Two of NXT’s greatest superstars of all-time and one of the greatest pairings, duos in WWE history fought each other as foes not friends at NXT Stand and Deliver. Despite Ilja Dragunov defending the NXT Championship against Tony D’Angelo on the same card Trick and Melo were the main event of the evening.

Melo came down to the ring wearing some kind of armored vest. Perhaps something out of Black Panther or Mortal Combat?

On his back it says: “Whooped!”.

Williams is a wearing a robe with the words “The Anointed One” on the back. I ain’t feeling it.

The crowd shouts: “Whoop that Trick!”

Melo flips Williams down. He kicks dirt over Williams. Melo flips over Williams back. He slaps Williams in the back of the head and then in the face when he turns around. Williams haymakers Melo to the mat.

They throw fists on the floor. Williams slams Melo’s melon on the apron and into the ringside barricade. They fight into the crowd and to the upper levels of the arena. Melo whips Trick into some chairs leaping down on him with a punch. Melo harasses Trick’s brother. Trick backdrops Melo over the barricade.

Melo has something to say to Trick. Courtesy: NXT.

Back in the ring, Melo points to the mat. He claims it is his world. Both men battle on the top rope. Trick falls ribs first into an exposed turnbuckle. Melo slams Trick’s ribs into the apron. As Trick tries to stand up Melo kicks at the ribs. Both men drop kick each other in the middle of the ring.

They throw hands on their knees. Trick demands that Melo bring it. Melo misses Nothing But Net. Trick hits a jumping neck breaker and a big boot to the head. Melo leaps off the second rope onto Trick on the floor. A frog splash gets Melo a two count.

Melo sits in the ropes. He tears the tape off his wrist. He attempts to choke out Williams with the tape. Williams whips Melo over though. Williams goes for a Stinger Splash. He nails the official instead. Melo pulls out a steel chair from under the ring. Both men wrestle over the chair. Trick wins out. Williams hits Melo in the stomach and over the back again and again with the chair. The official pulls the chair out of Williams’ hands. Melo hits a low bow for a two count.

Trick ducks a running knee smash. Melo bashes the official.

Trick is your winner. Courtesy: NXT.

Barrett: That is the most unluckiest official in the world.

Melo lands Nothing But Net. A new official slaps a two count and then Williams kicks out. Melo is fit to be tied. He thinks the match should be over. The new official pulls the chair out of Melo’s hands. Trick nails Melo with his running knee smash for the one, two, three.

Melo looks on from the floor as Trick poses and celebrates with the crowd.

NXT Stand and Deliver Pre-Show

GM Ava meets with the referee officiating the main event. She instructs him to be very lenient. He agrees to do so.

Ridge Holland is one of the hosts of the pre-show. Booker T scoffs at Holland. He says he is “done” and “finished”. Vic reprimands Booker for his comments. Holland has to be held back from going after Book.

As Gacy heads to the ring an angry Holland clobbers him with a steel chair to his already injured back from behind.

Shawn Spears vs. Joe Gacy

Gacy sends Spears to the floor and leaps onto him. Spears catches Gacy on the top rope and suplexes him down on his back. Spears labels Gacy with punches to the head and whips him hard into a turnbuckle then hits a backbreaker.

“Does it hurt?” yells Spears in Gacy’s face.

Spears puts Gacy in a Boston Crab. Gacy manages to crawl to the ropes.

As Booker goes on and on about Gacy getting into Spears’ business by stealing his chair Vic comments that “This is going to be a long afternoon.”

Gacy gives Spears a suplex hurting his own back in the process. Gacy drops Spears with a series of clotheslines and another suplex. A springboard splash gets Gacy a two count. Gacy attempts to leap outside the  ring. Gacy catches him with a punch. He hangs him upside down against the ropes on the apron kicking him in the head. Spears slams Gacy’s back on the apron and hits a hanging DDT for a two count.

Gacy blocks the C4 but Spears arm drags him out of a uranage. Gacy hits the move only to have Spears kick out. As Spears lies on the apron Gacy lands a senton. Gacy misses a splash. Spears gives Gacy a Pedigree. Gacy kicks out.

Spears stops the Upside Down with a punch to the head. Absorbing the damage, Gacy gets back to his feet quickly to pin Spears with an Upside Down.

Winner: Joe Gacy

NXT Stand and Deliver Main Card

We see Meta-Four are eating at The Don’s restaurant. They raise a glass to both Dragunov and D’Angelo. We switch to them at Chase University where they review the Jayne and Hail feud. They are then in an ambulance commenting on both Lyra and Roxanne taking a ride in one. They review the NXT North American Championship match while in Dijax’s office. They end their preview of the card in a barber shop chatting about Melo and Trick. Meta-Four welcomes everyone to the event, live. Wade Barrett has joined the announce team tonight.

Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker (c) vs. Axiom and Nathan Frazer – NXT Tag Team Championship Match

Frazer and Axiom dive onto the champs as they make their down down to the ring. The bell finally rings when all four men are in the ring. Corbin is stunned by the jumpstart. Frazer gives him a Tornado DDT. Fans are cheering and booing Corbin at the same time. Corbin takes over with a Clothesline from Hell. Axiom and Frazer double team Corbin. Axiom nails Bron on the apron with a kick to the head.

Corbin drops Axiom with a brainbuster and tags in Bron who takes over on Axiom. Bron runs the ropes clotheslining Axiom into the outer atmosphere. Bron pauses pinning Axiom so he can do some push-ups.

A Spanish Fly from Axiom gives him some room to tag Frazer. Frazer enters the ring with a flying drop kick on Corbin. Frazer drop kicks Bron into the announce table and gives Corbin a standing shooting star press for a two count.

Corbin spikes Frazer with End of Days and powerbombs Axiom. Axiom super kicks Bron into next week. Bron leaps onto the top rope to Frankensteiner Axiom.

Axiom Spanish Flies Bron from the top rope. Frazer gets a two count with a 450 splash. Axiom is blasted with End of Days. Bron just slams Frazer awkwardly off the top rope. Frazer kicks out of Corbin’s splash from the top rope.

Axiom pulls Frazer out of the way so that Bron hits the steel steps. Corbin grabs both Axiom and Frazer to slam them on the announce table. They land on the announce chairs to dive back onto Corbin. Frazer lands the Phoenix Splash. Bron saves Corbin from being pinned. Corbin puts Axiom down with End of Days. Bron spears Frazer. Corbin gets the three count.

Winners: …and still NXT Tag Team Champions…Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker.

Rating: 8 / 10

Meta-Four sends in Oro Mensah to report outside Oba Femi’s locker room. Femi storms through the door knocking Oro over. Meta calls for medical.

Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog is standing behind the announce table. Vic says Knuckles always has his back…unlike Booker T. Vic reminds everyone that the Knuckles series begins on Paramount+ soon.

Oba Femi (c) vs. Dijak vs. Josh Briggs – Triple Threat, NXT North American Championship Match

Oba Femi isn’t human. Courtesy: NXT.

Dijak and Briggs attack Femi together. He catches them and slams them both down to the canvass. Dijak and Briggs continue their assault with haymakers, elbows and big kicks on Femi. Dijak dives on Femi. Femi catches Briggs using him as a battering ram on Dijak. Femi slams Briggs on Dijak. Femi throws an announce chair at Briggs.

Dijak haymakers Femi into the announce chair. Brigg catches Dijak on the top rope. He chokeslams Dijak from the top rope onto Femi.

The crowd chants: “Holy s–t!”

Dijak and Briggs double chokeslam Femi. They both attempt a pinfall on Femi. Femi kicks out. Femi double chokeslams Dijak and Briggs. Briggs slams Femi onto the apron. Dijak dives off the top rope. Briggs kicks him in the head for a two count.

Briggs gives Dijak a Clothesline from Hell from the top rope. Dijak drapes his leg over the top rope to break the pinfall. There is slugfest in the middle of the ring. Dijak walks Briggs into a chokeslam. Brigg kicks out at…one?!?!?!

Djiak turns a chokeslam into a Canadian Destroyer. Briggs looks a bit out of it. Dijax hoists Briggs to the top rope on his back. Femi scoops Dijak on his shoulders as he is holding Briggs on his shoulders. Femi drops both men to the canvass.


Femi is about to be pinned with Feast Your Eyes. Briggs breaks that up. Dijak gives Femi another Feast Your Eyes. Briggs pulls the official out of the ring to stop the count.

The fans chant: B——t!

Dijak leaps over the official onto Briggs on the floor. Dijax shoves Femi into Briggs’ spear. Femi is speared through the barricade. Dijak has Briggs covered with another Feast Your Eyes. Femi leaps into the ring, grabs Dijak by the throat, powerslams Dijax down onto Briggs to retain.

Winner: …and still NXT North American Champion, Oba Femi.

Rating: 8.5 / 10

Meta-Four is backstage in dressing gowns to speak to Thea Hail, Fallon Henley and Kelani Jordan. Dar asks Thea Hail if she REALLY thought Jayne was her friend. Hail snaps and attacks Dar.

Thea Hail, Fallon Henley and Kelani Jordan vs. Jacy Jayne, Kiana James and Izzi Dame (with Jazmyn Nyx)

The heels attack the face from behind before the bell can even ring. Jayne whips Hail into the ringside barricade. Dame whips Fallon into a corner over and over again. Kiana breaks things up. Hail leaps onto Jayne. Jayne pulls Riley Osborne in the way so he gets nailed instead. Dame knocks Jordan off the top rope and takes it to Jordan in the ring. Dame just heaves Jordan by her throat across the ring. Jayne flips off Hail in a corner. The crowd boos and boos. Fallon is hot-tagged in. She puts everyone down. She shoves Dame off so she splashes James in a corner. Dame catches Hail. She throws her over the top rope. Duke Hudson catches Hail in his arms.

Hail and Jayne are finally alone in the ring. A hockey fight breaks out with them both exchanging haymakers. Jayne wins that battle with a boot to the face. Hail takes Jayne down with a Thesz Press and some punches. Hail puts Dame into the Kimura Lock. Dame submits.

Winners: Thea Hail, Fallon Henley and Kelani Jordan

Rating: 7 / 10

GM Ava addresses the NXT Universe. She introduces the new Women’s NXT North American Championship. The first ever champ will be decided soon.

Giulia is shown in the crowd. What could it all mean?!!?

Lyra Valkyria (c) vs. Roxanne Perez – NXT Women’s Championship Match

The entire match is almost all Perez and there is a bit of sloppiness here and there. Perez focuses on Lyra’s injured arm immediately. Lyra fights through the pain. Lyra executes a roundhouse kick. A shocked Perez dodges. Lyra shrugs Perez off who flies to the floor. Lyra drop kicks Perez on the floor. Lyra is favouring her arm. Perez drops elbow after elbow on Lyra’s arm. Perez wraps Lyra’s arm around the ropes and just yanks down on it. Perez puts Lyra in an arm bar and drops back on it.

Booker wonders if the official will call the match. Vic: “He might have to. Lyra will not surrender.”

The crowd encourages Lyra on as Perez puts Lyra in another arm bar submission.

Body women hit flying body presses at the same time. Both go down. Lyra lands some kicks and strikes…with one arm. The champ hits three Northern Light Suplexes. Lyra cannot execute a fourth one because her arm gives out. Perez sand Lyra slap each other in the face as they battle on the top rope. Lyra sit-down powerbombs Perez for a two count.

Lyra leaps through the ropes. Perez punches her in the face. She DDTs Lyra on the floor. Lyra kicks out of Pop Rock back in the ring. Perez smashes Lyra’s shoulder into corner after corner. Perez unleashes haymakers on Lyra.

Tatum Paxley leaps over the barricade. Perez heaves Lyra into Paxley. Perez wraps Lyra’s arm around a steel post twice.

Perez is back at the top. Courtesy: NXT.

Lyra missed a splash from the top rope. Perez puts on another arm bar submission. The crowd goes nuts for Perez. Perez turns Night Wing into a poisonrana. Pop Rocks and an arm bar submission. Lyra taps out and the crowd cheers!

Winner: …and new NXT Women’s Champion, Roxanne Perez.

Rating: 7 / 10

We cut to William Regal sitting beside Giulia and Rossy Ogawa in the crowd. Courtesy: NXT.

Ilja Dragunov (c) vs. Tony D’Angelo – NXT Championship Match

These two men REALLY don’t like each other. Courtesy: NXT.

The Don comes out with his entire family. The crowd chants: The Don! The Don!

The Don goes after the hand right away. Ilja and Tony go over the top rope in a suplex and then go over again when Tony just tackles Ilja. Ilja cannot land punches with his injured hand. They trade forearms in the middle of the ring. Ilja suplexes Tony twice after he misses a Superman Punch. Ilja cannot push off the mat to deliver a kick as his hand gives out. Ilja attempts to bounce back in the ropes. He staggers, flips and falls. His hand doesn’t have the power to maintain his balance.

Ilja and Tony both fall off the top rope when Ilja hits head butt after head butt. They battle on the floor exchanging cops. Ilja misses a punch hitting a steel ring post. Tony slams Ilja’s back into the post. Ilja slams Tony on the floor. Ilja German Suplexes Tony twice but Tony breaks the grip stopping a third.

Ilja scores a two count with a running clothesline. Ilja tears the dressing off his hand. Ilja powerbombs Tony. Tony stops the H-Bomb pushing Ilja off.

Stacks hands Tony some brass knuckles. Tony gives them back. Tony: I ain’t doing that!

Ilja stomps on Stacks’ hands. A DDT from Ilja only gets a two.

“You are NOT in control!” yells Ilja as he rains down punches on Tony right in front of The Family. He dares Stacks to do something about. Stacks gets on the apron. Tony demands Stacks get back down on the floor.

Ilja kisses Tony. Tony gets fired up. Tony head butts Ilja and lays in haymakers. Ilja runs off the ropes. Tony drops him with a clothesline and a German Suplex for a two count.

Tony Superplexes Ilja. They both clear off the announce table at the same time and a hockey fight breaks out. Ilja lands an H-Bomb.

Ilja: screams: This is NOT over!

Ilja jumps off the barricade. He drives Tony through the announce table with an H-Bomb punch. A senton only gets Ilja a two count back in the ring. Ilja leaps off the top rope. Tony catches him and powerbombs him down to the mat. Tony stomps on Ilja hands and neck. Torpedo Moscow to the back of Tony”s head. An H-Bomb from the top rope. Ilja retains. Ilja, bleeding from the mouth, shakes Tony’s hand after the match.

Winner:…and still NXT Champion, Ilja Dragunov.

Rating: 8 / 10

Meta-Four is in the middle of the ring. They announce that NXT has broken their all-time attendance record with 16,545 fans in the Wells Fargo Center. 

Carmelo Hayes vs. Trick Williams

Winner: Trick Williams

Rating: 8 / 10



NXT Stand and Deliver Summary

Although some of the matches didn’t exactly deliver as promised the ones that did hit the mark. The NXT North American Championship match was the surprise of the evening. All three men really gave it their all in and out of the ring. Somehow I don’t think Melo and Trick are done just yet. Stand and Deliver has set the table for WrestleMania. Let’s see if the main roster can deliver like NXT has tonight.