Big changes could be coming to WWE events.

Speaking after last night’s Lewis versus Nascimento Fight Night event UFC President Dana White announced there are some changes coming to UFC, WWE and Slap Fight events. The TKO Group is looking to schedule their events to create TKO branded weekends.

“We already have those dates set up right now where Power Slap goes Friday and UFC goes Saturday. You’re going to see Friday: Power Slap, Saturday: UFC and Sunday: WWE. You’ll start seeing that stuff too,” he said. Recently, the WWE has been scheduling most of the major events on Saturdays.

White also said he was open to having Derrick Lewis and other UFC fighters cross over to WWE.

“Listen, some of the fighters who fight here have always dreamed about doing a WWE match or whatever it is. I don’t have a problem with that. I didn’t have a problem with that when Vince was consistently f—–g me for no reason and now that that’s not the case anymore, I obviously would absolutely do it,” he said.

The annoucement comes on the heels of the WWE/NXT revealing that NXT Battleground will be at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas on June 9th and that both UFC and WWE will be holding more united promotional ticket sales events such as this one in future:

Speaking to recently, The Street Profits’ Montez Ford expressed an interest in making a leap the other way and has told that to WWE President Nick Khan.

Ford served in the military and is a brown belt.