This weekend is the BIGGEST Stand and Deliver of them all. Best friends and now mortal enemies Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams will have their final face-to-face tonight.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are shown arriving at the building earlier in the day, separately of course.

Axiom and Nathan Frazer versus The lWo versus The OC – Triple Threat Tag Team Match to decide No. 1 Contenders for NXT Stand & Deliver

Too much action to call. Axiom and Frazer dive at The OC as they make their way down the aisle. There are “Too Sweet!” chants in the NXT arena. Axiom is thrown into Anderson sending him for a ride. Frazer DDTs both Anderson and Wilde at the same time. There is a cluster battle in a corner. The OC joins in and breaks things up. The lWo leap off the top rope for a double missile drop kick on Luke Gallows. Everyone splashes everyone on the floor. A really, really strange ending has Axiom looking confused in the ring as he is not the legal man and cannot pin Toro who was dropped with a Magic Killer. Frazer is the legal man but he is on the floor. Frazer finally get the pin after that with a 450 Splash.

Winners: Axiom and Nathan Frazer

Lexis King is relaxing on his throne. He mocks his recent foes. He is going to embarrass Von Wagner tonight.

Ilja Dragunov heads out to his car to drive to his meeting with The Don. His car got clamped. He isn’t going anywhere. A car pulls up. The driver asks Ilja if he wants a drive. He doesn’t want to keep The Don waiting. Ilya finally accepts the ride.

Fallon Henley versus Jacy Jayne

Thea Hail and Kelani Jordan come down with Henley. Jayne is with her crew in Kiana James, Izzi Dame and Jazmyn Nyx. The crowd is divided in their loyalties which is a surprise. Fallon is distracted by the women on the floor. Jayne attacks her from behind. She falls to the floor where Jayne does some more damage. Hail has to be held back. She wants a piece of Jayne. Jayne has Fallon down on the canvass in a headlock. She mocks Hail from inside the ring. Fallon fights back with haymaker after haymaker and a clothesline. Kiana on the apron. Hail runs through the ring splashing her. There is a brawl on the floor. Fallon joins the fight punching anyone who is in her way. Jayne hits a distracted Fallon with a running knee smash for the pin.

Winner: Jacy Jayne

GM Ava has had enough. Courtesy: NXT.

The heels head backstage to the gorilla position. Jayne addresses the cameras. She did everything not for Chase U but for herself. She wanted the spotlight back. She was never Hail’s friend. Jayne claims she is the main attraction of NXT once again. They split the scene after GM Ava warns them they have to move things along as it is live TV. Hail and the others arrive. She is fit to be tied. She wants to get her hands on Jayne. GM has heard enough out of everyone. She signs a six-women tag match for Stand and Deliver.

Josh Briggs goes over his chat with JBL. This Saturday he will STAND on his own and he will DELIVER and win that North American Championship.

Lexis King versus Von Wagner

Wagner runs down to the ring. He takes King down battering him with punches and clotheslining him out of the ring then throwing him into the ringside barricade over and over again. King is rammed into buckle after buckle. He hip tosses King across the ring stomping a mudhole in a corner. King jumps off the top rope. Wagner catches him and slams him. King sidesteps Wagner. Wagner hits a steel post. King nails Wagner with a knee to the head and a series of elbow drops. King gets a two count with a rolling neckbreaker. King starts working over Wagner’s neck with forearm smashes and a headlock. King applies a sleeper. Wagner just backs him up into a corner. King is caught off the ropes and powerslammed. King rolls out onto the apron. Wanger chokeslams King on the apron. He clears off the announce table. Wagner tries to powerslam King onto the table. King DDTs him. He pins Wagner with the Coronation in the ring.

Winner: Lexis King

Security allows Ava into Melo’s dressing room. She tells Melo she has instructed the referee who will be officiating his match with Trick Williams at Stand and Deliver to be very lenient when it comes to enforcing the rules. There will also be extra security tonight in case there is any trouble.

Natalya is backstage with Karmen Petrovic giving her advice and support. Roxanne Perez interrupts. There was a time she would take advice from her heroes but not any more. Petrovic tells Natalya not to pay any attention to her.

Arianna Grace is browsing a rack of gowns. She needs to pick out the perfect one for Gigi Dolin. Wren Sinclair mocks Grace. She doubts that Grace can make any improvement on the already amazing Dolin. “Those are fighting words! I am texting Georgina because these dresses will have to wait,” says Grace storming off.

Lola Vice versus Karmen Petrovic

Karmen does some fancy moves with her sword in the ring. The women trade kicks feeling each other out. Vice tries to clamp on a submission. Karmen escapes. Karmen lays Vice out with a discus lariat, something from Natalya’s arsenal. Natalya gets the crowd to cheer and clap along for Karmen. Karmen almost pins Vice with a rolling kick to the back of the head. Lola looks right at Natalya before putting Karmen in the Sharpshooter. Karmen taps out. Natalya comes to the ring to check on Karmen. Lola continues to dance and laugh.

Winner: Lola Vice

Ilja gets the grand tour. Courtesy: NXT.

Ilja Dragunov is sitting in the back of the car. It pulls up to some kind of warehouse. He is told by one of The Don’s soldiers that The Don is waiting inside. Ilja is guided into the warehouse where there is a dude cutting wood with some kind of table saw and another dues using a nail gun. He is led to a small table in the middle of the dark workshop. The Don arrives and sits down. To be continued…

Supernova 11 Sessions

Dar introduces Roxanne Perez singing her first name like that Police song. Dar does it again when Perez sits down. He is no Sting, that’s for sure. The champ, Lyra Valkyria is out next. She is not wearing a sling on her arm. She sits on the opposite side of the set. Perez says she cannot wait until Saturday so she can get back the title she never lost. Lyra is tired of hearing the same old crap from Perez. Perez is not the champion because Indie Hartwell climbed a ladder faster than her. Lyra tells Perez that nothing is ever her fault. Lyra mocks Perez’s excuses. Perez says she will knock Lyra off her high horse on Saturday. Perez claims losing the belt made her dangerous. Lyra says Stand and Deliver will be a fight not a match between them. “After Stand and Deliver, Roxanne, you will have a lot to bitch about,” laughs Lyra. They get face to face. Perez punches Lyra. Lyra kicks her in the face and F5’s her through a coffee table.

Perez is introduced to some Ikea furniture. Courtesy: NXT.

A Dijak segment. He doesn’t care who you are. He can break any man. “I didn’t come back to NXT to make friends. I came to collect gold,” he says about the match at Stand and Deliver.

Oba Femi has been watching backstage. Both Josh and Dijak will learn why he is the champion at Stand and Deliver.

Ava is shown having a conversation with Trick but we cannot hear anything they are saying because Vic Joseph is yammering on and on.

Oba Femi versus Joe Gacy

As Gacy is coming out he is hit in the back with a steel chair by Sean Spears. Femi rolls Gacy into the ring. Gacy demands the match be started. Femi destroys Gacy with a slam, elbow drops. A running elbow smash knocks Gacy on the floor. Gacy is chopped down on the apron with a thunderous chop. Gacy fights back with some chops, a drop kick and a side suplex. An Upside Down is transformed into a Snake Eyes and a big slam. Gacy lands hard on his back. The official puts up the ‘X’ sign and the match is called.

Winner: No contest

Lyra tells Tatum Paxley that Perez is pushing her to the edge. She is willing to do ANYTHING to hold onto her championship. I don’t think Tatum needs any ideas. Do you?

Arianna Grace versus Wren Sinclair

The crowd is divided again which is odd. Wren stuns Grace by keeping her on the mat. Wren slams Grace’s face into the mat making her very, very angry. Wren hits an atomic drop and a drop kick. She missed the second drop kick though. Grace takes over with stomps, an arm drag and elbow drops. Wren fights her way out of Boston Crab. Grace rolls up Wren…with a little help from the ropes.

Winner: Arianna Grace

Back to that dark and dingy warehouse. The Don thanks Ilja for coming. Ilja is impressed with The Don’s efforts to gain the psychological advantage. The Don: This dinner marks the end of your title reign. Ilja: I am unbreakable. You are the Don but I am Ilya Dragonov. Nothing will stop me leaving Stand and Deliver as the champion! The Don says he could have taken Ilja out any time he waned to. He grips Ilja’s injured hand. The Don: I am going to break the unbreakable. It is nothing personal. It is just business. A plate of food is delivered. The Don advises Ilya to enjoy his last dinner. Ilya is left alone clutching his hand in pain.

Sol Ruca versus Blair Davenport

Sol unleashes punches and kicks on Davenport. An arm drag stuns Davenport. Ruca lifts Davenport up by one arm and slams her down hard. Roca clotheslines Blair out of the ring. Blair throws her into the ring steps and then gives her a kneebreaker on the stairs too. Ruca is thrown off the ropes. She staggers. Ruca suplexes Blair and herself right over the ropes to the floor. Ruca splashes Blair off the ropes on one leg. Blair blocks Ruca’s Soul Snatcher with a big slam. Ruca reverses Blair’s knee smash into a roll-up.

Winner: Sol Ruca

Trick and Carmelo are shown making their way to the ring. Melo has his security in tow.

Still holding his back in pain Joe Gacy demands that GM Ava book a match between him and Shawn Spears at Stand and Deliver. She agrees.

Face-to-face: Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes

Trick and Melo aren’t waiting for Saturday. Courtesy: NXT.

Carmelo is first to enter the ring. Melo’s security surrounds his side of the ring. Ava’s security is on the apron and around the ring. Williams claims that Melo is jealous of his recent success. Melo accuses Williams of using him and stabbing him in the back. They begin brawling. Security gets involved. Many of them get floored. Wrestlers pour out to keep Melo and Williams apart.