Part two of War Chamber has arrived. Are you ready to see blood?

As we open the night, Cesar Duran is here asking for the violence we all demand to see spread across the ring. He introduces Virus as the newest signee with Azteca Lucha.

Virus vs. Star Jr. – Azteca Lucha vs. Promociones Dorado 

Star Jr. attempts to get the upper hand on Virus, yet his opponent was able to quickly adapt and switch the momentum against him as he stretches Junior out by the arms. If anything, this has been a demonstration of power over the other with multiple submission maneuvers.

A slugfest of brutal hits starts unfolding in the middle of the ring. Junior gains more leverage with a big clothesline from the sky, squishing Virus to the mat. Because of this, Virus does a little switch-a-roo to the second ring staged next to the one they were using at the beginning just to create space.

Virus stuns Junior with a leg drop across the throat followed by a near fall pin. Wow! He may have not gotten the three count, but Virus continues to fight Junior by slapping each other.

Star hits a springboard double stomp then initiates a painful submission that Virus eventually taps to. A big win heading into Azteca Lucha on May 11th.

Winner: Star Jr. 

What happened during War Chamber Part One a few weeks ago between the Bomaye Fight Club and AJ Francis still leaves us with many unanswered questions as to whether or not Francis is simply playing mind games, or is there unrest within Bomaye?

The World Titan Federation’s “legitimate” promotor MSL reckons that Alex Kane is spinning a false narrative in order to feel better with their so-called Fight Club. Later tonight, the World Tag Team Champions Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Tom Lawlor will defend their titles against Kane and Mr. Thomas to prove they’ll be leaving with their gold.

Budd Heavy vs. Brett Ryan Gosselin

Once the bell rings, Gosselin throws his fur coat at Budd’s face then begins to pounce on him in the corner. He stays on him with ruthless aggression in the form of a clothesline followed a skull-crushing ending.

Honestly, thank you for finishing early. The guy is an idiot.

Winner: Brett Ryan Gosselin

Backstage, Salina de la Renta and her mom are plotting to rip Duran’s balls out and stick it to him after that clear victory she gained earlier. My, like mother, like daughter.

For the upcoming MLW Azteca Lucha, Mistico will defend his World Middleweight Championship against Barbaro Cavernario. That’s all we have for now as more match cards get officiated.

Bomaye Fight Club vs. WTF (c) – World Tag Team Championship match

Lawlor quickly goes after Kane, who ducks out of the way as Mr. Thomas delivers a bonk to his head. That allows Kane to get to work, keeping Tom in their corner. Mr. Thomas is flung into Lawlor for a near fall.

While Kane has a hold of Lawlor, he turns his attention towards AJ Francis, who’s sitting at commentary. AJ replies “Kane is talking to me, he should be talking to his barber. That mohawk needs to go.” Ha! Ha! I couldn’t help but laugh.

Due to that Kane’s pause, WTF has taken advantage of the distraction. Now, Davey Boy Smith Jr. has taken control of Alex’ limbs. Lawlor even provided some illegal assistance to keep Kane trapped.

Kane was able to separate himself from the champs to tag Mr. Thomas given he was in desperate need of one. Mr. Thomas delivers a jabbing punch to Lawlor’s jaw and one to Davey followed by a double crossbody. He electrifies the crowd with a beautiful suicide dive against Smith Jr. and Lawlor.

Francis mentions that he can do that, too, but I’ve seen him fail on a loop. Ha! Ha!

However, things just got worse from there. Kane’s focus was no longer on the match rather than on Francis, again. As this is happening, WTF play sneaky as they toss one of the Championship belts to Lawlor, who uses it to knock Mr. Thomas out and retain.

This makes AJ snicker like the twisted arrogant asshole that he is. After the match, CozyMax decide to challenge the current World Tag Team Champions to a title match in Chicago for Azteca Lucha.

Winners: WTF

Sofia Castillo vs. Zayda

Zayda may have yanked Sofia by the hair, but Castillo returns fire with a body takedown. Sofia blocks an incoming slap as she dislocates Zayda’s hand.

Sofia has been impressive on her debut match despite meeting Zayda’s fist a couple of times in the face. It’s a shame, though. Zayda was able to deliver a Code Red for a near pin. Zayda didn’t get all the push off she wanted with that DDT, so Castillo was able to remain in the game for now.

Zayda’s hip attack is labelled as “crass” by Salina de la Renta, and I agree. The way she unnecessarily shoved her ass in Sofia’s face made me twitch. I wouldn’t want someone’s butt in my face like that… Gross, man. What’s embarrassing is that Zayda chose to wiggle it so far in.

Later on, both women had the same idea with a double collision in the center of the ring knocking their asses out. That stomp to Castillo’s head almost pinned her, yet she had enough power to get her shoulder up.

This is probably the deepest Zayda has ever been in a match. I’m mad that she was able to connect with I’m Prettier, however, don’t take anything from Sofia.

Winner: Zayda

Matt Riddle vs. Timothy Thatcher

At the start of the fight, Matt wanted to show some sportsmanship, but Thatcher slapped his hand away in a huff as he goes to work on his right arm. Riddle had to grab the bottom rope to force the break.

A power struggle occurs all around the ring as Matt tries to get some leverage on Thatcher. The knees to the stomach were suppose to add disorientation, but Timothy doesn’t seem greatly effected.

A few uppercuts rocks Riddle down as he’s on the receiving end of a single-leg submission maneuver. Thatcher kept adding pressure against Riddle, not allowing him to breathe. All those twisted ligaments aplenty.

As a sense of urgency during Riddle’s submission hold, Thatcher had to use his long legs to mark the rope and slide out of there. He knew he was in trouble… Although those hits to his face rocked him, Thatcher was able to turn Riddle inside out with a massive clothesline.

If I’m being honest, this fight has been evenly matched despite how one seems carefree while the other is too proud to inflict bone-crashing assaults. Matt continues to bring his all with counter after counter, one stronger than the previous one, but it wasn’t enough to pin Thatcher.

Timothy keeps coming back. A gut-wrench against Riddle squeezes the air out from his lungs. Luckily, Matt was able to counter with a Broton. Thatcher is resilient until that victorious Brostone. Good job to them both!

Winner: Matt Riddle

Throughout the entire night, Contra’s symbol has been flickering on the screen. Now, I understand why. Backstage, Mads Krugger and his Contra Unit are assaulting Richard Holliday amongst other people I can’t see clearly before the images turn black…

Also, Matt Riddle has officially entered the upcoming Battle Riot VI to finish what he started six years ago to obtain the elusive World Heavyweight Championship.

Satoshi Kojima (c) vs. Bad Dude Tito – World Heavyweight Championship match

Bad Dude Tito is taken down by the champ with an arm drag as they feel each other’s strengths in the early goings. Tito runs through Kojima with a snap German suplex. Satoshi makes a comeback with 20 or 30 of those famous chops to Tito in the corner.

Tito is on the receiving end for the time being as he grabs hold of the champ from up high then throws him across the ring. That later leads into a slugfest followed by that suplex from Tito.

That frog splash nearly took Kojima’s Championship away, luckily, Satoshi hits a DDT plus the Cozy Cutter. That would surprise me if that ended Tito. An F-5 from Tito came close to claiming the gold.

However, Satoshi retains with a massive clothesline. The challenger was out cold. Ha!

Winner: Satoshi Kojima 

As Contra Unit looms over, they’re seen attacking Davey Boy Smith Jr. as Mads Krugger knocks him out. Tom Lawlor was also targeted and rushed to the hospital because of that. Damn… What’s going on?

The Death Fighters vs. The Calling – War Chamber match

The Death Fighters are consisting of Akira, Jimmy Llyod, Jake Crist and Raven. As for The Calling there’s Rickey Shane Page, Sami Callihan, Doctor Cornwallis and Cannonball. Crist and Callihan are the first to enter the War Chamber.

Sami went after Jake, but Crist was able to deflect using his trash can led. Callihan was so unfiltered that he spat in Jake’s face, which resulted in him getting hit in the head again. Callihan brutally sends Crist against the steel door as he crashes onto the floor.

Sami is a psychopath while he continues to torture Jake by stabbing a fork into Crist’s forehead. Ouch. Blood is streaming from his head. Callihan adds more pain by eliminating Jake’s biggest strength in his ankle.

Fortunately, Jake has backup in Akira. However, just as Akira makes his entrance, Cornwallis, Rickey and Cannonball attack him from behind. The advantage Crist had was shattered given Akira hasn’t gotten up yet.

The moment that Page has been officially called out, he made sure to make Akira’s carcass bleed, too. He enters the Chamber to tag team with Callihan versus Jake, who’s still outnumbered. Crist continues to fight back regardless until Akira drop kicks Rickey through a door.

Jimmy Llyod is the third entrant as he rains down on Page and Callihan as harshly as he can before the next entrant in favor of The Calling strolls in. Whatever Llyod was planning, Rickey and Sami thwart it. Oof.

Ha! Rickey missed Akira with a chair. He laughs at Page with his middle fingers up. Screw you is the energy here as Cannonball enters the brutal structure. He’s wrapped IN barbed wire and delivers a Senton through Akira and the table he laid on, disappearing into the mat. My God.

All the destruction was laid out in the ring. Raven was the four entrant for the Death Fighters, which means Doctor Cornwallis comes last. Raven manages to unload on The Calling as they become even more persistent.

Dr. Cornwallis’ entrance breaks the upper hand the Death Fighters had as he punches people with a chain wrapped around his fist. Sami focuses on Jimmy in the second ring. Callihan delivers an exploder on the chair. Because there’s only one official, he was too far away to notice the pin fall attempt Sami was doing, so never mind that. Ha!

That’s why you have two referees, kids.

“Cornwallis may never be the same,” after that cinderblock collided with his crotch at the hands of Akira. Ha! Ha! Never thought I’d see that. Ever. Meanwhile, Cannonball is shoving thumbtacks into Akira’s face.

Later on, Jimmy hits a cutter right on the thumbtacks he scattered on the mat. Almost like some kind of weird comeuppance, Llyod is suplexed onto his own trap.

Just as Callihan and Page are setting up a death weapon to permanently end Akira, given he’s been isolated, Cornwallis is here biting a man’s flesh off. Animal.

Akira blows some mist to the eyes of Callihan that puts on the breaks. Then, he was able to avoid Rickey squashing him into the table with a door on his head. And to add the final nail in the coffin, Akira applies a bared wire inducing submission that Page actually taps to.

Somewhere in the parking lot, as Salina and her mother are seen walking away from the stadium, El Jefe is watching…

Winners: The Death Fighters 


TOP PHOTO: Akira submitting Rickey. Courtesy of MLW