On Twitch broadcast Kenny Omega has made some damning accusations against Dream Star Fighting Marigold owner and former World Wonder Ring Stardom (Stardom) promoter Rossy Ogawa.

Omega claimed there is information about him that is not being reported by the Japanese press about him and accused officials of protecting him.

“(This is) from someone who lived it, breathed it, has very close friends in the industry. I don’t necessarily mean the wrestling industry, I mean the industry, the government issued press and the information they know. [Long pause] I’m just going to leave it at that. I always say don’t be so quick to listen to praise for that individual because someday, I’m not sure when it will be, [in an Irish accent] maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday people will know the truth. What they do with that truth, I don’t know. Will they share it? A lot of higher-ups in Japan know exactly what business he is up to and what he has been up to for decades. That is all I’ve got to say,” he stated.

Omega insisted that people will be shocked when the issues about him become public. He called Ogawa an “E-Drone”. An “E-Drone” is die-hard WWE fan who believes anything outside WWE is substandard wrestling. Omega then made veiled accusations about Ogawa and underage women/girls.

“That’s no big deal. That isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. (shakes his head back and forth). Just you friggin’ wait. If you are still interested in wrestling and you are kind of still listening to the stories and reading stuff, when it FINALLY comes out. There are a lot of people who refuse to work with him for the very same reasons. Some of those people are even in WWE. Some of those people are in AEW. They have a very good reason. It’s not just: ‘I decided to wake up and not like this guy.’ If you want to know along what lines he’s tread amongst the dude just flat out said: Hey. we are looking for girls ages 13 to 21 who don’t have a boyfriend and aren’t married. We already know he puts underage girls in swimsuit calendars and books. I WISH that is all he did. Let’s put it that way,” he said.

Omega than made a reference to WWE superstar Asuka (Kanako Urai) who worked for a number of promotions in Japan before signing with WWE. He also expressed concerns about Ogawa’s new Marigold promotion who might be working closely with WWE. Ogawa and Giulia appeared on camera during NXT’s recent Stand and Deliver broadcast. He admitted though that the details of Ogawa were told to him by people he is very close to.

“I am with Asuka. I always have been. We are “bros”. She’s got her reasons and they are probably the same ones as mine,” he concluded.

In the past, Asuka has criticized the Japanese media stating it was one reason she doesn’t want to go back and wrestle there.

In a stream of posts on X in August of last year, Asuka stated:

“Even in Japan the media hated me because I don’t flatter the media. In Japan, everyone was flirting with the media except me. I fought the media alone to take care of my fans. That’s why some of the Japanese media still hate me. That’s why I’ve always been a freelancer and everyone in Japan knows I am anti-Joshi Pro. Always…Stardom is an organization that was created to defeat me. It is an organization that was created to destroy me, personally but they failed to defeat me. I don’t know what happened to them after that because I came to America. The media could not bring me down when I came to America. They must have really wanted me to fail. I am used to it because I have been fighting my critics alone since my days in Japan…What I just said is in the past. It was before I came to America. Now the organization has changed and there are few players I know. So, I don’t know anything about it and good luck to everyone who’s trying their best. I’m especially concerned about Syuri (Kondo) and (Mina) Shirakawa, that’s all,” she wrote.

In recent months, AEW has begun working closely with Stardom.

When Ogawa was fired by Stardom in February for what they claimed was poaching talent, Tony Khan posted these comments:

Dream Star Fighting Marigold will be holding its first event, Marigold Fields Forever, on 20 May 2024 at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo. Listed as part of the roster are former Stardom talent Giulia, Utami Hayashishita, Mirai, Nanae Takahashi, Mai Sakurai, Victoria Yuzuki and Nao Ishikawa. The event will be broadcast on the Wrestle Universe streaming service.

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