We have reached one of the final stops on the Road to WrestleMania with the go-home edition of Raw ahead of the Showcase of the Immortals.

Last week on Raw, The Rock left Cody Rhodes in a puddle of his blood and beat him with a weight belt he had made for Mama Rhodes. Due to that attack, Rhodes was not medically cleared to be at Raw tonight, but The Rock was there and he opened the show.

He began by saying he made Cody bleed last week and now the only thing missing from that weight belt is the tears of Mama Rhodes. He whispered to Cody he was going to make him bleed and all the Cody crybabies were so upset about it. He cannot believe grown men are complaining about the beating Cody got and he then showed some footage of children crying due to his actions last week.

Rock said videos like that break his heart, however, to the parents of those crying kids, he wants them to put their kids in front of the TV. He then told those kids there are moments in life when a man gotta do what a man gotta do. Moments in life when somebody talks shit and The Rock has to beat that punk ass.

Rock said pro-wrestling is cool right now and viewership is at an all-time high thanks to Rock. Tonight’s show is the highest gate in history and that is because…finally blood was shed, finally we are five days out from ‘Mania and finally The Final Boss has come back to Brooklyn. Rock then let us know he did not come alone, Roman Reigns’ music hit and The Bloodline made their way out to the ring!

Reigns told Brooklyn to acknowledge him and he then said for him it is family above all. He came to Raw to acknowledge his family and thank Rock for his attack last week, because of that attack, ‘Mania will be the easiest of his life. Seeing Rock make Cody bleed felt great for him, Rock put his family above all and set a great example. Cody isn’t built to run this company and this is The Bloodline’s mountain. Come Sunday that message won’t be any clearer, but Reigns now was interrupted by Seth Rollins.

The World Heavyweight Champion entered through the crowd, a little callback to when he and Reigns were in The Shield. He kept himself in the crowd because he said he is not stupid enough to walk into an attack. Rollins said last week they crossed the line and the time for talking is over, he is ready for a fight and he wants to fight tonight. He believes Brooklyn deserves the greatest main event of all time and challenged The Rock to a match in tonight’s main event! However, Rollins knows Rock most likely doesn’t have the balls to face him, so if that’s the case he will face Reigns in the main event.

The Tribal Chief and Final Boss. Credit: WWE

Rock said Rollins comes out here and runs his mouth, but did he not see what Rock did to Cody last week? He knows Rollins doesn’t want any of that, so he isn’t facing Rock or Roman, but The Bloodline always has a plan. Solo Sikoa stepped up to let Rollins know he would be facing him tonight, quite the disappointment if you ask me. Rock followed that by telling Rollins his match with Solo is Bloodline Rules. Good luck to Rollins.

Earlier today, Rhea Ripley was a guest on Ariel Helwani’s show and Becky Lynch stormed into the set. Lynch had to be removed by security and now she was speaking to Cathy Kelly backstage at Raw. Lynch said she is here at Raw to finish what she started and she will be out in that ring later tonight if Ripley wants to answer the call.

The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) & #DIY (Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano) vs. The Judgement Day (Damian Priest, Finn Bálor, Dominik Mysterio & JD McDonagh)

New Day and #DIY wasted no time getting things started as they attacked J-Day in the middle of their entrance. This led to Bálor and Gargano beginning the match, they went back and forth until Ciampa came in to take out Dom and JD. Kingston then dove from the top rope into Priest and hit JD with a springboard crossbody. Woods followed that with a tornado DDT and Gargano took Dom out with a suicide dive. J-Day was reeling until JD caught Woods with a standing Spanish fly and tagged in Priest. He turned Ciampa inside-out, choke-slammed Kingston and dropped Ciampa with a Razor’s Edge to get the victory.

Winners: The Judgement Day (Damian Priest, Finn Bálor, Dominik Mysterio & JD McDonagh)

The Bloodline was now preparing with Solo backstage and Reigns let Rock know he was going to take off. Reigns left the arena to write his speech to induct Paul Heyman into the Hall of Fame, he trusted Rock to keep things in line.

Sami Zayn is set to face Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania, so he has hired Chad Gable to help him prepare. Gable lost to Gunther multiple times and is getting Zayn into shape so he doesn’t make the same mistakes he did. Zayn is trying to find his fire again and become the version of himself that won the main event of WrestleMania last year.

Sami Zayn vs. Bronson Reed

Zayn lost to Reed last week because of a distraction from Gunther, so tonight Zayn was looking to redeem himself. Reed was overpowering Zayn early on and drilling him with big chops, but Zayn was able to knock Reed out of the ring and dive onto him with a tope. He continued with diving elbows from the second rope, however, he got caught in a uranage. Reed then tried to take things to the top rope, but Zayn reversed into a sunset flip powerbomb. Unfortunately for Zayn, that did not do much damage to Reed and he responded with a Death Valley Driver.

Following a commercial, Zayn began his comeback catching Reed with a tornado DDT, but once again Reed responded quickly. Reed attempted a Tsunami and Zayn moved out of the way, Zayn wanted a Helluva Kick next, but while he was preparing Gunther dragged a beaten-down Chad Gable out from the back. Zayn rushed to check on Gable and Gunther hit him with a sneak attack. Gunther threw Zayn around and left him lifeless on the stage next to Gable, he stood over him holding his Intercontinental Championship up high.

Gunther stands tall. Credit: WWE

As Gunther was leaving he noticed Zayn getting himself back up to his feet, so an enraged Gunther hit him between the eyes with his title.

Winner: Sami Zayn via DQ

Maxxine Dupri & Ivy Nile vs. Indi Hartwell & Candice LeRae

LeRae has been on quite the evil streak recently and that all began when she verbally degraded Dupri a few weeks ago. Tonight LeRae wanted to cheat again and her partner Hartwell wasn’t having any of it. She called out LeRae for her actions and Dupri rolled her up from behind to steal the victory.

Winners: Maxxine Dupri & Ivy Nile

Rollins was preparing for his match backstage when Jey Uso let him know that if The Bloodline tries anything funny tonight, he will have his back out there.

A video from Drew McIntyre now aired, he was in a funeral home closing a casket and then gave a eulogy in front of that closed casket. He told Seth Rollins that he is broken with one foot in the grave and he deserves to have the casket closed on his championship reign. He wants to take that beaten-down horse out back and put him down for good. Amen.

Ricochet vs. Ivar

This was a battle of speed versus strength and for a good portion of the match Ivar’s strength was controlling things. However, Ricochet did begin to roll with a round-off moonsault, a springboard clothesline and a standing shooting star press. Despite Ricochet landing some big moves Ivar battled back with a mid-air spin-out slam and a springboard crossbody of his own. He then attempted a moonsault, but Ricochet rolled out of the way and then caught Ivar in mid-air to throw him with a fall-away slam! WOW! Ricochet finished the match with a 630 to get the victory.

Winner: Ricochet

The Judgement Day was not too happy to see Ricochet win and Damian Priest wondered why Ricochet had not been dealt with yet. Dirty Dom said if JD cannot finish the job with Ricochet, he has just the guy who can…Andrade. Dom told Andrade if he can take care of Ricochet they will make him a member of Judgement Day. I am very interested to see where this goes.

Becky Lynch now made her way to the ring looking for a fight and she called Rhea Ripley out to the ring. However, Adam Pearce made his way to the ring to say this is not happening tonight and she has to wait until WrestleMania. Pearce did not want a match ruined, brought out security and asked Lynch to leave the ring. Ripley now rushed out, but Pearce stopped her as well, so Ripley threw her title at Pearce bulled her way through the security and the brawl was on!

Lynch and Ripley were exchanging blows and security tried to keep them apart, but their attempts were useless. Lynch dove through the air onto the security and Ripley, these two women want to kill each other and at ‘Mania they get to go to war.

Shayna Baszler, Tegan Nox & Zoey Stark vs. Damage Ctrl (Dakota Kai, Asuka & Kairi Sane)

Stark was outworking Sane, hitting her with a springboard missile dropkick. However, Sane got a reversal and tagged Kai into the match. Kai was facing off with her former friend from their NXT days in Nox, but Damage Ctrl got involved to get Kai the advantage. She hit Nox with a running big boot and the Kabuki Warriors hit Nox with the assisted Insane Elbow to finish the job.

Winners: Damage Ctrl (Dakota Kai, Asuka & Kairi Sane)

Cathy Kelly followed Seth Rollins as he made his way to Gorilla for his match, he told her he only has one gear and that is pedal to the metal. He always empties the tank, but if that doesn’t work he always has a plan B. Intriguing.

Rollins then bumped into his ‘Mania night 2 opponent, Drew McIntyre, they stared each other down and he told him he isn’t dead yet!

Bloodline Rules Match: Seth Rollins vs. Solo Sikoa

Rollins attacked Sikoa in the middle of his entrance with a suicide dive and he began throwing Sikoa around the arena. He sent him crashing into the steel steps, but Sikoa then spiked him into the announce table. Rollins turned to the weapons and threw several chairs into Sikoa’s head before dropping him with a DDT onto a chair. He then brought a table into the ring and super-kicked Sikoa onto the chair, he tried to dive onto him, but Sikoa met him on the top rope. Sikoa got Rollins on his shoulders and slammed him through the table with an avalanche Samoan drop.

Sikoa was now in full control, slamming Rollins’ head into the steel steps and he then attempted a running hip attack into the steps, but Rollins moved out of the way. Rollins drilled Sikoa in the head with the steps and then set up another table in the ring. Rollins then returned the favour to Sikoa and power-bombed him through the table. He followed that with a Curb Stomp, but before he could get the pin he was super-kicked by Jimmy Uso. So, just like he promised, Jey Uso rushed to the ring and attacked Jimmy, but Jey was then attacked by The Rock and slammed into the screen. Rock made his way down to the ring planning to attack Rollins, but then Cody Rhodes’ music hit!

The American Nightmare is here and he has attacked Rock. Rhodes was there to get his receipt and he wanted to Rock Bottom The Rock through the announce table, but he was stopped by Roman Reigns. Everyone thought Reigns left the arena, but he was there all along. Reigns hit Rollins with a Superman Punch and Rhodes with a massive Spear. Rock then pulled another weight belt out and began whipping Rhodes and Rollins before Reigns took a turn whipping them. They then draped Rhodes over the ropes while Sikoa held his arms and Rock whipped him in the back.

Reigns told everyone, “This is what it looks like when you mess with The Bloodline!”

The Bloodline beats Cody once again. Credit: WWE

For the second week in a row, The Bloodline stands tall to end Raw. Last week only Rhodes was left down and out, but this week it was both him and Rollins.