With less than two weeks remaining until WrestleMania XL, many contests continue to add fuel to the fire for the Philadelphia show.

‘The American Nightmare,’ Cody Rhodes opens the show to talk about what transpired on the last Smackdown show. What was supposed to be a one on one, it was mano a mano. He acknowledges how we’re in the awkward time where the talk is over, then proceeds to hype up Michael Cole and Pat McAfee — he also says he will attend a fan’s wedding as his best man and he will attend a kid’s birthday party — how sweet.

Rhodes then continues to talk about Roman Reigns, he respects him but really really hates him, then continues promoting the bout by asking the fans to ride with him.

But then…

‘The People’s Champ’ interrupts Rhodes.

The two have a ‘This is Awesome” moment as they stare into each other’s soul.

The Rock then goes up to Rhodes and whispers something, which leaves everyone, including Rhodes, confused. Then he exits.

Ricochet vs. JD McDonagh

With Ricochet basically undefeated against The Judgement Day, JD McDonagh looks to get some revenge in their match.

However, before the match, The Rock gets caught backstage and gets asked what he said to Rhodes, to which ‘The Final Boss’ says, “Just ask Cody Rhodes.”

Back to the match. Ricochet starts to fly all over the ring, running circles around McDonagh. Ricochet has so much rhythm through the first half of the match that he is practically able to do anything he wants.

McDonagh then picked up momentum and did a crazy Spanish Fly, almost pinning Ricochet twice. Then, off the top turnbuckle, Ricochet does something unspeakable and is about to pin McDonagh, but ‘Dirty’ Dominik Mysterio does his magic and saves McDonagh from losing.

This match used a bunch of twists, spins and turns. It was very entertaining. Ricochet then sets McDonagh up for a Shooting Star, ‘Dirty’ Dom tries to help out again but gets tossed out of the match. Before then, he pulls the rope, making Ricochet fall on his manhood. But he recovers quickly and completes the Shooting Star, ending the match and continuing his winning streak against The Judgement Day.

Winner: Ricochet via pinfall

CM Punk returns

‘The Best in The World’ returns to the squared circle.

Before the commercial break, CM Punk was seen with a custom Chicago Cubs Championship belt — which is funny because the Cubs haven’t won a World Series in eight years.

When he appears before the people, the pop couldn’t have been any bigger other than the night he returned to the WWE.

CM Punk then does his signature mic work. He tells the fans that he isn’t medically cleared yet, even teasing that he might host WrestleMania XL and even the possibility of being a guest referee. CM Punk also brings up Roman Reigns and how they could face each other very soon. He then brings up the dream opponent for many fans, Seth Rollins. He spices up the conflict, making fun of him for wearing heels. Then he brings up The Rock and how he hasn’t mentioned him yet.

Finally, he brings up Drew McIntyre, who then makes his appearance. CM Punk then starts taunting McIntyre to come into the ring. A heated argument starts as they talk about each other’s flaws. Nothing is off the table. CM Punk talks about McIntyre’s merchandise sales, and McIntyre talks about CM Punk’s body and health.

McIntyre then taunts CM Punk, saying he wants to be in WrestleMania XL so bad and offering him a commentating job for his match with WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins.

Then you guessed it… ‘The Revolutionary’ enters the conversation.

Rollins enters the ring and has a stare-down with CM Punk while McIntyre remains outside the ring. Rollins then uses CM Punk’s hometown crowd against him and says it’s his show. Rollins then says the other two can’t make any decisions for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match, especially if one of them isn’t even in the match.

Rollins then goes on a rant, saying CM Punk hasn’t crossed his mind, and being a commentator or referee for his match doesn’t matter to him. He says instead of everyone needing CM Punk, CM Punk needs Rollins.

“The Cult of Personality’ then says he will commentate WrestleMania XL and continues to diss Rollins and McIntyre. As he exits, McIntyre gets upset and goes off on CM Punk, saying he is McIntyre’s biggest stan because he is living his dream. Then Rollins blindside kicks McIntyre. Then gives him the stomp.

Rollins then exits the ring and walks past CM Punk.

Ivy Nile vs. Candice LeRae

This match started and ended as soon as the bell rang. Candice LeRae took early charge of the match, but then LeRae seemed to be injured. That was, in fact, a lie, and LeRae pins Ivy Nile. It was a very lame way to win, but she got it done.

Winner: Candace LeRae via pinfall

The New Day vs. #DIY

Tag team ‘Awesome Truth’ joins the commentary team for this contest, which I don’t think anyone minds. Who doesn’t love some R-Truth?

The New Day gets to work early in the bout and starts to vibe out in the middle of the match. The script then gets flipped around after returning from commercial break. #DIY gets their turn taking the driver’s seat, but the match gets stopped due to The Judgement Day interfering in the match. They wipe out everyone. R-Truth remained on the side until it was unavoidable.

R-Truth finally fights back after pleading for The Judgement Day to stop, but he follows the tide and gets wiped out as well.

Winner: N/A

Cody Rhodes then appears to talk about what The Rock said, which Rhodes says that it is a promise he can’t keep.

Andrade vs. Giovanni Vinci

Andrade was supposed to face Ivar, but unfortunately, he was not cleared to participate in the match. This one opens up with one of the biggest and loudest chops you will ever hear.

Andrade has some fun in the match, with a little taunting, but Giovanni Vinci’s power flips the script and dominates after almost getting stopped.

The match continues with a crazy back and forth, including a nasty chop from Vinci and a spinning elbow from Andrade. The match ends with Andrade’s signature Hammer Lock DDT.

This match was pure quality.

Something to note, WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther was interviewed before the match. To summarize he doesn’t think Sami Zayn is a threat, he thinks Zayn will lose to Brunson Reed.

Winner: Andrade via pinfall

Mami speaks

WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley enters the squared circle accompanied by ‘Dirty’ Dominik Mysterio. ‘Mami’ tells Mysterio that Becky Lynch isn’t giving her enough attention. Right before Mysterio puts his two cents into the conversation, ‘The Man’ gives Ripley the attention she is seeking and enters the stage.

Lynch says that Ripley doesn’t participate in matches anymore and that their way as champions is different. Ripley then admits that Lynch is a survivor but compares her to a cockroach — gross! She then goes on to say that she is hard to get rid of or kill, but it’s not impossible, and Lynch will be at home watching her daughter call her ‘Mami.’ Lynch then goes off on Ripley, warning her not to bring up her daughter again.

All hell breaks loose as Lynch takes out Mysterio, and then a dogfight starts between the current champion and former champion. The heated exchange stopped once the referees and security separated them.

Sami Zayn vs. Bronson Reed

Before the match, Chad Gable talks to a stressed-out Sami Zayn. Gable then helps Zayn clear his mind by saying this is exactly what Gunther wants. Zayn apologizes for screaming at Gable and thanks him.

Bronson Reed and Sami Zayn’s bout is on. Reed’s power puts him in the driver’s seat early in the match. Zayn takes the action outside of the ring and soars onto Reed.

Back in the ring, Reed retakes control and gives the rudest slap across the chest. Zayn looks lifeless as he falls outside the ring.

Side note — McAfee has a weird obsession with calling Reed a ‘big piece of meat’ throughout the contest.

Bronson Reed gets a bloody nose during the fight. Then Zayn slowly starts getting momentum, only to be interrupted at the sight of Gunther.

Zayn tries to body-slam Reed to make a statement, but it backfires. What seems to be the end, Zayn, hits Reed with a Tornado DDT. However, Zayn takes too much time and costs himself the match. Bronson Reed closes the match from the top rope.

Winner: Bronson Reed via pinfall

Zayn goes over the match with Gable and is confused about how he let Gunther get in his head. Gable gives credit to Zayn’s ability and offers to help him before the scene fades into the main event of the night.

Jey Uso vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Rollins finds ‘Main Event’ Jey Uso before his match and warns him, saying there is something off about the night, but luckily, Rollins and Rhodes will have his back.

Like his previous matches, Jey starts off slow again. The former WWE Intercontinental champion takes advantage.

The Bloodline makes their entrance to try and screw over Jey. But the ‘Bloodline Hunters,’ Rhodes and Rollins put a stop to it. Rhodes takes Jimmy Uso backstage, while Rollins takes on Solo Sikoa, but he is taken out by McIntyre.

Meanwhile, Jey takes care of business and finishes Nakamura with a spear.

Winner: Jey Uso via pinfall

Backstage, Rhodes faces off against Jimmy and Sikoa. He fends them off, but here comes ‘The Final Boss.’ The Rock tosses Rhodes around — basically teaching him the lesson he was talking about.

He then talks to both the fans and Mama Rhodes, saying the prophecy has come true. He takes out the workout belt, smears his hand on the bloodied face of Rhodes, and puts the blood on the belt.

The Rock closes the show saying this is what will happen on the big show, WrestleMania XL.

TOP PHOTO: The Rock making an example of Cody Rhodes. Photo: WWE