WWE’s latest show Speed dropped on X today to a varied reaction from fans.

The two episode premiere had Ricochet facing off against Dragon Lee and Bronson Reed taking on Cedric Alexander. They were battling it out a timer was running at the bottom of the screen. In Speed matches, a superstar has only three minutes to win the match.

Eight superstars are part of the tournament to crown the first-ever Speed Champion but none of the other competitors or match-ups have been announced except for next week’s bout which is NXT’s Axiom versus Judgment Day’s JD McDonagh, which probably won’t be bringing that many eyeballs to X, if we’re honest.

The entire concept seems outlandish. If you can beat someone in three minutes why don’t you do that all the time? It isn’t like WWE superstars are paid by the hour or the minute are they?

Fans had this to say on X following the premiere: