Taiji Ishimori 

A Block- TJP vs Yoshinobu Kanemaru

Another disappointing loss for TJP. He wasn’t won a match yet. Kanemaru throws the official into TJP. He spits whiskey into TJP’s face. TJP misses with his red mist and Kanemaru rolls him up for the win.

Winner: Yoshinobu Kanemaru

B Block- Robbie Eagles vs Drilla Moloney

Drilla still has zero points in the BOTSJ. Courtesy: New Japan World.

Since his last match in which he demanded that Sho follow the rules Drilla is getting a lot of support and cheers from fans even though he is in Bullet Club. Moloney submits to the Ron Miller Special.

Winner: Robbie Eagles

A Block- HAYATA vs Clark Connors

Connors win with the No Chaser to get himself on the board.

Winner: Clark Connors

B Block- Francesco Akira vs Ninja Mack

Ninja Mack dodges a Fireball from Akira to pin him with a Phoenix 630 Splash from the top rope.

Winner: Ninja Mack

A Block- Kevin Knight vs Blake Christian 

Winner: Blake Christian