After GCW Role Model went off the air Saturday night, fans in attendance at Harpo’s in Detroit were treated to a bonus deathmatch between Jimmy Lloyd and RackaRacka. Social media reactions to the match unanimously praised their battle, with Joey Janela posting, “That was the most insane match I’ve ever watched, you just had to be here … holy shit,” and coming from a man who was once almost “murdered” by Zandig, that’s a high bar to surpass. But while dark matches are certainly not an unusual affair in pro wrestling, something certainly seems different about this one, and while the match wasn’t aired on TrillerTV (formerly Fite), there was a crew present to film. 

For those who don’t know, RackaRacka (Danny and Michael Phillipou) are a pair of twin Australian filmmakers, whose debut feature film, Talk to Me, is a critically acclaimed supernatural horror film released in July 2023. They’re also wildly popular YouTubers and social media influencers. So, Jimmy Lloyd didn’t just have an unaired deathmatch with another GCW talent, as great and entertaining as that would have been, he wrestled Michael Phillipou, the celebrated YouTuber and feature film writer/director, who previously wrestled Lloyd at a Horror Slam vs. GCW event back in January 2021.

According to IMDB, the next film project in the works for Danny and Michael Phillipou (RackaRacka) is an adaptation of the Street Fighter video game, which is still in pre-production, but listeners to EFFY’s podcast, Weekend at EFFY’s, may recall that EFFY has previously mentioned that RackaRacka have been following Jimmy Lloyd as part of an unannounced deathmatch wrestling documentary for beloved independent film studio A24, the same studio behind The Iron Claw.  

So, while GCW cameras weren’t filming the match between Lloyd and RackaRacka for TrillerTV, the assumption is their match was being filmed for RackaRacka’s unannounced A24 wrestling documentary, which lacks officially confirmation at this point but seems to be an open secret, and if so, one can imagine this might make for one hell of a finale for their film.