Greetings and Salutations! We are just a few days shy from Rebellion and that means that this is the go-home show of Impact. There are some strong storylines leading into Saturday’s PPV and I expect that we will further stories on the main matches for the show. Before all that, we are getting a send off from one of the, if not the most successful and influential tag teams in TNA history, The Motor City Machine Guns. We see The System take on Motor City Machine Guns in what will be a great match. With that said, let’s get straight to the action.

This week’s episode of TNA iMPACT kicks off with a video recap of last week’s show including Josh Alexander and Hammerstone going at it to set up their match at Rebellion. We go straight to the Impact Zone. Josh Alexander comes down to join the commentary team for the opener.

Hammerstone VS Guido (w/ Ray Jaz and Zack Clayton)

Hammerstone started off by tossing Guido into the corner, then hit a Clothesline on Guido, followed by a Backbreaker and a Squatting Fallaway slam. Hammerstone is using his strength over the much smaller Guido. Clayton sees Guido struggling and tries to help by pushing Hammerstone, but the ref saw this and tossed Clayton out. This mini distraction gave Guido the opening that he needed to get to work on Hammerstone as he hits him with hammerfists and a basement dropkick for a near fall. This was it as Hammerstone comes right back and uses his power on Guido. Hammerstone places headgear on Guido and locks in a Torture Rack to end the match.

Winner: Hammerstone

Ash by Elegance is backstage Iceman and its confirmed that Ash won’t be wrestling at Rebellion on Saturday, but there is a VIP section to watch the Knockouts Championship match. Xia Brookside shows up and asks Ash why she deserves a future title shot when she had to cheat to beat her. Xia says she’s spoken to Santino Marella, and she’ll face Ash in a rematch next week. Ash is furious and threatens to get the lawyers.

Jordynne Grace announces that due to Matt Cardona’s injury, he won’t be at Rebellion this weekend. Grace says karma is a real bitch, and re-enforces that her and Steph De Lander should have a fair match this weekend. Grace says Steph knows she has a zero percent chance of beating her cleanly, but she is sure Steph has a plan, but she has one too.

Joe Hendry VS LSG

Joe Hendry comes out and says he’ll be facing Rich Swann at Rebellion, and he knows that AJ Francis will be at ringside. Hendry makes some Uncle Phil and Top Dolla jokes. LSG is out and the match starts as LSG is looking for an armbar, but Hendry rolls around the ring to avoid it. Hendry with a Fallaway Slam that gets turned into a Gorilla Press Slam, and follows that up with a Standing Ovation (Uranage) for the win. It was all Hendry in this match.

Winner: Joe Hendry

A video package plays which announces a huge main event between The System and the Motor City Machine Guns.

TNA X-Division Champion Mustafa Ali and Grizzled Young Veterans VS Cody Deaner, Jake Something, and Rhino

Something got things started as he slammed Gibson. Rhino tagged in and chopped Deaner out of the match. Rhino now works with Zack Gibson and targets his arm. Ali tagged in and just punds over Deaner before Drake tagged into continue the beat down of Deaner as he is cut off from his team. Ali is in again and working over Deaner. Deaner is able to escape the attack and is about to tag in Rhino, but Drake stops in. Gibson came in and continued the beat down of Deaner. Deaner avoids some moves and is able to get the hot tag to Rhino.

Rhino clears house and delivers a Gore to Gibson who was on the corner. Rhino eats a kick, but on the way to the mat, he falls into and tags Something. Something charges and breaks thorugh a GYV Double Clothesline, and then takes them both out with a Clothesline of his own. Deaner is in and does a Crossbody for a 2-count. Ali and Deaner worked each other some more and takes a hard slam from Deaner, but GYV saved and dove into Something. Deaner is ready to take everyone on, but Ali and GYV take him down. Rhino comes in and Gores Drake, while Deaner knees Gibson. Ali finishes Deaner off with a High Kick, followed by a Sunset Flip and a 450 Splash.

Winners: Mustafa Ali and Grizzled Young Veterans

GYV and Ali think about beating Deaner down some more, but they just leave instead.

Steve Maclin says he got the first victory in this iteration of TNA Wrestling and this Saturday at Rebellion he will make his presence felt.

Eric Young met with his Maniac persona backstage to unleash his dark side. He tells us that he’ll baptize Frankie Kazarian at Rebellion

Rosemary (w/ Havok) VS Jody Threat (w/ Dani Luna)

Rosemary with a Reverse Bearhug, but Threat comes back with a Clothesline, followed by a Powerslam for a 2-count. . Rosemary got a single leg dropkick in that sends Threat to the corner. Rosemary then bit Threat in the corner and locked a Hanging Neck Choke., Rosemary continues the offense with two German suplexes and a Muta lock to Threat, which was broken via a rope break. Threat came back and landed a German Suplex, followed by a Clothesline for a 2-cunt. Rosemary came right back though as she hits a Run-up Forearm, followed by a Spear for the win.

Winner: Rosemary

Jonathan Gresham’s therapy sessions continue. Gresham feels unheard and that’s why he wears a mask. Life is a costume party and he’s been vulnerable. Gresham said all that will end soon.

TNA World Tag Team Titles: The System (c) (w/ Alisha Edwards) VS Motor City Machine Guns

The Guns start the match off quick but Edwards chopped away on Shelley before Sabin hit a dragon screw on the right leg and Shelley landed one on the left one back to back. Shelley then locked in a Figure Four leglock. At the same time, Sabin locked a Figure Four of his own on Myers. Edwards, as the legal man broke his submission move with the help of the ropes. Alisha grabbed Shelley and he grabbed her before getting hit hard by Eddie. Eddie with some hard chops. Myers locked in a Chinlock, but Shelley escapes and unleashes some offense, before taking a Back Elbow to give The System the advantage again. Edwards with a front chancery before Shelley escaped that, but Edwards knocked Sabin down from the apron to prevent a tag. Shelley with a Flatliner on Eddie that gives him the chance to get the hot tag to Sabin.

Sabin clears house with Dropkicks and then he hit a Suicide Dive through Shelley’s legs and onto Eddie. MCMG with a Double-team missile dropkick/flatliner for a near fall. Sabin with a huge kick to Edwards, but Myers with the blind tag. Eddie fights right back and delivers a Backpack stunner, followed by the now legal Myers delivering a Flying Elbow from the top rope for a close 2.9-count. Myers goes for a Roster Cut, but Sabin with a Crucifix, followed by Cutter for a huge near fall. The System comes back as Myers hits that Roster cut, and Eddie hits a Boston Knee Party for the win, thus ending a historic run by Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin.

Winners: AND STILL TNA Tag Team Champions; The System

Nemeth and Moose go face-to-Face

Nemeth says in two days, he’ll walk into Rebellion to go face-to-face with the TNA World Champion, Moose. This already gets Moose out! Moose says he knows Nemeth had a story lined up to tell these idiots, and they were ready to believe it, but he’s there to stop that BS. Moose says that he’s built his career by beating “the System”. Moose says that anytime Nemeth was given the ball, he runs a few yards but manages to fumble the ball and calls him a choke artist. Nemeth tells Moose that he’s not facing Dolph Ziggler, but he’s facing Nic Nemeth and the future of TNA. The two go face-to-face to end the show.