Fresh off his retention win against AJ Styles at Backlash last week, Nick Aldis welcomes the Undisputed Champion Cody Rhodes to the stage to inform him of his second challenger. Here I foolishly thought he was talking about Bron Breakker, but no, no, Aldis was talking about that attention-seeking menace Logan Paul.

I started crying the moment I heard his theme music praying for mercy… please, God. Why? Logan suggests that he and Rhodes battle in a Champion vs. Champion match in the main event of the upcoming King and Queen of the Ring live show, to truly, and this is no joke, “kick off the Logan Paul Levesque era,”

Did this asshole just say that with a straight face?? It’s sentences like those that encourage me to knock my own ass silly because the pain would be less antagonizing. I’ve never met someone this delusional and entitled as Logan Paul. He drains whatever is left of my patience for him on my screen.

The fact here is that the second Logan Paul won the US Championship from Rey Mysterio, that title has been fading into the background like some insignificant apparition. I have a tendency of forgetting it exists because it’s around his waist.

Cody was able to shut Paul up, and I was so thankful for it. He called Logan delusional like I did, selfish, disrespectful and practically saying that he’s the definition of “false advertisement”. But this match got confirmed for King and Queen of the Ring.

Naomi vs. Nia Jax – Queen of the Ring Round One Tournament 

After that slap to Naomi’s face, she tries to fight back, but we’ve seen how unmatched Nia has been since returning. She makes cocky work out of her opponent by throwing Naomi across the ring.

Naomi’s strategy is to cut down the bigger competitor from the legs, so she could get some resemblance of an upper hand. She sidesteps just as Nia comes charging after her and collides with the post. Jax retaliates with a Samoan Drop on the main floor.

Multiple headbutts ensue at the hands of Nia Jax, truly destroying Naomi. She does dodge Jax’ attempt to squash her with her butt. Naomi continues to display some offence, trying really hard to stay out of Nia’s clutches. Jax is down to one knee after that modified Disaster Kick from Naomi.

She nearly pinned Jax with that spilt legged Moonsault. Also, that Hail Marie she performed beautifully after the effort she put into lifting Jax almost ended this match in her favor. My, oh my.

Despite all that, Naomi fell victim to the Annihilator.

Winner: Nia Jax

Carmelo Hayes vs. Baron Corbin – King of the Ring Round One Tournament

Hayes catches Corbin off guard by hitting low at his legs, then follows that up with a kick to the side of his head. However, due to Carmelo’s cockiness, Baron begins to unload heavy punches to the face of Hayes.

Baron’s sudden brutality almost pins Hayes, but Melo was able to escape numerous times during this match. Hayes may have avoided the Deep Six, yet he fell into the trap that’s known as a Death Valley Driver.

Corbin’s sense of urgency after Carmelo managed to avoid being finished was risky. Because of that, he didn’t pay attention to Hayes’ trickery to shift the weight into an inside cradle and win.

Baron was left astonished. Ha!

Winner: Carmelo Hayes

I hope you’ve been paying attention because Triple H just announced that WrestleMania 41 is going to Los Vegas next year! The capital city of entertainment is going to be even LOUD. I’m excited already. Sat, April 19 and Sun, April 20 2025 should be marked on your calendars.

Following the loss Randy and Kevin endured at Backlash at the hands of The Bloodline hasn’t been forgotten. Orton warns Tama Tonga that he’s safe for now on the other side of the bracket, luckily, he believes their paths will cross. He wants Tonga to see an RKO coming like it’s doomsday.

Jade Cargill vs. Piper Niven – Queen of the Ring Round One Tournament 

A stalemate in the early goings of this fight to really apply some dominance over the other. Since nothing concrete has happened yet, there’s still room for a lot of thunderous pain to come. Ha! Powerhouse vs. powerhouse. I love it.

Neither woman is intimidated as they deliver shoulder tackles that doesn’t knock the other down, until Cargill manages to flatten Niven. Things finally get going. Jade avoids being lifted into the air by escaping through the back door, then delivers a Super Kick.

I think this is the most I’ve seen Cargill battered by a Senton. Wow. Ha! Starting from that near fall, Niven has been dragging Cargill around for a little bit. Weird, I know. While the official was busy with Piper warning her about the five count, Chelsea Green slaps Jade. Hmm… Cargill is definitely coming for her later.

Niven knocks the wide out of Cargill with a short range clothesline that buckles her legs down to the mat. Cargill turns things around with a surprise Blue Thunderbomb for a near fall.

Cargill had Piper reeling. And when I said she was going to deal with Chelsea later, she did with a massive forearm to the jaw, rocking the screeching cat that is Green to the floor. Ha!

Once Jade comes back into the match, she’s introduced to Piper’s Cannonball in the corner that almost ended her chances at advancing. Just as Niven is looking to finish this, Cargill was too fast to thwart her efforts by successfully performing Jaded.

Ha! Ha! Chelsea’s screaming the whole time reminded me of African aunties I’ve grown to see play their characters in TV shows. The flipflops made me lose my mind… Ha!

Winner: Jade Cargill

Bianca Belair vs. Candice LeRae – Queen of the Ring Round One Tournament

Indi Hartwell attempts to trip or distract Belair, yet the EST proves to be too quick and vigilante as she leaps over Hartwell’s hand, then bulldozes through LeRae with ease. Candice thought she had the upper hand on Bianca until her body was slugged against the barricade like a human baseball bat.

While LeRae has the official’s attention, Indi uses that opening to strike Belair from behind, right in the back of her knee. That clearly isn’t been enough as Bianca suplexes Candice for her efforts. Right into oblivion. Ha!

Later on, LeRae made sure to take advantage of Belair’s wobbling knee to pin her. She hasn’t succeeded yet. Despite that, Bianca soldiers through with a throwaway slam. LeRae kept attacking Belair’s knee.

That was great tactic from Candice, but it didn’t last very long as Belair muscles the strength for a winning KOD.

Winner: Bianca Belair 

Backstage with The Bloodline, Paul Heyman urges Solo Sikoa to instruct his team to leave them alone, so they can talk. Heyman still believes that Solo shouldn’t be making decisions without the Tribal Chief’s presence, however, Sikoa informs that the Wise Man’s little venture into personally removing Roman from the draft cost The Bloodline from taking the number one spot.

Sikoa also thinks that last Saturday, Heyman was giving Jey some kind of signal asking him for help. Well, if he’s starting to think this feels like entrapment… then it is.

Oh, oh, apparently Solo has spoken to Roman since he lost, and until he comes back, he’s in charge. Heyman was shocked, and so was I. Every time Sikoa says he loves someone, they get beat up. Just look at Jimmy Jim. Gone.

Angelo Dawkins vs. Tama Tonga – King of the Ring Round One Tournament

The problem with Tama Tonga, as Wade Barrett would narrate, is that he has no interest in the well-being of his opponents, nor does he tone his aggressive nature down. I knew the moment I saw that Dawkins will be facing this man, I cried and prayed for him. Let’s not forget what he did to KO.

Angelo is constantly stuck in the corner, and he hasn’t been able to get out of there since the bell. Tama made sure of that. Even the referee can barely control him. Angelo does manage at some point to apply some defense. He ploughs through Tama like he’s done to Austin Theory during their Championship match.

Because Tama was weirdly on the receiving end, Solo attempts to intercept only to be slammed with a fist to the face from Angelo. Ha! Montez takes out Sikoa and Tonga Loa with a body splash to add definition.

I actually thought Dawkins was going to win with that powerbomb, he was too close, but Tama kicked out a nanosecond later. Elsewhere on the main floor, Montez is launched into the post, then receives a Samoan Spike.

Dawkins took his eyes off the task for a moment, which allowed Tama to capitalized with a face plant in order to advance. After that, Solo Samoan Spikes Dawkins, too.

Winner: Tama Tonga

Next week, we put pen to paper as we solidify the Cody Rhodes and Logan Paul match of Champions in the form of a contract. The semifinals of the men’s King of the Ring Tournament will take place. Orton or Styles vs. Hayes. Knight or Escobar vs. Tonga. The quarterfinals in the women’s Queen of the Ring is scheduled as well. Jade Cargill versus Nia Jax. Bianca Belair versus Stratton or Michin.

AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton – King of the Ring Round One Tournament 

Orton is in control at the beginning of this match having trapped Styles in the corner as he clubbers his head in like Whack-A-Mole. Ha! AJ fires back with a drop kick followed by a sliding forearm.

Randy retaliates by driving Styles’ back into the barricade closes to the announcement desk. Later in the same spot, Styles sensed an incoming threat being Randy’s DDT, so he slips out of there. Styles thought he gained an advantage only to land right into Orton’s arms as he crashes against the apron and the commentary table. Triple ouchy.

The second AJ utilized Randy’s knee, he kept applying pressure, constantly aiming for it even after Orton rolled out of the ring. While Styles had Orton momentarily pegged, Randy still had great ring awareness to flip AJ onto the floor to stop the agony from playing.

That vicious boot to AJ’s chest left me breathless with laughter. Ha! Ha! Ha! Orton looks silly as he attempts to deliver a snap powerslam only for Styles to see it coming, so The Viper trips on himself. Ha!

An uppercut rocks AJ to fall backwards into the ropes. Orton fights through the pain in his knee as he forces himself to get to a vertical base. Styles injuries him even further. Luckily, Randy thwarts AJ’s Phenomenal Forearm attempt by knocking him off balance.

Orton is seen fighting against AJ trying to fully extent the Calve Crusher. Randy finds an escape with a very strange, but effective chin lock, then a powerslam. The Viper was able to perform his vintage DDT, but he’s too exhausted to capitalize.

Randy was most likely out cold after that Phenomenal Forearm, however, he grabbed the bottom rope to save himself. AJ stays on him as he ventures to perform the Styles Clash, yet Randy dodges and catches him by surprise with a victorious RKO. YAY!!

Winner: Randy Orton


TOP PHOTO: Cody Rhodes and Logan Paul talking. Courtesy of WWE