The ultimate power struggle event has finally arrived in the form of Azteca Lucha promoted by Cesar Duran and Salina de la Renta. I’ve been waiting for this for weeks since Duran introduced the conditions for this meeting. Whoever wins most Lucha Libre matches, will obtain the key to the gateway of immortality gaining the strongest authority.

Virus, Felino & Villano III Jr. vs. Jesus Rodriguez, Atlantis & Guerrero Maya Jr. – Azteca Lucha vs. Promociones Dorado Trios match 

Virus and Guerrero start this match off, and mind you, it was difficult enough trying to differentiate some of the Luchadores in the ring. Some I knew, and others I didn’t. Guerrero attempts to apply a waist lock, but Virus proves to be resilient.

Most of the time, both men are trying to show diversity and a feel of the other’s movements to ensure some leverage. Multiple pinning and submission maneuvers play out throughout this collision.

Neither men could get a footing against the other, so Virus tags Villano Jr. while Jesus Rodriguez is brought in, too. Jesus had a handle on Villano for a bit, then Junior turns things around very quickly. This comes across as a stalemate until that sudden kick Villano delivers followed by a takedown, forcing Jesus to the floor.

Atlantis and Felino brawl it out. At some point during this match, chaos ensues when everyone starts to get involved, which results in a bit of a kafuffle. Three versus Guerrero Maya Jr. while the rest of his team seem disposed of. Promociones Dorado is in trouble because of the constant triple teamwork from the opposition.

We see brawling inside the ring plus rumbles going on on the main floor. Guerrero sends Virus onto the outside, as he turns his attention towards Villano Jr. and Felino. The best anyone can do is watch, but given the overflown amount of nonsense, it’s quite hard and funny. Ha!

Anyway, Villano attempts a handstand springboard Moonsault against Atlantis, but he moved out of the way. Atlantis continues with his efforts as he submits Villano to his mercy. That means that Promociones Dorado is ahead with 1-0.

Due to the advantage Salina de la Renta has, she’s almost too eager to snatch that key from Cesar’s hand.

Winners: Jesus Rodriguez, Atlantis & Guerrero Maya Jr. 

Rickey Shane Page (c) vs. Bad Dude Tito – World National Openweight Championship match

Right before the bell, Page made sure to attack Tito in the early goings, but his opponent retaliates very quickly, leaving Rickey on the receiving end with a suplex on the main floor.

If I’m being honest, Rickey seems to be an empty shell of his former self when The Calling was truly a menacing shadow to fear. Despite that perspective, Rickey turns things around with an elbow to Tito’s chest.

Tito hits a tornado DDT from the corner of the ring, then continues teeing off on Rickey with a belly-to-belly suplex. It would appear that Page’s back begins to bother him given how most of Tito’s attacks are spine and back related. The champ makes a comeback with a twisting neck breaker. However, he hilariously misses with a Swanton.

He also becomes a victim to a Death Valley Driver for a near fall. Rickey adds more force with a choke slam that almost awards him the retention he desperately wants.

Rickey didn’t see that massive clothesline that knocked him down silly, followed by a powerful sit-out driver that ends this match in favor of Tito.

Winner: Bad Dude Tito 

Backstage, CONTRA Unit Mads Krugger assaulted Bill Alfonso by slamming his head against a door before messing with the camera. We’re not sure how Alfonso is doing, so we believe we’ve lost contact back there for the time being.

Atlantis Jr. vs. Ultimo Guerrero – Promociones Dorado vs. Azteca Lucha 

Prior to the bell, again, Ultimo attacks Atlantis with his waist gear. Luckily, Junior fights back using the very gear to whip Guerrero with. Once the bell rings, the official brutality can begin with a series of chops.

Atlantis is on the receiving end of Guerrero’s viciousness. His mask was nearly removed like others have suffered like Ichiban a couple of months ago. Ultimo kicks Atlantis onto the outside. Ultimo sends Atlantis into the post after that. Guerrero keeps trying to tease his attempt to remove Atlantis’ mask.

Atlantis makes a comeback with suicide dives, spearheading Ultimo into the guardrails. The last one finally ploughs Guerrero down. Ultimo tries to pin Atlantis following a clothesline, but he comes out short.

Atlantis shows a bit of frustration when he isn’t able to pin Ultimo long enough for the three count, especially with that unique pinning combination really cinching in the cover. Risks are laid all over the place as both men are taking a breather after some recent maneuvers.

A near fall at the hands of Ultimo was a beautiful attempt at getting a win. Atlantis brings more unfiltered-ness with a drop kick to the dangling head of Guerrero. He gets caught wanting to flip Guerrero from the top and crashed against the mat.

They both miss with their respectable moves from a high level, landing face first on the ring. Atlantis gains another win for Promociones Dorado with a winning frog splash. Salina advances with 2-0.

Winner: Atlantis Jr. 

Second Gear Crew vs. CozyMax – Vacant World Tag Team Championship match

The previous Champions, Tom Lawlor and Davey Boy Smith Jr., have been beaten by CONTRA Unit leading to the titles being vacant and in need of some worthy fighters to wear them.

Okumura and Matthew Justice begin this fight venturing to get a handle on the other. Justice doesn’t buckle when Okumura shoulder tackles him. Matthew bulldozes through his opponent with a clothesline.

Satoshi and Manders are tagged in as an exchange of sick chops ensue. A stalemate takes them out of the match for a moment until the Second Gear Crew kick into their wild styles to take out CozyMax. However, Okumura and Kojima make a momentary comeback. A summersault from Okumura breaks the SGC’s upper hand.

Okumura is on the receiving end after that driver. He’s now isolated from Kojima. Manders drops Okumura on his spine like it’s nothing. The SGC continue to pile up against Okumura, wearing him down. He sidesteps leaving Manders to accidently strike Justice.  That gives him the opening he needs to tag Kojima. This line of miscommunication happens twice for the SGC.

Satoshi had the SGC members cornered, but not for long. Later on, CozyMax are the ones rolling as Okumura delivers a Cozy Cutter and Stunner combination.

Kojima was able to stop an overwhelming cover from taking full effect by interrupting. That just leaves him even more vulnerable. Okumura’s arrival with a superplex against Matthew turns the tied. Okumura delivers the winning running Cozy Cutter for his team. Whoo!!

Winners: CozyMax

Matt Riddle vs. Josh Bishop

We’re here honoring Mexican tradition, and Josh Bishop is here to ruin it as he grabs the Mexican flag and whips his ass with it. Gross… I’m very disturbed. Why, man? Fortunately, we have Matt Riddle to simply be here to calm our anger.

A swing and miss from Bishop as Matt begins teeing off on Josh after that attempt. Bishop does turn his momentum by planting Riddle on the mat. The match officially starts with a shoulder tackle from Josh.

Riddle tries to get a hand on Josh, but every time he does, he meets with brutality from Bishop. A Blackhole Slam nearly pins Riddle. But now, Matt hits Bishop with a jumping Cutter, then ends this match with a flying Broton. Riddle remains undefeated in MLW.

While Matt is having an interview with Joe Dombrowski, Sami Callihan jumps him from behind with a message for Riddle, shattering his illusion at winning the only thing he hasn’t at MLW. Callihan calls Riddle a “stupid b*tch,” because he believes he’ll walk out victorious at Battle Riot VI. A brawl erupts between them until officials break them up.

Dombrowski was so rattled by the inconvenience, that he needed to compose himself back at the commentary desk. I’m so sorry this happened to him, and I’m also glad that wasn’t me. I would have knocked his ass out with a hammer.

Winner: Matt Riddle 

Anyway, those participating in the upcoming Battle Riot VI Saturday, June 1 are: Matt Riddle, Davey Boy Smith Jr., the Second Gear Crew, Ernest “The Cat” Miller, Okumura, Mistico, Josh Bishop, Sami Callihan, Akira, Bobby Fish, Mr. Thomas, Brett Ryan Gosselin,  and Jake Crist.

Averno & Magnus vs. Star Jr. & Fuego – Azteca Lucha vs. Promociones Dorado 

Fuego and Magnus are brawling it out in the middle, really demonstrating those Luchador skills for all to see as we came here to do. Fuego is the one gaining the upper hand after sending Magnus outside. Averno comes in against Star Jr. allowing no time to inflict pain until that leaping punch to the jaw.

Star Jr. is caught outside the ring while attempting a suicide dive and rammed against the floor. Fuego tries to help him, but he’s sent into the guardrails. Loads of double team offense from Azteca Lucha as they continue to hammer extra strikes towards their opponents. Star wasn’t seen for a bit.

They stretch the rules even further as Magnus and Averno force Fuego’s crutch to collide with the post. Ouch. God knows how long that will hurt for. Later on, Fuego tries to get back inside the ring only to be swatted away like a fly.

Star still is nowhere to be seen, leaving Fuego alone. But, he does take Magnus out. Once Star returns, he body splashes Averno. This has been amazing to witness thus far as Star everts Averno by slinging him instead in mid-air.

I had fun watching Fuego as he dodges Magnus with some matrix movements, then he jabs a little bit by shaking his shoulders happily. He also takes Averno down, too. Fuego looks to trap Averno, yet he manages to escape. Star spikes Magnus, unfortunately, he couldn’t cover him long enough because Averno jumped in.

A double pin nearly helped Cesar win this, but Star and Fuego kick out in time. Despite the fact that they avoided disaster, Promociones Dorado wasn’t able to win here as Magnus delivers double knees to Fuego’s face, then forcibly drags him to the center of the ring for a victorious cover. Duran has a point, while de la Renta remains ahead with 2-1.

Magnus gives a bonus hit to Star as a nail in the coffin before walking away with his partner.

Winners: Magnus & Averno

At Fury Road next Saturday, we’ll see Matthew Justice taking on Mads Krugger in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Satoshi Kojima defends his World Heavyweight Championship against 1 Called Manders. In the Featherweight division, Janai Kai defends her title in a Fatal 4-Way match against Zayda, Miyu Yamashita and Delmi Exo. Matt Riddle versus Sami Callihan meet in the ring as well.

Mistico (c) vs. Barbaro Cavernario – Azteca Lucha vs. Promociones Dorado World Middleweight Championship match

They jock for position, looking for early pins, but to no avail. This would end this amazing night too fast. Our Champion is momentarily in trouble, so he attempts to make a comeback despite that torpedo suicide dive from Barbaro. He hasn’t been able to yet.

Cavernario’s fighting skills has been harsh, so much so that Mistico hasn’t risen to his feet. He is rallying himself the best he can. Barbaro does everything he can to beat the living hell out of Mistico with his… well, barbaric ways. There were a few times when the official tried to get in between the two, stopping Barbaro temporarily.

Mistico finally makes a comeback with a springboard maneuver sending Cavernario on the floor. The Champion has found new life to fight on. He continues to use his speed to catch his challenger off guard and slip him. The referee nearly got caught in the shuffle. Ha!

The Champion almost won this match with that sudden roll up. Cavernario also came close to capturing the title, too. Mistico is seen fading a little, however, he comes back regardless. He escapes, albeit narrowly, a submission move from Barbaro. If he didn’t display life by the third check-in count, he would have lost.

Cavernario had his feet up as Mistico came crashing down from the top of the ring, yet the champ reverses with a powerslam. Following that, they’re both laying there. Cavernario and Mistico have put so much on the line as they can’t completely get the other to stay down.

On the bright side, a chapter ending maneuver in La Mistica awards Mistico to remain the Champion. Although this is all well and good, Azteca Lucha and Promociones Dorado are left in a tie at 2-2.

Salina realizes this tie and tries to suggest a rematch to determine a winner. Before Cesar could reply, Court Bauer comes in to hand him his share of the money he earned for this event. While that’s taking place, Salina steals his key and runs off to that door Duran showed her earlier, hinting that behind it holds the greatest power in Lucha Libre.

That was too tempting to pass up, so she opens the door after pepper spraying a henchman, only to be met with two more inside. Cesar closes the door as he looks at the camera saying “This is violence, kids.” while Salina is heard kicking and screaming. Hope you enjoyed the show. I found myself grinning with Duran as we conclude the evening.

Winner: Mistico 


TOP PHOTO: Salina de la Renta cornered by Azteca henchmen. Courtesy of MLW