While there are those in AEW who might have a bone to pick with CM Punk, Kenny Omega isn’t one of them despite whatever issues they have had in the past.

Omega spoke about Punk and the infamous Brawl Out incident during a Street Fighter 6 gaming stream on Twitch.

“My status with Punk right now? I don’t know. It’s just mutual respect. We reached out to each other. Here’s the thing, I can’t really think of anyone that I dislike or have like an issue with, especially an issue with wrestling. It’s not like: Hey, we’re good now! It is: We were never bad. Honestly, if it weren’t for a complete other factor, we would have been able to have that talk on the night of Brawl Out. There’s no issue between him and I as far as I know. I don’t think there is at all,” said Omega.

Omega then went on to agree with Punk in that he doesn’t like “exposing the business” to outsiders, fans or the media.

“I don’t want to seem standoffish or secretive about what happened. Yes, there’s legalities and all that stuff but even if there wasn’t, and I know this will sound weird because I’ve done a lot of comedy stuff in wrestling, but I’m actually not a huge fan of pulling back the curtain on stuff that doesn’t need to be out in public. That’s why I’m saying if for whatever reason guys were to fight or whatever, it’s not for the public to know. That’s just for them to air out their stuff to get it out of their system. That’s all I mean,” he said.

Omega said of Brawl Out his intension was to calm everyone down and as an animal lover himself, protect CM Punk’s dog.

“I thought my duty as an EVP was enter the situation while there was chaos and deescalate it and just create a peaceful environment for everyone. I was able create that environment for one most important person in that altercation and that was Larry. It sounds funny but I look at animals and our pets as people…To get Larry out of there was the most important thing to me. That was a success. Unfortunately, try as I may, things were too chaotic for me to do anything via my own power. In that instance I realized that the way I wanted to go about things wasn’t the way other people wanted to. It also maybe wasn’t the way the boss wanted to take care of things,” he said.

Observing the situation as he did Omega believed that perhaps emotions were getting the best of everyone involved and that sometimes it is best to fight things out and shake hands afterwards.

“I am actually a believer of fighting. I am! I know it is a terrible thing to say which is why I was like…Don’t make me an EVP in 2024! You cannot do that stuff anymore. I just feel that sometimes that is how you have to settle things,” he explained. “This is exactly why I have no power nor should I. That is just how I feel.”

TOP PHOTO: MJF and Kenny Omega at AEW Dynamite, at the Liacouras Center, in Philadelphia, on Wednesday, October 25, 2023. Photo by George Tahinos, Slam Wrestling, https://georgetahinos.smugmug.com